Week writing Monday





Quick assessment

Introduce nouns Focus: people

Nouns Focus: places

Nouns Focus: things

Interactive notebook

Have students draw a self portrait. Do not “guide” themallow them to do it themselves!

Talk about “people” Have students illustrate a person on a sticky note. Make anchor chart

Talk about “places” Have students illustrate a place on a sticky note. Add to anchor chart

Talk about things and animals. Illustrate on a sticky note and add to anchor chart.

Students will complete interactive notebook page and illustrate 3 nouns: person, place, and thing

Guided drawing: how to draw a person. {students will draw themselves}

Guided drawing: how to draw background and add details

Guided writing: label with any sounds that we hear in the words.

Guided writing: Write a sentence. “I am ….”

week 1 writing.pdf

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