27 September 2014 Year 1, Issue 5

YFB in People’s View This week we are publishing people’s view about YFB in their words rather than an editorial. Hope you all will be sending us your feedback and support us in our campaign. Come let’s see what people have to say:

Having no compassion

means denying human existence, I think. The people with humanity are involved in different sectors of social service. Social service is the greatest charity. Youth for Blood is a campaign initiated by youths who are dedicated for such charitable works. Started from Biratnagar, this campaign has been successful to cover the whole of the eastern region. I wish the campaign could spread across the nation, everyone would have access to the blood and everyone could escape the death. I wish all the people dedicated to social service would join Youth for Blood. I wish all the best!”

Bashanta Bhatta Senior Artist

EDITORIAL TEAM Jwala Dahal—Editor Shreyans Luniya—Biratnagar Prabin Agrahari —Duhabi Sushmita Rajbanshi - Jhapa Writer—Ankit Das And all YFB Team

Entire Charities are run by the Donations from the people who financially contribute for their inner satisfaction. These peoples are always recognized by the organization where they donate. But real donations never count. This comes from your heart and established in others heart permanently. Hats up to “Youth For Blood” who actively drive blood donation camp to Make a gift in the memory of a loved one who always remember you. YFB always Celebrate a special occasion in the life of a friend, family member, community and colleague through BLOOD Donation. Let’s unite with YFB for the humanity. Dr. Govind Singh Rawat, Toronto,

Dear YFBians, since the establishment of your organization as a team you people are really doing a great work. I appreciate your work from the bottom core of my heart. The way you people are pooling for the scarcity of the blood, it keeps a great significance in the society. Keep your valuable work, I wish all best for you people. Basanta Adhikari, Director,Bikalpa-an alternative Youth for blood is a non-profitable social organization run and lead by highly motivated philanthropic circle of youths. It facilitates fresh blood to people in need. It has even been successful to directly reach up to needy people, when country's largest transfusion center (blood bank) is not. My good wishes to all who ever have contributed in saving humanity through blood donation and Happy Bijaya Dashami.. Subuna basnet, Founder President Youth For Blood Kathmandu


Youth for blood' is taking initiation to provide fresh blood to the needy people. Besides blood donation and blood awareness program YFB bring changes in society through their motivational work. Being Closed With the team I know their work is excellent and I hope their continue. This group must need and it deserve Support from society and government.

Rabin Thapa Regular Blood Donor Youth For Blood, the Organization which is providing blood for the needy people.Since 3 years and had saved many lives. Their work is motivational. This work should be forwarded with the help of we all people and the country so that this non-profitable organization can save many more lives ahead. I would like to say that they are doing good job and keep it up "Give Blood, Save Life"

Bandana Dahal Regular Blood Donor

'Having the feeling of helping people in society brought me here in the youth for blood. As it has inspired me to serve the society, it is a learning institute for me and so I consider this organisation as a home and member as a family who taught me allot to be a social worker and yes I'm really very proud to be part of it'

Ashma Kafle, Volunteer, Youth For Blood


Jaycess Honors Youth For Blood

On 10th of Ashwin 2071 Jaycess, Biratnagar has honored Youth For Blood for its life saving initiation throughout the nation. Since 2003 A.D Jaycess has been organizing "Jaycess Week" and conducting various programs and at the end concluding their event, a program is organized entitled "Jaycess Night". Recognizing the outstanding achievement and remarkable progress made by different personalities in their respective fields, Jaycess had been honoring such individuals. With this award Youth For Blood is the first ever organization to receive such honor. Before this, only individuals has been awared. Receiving the honor on behalf of Youth For Blood, Saroj Karki, founder of YFB said - "I and we as an organization as well feel proud and privileged to receive the honor. Such honor has motivated and inspired us to work more efficiently. Thank You Jaycess!" Jaycess too honored Sugam Pokharel, a singing sensation and Dr. Subash Shree Pokhrel , Principal of Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic.

Awareness Campaign

Youth For Blood, Biratnagar has launched awareness programs entitled "Street Awareness Program" on 5th and 10th of Ashwin 2071 at Traffic Chowk and D Block(nearby Hanuman Mandir) of Biratnagar respectively. Educating more than 1000 pedestrians regarding the aspects of blood donation, we were successful to collect the blood donor collection list. Such types of awareness drives helps to increase the level of awareness among the mass and also supports to minimize the scarcity of blood in the society. Youth For Blood's Founder and former president, Saroj Karki said - "We are organizing the campaign on 12th and 13th of Ashwin 2071 at Jaljala Chowk and Hospital Chowk of Biratnagar respectively."

Traffic Awareness Program Youth For Blood, Duhabi participated in "Traffic Awareness March" at Duhabi-Bhaluwa Municipality on 7th of Ashwin 2071. The program was jointly organized by Area Police Office and Traffic Police, Duhabi. Pankaj Dutta, YFB Duhabi volunteer and program coordinator, said "In request of Area Police Office Duhabi, our 12 volunteers participated in the event." He further added - "This gave YFB Duhabi a platform to introduce itself at the community level. We educated people regarding the importance of following traffic rules and regulations." He also appealed people to follow the the traffic rules and stay safe. The march started from Area Police Office Duhabi and moved around Duhabi market and ended at Police Office Duhabi.



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A. Our Volunteer Nischal Ghimire educating Traffic official during Street Awareness Program.

B. A group photo at Jaycess Biratnagar after receiving the honor


Share Blood Share Life


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greatest charity. Youth for. Blood is a campaign initiated by youths who are. dedicated for such charitable works. Started. from Biratnagar, this campaign has ...

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