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Name: Varun D. Katre Ph. No.: +91-9730605680 Current Location: Pune Email: [email protected] Passport Number: K5458647 PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am a 2016 postgraduate in Automotive Technology with distinction and acquired skills in Vehicle Dynamics and Multibody Dynamics using ADAMS, Pro-E Creo Mechanica (Simulate) and Six Sigma. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Year of Passing M. Tech. (Automotive Tech.) College of Engineering, Pune 2016 B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli 2012 12th Abasaheb Garware College, Pune 2008 10th Vidya Bhavan High School, Pune 2006 *Subjects of Special Interest: Vehicle Dynamics, Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Automotive Design Examination


%/ CGPA 8.46 7.71 84 % 88.1 %

TECHNICAL BACKGROUND / TRAININGS / KEY SKILLS / CERTIFICATES E1- Beginner, E2 – Intermediate , E3 - Expert ,E4 – Master User Training

Multi Body Dynamics At IKSC Knowledge Bridge, Pune


Multi-Body Dynamics Kinematics of rigid body in space (position, velocity, acceleration) Dynamic Analysis, Types, Equations of Motion, Integration Methods Frictional Contact Vehicle Dynamics 1. Tire Modeling 2. Steering System Modeling 3. Suspension System Modeling 4. Vehicle Modeling – Ride model, Handling model 5. Driveline/Braking/Acceleration 6. Vehicle Dynamics ISO Standards ADAMS VIEW- Basic, Advanced, Parametric Machinery, Design Study/Optimization, ADAMS Car – Standard, Template Builder, Driveline, MSC Vibrations, Chassis ADAMS ADAMS Insight: Design Study, Optimization, DOE ADAMS Flex Body Dynamics, , Durability ADAMS Co-Simulation Matlab/Simulink/Easy5 Part modeling, Drafting, Assembly Mechanism Design and Simulation, Behavior Pro-E Creo Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis Simulate: Model Preparation, Analysis types, Loads, Constraints, Excel, Word, PowerPoint MS Office

(100 Hrs)


(200 Hrs)


(160 Hrs)


(160 Hrs )


(40 Hrs ) E1 (40 Hrs) WIP (40 Hrs) WIP (168 hrs) E2 (40 Hrs)


(80 hrs)



E2 1

ACADEMIC PROJECTS Title: Investigating effects of tire properties and steering mechanism on the turning circle diameter of a vehicle. Objective: To reduce TCD of the test vehicle by 10-20 % Scope: Steering linkage study, Steering mechanism kinematic study, vehicle handling model, tire models, ISO Standards Brief Procedure: Using Newton-Euler equations of motion a mathematical model was M.Tech. developed to understand vehicle response for a given steering input. This model was validated Project with experimental data from literature review. Similarly, kinematic models for steering system 2015-16 were developed and validated using ADAMS and experimental LEGO toy set up. A GUI is Structural prepared to link tire model (Pacejka), steering linkage and vehicle model to study the effect on Dynamics turning circle diameter. lab, ARAI Tools Used: ADAMS VIEW, ADAMS CAR, MATLAB Benefits to the company/Society: It is difficult to maneuver buses through congested lanes of cities. With reduced TCD, drivers will be able to turn the bus in lesser space. In addition, it will assist in parking the vehicle in narrow space. The full model developed, provides better understanding of vehicle dynamics and, the design and application of advance systems like ABS, EPAS and Electronic Stability Control.

M.Tech. MiniProject 2014-15 ARAI Academy, COEP

B.Tech Project 2011-12 WCE

Title : Design of Front Wings for formula race car Objective: Achieve downforce to increase cornering speed Scope: Study the effect of height and angle of attack on the performance of aerofoil and the advantage of using multi element wing. Brief Procedure: First, the point for maximum performance of aerofoil was found using ANSYS Fluent. Then a 3d analysis was done in ANSYS to see the effect of multi element wings. The effect was compared to a baseline model without wings. A 1:8 scale prototype was manufactured using 3d printing and wind tunnel testing was done to compare the baseline model with the model having multi-element wings. The experimental data was compared with the simulation results. It was found that transient simulation has better agreement with the experimental results. Tools Used: ANSYS Fluent 2014, ICEM Benefits to the company/Society: Because of higher downforce, cornering performance of race cars is improved and smaller lap times can be achieved. Title: Vibration Analysis for improvement of driver comfort in an automobile Objective: To reduce the vibrations transmitted from the engine to the driver Scope: Experimental vibration analysis of the vehicle, where excitations are measured at specific points on the vehicle. Rubber mounts with required damping capacity are developed and used to reduce the vibrations transmitted to the driver from the engine. Brief Procedure: Experimental vibration analysis of the vehicle, where excitations are measured at specific points on the vehicle. Rubber mounts with required damping capacity are developed and used to reduce the vibrations transmitted to the driver from the engine Tools Used: ANSYS 12, Dewetron test set up Benefits to the company/Society:

WORK EXPERIENCE John Deere India Private Limited Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune

Designation :- Associate Manufacturing Engineer Duration: - 18th July 2012 to 1st July 2014 Responsibilities: Support industrial engineering activities for John Deere factories under Hay and Forage platform Skills learned: Industrial Engineering, Process Planning, Material Flow, Operator Ergonomics, Body Travel Analysis, Factory Layout design, 5S, Project Management, Augmented Reality, FMEA Tools used: Team Center Vis Pro/Mock Up, Factory CAD/Flow, ICIDO, SAP 2

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, AWARDS AND MEMBERSHIPS Activity Year Role Tool used ESVC (Electric Solar Vehicle Championship) ( Team: COEP Sunrisers, COEP) SAE India SUPRA (Team: Sultanz of Speed, ARAI) SAE INDIA BAJA 2012 (Team: Team AARYANS, WCE, Sangli)


Steering System Design. Design Head for the team


Roll Cage and Body Design


Roll Cage Design and Fabrication. Vice-Captain of the team

CATIA V5 r18, ANSYS 2014, Lotus Sim, MATLAB CATIA V5 r18, ANSYS 2014, CATIA V5 r18, ANSYS 2014,

Student member of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) India

HOBBIES & INTEREST Reading Automotive Magazines (subscription for SAE), Lego trucks and Meccano, Moto GP, F1

DISC & 7 WORKPLACE DRIVER EVALUATION STRENGTHS: Responsible, Patient, Good Listener, Good Logical and Analytical skills, Good team member DEVELOPMENT NEEDS  

In stress situations, may appear as resistant to change. Need to be flexible towards changes, ideas etc. Broaden perspective by interacting with wider variety of people

PERSONAL DETAILS Name Date of Birth Sex Nationality Languages Known Permanent Address

Place: Pune

: Varun Dattakumar Katre : 08-01-1990 : Male : Indian : English, Hindi and Marathi : 493, Gokhale Bldg., Tilak Road, Pune-411030



Varun D. Katre Ph. No. -

I am a 2016 postgraduate in Automotive Technology with distinction and acquired skills in Vehicle. Dynamics ... types, Loads,. Constraints,. (80 hrs) E1. Others. MS Office. Excel, Word, PowerPoint. - E2 ... Title : Design of Front Wings for formula race car. Objective: ... Indian. Languages Known : English, Hindi and Marathi.

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