Youth Summer Camp 2012 Info Sheet June 11th-16th Cost: $200 Youth Summer Camp at Falls Creek for anyone who has completed 6th-12th grade June 11-16, 2012 $200--ANY TEENAGER BRINGING 3 OR MORE FRIENDS COMES FOR FREE!!! Meeting for parents and teenagers going to camp Wednesday, June 6th. When we're leaving: Meeting at CrossRoads at 9:15 am Monday, June 11th. We will eat a picnic lunch on the way to camp, so bring a sack lunch and drink. We'll have ice chests to keep drinks cool. What to bring: Each teenager may bring one reasonable-sized bag, one carry-on, one pillow and a sleeping bag or bedroll. A Bible if you have one. We will have a few extras for teenagers who do not have them. A couple pens. A Watch—Mobile phones will not be permitted, so everyone will need a watch. Sunblock Clothes for 5 days. Modesty is important, so please leave tank tops, shorts shorter than finger-tip length and shirts that show midriff at home. Teenagers may also want some nicer clothes for evening worship and date night, but it is not required. Bedding. We will be sleeping on bunk beds, but everyone will need a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket (sometimes the cabins get cold at night) as well as a pillow. Toiletries. Soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and anything else you need to look and smell nice. Recreation clothes and equipment. Everyone has the opportunity to play organized sports: basketball, softball, volleyball, etc. Comfortable shoes. We will do a lot of walking, so everyone will need more than flip flops to get around. Some spending money. Teenagers may purchase refreshments and souvenirs including a group picture and cds of camp musicians, so they may want some spending money. No more than $20 or $30 will be necessary for the week, and teenagers will be expected to keep up with any money they bring. Teenagers may also want to bring a deck of cards or a favorite board game. There will be lots of time to hang out playing games together. What about mobile phones? This year teenagers will not be allowed to bring mobile phones. An emergency number is listed below. This phone will be answered at all times, and our volunteers will be contacted immediately. Payphones will also be available for teenagers to make collect calls home. What NOT to bring: An mp3 player. We will have lots of music, so you won't need your own for hang-out time. A Gameboy or PSP. Let's spend our time at camp building relationships together. Anything for pranks or that might hurt someone. Any tobacco, alcohol, fireworks or weapons. According to camp rules these things will immediately cause a teenager to be removed from camp at parents’ expense. When we get back: We will be home by 1 pm on Saturday, June 16th. Emergency contact phone at Falls Creek: 580-369-2101 We are staying in Duncan Immanuel cabin this year with Grandview Baptist Church You may send your teenager mail during the week at: Camper Name CrossRoads Church/Duncan Immanuel Cabin Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center Rt. 1 Box 75 Davis, OK 73030 If you have any questions please contact Jonathan Atwell at 817-944-0624 or [email protected]

Youth Summer Camp 2012 Info Sheet -

volleyball, etc. Comfortable shoes. We will do a lot of walking, so everyone will need more than flip flops to get around. Some spending money. Teenagers may ...

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