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Week 3 Term 1:Wednesday 15th February 2017 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

THANK YOU A huge thank you to Mark Eastwood, Kevin Anderson from Breens, Bruce Lauder from Fulton Hogan , Ellen Middendorf and Sam Williams for sorting out thetagging on the school last week. A great team effort and a true indication of the way our community are there to help us. SCHOOL MASSES This morning we joined the parish for the first time on a Wednesday to celebrate the Eucharist. Thank you Room 4 for leading us in this new initiative. A reminder that all students are expected at mass this Sunday 9am in school uniform to welcome in the new school year, new entrants to our school and recognise the new leaders in our school. Our prospective leaders have presented their speeches to their house groups and to room 6 class this afternoon. A lot of hard work and thinking has gone into this preparation and the staff wish to thank parents for their support and encouragement of those wishing to take on responsibility in the school. Tomorrow staff will attend a special mass in Cromwell at 5pm where they will be commissioned for teaching in our school by Bishop Colin. UNIFORM We have noticed a number of students wearing sneakers to school. Please note that leather look sneakers are allowed but they must be all black. No coloured logos. Please contact Mrs Eastwood if you have any concerns regarding this.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Findlay Love- Saturday 18th February



Special Character: Matthew 5:38-48 Go out, go out and meet others where they are. In a homily from September 2015, Pope Francis spoke of our duty to serve peace by being witnesses to and artificers of peace, by proving in our lives and example the Lordship of Christ, whom Isaiah heralded as Prince of Peace. “Go out to others and share the good news that God, our Father, walks at our side,” Pope Francis told the thousands of mostly young people in the congregation. “He removes us from the fray of competition and self-absorption, and he opens before us the path of peace. That peace which is born of accepting others, that peace which fills our hearts whenever we look upon those in need as our brothers and sisters.” “Wonderful Counselor. The Gospels tell us how many people came up to Jesus to ask: “Master, what must we do?” The first thing that Jesus does in response is to propose, to encourage, to motivate. He keeps telling his disciples to go, to go out. He urges them to go out and meet others where they really are, not where we think they should be. Go out, again and again, go out without fear, without hesitation. Go out and proclaim this joy which is for all the people.” Homily of Pope Francis Mass at Madison Square Garden, New York Friday 25 September 2015

This Sunday


Opening School Mass: February, 9am. Please bring an item for the Food Bank, or a small plate for morning tea.


PTA MEETING The next meeting is on Wednesday 22nd Feb @ 7.30 in the staffroom. All welcome and a special invitation to new parents who would love to come along and see what we do. OMAKAU SHOW On behalf of the PTA and myself, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to helping at the recent A&P show catering. From donations of food to the amazing baking that came in, along with the people who showed up on the day to help with their time. It was a great success once again, and couldn’t have happen without all the help we were offered. I am grateful to everyone. Below is a note I received from the committee. Thank you Maria Williams On behalf of the Central Otago A&P Show committee we would like to thank you for a job well done on the catering at this year’s show. The food was delicious and we only heard good things from everyone else. The life members afternoon tea was especially well received and a tradition we would like to carry on in years to come. We know it is a big job and we appreciate the time and effort that goes in to making and preparing all of the food. Thank you to you and your team for such an awesome job. We hope you were able to enjoy yourself as well and take in some of the show.

Opening Hours: Monday - 2.45pm to 3.15pm Friday – 8.45am to 9.15am (Located Beside Room 3 – open other times by request) Contact Details: [email protected] or Kate Donaldson 027 6229226

Daffodil Bulb Fundraiser Mixed Varieties from Ken Hinton’s award winning patch 100 Bulbs


50 Bulbs


20 Bulbs


Orders and payment to St Gerards office by

3rd March

Email: [email protected] phone 448 8339 Payment to 03 1733 00050665 000 Ref: bulbs & surname Limited Numbers so order early not to miss out Orders first in first filled! Thank you for supporting St Gerards


SWIMMING SPORTS The school swimming sports will be held on Tuesday 28th February from 9am – 12. Once again we ask for parent help, which has been so forthcoming in the past. We are lucky that Mrs Deb O’Neill will be the chief timekeeper, and are hoping that Mrs Liz Anderson will be willing to be our starter again this year. This is Deb’s last year with a child at St Gerards so we will be looking at ‘passing the baton on’. The tasks of timing and judging are not too difficult and new helpers pick this up quickly while working alongside those who have experience. A great spot to watch the races too. Thank you to Claire Cockburn and Atiria O’Neill who have already offered to help and 1 more person who told me and I didn’t write down, sorry. Ideally Deb would like 18 helpers!! As the whole school will be at the pool from 9am, and there will be a break in racing at 10am to enjoy the junior races in the therapeutic pool, everybody will have the opportunity to watch all of their children compete. Swimming Help – please return this to Mrs Beilby as soon as possible or email [email protected] I am available to help with the school swimming sports on Tuesday 28th February. Name: _____________ __________________


Swimming Entries All students are expected to take part in the sports in either championship or non-championship events. Students should be encouraged to enter the championship event if they are competent at it. Teachers will, in consultation with your child,enter them into races after assessing them during our swimming skill sessions.

Half length events will be run as full length events in the therapeutic pool. In non-championship events students can stop or touch the bottom of the pool during the event – participation is the main aim. If students enter the championship event, it is expected that if selected, they will represent St Gerards at the Central Otago Meet on Thursday 9th March in Cromwell, this has the same criteria as for our other sporting competitions, entries will be made with consideration to suitable qualifying times and correct stroke styles. Points towards the school swimming cups are collated from championship event results as well as participation. To be in contention for our school swimming cups, students must be in more than one championship race. Central Otago Sports Events start at 9 and under. (as at 9th March 2017) Swimming Cups: Senior 12+ years, Intermediate 11 years, Junior 10 years, Most improved swimmer. These will be presented at the end of the year awards assembly.


FORMS Just a reminder that the health and information, school permission and Year 8 HPV forms should be returned to school. Thank you to those who have done this and if anyone needs a new form Chrissy has spares in the office. EXTRA COSTS- A reminder that these need to be paid at the office or online. Room

Extra Items


Room 1 & 2

Tissues (1 box per child) & class felt pens RE Levy

10.00 7.00

Room 3 & 4 & 7

Tissues (1 box per child) RE Levy

2.00 7.00

Room 5 & 6

Tissues (1 box per child) & ODT extra paper for classroom use RE Levy

9.70 7.00

If you have trouble meeting these costs please see Mrs Eastwood

LOST JERSEY Another named jersey has gone missing this week. Size 12 and named Hannah Tait. Rhianna’s jersey from last week has still not been found so please check your children have not picked up the wrong one. Thank You Do you have a guitar you no longer use and are willing to donate? An Omakau Parishioner is keen to play at the Omakau Masses but does not have her own guitar. Please speak to Fr Pat if you can help. Thank you. LUCKY BOOK CLUB Orders need to be in by this Friday please. SAUSAGE SIZZLE Thursday lunch - $2 in named envelope to office by 9.00am please.

ALEXANDRA NEWCOMERS NETWORK Newcomers to the town are welcome to come and meet other newcomers to the area. 10.00am Thursday 2nd March - Morning tea/cuppa @ The Tin Goose. 6.00pm Friday 3rd March @ Monteiths Enquiries to Community House 4400740 WAITANGI DAY PICNIC Here are a few shots of our school picnic held on Waitangi Day. Thank you to Maggie Love for organising the day and Loretta Fonseca for these photos.


Tessa and Nia have harvested some carrots from our school garden to share with the younger students. You may notice the different colours - the students found out that carrots are actually white but the seeds are dyed to get the orange colour we all know carrots to be!! Well done Room 6.

Room 7 would love an old couch for our book corner. Please let me know if you have anything suitable. Many thanks. Neroli Laidlaw 021466502

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... peace by being. witnesses to and artificers of peace, by proving. in our lives and example the Lordship of Christ,. whom Isaiah heralded as Prince of Peace.

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