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Unit 5 Page 52, Exercise B, Listening Comprehension Speaker One Do you want softer, cleaner-smelling hair every time you wash? Ask for Spring Rain at your local drugstore or cosmetics store. Or order online at Speaker Two Can’t get your hands clean after a day in the garden? Try washing your hands with Rose. You’ll get clean hands fast! Speaker Three Doctors say it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. So, even on a cloudy day, don’t go out without Pro-Tect, and keep your skin healthy and young. Speaker Four Does soap make your skin dry and rough? Well, All Over is the answer. All Over Liquid Smoother. Use All Over after bath or shower. Use All Over whenever your skin feels dry. Speaker Five For brighter, whiter teeth, use Scrubbie Dental Cream twice a day, morning and night, and see results in less than a week. And have sweeter-smelling breath from day one! Speaker Six Windy day? Hate to wear a hat? Maximum Hold will keep your hair in place even in the worst weather. Just shampoo, dry, and style your hair as usual. Then apply twice before going out. Your hair will look as good at the end of the day as it does when you step out. Get Maximum Hold for your hair. Page 54, Exercise A, Listening Comprehension Conversation One A: I don’t have an appointment. But I’ve been working in the garden and my hands are a mess. Is there any possibility for this afternoon? B: Let me check the book. I’m sorry. Dora and the others are all booked up today. Could you make it in tomorrow? Conversation Two A: Demirjian Hair Salon. How can I help you? B: This is Mr. Banks. Is Eva available for a shampoo and a cut sometime today? A: Let me check . . . Yes, she has a cancellation at 4:00. She could see you then. B: Great. See you at 4:00.

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Conversation Three [B = Australian English] A: Pretty Hands and Feet. B: Hello. This is Helen Jones. I have a seven o’clock appointment for a manicure. Would it be possible to get a pedicure, too? Sorry for the last-minute request. A: Actually, umm . . . if you could come in a little earlier, we could do that. B: How much earlier? A: Six-thirty? B: Great. See you then. Conversation Four [A = Indian] A: Good morning, Mr. Lane. Umm . . . we don’t have you down for an appointment today. M: Actually, I don’t have one. But I can’t stand this beard another day. Is one of the barbers available? I don’t mind waiting. A: I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but Vinnie’s out sick and there’s just no one else available. Page 58, Listening Comprehension [A = British English; B = Indian; C= Spanish] A: This is Nigella Compton with the DBC radio network and Eye on the Globe. We’re talking to the new Miss World, Maya Prasad, who has just won her title at the tenth annual Miss World beauty pageant in Kuala Lumpur. And we’re also talking to Ricardo Figueroa, the chief judge of the contest this year. Welcome, Ms. Prasad—or, should I say, Welcome, Miss World? B: Hello, Nigella. Please call me Maya. Thank you for inviting me. A: And welcome, Mr. Figueroa. M: Thank you. A: My pleasure. Maya, please tell our listeners what it’s like to have been chosen Miss World. Do you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world? B: Uh . . . actually, no. To tell you the truth, the idea is very flattering, but I don’t actually feel that beautiful. All the other contestants were beautiful. Many, I think, were much more attractive than I am. I think I was very lucky. A: One of the things that’s special about the Miss World contest is that it emphasizes both inner and outer beauty. Mr. Figueroa, could you say a few words about that for us? C: Certainly. The Miss World contest tries to choose contestants who exhibit all the features of traditional physical beauty: youth, health, beautiful skin and hair, a lovely body—those things everyone understands to represent beauty. But, true beauty goes beyond that. Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf, said something very profound and true about beauty: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched . . . but are felt in the heart.” We at the Miss World contest have tried to make that our motto. We try to find that beauty that touches our hearts. A: Very interesting. And all the more so since Helen Keller was blind, and couldn’t see what people looked like. She still had a concept of beauty. “The most beautiful things are felt in the heart.” What, in your opinion, are those things—those beautiful things that we feel in the heart?

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C: Well, I think Helen Keller was describing inner beauty—those qualities that last longer than youth and can exist even when health has gone. Qualities such as goodness, kindness to other people, truthfulness—qualities that everyone appreciates, no matter where in the world they live. B: I’ve always felt that physical beauty can’t last forever. People think it’s beauty that brings you love, but I’m not so sure. I’ve always loved the Oscar Hammerstein song that says: “Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?” A: Hmm. Very interesting food for thought. I would imagine that that attitude will help you lead a happy life. C: I’d like to say that the judges thought that Maya presented an almost perfect balance between outer and inner beauty. Her happiness with life is one of the strongest features of her inner beauty. But before we finish, let me just read a little from their written comments: “Maya has warmth: She expresses her love for others easily. She has patience: She is a wonderful listener and lets others speak. She doesn’t rush them.” B: Oh, Mr. Figueroa. I can’t believe anyone said all this about me. I’m just a regular person! C: Maya, that comment shows us that you are also very modest—modesty is actually another of the features of your inner beauty. But let me continue . . . “Maya’s also a woman of great goodness and kindness: She spends time helping people who have difficulties. Last year she taught art to children in the public hospital. So her happiness, her warmth, her patience, and her kindness shine through and make her physical beauty all the more radiant.” A: Thank you to you both. Page 60, Exercise A, Listening Comprehension Conversation One [A = U.S. regional] A: Let’s stop by the drugstore and get some of that Hawaii Bronzer before we go to the beach. I don’t want to get burned. B: OK. Conversation Two A: Honey, I think we’re out of Swan. There’s none in our bathroom and no more in the closet. B: Have you had a look in the kids’ bathroom? Laura wanted to wash her hands and she was out of it, so maybe she took the bar from ours. I’ll pick some up this afternoon when I go shopping. Conversation Three A: Excuse me. What aisle are the Truly You products in? B: It depends. What are you looking for? A: I’m looking for lipstick and eye shadow. B: I don’t think we carry the eye shadow, but the lipstick is in aisle three. A: Thanks.

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Conversation Four A: I need something better than Sparkledent. My teeth are sensitive and it hurts every time I brush. B: Well, I use Mountain Fresh. It tastes great and it’s good for sensitive teeth. Conversation Five A: My skin is so dry and itchy. What should I do? B: Well I use Silk ‘n Satin after my shower and my skin is great. Conversation Six A: Wow! Is that a new perfume? B: Actually no. Can you guess what it is? A: Is it soap? B: Nope. A: Shampoo? B: No. Want a clue? A: OK. B: Well their ad is “Fresh as a Flower—Hour after Hour.” A: You’re kidding! I would have never guessed. I want some of that too.

Top Notch 2, Second Edition Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Education. Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.


Top Notch 2, Second Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Pearson Education. Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use. Student's Book Audioscript. Unit 5.

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