Common Vacuum Cleaner Features  When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, make sure that a new vacuum cleaner has as many of these common features as possible. They may be common, but you’d be surprised at how many vacuums don’t have these essential features. Able to vacuum carpets 

  This is an obvious one, make sure any new vacuum cleaner has the power to clean carpets to a good standard. If you have thick carpets, these require a vacuum cleaner with more powerful suction, to get debris from deep within the carpet. For thin carpets, nearly every vacuum cleaner should have enough power to get most dust and debris from the floor.

Many consumers don’t think about their own home before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, but this is essential to make sure you get the right vacuum cleaner. Removing pet hairs    Pet hairs are a nuisance, and some vacuum cleaners come with special attachments designed to combat this problem. These attachments are much better at digging up pet hair from the floor. We all know how much of a nuisance it can be, especially when your furniture is coated in the stuff! Pet hair attachments include a nozzle with spinning

brushes with rotate at a fast RPM, instantly getting all pet hair off a given surface. Want to make any couch look like new again? Look for a pet hair vacuum cleaner!    Vacuuming hardwood floors   

  Hardwood floors can be tricky to vacuum, debris can simply fly around the floor, rather than being trapped in by the carpet fibres. One way to combat this is to look for a vacuum which allows the rotating brush to be turned off. This means the vacuum will retrieve debris and dust by the power of suction alone, which should make any hardwood floor a lot easier to clean. All hardwood, laminate, or lino floors should be vacuumed with the brush disabled, as rotating brushes can also scratch hardwood, laminate and lino floors, which is another problem that consumers may run into if they buy a cheaper vacuum, that doesn’t possess this ability. HEPA filters    High efficiency particulate air filters work in a very different way to traditional filters. The problem is, with some vacuum cleaners, debris and dust are simply rearranged, and not trapped in the vacuum. The bag/filter may trap some particles, but what about the smaller particles? They escape right through the bag/filter, and find their way back into the home. As they are now air-borne, this can cause problems for some people, especially if they already have breathing problems such as asthma. HEPA air filters stop this, with a very complicated science theory. The truth is clear, they work. It is worth looking at the reviews for the best vacuums with HEPA filters.


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