ZEBRA PDR Tape Description The ZEBRA PDR Tape is ​necessary to ensure adhesion ​to fix the ZEBRA PDR to the concrete surface. The Zebra PDR Tape is attached to the concrete surface, the Zebra PDR is mounted onto the tape and then over​painted with Zebra Conductive Paint anode. Zebra PDR Tape is a double​ sided PE ​foam tape and acts as an insulator. The PDR Tape has a high immediate bonding strength even at low bonding pressure. The tape has good cold shock absorption, is UV, water and ageing resistant. Preparations The concrete subbase shall be dry, clean, firm and free for impurities, grease, oil asf. If the concrete surface is uneven it may be necessary to level the concrete under the tape. Chasings for the PDR tape and PDR will normally be made 8 mm wide and 2 mm deep into the concrete. Normal distance between the PDR will be between 1.5 - 1.7 meters. Cut according to design. Note! ZEBRA PDR Tape is part of the ZEBRA system and will require a certified installer.

Technical Data Backing material Colour Width & thickness Adhesive type Adhesion

PE foam black 6 mm & 500 µm tackified acrylic steel (initial) 13 N/cm

Packing size

50 m roll

HS export code: 3919 9090 PDR Tape, Rev 1 - June 2015 Page 1 of 1


absorption, is UV, water and ageing resistant. Preparations. The concrete subbase shall ... HS export code: 3919 9090. PDR Tape, Rev 1 - June 2015. Page 1 of ...

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