YMCA CAMP FITCH Outdoor Education Clothing and Equipment List Sack Lunch – bring packed lunch for first day! Bedding Sleeping bag or sheets (Twin size) and blankets (2), pillow and pillowcase Clothing Raincoat or poncho Warm Jacket Pajamas – 1 pair Tennis shoes – 1 pair Underwear – 2 or 3 pairs Boots – 1 pair (fairly waterproof) Socks – 3 or 4 pairs Hat – Warm and protective Jeans or Sweatpants – 3 or 4 pairs Mittens or gloves Heavy & Light shirts Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Toothpaste & toothbrush Soap & Shampoo Towel & Washcloth


Compass Binoculars Nature Identification Books Pocket Magnifying Glass

Toiletry Articles Comb or Brush Kleenex or Handkerchiefs

General Equipment Extra Garbage Bag (for Trip Home) Optional Camera & Film Field Guides Scout Manuals Insect Repellent & Sunscreen

Prohibited Items Money Radios Knives Archery Equipment Food Chewing Gum Firearms Cell Phones & Pagers Mp3 Players & iPods Electronic Games Note: Proper clothing is of the utmost importance to the campers’ experience, especially during the winter months. We recommend that several layers of medium weight clothing be worn instead of one heavy coat. This arrangement allows “ADJUSTMENTS” to be made as weather conditions warrant. Groups attending Camp Fitch are, of course, responsible for arranging good weather!!


Cell Phones & Pagers. Mp3 Players & iPods. Electronic Games. Note: Proper clothing is of the utmost importance to the campers' experience, especially.

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Flashlight. Extra Garbage Bag (for Trip Home). Optional. Compass. Camera & Film. Binoculars ... Cell Phones & Pagers. Mp3 Players & iPods. Electronic Games.

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COED CORPORATE SOCCER-WINTER16. MONDAY ... OCCASIONALLY UNITED. RHEANNA ... All players must register to be eligible for league play. MON.

Season will. conclude with a double elimination tournament on June 24th-25th. Financial assistance is available . Applications can be found at the front desk.