An  Un-­‐Book  Club    

The  purpose  of  an  Un-­‐Book  Club  –  based  on  the  concept  of  Open  Spaces1  or  Un-­‐Conferences2  -­‐  is  to  open   up  discussions  of  ideas  and  new  learnings  with  others,  without  being  limited  to  the  same  reading  or   resource.  Participants  bring  information  or  knowledge  about  a  topic/theme  to  a  gathering  and  from   there  share  in  small  and  large  group  arrangements.     Resources  can  come  from:   v books  or  articles   v videos  or  TED  talks   v webinars  or  podcasts   v personal  reflections  or  composed  writing  pieces   v sample  structures,  rituals,  routines  or  systems   v online  sources  or  hardcopy  examples   v a  recent  conversation,  thought,  idea  or  musing….the  list  is  endless!     Discussions  will  be  grassroots  and  based  on  the  flow  of  the  group;  a  facilitator  will  help  participants  to   maximize  the  learning  experience.  Participants  do  not  prepare  presentations  or  anything  formal  –   simply  bring  an  idea,  concept  or  resource  to  share  with  others  to  the  event!    

1Open  Space  Technology:   2UnConferences:  


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