TWiX Bingo A drinking game for listeners of TWiV, TWiP, and TWiM.     Ferrets are not human

Oldfashioned shoe leather epidemiology

A lot of math

There isn't enough money

Hiya fellas

We should do more virology 101

A long list of authors

Good to be here

Dear TWiVome

Since (s)he was haploid

We're going to get emails

Plaque assay

Dual use

Satisfies Koch's postulates

"a bad pun"

Hear, hear

We should get a veterinary virologist on the show

Monkeys exaggerate

Chamber of Commerce weather

Two bucket

Another TWiP is parasitic

We should get a plant virologist on the show

We have a show title

Are viruses alive

Another TWiV is Viral

  Rules • Grab a glass and an ample supply of your favorite adult beverage. • Start listening to the latest TWiX podcast episode, or one of your favorite shows from the back catalog. • Every time you hear one of the phrases pour yourself a drink and consume it drink in one gulp. Mark the box on your score sheet. • Do not play this game while driving or walking. WUI (walking under the influence) may not be illegal in your community, but it is bad form. Scoring & Judging • Play this game when you listen to a TWiX show. When the board is filled you win. What’s the prize? Time spent enjoying your beverage and listening to enough podcasts to win.


was haploid. We're going. to get. emails. Plaque assay Dual use. Satisfies. Koch's. postulates. "a bad pun". Are viruses. alive Hear, hear. We should. get a. veterinary. virologist on. the show. Monkeys. exaggerate. Chamber of. Commerce. weather. Another. TWiV is Viral Two bucket. Another. TWiP is. parasitic. We should.

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