Disposal Queen Ltd provides commercial and residential bins with high standard in Canada. Our drivers are trained to serve you agility and excellent services. We offer service packages and personalized plans to meet your waste management needs.



Are you searching for best Waste Removal Bins in Canada?

Find best services for Waste Removal Bins services in Vancouver, Canada. We offer service packages and personalized plans to meet your waste management needs.

Contact Us: Disposal Queen Ltd 1918 167 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 9R4, Canada Email: [email protected] Phone: 778-929-1023 Website: http://www.disposal-queen.com

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Email: [email protected] Phone: 778-929-1023. Website: http://www.disposal-queen.com. Page 3 of 3. Waste Removal Bins.pdf. Waste Removal Bins.

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