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Technology Request / Expert Search TN ES 14 023 On behalf of a client, the Deutsche Technologiedienst is looking for experts and innovative technological approaches in the field of:

smart polymers – a combination of trigger, effect and application (particularly self-healing polymers, electroactive polymers, shape memory polymers) Technical background and description of the current system (Keywords: smart polymers, stimuli-sensitive polymers, stimuli-responsive polymers, multifunctional polymers, self-healing polymers, shape memory polymers, electroactive polymers, photoactive polymers)

Smart polymers have properties that can change in a controlled manner via external stimuli such as heat, moisture, pH value, light and electrical or magnetic fields. For example, shape memory polymers temporarily change their external shape when subjected to an external impulse; the material retains its memory of the original shape even after strong deformation. Self-healing polymers are capable of recovering from micro cracks without additional external triggers and regain their original mechanical properties to almost 100%. With these special properties, such smart polymers are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, e.g. in the fields of energy, mobility, environment and healthcare. However, they will only demonstrate their “intelligent“ functionalities if they have been correctly synthetized, processed and programmed.

Detailed description of the required solution Our client, a globally active company, produces high performance polymers and wishes to increase investment in the field of smart polymers over the coming years, as well as in the identification of new applications and suitable markets. Our client is therefore looking for experts on the topic of: •

smart polymers, particularly electroactive polymers, self-healing polymers and shape memory polymers

The experts should be competent on the topics of polymer design, polymer synthesis, subsequent steps in the implementation of the smart effect (including system design if necessary), polymer properties or innovative applications (including niche products). Restrictions: No fluids, no metals / metal alloys, no ceramics, no fluoropolymers, no elastomers, no applications in the field of drug release, no self-assembling polymers. Polyethylene and polypropylenes are not of interest. Our client is also looking for innovative approaches for smart polymers that can be developed into marketable products within 7 to 10 years. Ideally, the smart effect will be integrated into the polymer itself and is not applied through other material components, e.g. additives, metal oxide particles etc.

Potential forms of cooperation The following forms of cooperation are conceivable: • • •

Applied R&D cooperation Consultancy contracts Product development

Deutscher Technologiedienst GmbH Dr. Alrun Straudi, Technologieberaterin

• •

Company acquisition Patent acquisition / licensing


TN ES 14 023 eng -

Aug 14, 2014 - smart polymers – a combination of trigger, effect and application. (particularly self-healing polymers, electroactive polymers, shape memory ...

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