City of Venice 2016 Think Tank Ideas February 10, 2016

2016 Piggy’s Revenge at the Carlton Reserve Prepared by Steve Christian Version 1—2/10/16 [email protected]

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Venice 2016 Think Tank Ideas In October 2012, Venice was designated as a Silver level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The Bicycle Friendly Community program requires an application renewal every 4 years. The BFC renewal application for Venice is due in June 2016. A Bicycle Friendly Community requires a cooperative effort by the city, the business community, public organizations as well as individual citizens. Venice is a more bicycle friendly community than it was when it received the Silver designation in 2012 but it is important to continue to add new and innovative programs. Some programs and ideas that we should focus on include: 

The League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Community renewal application is due in June 2016.

Focus on hiring a Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator for the City of Venice.

Update the City of Venice Bike Map to include improvements that have been made since 2012.

Promote and develop the infrastructure for the Edmonson/Border road bicycle corridor.

Initiate a “Respect the Wheels” campaign in Venice to increase motorist’s and bicyclist’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

Approve and install “Walk Bikes on Sidewalk” signs on the busy sidewalk areas in Downtown Venice.

Promote more business involvement with “Bicycle Friendly Community”

Promote more public involvement with “Bicycle Friendly Community”

Get more cyclists into downtown Venice by promoting the downtown district to Legacy Trail and Venetian Waterway Park users.

Create connectors from trails to businesses and the Airport Festival Grounds.

Focus attention on the maintenance of the existing on-road bicycle facilities

Install more bike racks to handle the overflow of bikes for the Farmer’s Market.

Create “Green Bike Lanes.” (Bike lanes that are painted green to make them more visible.)

Create a system of area-wide bicycle loops with signage from downtown and the Train Depot

Create a series of walking loops with signage from downtown. 2

Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator Bicycle and pedestrian program managers along with bicycle advocates are an important part of creating a bicycle-friendly community. Staff help communities plan for and respond to the needs of cyclists and pedestrians. Venice needs a staff person to dedicate at least part of their time to the position of Bike/Ped coordinator. The following is from a study conducted by the League of American Bicyclists.

Taken from a study conducted by the League of American Bicyclists


Regional Connector from City of Venice to Desoto County

Route From Legacy Trail to Carlton Reserve and Deer Prairie Creek Preserve


Launch a Bicycle and Pedestrian Awareness Campaign Take steps to make motorists more aware of the fact that there are a significant number of bicyclists using the roads on the Island of Venice. Post more “Share the Road” signs. Place some “3 Feet Please” signs on roads leading to the island.

Bicycle riding can be a danger to pedestrians in a busy sidewalk situation. Post signs in the Downtown area stating “No Bicycle Riding on Sidewalk.”


Market Downtown Venice to Trail Users A “Downtown Venice” sponsored Kiosk should be erected at the Train Depot to encourage bicyclists and pedestrians to cross-over the waterway and visit Downtown Venice. This should also be used to promote the Island Bicycle Loop and others. Example from St. Petersburg , FL

A sign has been posted at the base of the stairway on the east side of the Venice Avenue Bridge. The sign specifies that the best route for cyclists from the Legacy Trail to Downtown Venice is via the North Bridge, not the Venice Avenue Bridge.

Signs have been placed at the base of the US 41 pedestrian overpass that direct trail users to Downtown Venice.

Sidewalk markers from the overpass to Downtown Venice would help direct riders to downtown. They would also help to designate the consensus best route to Downtown Venice via the North Bridge and thus avoid the Venice Ave Bridge. 6

Spur Connections from VWP Trail Spur Trail to Airport Festival Grounds Don Fisher and the Bar-B-Que Bash have taken the lead in promoting and developing a bicycle/pedestrian spur trail from the VWP to the Airport Festival Grounds.

Spur Trail to AMF Bowling Parking Lot A spur trail from the VWP to the AMF Bowling parking lot would allow bicyclists and pedestrians to ride or walk to Detweiler’s Market from the VWP. Detweiler’s Farm Market

Spur Trail to Brickyard Plaza A spur trail from the VWP to the Brickyard Plaza would make these Venice businesses accessible from the trail.


Island Bike Loop The City of Venice Bike Map designates an 11 mile “Island Loop.” This loop is marked with symbols on the streets to make it easy for riders to follow. Additional consensus loops should be designated. They could be marked with various colored arrows. Island Loop Marking

Create a Series of Consensus Bicycle Loops Examples of way finding signs for the bicycle Loops.


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A Bicycle Friendly Community requires a cooperative effort by the city, the business. community, public organizations as well as individual citizens. Venice is a ...

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