Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide

Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide

CAMPOREE OVERVIEW Where: 5401 Canyon Rd Willits, CA 95490 (Camp Wente Scout Reservation) When: August 23rd to 25th 2013 Event registration & Information : Main Islamic Scouting Website: The nation’s third Muslim Camporee is being held at Wente Scout Reservation, on August 23rd to 25th 2013 with the collaboration of the Western Region of National Islamic Committee of Boy Scouts of America. The camporee is focused primarily on the growing Muslim population of the SF Bay Area and will showcase scouting principles, methods and spirit. The three day camporee will feature activities for the WHOLE FAMILY - adults and school going kids (both boys and girls). Family will get the opportunity to enjoy over 10 traditional scouting activities typically seen in a summer scout program. You’ll be sleeping in canvas tents erected on wooden platforms. Note there are NO electrical outlets available in the tents. In addition, time will be set aside for the five daily prayers and you’ll be eating Halal food. On Saturday evening, the camp fire will be hosted by local Muslim scouts and adult scout leaders. Through this outreach effort, SFBAC in partnership with Western Region National Islamic Committee on Scouting is making a strong commitment to local Muslim community.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Table of Contents What to Expect




What to Bring


Do Not Bring




Nearby Hotels


Driving Directions


Arriving at Wente




Your Campsite


Leave No Trace




Campsite Garbage


General Rules


First Aid


Shower facilities


Check out


Schedule of Events


Location of Saturday & Sunday daytime activities


Poison Oak


Photo Release


Handicap Accessibility Statement


What is scouting?


Contact List


Leadership Staff



Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide What to Expect Our plan is to provide you with a weekend of outdoor fun activities typically enjoyed by scouts during their summer camps. This guide is to help prepare you for fun and excitement Please read the entire guide, it’ll help you prepare for the camporee. Being prepared is the first step to enjoy the Camporee. The registration fee covers the cost of meals, tent accommodation, payments to the support staff, insurance, and program materials (including arrows, ammunition, targets etc).

Weather This year the Camporee is being held in the summer. You can expect warm/mild weather. The daytime high temperature is expected to be mid 80s and night time low is expected to be mid 40 degree. Please come prepared with light loose clothes for the daytime and warm clothes during the night. You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors walking. The trails and roads are NOT paved and will be dusty. The vehicle traffic is restricted to keep the dust down.

What to Bring • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Flashlight/Headlamp (battery operated) Plastic Tarp (10’ x 10’) Sleeping Bag, Pillow Sleeping pad or air mattress (or a couple of blankets to fold under your sleeping bag) Jacket, sweater or sweatshirt Extra clothes (at least one set) Closed-toe shoes, such as gym shoes or sneakers or hiking boots Spending money – snacks & scout items at trading post Any prescription medication which you or your family require Raincoat Daypack (a small backpack you can carry with you during the day) Water bottle (one for every member of your family) Sunscreen, Camera Toothpaste, toothbrush, Soap (additional hand sanitizer is optional) Washcloth or small towel chap stick Bug repellent – non aerosol Prayer rug

All Scouts (adults, boys & girls): Bring your uniform (mandatory).


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Do Not Bring • • • • • • • • • •

Stoves Non-battery operated lamps or flashlights Propane/gas-powered anything Tobacco Electronic Games Laptops iPods/iPads Firearms Alcohol Fire Starters (matches, lighters, flint kits etc)

Registration Registration must be completed in advance. On-site registration will merely confirm arrival, and will give attendees their tent location and program details. There is NO on-site new registration. One or more tents (area 9ft x 9ft) will be provided to each family for accommodations. We strongly recommend that you do NOT bring your tent. We have very limited space available for pitching your own tents. The tents do NOT have any electrical outlets. Note: cell phone coverage is limited or non-existent.

Nearby Hotels If you would prefer to stay at a hotel in Willits, choose one from the list below. We have NOT made any specific event arrangements with any of them. The list is being provided for convenience. Hotel Name Old West Inn Super 8 Willits Best Western Willits Brooktrails Lodge


Address 1221 South Main St, Willits, CA 95490 1119 South Main Street, Willits, CA 95490 1777 South Main Street, Willits, CA 95490 24675 Birch Street, Willits, CA 95490

Phone 707-459-4201





Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Driving Directions From your starting point, get to the town of Willits, which is on Highway 101 about 2.5 hours North of San Francisco (just North of Ukiah). See the separate document for directions with Pictures.

In Willits, turn East (Right) at Commercial Street

After 1.5 miles, follow the road as it takes a sharp left in front of the Nutrena Feed Store (15 mph curve)

Continue on the road 3.9 miles to the camp’s entrance.

About a mile past a one-lane bridge, you’ll see the big sign of the Camp. Veer right onto the camp road, go around the lake and park in the parking lot.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Arriving at Wente Plan to arrive on Friday between 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Dinner will be served starting at 6:30pm. If you arrive later than 7:30pm, please plan on having dinner on the way.

1. When you arrive at Wente, please drive down to the area marked “Dining Hall” on the Wente map (on page: 7). 2. Park outside the Dining Hall as directed and check-in inside the Dining Hall. It is mandatory to check-in first when you arrive at the camp. 3. After check-in, you can proceed to your assigned camp site. Park only at the designated parking area. Depending on traffic you may be allowed to take the vehicle near your campsite to transfer your belongings to the tent.. 4. Please make sure to park your car in the designated parking area after moving your belongings to the assigned tent.

Parking Parking will be permitted at the designated parking area ONLY. All trailers will also have to be parked with the vehicle in the designated parking area. Luggage (sleeping bags etc) must be carried in person from your car to your camping area.

Your Campsite You’ll be directed to your assigned campsite on arrival. Each campsite has tent platforms with canvas tent cabins and includes the following: • • •

A bulletin board A flag pole A nearby washstand and Kybo

Leave No Trace Take only photographs – leave only footprints. Remember: a Scout is clean, and for a Muslim, cleanliness is half of faith/Imaan. Your campsite should be a reflection of that. The site should be kept free from litter. Do not leave candy, food, or anything smelly in tents or campsites. This will attract unwanted attention from animals around camp.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Please respect the privacy of the camp staff and stay out of staff living areas and respect the campsites of others by staying out unless invited.

Fire No Campsite Fires – there will be a camp-wide campfire on Saturday night. No other campfires are permitted, due to fire danger.

Campsite Garbage All campsites have to be cleaned up and no garbage can be left behind. Place all garbage in the dumpster located on the western most side of the Dining Hall

General Rules 1. Leave No Trace Camping is in effect for the Camporee · Please do not dig into the ground. Remember: “Take only photographs, leave only footprints” 2. If you have to drive temporarily, observe speed limit of 5mph on Camporee grounds. 3. Do not leave candy, food, or anything smelly in tents or campsites. This will attract unwanted attention from animals around camp. 4. Please respect the privacy of the camp staff and stay out of staff living areas and respect the campsites of others by staying out unless invited.

First Aid The First Aid Crew will be able to assist with any first aid needs at the First Aid Station at HQ

Shower facilities Wente has three shower houses with private shower stalls.

Check out Once all activities are complete, please go to your campsite and pack up, ensuring the site is clean. A staff member will visit the campsite to sign you out, after which you will be given your 2011 Muslim Heritage Camporee Patch for each attendee.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Schedule of Events Schedule Of Events Friday: 5:00 – 7:30 6:15 6:30 – 7:45 8:00 9:30 10:30 11:00

Registration, Introduction of Camp Salah Time: Asr Dinner Salah Time: Maghreb (Sunset: 7:56 PM) Salah Time: Isha, Taps and Quiet Time - everyone should be in their own campsite Lights Out until 6 AM

Saturday: 6:15 7:00 7:15 8:30 12:45 1:30 2:00 6:15 6:30 8:00 8:15 8:30 10:00 10:15

– 8:15 – 12:30

– 6:00 – 7:45

– 9:30

10:30 11:00

Salah Time: Fajr (Sunrise: 6:34 AM) Flag ceremony, Camp announcements & information bulletins Breakfast Saturday's Planned Morning Activities Lunch Salah Time: Zuhr Saturday's Planned Afternoon Activities Salah Time: Asr Dinner Salah Time: Maghreb (Sunset: 7:56 PM) Gather for campfire Campfire – skits, award ceremony Cracker-Barrel (snacks) in the dining hall Salah Time: Isha (at dining hall) Taps and Quiet Time - everyone should be in their own campsite Lights Out until 6 AM

Sunday: 6:15 6:30 – 7:15 7:20 7:15 – 8:15 8:30 – 12:00 12:45 1:15 1:30


Salah Time: Fajr (Sunrise: 6:34 AM) Nature Trail Hike around the lake Flag ceremony, Camp announcements& informational bulletins Breakfast Repeat of popular activities. First come first serve (Shotgun, Rifle, BB Gun, Archery, Adult Horse Riding, Boating) Lunch Salah Time: Zuhr Campsite: pack up and check-out. Camporee Ends

Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Location of Saturday & Sunday daytime activities (Tentative)


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Poison Oak Poison oak can give a nasty rash to anyone who touches it. How can you tell if a plant is poison oak? “Leaves of three, leave it be.

If you touch poison oak, wash the area of your skin that was in contact with soap, as soon as possible. If you break into a rash, come to the Health Lodge at the headquarters (next to the dining hall)

If it’s hairy, it’s a berry” Groups of three leaves, but no thorns or hair on the stems

Photo Release I understand that by attending this program, sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I consent to the use of photographs, film, videotapes, electronic representations and/or sound recordings made of me during that time by the Boy Scouts of America, at their discretion, and I hereby release the Boy Scouts of America from any and all liability from such use and publication.

Handicap Accessibility Statement In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the San Francisco Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities at the camporee.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide What is scouting? Scouting is “a game with a purpose” Scouting is a fun program for young people to improve their character, citizenship and fitness. Scouts learn good citizenship and develop character via activities related to leadership, planning, and outdoor skills. They strive to abide by the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan, and the Outdoor Code. The Scout Oath “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” The Scout Law “A scout is: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” The scout motto: “Be prepared.” The scout slogan: “Do a good turn daily.” The Outdoor Code As an American, I will do my best to • Be clean in my outdoor manners • Be careful with fire • Be considerate in the outdoors, and • Be conservation minded.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Contact List Name Irshad Rasheed Usman Ahmed Shahid Khan Ashfaq Rasheed Sarim Siddiqui Shahnawaz Baghdadi Haroon Rasheed Sr. Shagufta Ahmed Wajahat Taqdees Jason Lewis Mike


Responsibility General Chairman & Camporee Director Asst. General Chair Commissary & Chairman for Food Program Chairman Participation & Registration Chairman Assistant Registration Chair Campfire Chairman Chair, Arts & Craft Communications & Camporee Regulations Chairman Finance Chairman Ranger, Wente

Email Address [email protected]

Phone Number 530-368-2498

[email protected] [email protected]

510-305-9209 510-491-6637

[email protected] [email protected]

510-610-8447 510-304-9723

[email protected]


[email protected] [email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]

510-577-9204 707-459-2110

Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide

Leadership Staff Irshad Rasheed, General Chairman & Camporee Director Irshad Rasheed is the Chairman, Western Region National Islamic Committee on Scouting. He has three sons, all of whom are in scouting. He is committee chair for Troop 111, and unit commissioner for Pack 119. He has completed wood badge training. He is the CEO of Tahoe RF Semiconductor, a fables semiconductor company

Usman Ahmed, Assistant General Chair, Usman and my wife Sarah are second generation scouters and for the past few years they have been involved with Pack/ Troop 399, Santa Clara CA. Currently, Usman is an assistant scoutmaster and assistant bear den leader. Sr. Sarah is the bear den leader. They have two sons in scouting and feel that scouting provides great opportunities to the Muslim communities and Muslim youth to build future leaders and better human beings.

Ashfaq Rasheed, Program Chairman & Cubmaster Pack 119 Ashfaq Rasheed and his wife Sheema has been involved with scouting for last few years. Ashfaq is the Cubmaster for Pack 119 at Islamic Center of Fremont (ICF). Sheema has been the Girl Scouts troop leader for their two older daughters Aaliyah and Safiyah. The family enjoys camping, hiking and boating in summer and skiing and snowboarding in winter. In his spare time, Ashfaq is the CEO of architectural design firm Sanveo.

Sarim Siddiqui, Participation/Registration Chairman Sarim Siddiqui has been a resident of Bay Area since 1996. He is currently working as a Principal Engineer at Oracle Corporation. Sarim and his wife Gohar have been active in scouting ever since their son Ashab joined scouting. Sarim is an adult leader in Ashab’s Troop 111. Gohar is an active Girl Scout Mom in Zaina’s troop. Other than spending time with his family, Sarim enjoys sports such as cricket, tennis & ping pong.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Shahid Khan, Food/Commissary Chairman Shahid Khan has been an active local community organizer since 1984 and has served in many nonprofit organizations, including as a board member of Islamic Society of East Bay (ISEB) Mosque. Shahid is a mechanical engineer by profession and his wife is a quality engineer. They have three sons. His eldest son Sheikh Nabeel is a Hafiz and Alim.

Sr. Shagufta Ahmed, Arts & Crafts Chairwoman Shagufta and her husband Afaque Ahmed are resident of Fremont. Shagufta actively volunteers in MCA and other Islamic organizations. She is a teacher at MCA Weekend Islamic School for the past five years. She also has taught at ICF Sunday Islamic School. Her twelve year old daughter Hana Ahmed is a Girl Scout in Troop 60318. Shagufta is a senior Software Engineer at Juniper Networks

Haroon Rasheed, Campfire Chairman Haroon Rasheed is a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School. He has been involved in Boy Scouts for over six years and almost done with his Eagle Scout requirements. He has served as Troop 111’s SPL and as the ASTL on NYLT Staff. Haroon Rasheed brings his experience and his enthusiasm to this year’s Muslim Camporee. He hopes that this year’s Campfire will be the best thus far.

Wajahat, Communications and Camporee Director My trip last year to Muslim Camporee at Wente motivated us to join scouting! Recently my two teenager kids Arslan Wajahat and Adnan Wajahat have joined a troop in San Ramon and I see them getting stronger physically, morally and spiritually. This year I am happy to volunteer at the Muslim Camporee. We reside in the San Ramon, CA with two boys and two girls. I do project management, business operation consulting for living.


Third Annual Muslim Camporee Guide Third Annual ... -

Aug 23, 2013 - Note: cell phone coverage is limited or non-existent. .... He is the CEO of Tahoe RF Semiconductor, a fables semiconductor company.

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