Algebra Worksheet F Geometry


No Calculators Permitted Rational Expressions & Exponents 1. What is the negative reciprocal of

p ? m

2. Simplify completely. a)

6c − ( −9c ) 2f −5f


4m − 12a 8m − 6a

3. Simplify completely. a)

( x )( x )


(x )



2 4


c) 6x x 2 − 2x


4. Consider the diagram below:

___________________________________ A



If the distance from A to C is 50 miles and the distance from A to B is x miles, write an expression that gives the distance from B to C.

Algebra Answer Key Worksheet F Geometry 1. − 2. a. b.

m p −5c f 2m − 6a 4m − 3a

x6 3. a. x8 b. 6x 3 − 12x 2 c. 4. 50 − x

Worksheet F.pdf

Geometry. No Calculators Permitted. Rational Expressions & Exponents. 1. What is the negative reciprocal of p. m ? 2. Simplify completely. a) 6c − (−9c). 2 f − 5 f.

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