THE  PRACTICE  OF  WORSHIPPING     $67,712.41  –     33.5%  OF  OUR  $202,126.60  BUDGET       Our  church   celebrates  the   vibrancy  of  its  worship,  offering  holy   space  for   experiences   of  God.   We  gather   as  a  community  of   faith  to  celebrate  God's   presence  and  where  we   listen  for  God's  call  to  service   in  our   world.  Our  ministry   personnel,  working  with  our  music  director  and  Worship  Committee,  prepare  the   weekly  worship  services.  We   have  a  strong  tradition  of   involving  lay  members   in   leadership  in  our  worship.  We  offer  worship  each  week  at  11:00  a.m.  and  special   worship  services   at  other  times.     Some   practical  examples  that   are  part  of  our  Practice  of  Worshipping:     • ministry   leadership  in  worship/preaching   • instruments,  choir,   music,  and  staff   • funerals,  weddings,  baptisms   • nursing  home  services   • banners  and  decorations   • scripture    readers   • supplies:  bulletins,  offering  envelopes,  etc.   • ushers,  greeters,  counters   • space  for  worship  and  preparation   • worship  resources,  hymn  books,  projections   • Special  Christmas,  Black  History,  Asian  Heritage,  Ash  Wednesday,  Maundy   Thursday,  Easter,  Thanksgiving  and  outdoor  services       1  |  P a g e    




LIVING  GOD’S  TRANSFORMING  LOVE     IMPACT   In  the  past  year  3  new  families  have  join  our  congregation.     “I  leave  Sunday  worship  recharged  for  the  week  ahead.  The  music  comes  back  at  odd  moments   in  the  week  and  I  remember  who  I  am.   Margaret     Volunteer  hours  –     Choir,  ushers,  readers,  committee  members,  sound  technician  …     3650  hours  a  year      


Volunteering  in  our  Practice  of  Worshipping     Celebrating  God’s  love  together  with  others  who  share  our  faith;  discerning  God’s  wisdom   and  will  for  our  lives;  nurturing  our  spirits  to  go  forth  into  the  world  around  us,  rejuvenated   and  refreshed  in  God’s  spirit.   The  wide  variety  of  worship  opportunities  touches  people’s  hearts  and  moves  us  to  feel  and   know  God’s  presence  and  power.    We  partner  with  God  and  each  other  to  find  innovative  and   creative  ways  to  make  worship  a  dynamic  and  lived  out  experience.     SOME  WAYS  YOU  CAN  VOLUNTEER  AND  BECOME  AN  ACTIVE  PARTNER  IN  OUR   WORSHIP  MINISTRY:     Usher  on  Sunday  morning   Serve  as  a  sound  technician   Sing  in  one  of  our  choirs   Help  with  special  worship  services   Read  scripture  in  worship   Lead  devotions  at  church  meetings   Leading  a  service  in  Churchill  Manor       Our  Dreams  for  the  Future:   We  dream  of     ! an  improved  lighting  system  so  that  we  can  set  different  tone  for  various  services   ! offering  an  additional  service  on  Sunday  evening  using  the  music  of  Taize  


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Page 1 of 2. TELLING THE STORY OF YOUR MINISTRY – NARRATIVE BUDGET RESOURCES. LIVING GOD'S TRANSFORMING LOVE. 1 | Page. THE PRACTICE OF WORSHIPPING. $67,712.41 –. 33.5% OF OUR $202,126.60 BUDGET. Our church celebrates the vibrancy of its worship, offering holy space for.

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