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E&P Sharing Contracts and Agreements POWER FORUM

Plenary Sessions 7 July 2010 Workshops & Masterclass 6 & 8 July 2010 Venue Jakarta, Indonesia

Effective Production Sharing Agreements, Engagement Strategies and Partnership Models for NOC-IOC-SC Adapted for the New Economy


PSCs | Joint Operating Agreements | Service Contracts | Regulatory Clarity | Tax | DMO | Economic Models

Dr Widjajono Dr Ing Evita Legowo Partowidagdo Director General - Oil & Gas Member Ministry of Energy & National Energy Council Mineral Resources (DEN)

• Nuzulul Haq Strategic Planning Analyst Medco Energi

• Ir M. Tavip Sunandar Project Management Expert Project Manager Major Oil Operator

Joseph Amudi Tobing Senior Legal Counsel Hess Limited

E&P Sharing Contracts and Agreements 2010 will allow you to gain accurate information to value your assets and exclusive access into the most efficient partnerships, alliances, contracts and agreements adapted to today’s economy. Are you a financing company seeking clarity in Hear: the fiscal policy, incentives and domestic market • Arrow Energy Intl’s Peter Godfrey as he obligation clauses to enhance investment reveals novel mechanisms and regulatory decisions? framework adjustments required to kick In your joint venture or PSC, will you benefit from start the commercialisation of CBM from greater confidence by integrating standard fiscal local gas markets. regimes, price files, and inflation, exchange, and • Hess Limited’s Joseph Amudi Tobing will discount rates into your agreements? share case studies into specific agreements made Will you benefit from an interdisciplinary forum • BP Indonesia will reveal insights into providing a holistic understanding--financial, properly evaluating the value of your fiscal, political and contractual aspects--of your upstream assets and ensure win-win agreements and assets in question? arrangements

It takes many years and a lot of money to get to a positive cash flow on any particular E&P project, and it’s hard to hang on through a bust.

EPSCA Power Forum on 6-8 July 2010 in Jakarta is a dedicated forum to address the following issues in a dedicated, intimate platform.

“If Indonesia´s oil and gas industry is a restaurant, maybe this is the right time to offer menus other than the PSC.” - Suwito Anggoro, fr President Director PT Chevron Pacific Organised by

Promoted by

Mr Jim Bergman, Vice President, Learning & Development Intl Assn for Contract and Commercial Management

Are you looking to clarify the main features of the current tax regime or seeking relevant economic models to value your partnerships agreements?

Well-structured contracts and accurate fiscal, economic information set you up to succeed and are the main determinant of whether your E&P venture will be a boom or a bust. Ms Karen Mills International Legal Consultant KarimSyah Law Firm

Peter Godfrey Vice President, Commercial Arrow Energy Intl

Supporting Organisation

Official Industry Partner

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PLUS! Enhance your forum experience with workshops, masterclasses, meet the regulators session and legal counsels speak. See full programme inside8

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Indonesia Law Reporter Ekonomi Migas

Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics

Philip Shah Chairman - Tax Committee International Business Chamber Indonesia

Why Join?

With high-level keynotes from

8Claim this offer!

Energetic and efficient Dr Ing Evita Legowo, director general of oil and gas in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources provides confidence for investors on putting fresher E&P contracts and agreements on the table. She will highlight the next-generation E&P engagements, growth and partnership opportunities available in Indonesia for the world. Since 2003, Dr Ing Evita H. Legowo has been the Indonesian Delegation for World Trade Organisation (WTO) Meetings on Energy Services.

Peter Godfrey, Vice President Commercial, Arrow Energy International Peter Godfrey is based in Singapore and responsible for developing Arrow’s international CBM business. Currently Arrow’s international development strategy is highly focused on the Asian region with China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India as key potential project development areas.

Hear his presentation will highlight commercialisation strategies for upstream CBM in Indonesia and will debate on the issue of the need for Indonesia to adjust its regulatory framework.

Joseph Amudi Tobing, Senior Legal Counsel, Hess Limited

Mr Joseph Amudi Tobing is one of the most respected lawyers in the industry, possessing rich analyses and views on legal and commercial aspects of the business, resulting in strong legal opinion and successful company operation. Joseph is an active member of the Regulatory Affairs Committee of the Indonesian Petroleum Association.


Dr Ing Evita Legowo, Director General Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources

Issues you will discuss

E&P Sharing Contracts & Agreements 2010 | 6-8 July 2010 | Jakarta

Glimpse of experts you’ll meet


Benefit from the following insights to allow more commercially viable arrangements for your business: • • • • • • • •

Tax requirements – Understand the current features of the tax regime Petroleum economic evaluation – Tools you need to ensure holistic, accurate information Investment credits – An incentive which can backfire as a disincentive, find out how to avoid Domestic market obligation – Possibility of legally addressing this limitation? PSCs – Not always the best type of petroleum contract, what else is there? Cost recovery – How a PSC contractor makes a profit Joint development zones – Ingredients to a successful government, NOC and IOC partnership Dispute resolution – Consult your household names in the realm of law for a more robust, cost effective resolution

Consolidate your conference budget and register for the only event you need towards your goal of a reformed, energetic and efficient E&P business. Grand Hyatt Jakarta Jalan M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia Tel: +62 21 390 1234 Fax: +62 21 390 6426 Email: [email protected]

Grand Hyatt Jakarta hotel is a five-star deluxe hotel located in Jakarta’s prime downtown business district. It is adjacent to Indonesia’s most comprehensive and sophisticated shopping mall, Plaza Indonesia, and is convenient for access to government offices, museums and Jakarta’s cultural attractions. Grand Hyatt Jakarta Indonesia is just 40 minutes by car from Jakarta’s International Airport.

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Partner/Associate Head - Legal / Senior Counsel

Petroleum Engineer Commercial Manager



Rest of SEA

Regional Manager

Country Manager

Middle East



Asset Manager

Managing Director/General Mgr/VP

Area Manager

Business Devt Manager




Facilities Mgr

Production Mgr


Rest of Asia



Operations Manager


Government (Ministries of Energy and Foreign Affairs) • Joint Development Authorities • NOCs (Finance, Asset, Legal) • Service Contractors • International & Government Negotiators • Corporate Planners • CEOs/VPs • Policy Analysts • Legal Advisors & In-House Counsel • Commercial Managers • Loan Officers • Finance Directors and Managers • Tax & Finance Advisers • Production & Reservoir Managers • Business & Accounting Analysts • Project Economics Managers • Strategic Planning • Economists • Compliance Officers • Operations Managers • Geophysicists • VP/GM Exploration • Senior Petroleum Engineers • Petroleum & Mining Economists • National Oil Company Management • Business Development Managers • Contract Managers • Administrators • Energy Economists & Planners • Energy/Oil & Gas Analysts • Upstream and Gas Equipment Suppliers

About Center for Energy

People You Will Engage

Benefit from insights into the most efficient partnerships, alliances, contracts and agreements adapted to today’s economy from the perspective of the IOC.

The Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics is a private-sector think tank which brings top executives together in communities of learning and practice, acts as a catalyst for generating high-value energy business insight, and channels top expertise to where the industry needs it most. The center is currently affiliated with Arc Media Global as its official promotion agent for its programmes and services, which include industry meetings, members-only roundtables, business research and high-value consulting. Visit or call +65 6844 2080 for more information.

4 easy ways to register: Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email [email protected] | Visit

E&P Sharing Contracts & Agreements 2010 | 6-8 July 2010 | Jakarta


8 Day One | 6 July 2010, Tuesday Master Class A | 09.00 - 17.00 Structuring, Negotiating and Managing EPC Contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts, sometimes referred to as Turnkey contracts are a common form of contract used to undertake construction works on oil and gas projects. Due to its flexibility and the certainty and value that it gives to both lenders and sponsors it remains the pre-eminent form of construction contract on large scale oil and gas projects in many jurisdictions. It is mainly the EPC contractors who carry the risk for a project, and contractors must manage their risks and costs and at the same time improve their performance. The EPC contract needs to be comprehensively set up so that the owner will get what they want or need and the EPC contractor can come away making a profit. The master class introduces the delegates to various type of EPC Contracts, Explanation of a typical lump-sum turnkey contract, its implications and challenges, structuring of EPC contracts, managing the inherent risks along with insights into the latest issues.

8 Day Two | 7 July 2010, Wednesday Plenary One | 09.00 - 10.45 Indonesian fiscal regimes, economic evaluation and risk management for upstream oil and gas 08.45

Chairman’s Opening Remarks Mr Jim Bergman, Vice President, Learning & Development Intl Assn for Contract and Commercial Management


Next-generation E&P engagement: Outlook for the world and Asia in 2010 • To what extent will the downturn bring fundamental change to the nature of E&P contracts in Asia and how will IOCs, NOCs and service contractors respond? • What are the bright spots and challenges for the service contractors? • What are the growth and partnership areas available in Indonesia for the world? Dr Evita Legowo, Director General - Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources


Transforming PSAs: Evolving contracting models and the push to abolish the PSA • Revisiting and transforming the original PSAs to more win-win commercially viable arrangements • What are the alternatives available to successfully transform a PSC into a more economically viable contract? Ir Nasrul Amar Harahap, E&P Director, PT Bikomp Energi Nusantara


Revising inefficient contracts: Holistically reducing uncertainties from E&P projects • Evaluating alternatives under different scenarios, i.e. reserve discoveries, variations in oil prices, operating costs, and field development • Cost recovery system and ‘excess profit’ adjustment mechanism • Hedging against exploration uncertainties of no discovery, discovery not being commercial and costs • Hedging against production uncertainties, derived through operating costs and commodity prices fluctuations Mr Joseph Amudi Tobing, Sr Legal Counsel, Hess Limited


Petroleum economic evaluation for upstream oil & gas projects and its role on ensuring commercially viable agreements • Making investment decisions with greater confidence by using standard fiscal regimes, price files, and inflation, exchange, and discount rates • Consolidating economic runs to the corporate level to understand the true value of your assets • Incorporating risk and capture probabilistic analysis into your workflows at any level, from a single well to an entire corporation • Generating what-if scenarios for economic analysis of investment options and acquisition and divestiture opportunities Ir M. Tavip Sunandar, Project Management Expert


Networking Break

This is an interactive programme with substantial time given for case studies, questions and answers. Also, the high-point of the workshop will be the simulation of a real-life EPC contract negotiation involving interactive role play by the participants. The objective of the interactive role play is to enable application of the understanding and knowledge gained at the workshop to negotiate an effective EPC contracts. The group dynamics involved in the negotiations would help participants gain a practical insight into managing risks in an EPC contract through negotiations. Some of the issues that the master class would seek to address are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Basic features of an oil and gas project The contractual structure Bankability Basic features of an EPC contract Split EPC contracts Interfacing of commissioning and testing regimes Key performance clauses in oil and gas EPC contracts Rationale for imposing liquidated damages: Liquidated damages - when do they become penalties, LDs for milestone payments, structuring LDs as discounts, Claiming LDs under split EPC contracts. Drafting of liquidated damages clauses Drafting of the performance guarantee regime Risk, responsibility, liability, insurance - Principles of risk and risk allocation Indemnity and insurance Delay and extensions of time, acceleration Penalties for delay Prolongation and disruption Procedure for variations and evaluation, Right to vary Design-Build and Turnkey contracting, Design responsibility, Fitness for purpose Force majeure Indemnities and limitation of liability Commonly accepted exceptions to capped liabilities. Bank guarantees - how to draft appropriate and enforceable guarantees, Ending the Project- Taking over and commissioning ,Defect notification period,Suspension and termination Dispute resolution Recent trends in arbitration - an analysis of some recent case law, including jurisdiction of courts and grounds for challenge of an arbitral award. Example clauses Master class leaders Ms Primila Edward, Senior Legal Consultant, Straits Consulting Group, Malaysia

Plenary Two | 11.15 - 12.45 The post-recession E&P industry agreements and the challenge of recovery 11.15

Ir M. Tavip Sunandar, Project Management Expert Primila has considerable experience in the corporate commercial sector specialising in the oil and gas, construction and maritime industries. As in-house counsel for many oil and gas and public-listed companies, she has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting contracts tailored for the oil and gas industry and has extensive experience with cross border transactions. The consultancy she heads has a unique approach in providing legal consultancy services for transactional work which is industry specific. Her experience, spans across domestic and international cross border matters and multi-jurisdictional work. She has specific in-depth experience in negotiating and drafting EPC and FPSO contracts. Recently, she has evaluated bids for provision of FPSOs for international oil majors. She advises clients in the AsiaPacific region in managing cross border risks by identifying such risks and working out strategies to overcome them. She is President of the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association, a member of the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIarb) and author on the chapter on Malaysia in the publication Getting The Deal ThroughShipping 2010.

The commercialisation of CBM: A need for Indonesia to adjust its regulatory framework? There’s a need for Indonesia to recognise that today’s regulations remain based on export-led development of energy resources whereas today’s political and economic priorities are driven by domestic needs. Benefit from a presentation that will answer: • Commercialisation of CBM, which is predominantly located in relatively remote areas, and the required novel mechanisms to kick start localised gas markets as a means of encouraging the early development of infrastructure • Can PLN / PGN help or hinder in this process? • What are the recommendations for a “way forward”? Mr Peter Godfrey, Vice President Commercial, Arrow Energy International


Asian fiscal regimes: Addressing the problem areas in the execution of the Asian PSCs, JVs and service contracts for more revenue With globalisation, mega-mergers and acquisitions, volatile prices and changing geopolitical scenarios, it is vital to understand not only the

4 easy ways to register: Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email [email protected] | Visit


E&P Sharing Contracts & Agreements 2010 | 6-8 July 2010 | Jakarta changing terminology and semantics of the PSC but also how fiscal systems have evolved, and their economic and financial impact. Key state representatives are invited in this roundtable. The audience will be able to ask questions in this session to discuss: • “Open Doors” attitude to NOC-IOC partnership: will this successfully attract more foreign direct investment into the State? • Licensing/concessionary regimes, service contracts, risk contracts/fee for service contracts, Joint venture/back-in contracts • How does the current price environment influence governments’ decisions on upstream activities in oil and gas? • Indonesia’s latest PSC model and overcoming IOC’s challenge • Understanding how partnerships and agreements are changing in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines • Frontier projects in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam • How can IOCs and resource holders create value, share rewards, transfer skills through generating the “win-win” partnership? • How do you avoid delays in government revenue from progressive profitsharing schemes? Panellists: • Dr Evita Legowo, Director General - Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources • Dr Widjajono Partowidagdo, Member, National Energy Council (DEN) • Peter Godfrey, Vice President Commercial, Arrow Energy International • Ir Nasrul Amar Harahap, E&P Director, PT Bikomp Energi Nusantara • Ir M. Tavip Sunandar, Project Management Expert Facilitator: Mr Philip J Shah, Chairman - Tax Committee, International Business Chamber Indonesia & President Director, PT Pundi Stratejasa Indonesia



How do you put in place effective dispute resolution mechanisms? • Dispute Resolution, litigation, arbitration and claims settlement • Key processes and relevant provisions in PSC, JOA and other legal matters in offshore vs onshore developments • Entry and exit strategies, mitigation of risks through specific contractual clauses and addressing investment protection issues, such as BITs and other treaty rights Ms Karen Mills, International Legal Consultant, KarimSyah Law Firm


International contracts: Dispute management and negotiation mechanisms between IOCs, NOCs, SCs and State • Key issues to consider in drafting the arbitration clause • How could you cope with rapid adjudications for post-contract close ups? • Selecting tribunal and independent experts Mr Charles Ball, International Counsel - Dispute Resolution, Herbert Smith


• •

Addressing contractual challenges for upstream contractors • Compete or collude: Models of cooperation between an IOC/NOC and a service contractor and the use of the tender procedures as a tool to maximise value by IOCs/NIOCs • Bank guarantees, parent company guarantees & performance guarantees • Emergence of “mutual indemnity” regimes over knock-for-knock indemnity regimes (timing issues) • Knowing when not to negotiate – Insurable risks and pricing-in • Succeeding locally through host country relationship management Ms Primila Edward, Senior Legal Consultant, Straits Consulting Group, Malaysia Interview: Legal counsels speak Dynamic legal counsels in some of the region’s successful E&P projects are increasingly visible to both domestic and global audiences. In this session, legal counsels who have become household names share their perspectives on the keys to success in structuring winning contracts and agreements. • Consortium/Alliances/Joint ventures in high risk environments: what contractual and compliance terms should IOCs/NOCs/SOC be aware of? • What strategies IOCs, NOCs and service contractors used to form an alliance and consortium agreement with several parties from different countries? • How do you put in place effective dispute resolution mechanisms? • How do you negotiate tough contracts, deal with unstable legal systems and fiscal terms? • Legal counsels and contract managers’ wish-list: what can the government and partners do to improve business collaboration and competitiveness? Panellists • Mr Jim Bergman, Vice President, Learning & Development Intl Assn

for Contract and Commercial Management Mr Joseph Amudi Tobing, Sr Legal Counsel, Hess Limited Ms Primila Edward, Senior Legal Consultant, Straits Consulting Group, Malaysia Charles Ball, International Counsel - Dispute Resolution, Herbert Smith Ms Karen Mills, International Legal Consultant, KarimSyah Law Firm

Facilitator: Mr Philip J Shah, Chairman - Tax Committee, International Business Chamber Indonesia & President Director, PT Pundi Stratejasa Indonesia 15.15

Networking Break

Plenary Four | 16.00 - 17.00 Taxation, asset valuation and economic modelling frameworks for win-win upstream agreements 15.45

Clarifying the Indonesian oil/gas tax regime and ensuring returns in your upstream business • Understanding the tax regime for service contractors dealing with PSC contractors • Revealing taxation regime and risks, for operating and contracting phases for PSCs and contractors Mr Philip J Shah, Chairman - Tax Committee, International Business Chamber Indonesia & President Director, PT Pundi Stratejasa Indonesia


Developing economic model to value partnerships agreement in Exploration Joint Venture Agreement or PSCs • Highlighting framework for evaluating upstream oil and gas assets to enhance accuracy in decision-making in joint venture agreement or PSC tender • Analyzing global oil & gas assests, through a comprehensive upstream fiscal solution • Using advance economic model to negotiate PSC contract term Mr Nuzulul Haq, Strategic Planning Analyst, Medco Energi


Understanding the true value of assets through integrated economics, engineering and asset analysis in the entire operations • Consolidating economic runs and ensuring accurate economic data to enhance robustness of decision-making • Improving the consistency of your economic evaluations for ensured profits • Quickly applying changes to global parameters including price, discount factors, inflation assumptions, and fiscal regimes Dr Widjajono Partowidagdo, Member, National Energy Council (DEN) & Professor, Institut Teknologi Bandung


Next steps of action: Concluding observations and closing remarks

Networking Lunch

Plenary Three | 13.45 - 15.30 Dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration, claims settlement on specific projects and upstream service contracts


• •

8 Day Three | 8 July 2010, Thursday Workshop B | 09.00 - 12.00 International Petroleum Contracts with focus on joint operating, farm-in agreements, sales contracts and accounting procedures, sales contracts and transportation agreements Part 1 of the workshop will examine in varying degrees of depth the following basic contracts in the international upstream oil and gas industry, with a special focus on: • Joint operating agreements and accounting procedures; • Seller’s Representative agreements; • Farm-in agreements; • Gas sales contracts; • Lifting/Offtake agreements; • Transportation (pipeline) agreements. Part 2 of the workshop will summarise and discusses the information requirements of oil and gas company management and goes on to relate these requirements to the accounting and reporting procedures that are common in production sharing agreements (PSA) between national authorities and private sector oil companies. The course answers questions such as: • What accounting issues are particularly relevant to the oil and gas industry? • What steps should be undertaken to establish a strong management accounting system? • What management accounting procedures are recommended? • What are recommended best practices to meet PSA accounting and reporting requirements? • What reconciliation issues arise and how should they be addressed? •

4 easy ways to register: Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email [email protected] | Visit

Workshop Facilitator: Mr Jim Bergman, Vice President, Learning & Development Intl Assn for Contract and Commercial Management Jim Bergman has led the development and implementation of numerous innovative contracting practices in global, leading organizations. He has nearly twenty years of experience in commercial and procurement contract development, negotiation and management, initially as a contracts attorney for Amoco (now BP). During his career, Mr. Bergman has shared his “in the trenches” experiences through the development and delivery of numerous training sessions and has effectively led contract development and negotiation teams. He has managed supply base portfolios worth over US$1 billion, and has also developed contracting processes for a number of Fortune 500 companies. His training, coaching and advisory efforts have led to savings of well over US$100 million, as well as numerous process improvements and additional instances of value generation to numerous organizations including John Deere, Monsanto, DuPont, Citibank, UBS, Baxter, Telecom Malaysia, General Motors, Delphi Automotive, the State of Texas and numerous others.

Workshop C | 1330 - 1700 Reserves and resource evaluation for CBM deposits Comparative legal and regulatory for CBM exploitation in Asia Pacific: when, where and how you can get permits? Learn the different legal and regulatory frameworks governing CBM in key reserves-rich Asian countries and what you need to do to get permits for exploration. • •

Current and expected regulation in Indonesia, Australia and other countries in the region Bottom line: how to get permits and what to look out for

Reserves and resource evaluation: Key technical issues for analysing CBM deposits

Marketing Opportunities

In the second part, find out the processes and expertise needed to evaluate your assets properly. • Preparing to evaluate your Prospective and Contingent Resources and Reserves • The evaluation process: geosciences and engineering overview • Critical aspects of delineation of project area & Pilot testing • Realistic project scope and total offtake rate • The commercial aspects of the evaluation process:

volatile prices globalisation

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

E&P Sharing Contracts & Agreements 2010 | 6-8 July 2010 | Jakarta


1. Strategically engage key stakeholders--regional governments, NOCs, IOCs and Service Companies-to cement business relationships and facilitate robust contractual and business models pre-bid and post– licensing through the Meet the Regulators and quality networking sessions 2. Combat the impact of the current economic market and regulatory volatility on your E&P projects through an effective dialogue with household names involved in PSCs, taxation and finance 3. Understand what other options are available to make marginal and mature fields contracts more commercially viable 4. Gain a win-win revenue or profit oil sharing on your contracts on the political and more importantly the economic level by ensuring accurate valuation of your assets 5. If your objective is to access insights into getting accurate interdisciplinary information for creating the most efficient contracts and agreements adapted to today’s oil & gas landscape, this high-level Power Forum is a mustattend event for you and your team. The 1-day Power Forum brings together the institutions, regulators, commercial and state actors, involved in contracts and sharing agreements to shed light into business-critical and contract-related issues. Register today! Call +65 68442080 or email [email protected]

Supporting Organisation Swedish Business Association in Indonesia represents companies in Indonesia with association to Sweden. We arrange gatherings, produce information material and give advice in doing business and trade with Indonesia. Doing business in Indonesia requires contact networks, access to both formal and informal information and this is provided by SBA. More information can be found at our web site at

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mega mergers

geopolitical changes

Help your clients rise above these challenges and ensure commercial viability of their upstream ventures PETROFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced online platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets. Please find our introduction and services as follows :

When you sponsor a topic, our team will work with you to channel your expertise to the right platforms.

Call Paul Adams @ +65 6844 2080 or email [email protected]

“It appears that there’s not much option left for IOC considering today’s global oil and gas business. So in the end, IOCs have to adjust their bottom line configuration and adapt to the condition where oil and gas have become scarcer resources.”

PETROFINDER provides E-commerce & B-to-B system helping companies run to reach successful contracts more efficiently. We also provide the international trading, brokerage and marketing and consulting services for oil & gas business and projects and high quality Online P.R ,Advertising and Global Recruitment Services for the oil and gas and energyrelated industries and companies. For more information about PETROFINDER, please visit our website Or contact to [email protected]

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Indonesia Law Reporter Ekonomi Migas by Mohamad Mova Al ‘Afghani

4 easy ways to register: Call +65 6844 2080 | Fax +65 6844 2060 | Email [email protected] | Visit

6-8 July 2010, Jakarta

E&P Sharing Contracts and Agreements 2010

Delegate Registration Form Registration Code: IA1 82410 PM


c Standard Rate (3 days)

USD 2,400

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*CESE Membership: For only USD 250 a year, you enjoy special discounts and exclusive access to member-only roundtables. All prices are nett of any government taxes, where applicable.

c Mr.

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2 Easy Payment Methods

For bookings of more than 3 delegates, please photocopy this form and fax all forms together to +65 6844 2060 Delegate 1

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Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Full payment is mandatory for event attendance. Cancellations and Substitutions: Substitutions will be accepted at any time prior to the event. AMG will not provide refunds for cancellations. For cancellations received in writing more than seven (7) days prior to the conference, you will receive a full credit to be used at another AMG event for up to one year from the date of issuance. For cancellations received seven (7) days or less prior to an event (including day 7), no credits will be issued. In the event that AMG cancels an event, a full credit will be credited to the delegate for use at another AMG event. This credit is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. We reserve the right to change the venue and date of the event if required. AMG is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. AMG will assume no liability whatsoever in the event this event is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this event impracticable or impossible. For purpose of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergencies.

] Programme Change Policy: Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing; however circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, AMG reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. Data Protection: Personal data is gathered in accordance to the Data Protection Act of 1984. Your data may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please inform us by sending an email to [email protected]

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decisions? •. In your joint venture or PSC, will you benefit from greater confidence .... Government Negotiators • Corporate Planners • CEOs/VPs • Policy Analysts.

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