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Preface Dear GRE Aspirant We understand that mastering words for GRE is indeed a daunting task and overwhelms most GRE aspirants. However, you could lighten your load, if you start enjoying the process of developing your vocabulary. This will not only speed up the rate at which your learn words, but could also help in retention as well as understanding nuances of the meanings. This will not just help you in GRE, but also be strong asset during your subsequent graduate studies and professional career. How could you make this process enjoyable? You could do that if you were to think for a moment and understand what words really are. Words, in reality represent concepts or human thoughts. Just as the words Triangle and Segment represents concepts in Geometry and words such as Gravity and Velocity in Physics, words such as Melancholy or Ecstatic represent concepts relating to the state of the mind and words such a Parsimonious and Spartan represent concepts relating to behavioral styles. Do you observe that? Just as you the words in science and technology define and represent specific concepts, the words that we come across actually represent concepts from everyday life about moods, personalities, situations, occupations, and engagements and so on. Alright, words may represent concepts or thoughts or ideas, but how does that make things easy for you? In a formal learning setup in a school or a college, you are in reality taught concepts in a systematic manner. In a mathematics class, you are taught concepts from mathematics, grammar concepts in your language class and so on. Further, you might be taught concepts from Calculus in a class that is different from the class that teaches you Geometry, even though both are fields of Mathematics. You are never taught a bit of Physics and a bit of Geometry and a bit of Grammar in a random manner because it makes sense to study related concepts in one session. This is precisely the approach adopted here. The words have been categorized by Themes which could be considered analogous to formal subjects. So we have classified the words into themes such as words related to Nature, about human behaviors, about Animals, about Governments and so on. This will help you to learn related words in one sitting. We feel that it will make vocabulary building easy. And how were the themes created? As we mentioned earlier, words represent concepts or thoughts or ideas. We are not experts in the history of evolution of languages, but it is quite logical to believe that words must have evolved with the evolution of man. The early man might have created words to describe objects that he saw around him trees, animals, sun, moon, stars etc and variations of these. As evolution happened, he might have become aware of his feelings and emotions. Words relating to these would have entered into the vocabulary. Different forms of activities and tools might have cropped up and words relating to those would have developed. Social organization and governance would have got slowly evolved and related words would have developed. Formal fields of study and education systems would have come up later and words relating to those would have come up. Art, literature, music would have evolved and again, related words would have entered into the system. Development in science and technology would then have added a massive set of words and continues to add new words in our life which have different meanings from normal context (texting, phishing, friend & un-friend .). The themes in this book are more or less follow this pattern of possible evolution of words. Do give a thought to this when you learn words. We hope this exercise of classifying words by themes will make vocabulary building easy and enjoyable for you.

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Do write to us and give your thoughts and feedback. And yes, many words have multiple meanings. In such a case, we have classified the words under one of the themes. In case you find a mismatch or a better way of classifying a word or discover a new theme, do let us know. We would love to hear from you. Wish you all the best and a fantastic vocabulary!!! GREedge Team

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How to use this Wordlist You would figured out by how on how to obtain wordlists by themes. You would have observed that different themes have different number of words. Start with themes which interest you the most or themes that you are most familiar with. It is likely that you might know many words in this theme. Also, because of your interest in this theme, you might learn and retain those words better than others. This will help you learn words faster and boost your confidence. You can gradually move to themes of lesser interest. At times, you could target themes that are smaller in size and complete a large number of words in one sitting. So it is entirely up to you select themes in the order of your interest and state of mind and enjoy the learning process. Since the words are organized by themes, you will encounter related words in one group. In addition to learning the meaning and usage, also learn how two seemingly related words differ from one another. Example how is a Spartan different from a miser, though both do not believe in spending on luxurious living. Or how is awry different from amiss thought both refer to bad situations. And yes, a word has multiple meanings. In which case, the word will be placed in a theme that corresponds to one of the meanings. This book is intended for use by enrolled students of GREedge and is for private circulation. All the rights of this book rest with Copying and reproduction without permission of is forbidden.

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Heavenly Bodies Words relating to stars, planets, satellites, space, cosmic bodies etc.

apogee POS : N Definition The farthest or highest point Usage The father and son had reached the apogee of their relationship in their emotional orbits and ceased to see anything eye to eye.

auroral POS : A Definition Pertaining to the hours before dawn Usage Hindu discipline advocates the auroral hours for beginning the day with prayer.

ethereal POS : A Definition Connected with spiritual matters Usage The lady was considered a saint and her ethereal appearance aided in enhancing that image.

igneous POS : A Definition Of or relating to or characteristic of fire Usage Igneous rock is formed by solidification from a molten state; especially from molten magma.

striated POS : A Definition Marked with parallel bands Usage His back was striated with thick red lines where the tiger's claws had torn his skin.

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wax POS : V Definition Increasing or growth phase in a periodic variation Usage Professional guidance and experience in Investment handling can identify the true period when opportunities wax and help to make savings grow.

Animals Words relating to animals, their young ones, behaviours, sounds etc.

bovine POS : A Definition Resembling a cow or ox physically or in nature Usage HG Wells's 'Time Machine' visualises a future in which a minority of humans dominate the majority to bovine servility.

brindled POS : A Definition Tawny or grayish with streaks or spots of a darker colour

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Usage She preferred to have all tapestry in the house immaculate and would not buy any brindled material with its streaks and spots.

fleece POS : V Definition to take a lot of money from somebody by charging them too much Usage Unaware of the current market rates the tourist did not realise that the motel owner was fleecing him by charging him double for the modest room.

rapacious POS : A Definition Being excessively greedy; grasping violently Usage Unprecedented success in making money often makes people rapacious for more.

swill POS : V Definition to drink something quickly and/or in large quantities Usage The party seemed to go on forever with guests refusing to stop

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their revelry and continuing to swill themselves.

wallow POS : V Definition Roll or be submerged in grief or self pity Usage If people stopped wallowing in self pity they would be able to see that their woes are nothing compared to many others.

whelp POS : N Definition a young animal of the dog family; a puppy or cub Usage In spite of his parents instructing him not to do so the little boy took the whelp home and tried to train it like domestic dogs.

whinny POS : V Definition Neighing of a horse Usage if a horse neighs it makes a long loud noise.

yoke POS : N

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Definition (literal) wooden bar tied to the neck of cattle during ploughing or dragging a cart (figurative) domination, control, power, influence, rule Usage There was wild rejoicing on August 15th 1947 when India was declared free from foreign yoke and becoming an independent nation.

Birds Words relating to birds, their young ones, habitats, sounds etc.

aquiline POS : A Definition Thin and curved like an eagle's beak Usage The aquiline Roman nose long and slightly curved down was a sign of male handsomeness.

gull POS : N Definition a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of, one who can be easily cheated Usage Mr. Morrison is such a gull that even my grandma won't have a difficulty in getting his money. Come now David you should try not to be such a gull when dealing with people

panache POS : N Definition distinctive and stylish elegance Usage There was only panache in his presentation with a flourish of power points and bombastic jargon without much substance.

unfledged POS : A Definition

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Inexperienced or untried Usage Most companies are unwilling to hire unfledged trainees as that mean the added expenditure of training them and providing extra initial guidance.

Insects and Reptiles Words relating to insects, reptiles and other primitive form of life.

carapace POS : N Definition hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles Usage The child enjoyed jumping on the hot surface of the carapace of his pet tortoise.

virulent POS : A Definition Fast spreading Usage The doctors watched helplessly as the virulent infection spread rapidly across his body and was making him writhe with pain. Gossip is virulent spreading fast and wide and causing a great deal of harm.

Plants Words relating to plants.

arboreal POS : A Definition Relating to or resembling a tree Usage In addition a decrease in size seems to have accompanied adaptation to an exclusively arboreal life.

chaff POS : V

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Definition Make fun in a good natured way Usage He chaffed her about the brightly colored shirt she had received as a gift

inveterate POS : A Definition One who is experienced, practised, seasoned in any practice ; Usage Mushtaq Ali an inveterate sportsman could play cricket with a clear eye well into his sixties.

log POS : N Definition An hour-to-hour or day-to day record of use of a vehicle, such as ship, car or motorbike Usage The log maintained by the drivers of public vehicles has helped solve many crimes with its details of every trip and passenger

lumber POS : N Definition Disused articles of furniture, useless and cumbrous awaiting disposal indefinitely. Usage Though she had been thinking of disposing some old furniture items for long they still continued to be just lumber.

stem POS : V Definition the main body of that portion of a tree, shrub, or other plant which is above ground; trunk; stalk. Usage These thoughts stem from our misunderstanding of our physical sensations.

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POS : N Definition a vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line Usage The tundra region through devoid of vegetation is well endowed with mineral deposits.

verdant POS : A Definition characterized by abundance of verdure; green with vegetation; lacking experience Usage The spring in California is a verdant season with abundant flower and lush vegetation.

whorl POS : N Definition Winding, coil Usage The little girl admired the pattern made by the whorls of the veins on a peepul leaf.

wither POS : V Definition Fade (such as a flower or one's health) Usage Her teacher's constant criticism and berating made the student wither away and become a pale image of her former self

Winds, Hills, Water Words related to Winds, Hills, Water and other forms of nature.

archipelago POS : N

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Definition a group of islands and the sea surrounding them Usage One of the most industrially developed nations Japan is an archipelago with bits of land here and there and sea in between.

avalanche POS : N Definition A massive fall of land or ice ; flood ; overwhelming quantity Usage An avalanche of letters flooded the office after the advertisement went out.

barrage POS : N Definition Barrier such as a dam or artillery fire Usage The troop could not advance through the barrage of heavy artillery and had to retreat.

billowing POS : A Definition Blowing or swelling out like a wave Usage The billowing sails were a warning sign signaling the approach of a storm brewing in the sea.

brook POS : N Definition Small river Usage The torrential Ganga of today is a brook according to our scriptures compared to the original Ganga which crashed on to Shiva's matted locks.

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confluence POS : N Definition Process of several rivers, persons, ideas, cultures merging together Usage In their programs American academia stress the confluence of international ethnic cultures whose joint interaction enriches education.

distill POS : V Definition Separate on basis of quality, usually refine, purify, concentrate Usage The hard training the girl received in her grandfather's house distilled her relieving her of her native arrogance and indolence. He told them that the water was safe for drinking as they had installed an apparatus to distill it and remove all impurities.~n

gorge POS : N Definition a deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides Usage The sight of the rippling waters in the gorge rushing between the rocks inspired awe.

gust POS : N Definition a sudden strong movement of wind, air, rain etc Usage A gust of wind flapped the tents.

impervious POS : A Definition

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not affected or influenced by something;not allowing a liquid or gas to pass through Usage Impervious to the insults hurled at him the police inspector calmly handcuffed the miscreant.

levee POS : N Definition Constructions of walls, anicuts, bunds on the banks of rivers or seaside to prevent flood Usage During a cyclone tanks get inundated the levees along rivers break and rivers flow over their embankments.

permeable POS : A Definition Permitting entry, penetration, seeping Usage People prefer cotton for their exercise clothes to synthetics as it is more permeable and absorbs sweat well.

promontory POS : N Definition The end of a stretch of land facing the sea or vast open water Usage The stranded sailor headed towards the promontory hoping he could catch the attention of a passing ship to rescue him.

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POS : A Definition hellish; gloomy and dark Usage The positive medical opinion about her child's condition lifted her mind from its erstwhile stygian state in which no hope had existed.

transpire POS : V Definition Come to be known Usage It transpired that he was the crown prince of the neighbouring nation when the journalist found out his actual details.

typhoon POS : N Definition a tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans known in north India as toofan Usage The fragile fish boat survived miraculously through the violent typhoon which upset even powered vessels.

undulating POS : A Definition Having a wavy outline or appearance Usage The cheering squad egged their team on with an undulating display of swaying arms and loud cheers.

vortex POS : N Definition Whirlwind, whirlpool, centre of turbulence Usage The whirling spinning vortex of a tornado sucked everybody in.

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wake POS : N Definition Period close (upon an event) Usage There was a great deal of unrest in the state in the wake of the government being dissolved and emergency declared.

whiff POS : N Definition Strong transient aroma Usage Even though he had a bad cold and could hardly smell a thing he managed to get a whiff of her apple cake and demanded a piece.

winnow POS : V Definition (Figurative) Separate good from bad, relevant from immaterial ; separation by analysis Usage When so many people are willing to advise and offer opinions it is a sensible man who knows how to winnow these and get the best.

Seasons Words relating to the seasons - winter, summer, autumn etc.

clime POS : N Definition a country with a particular kind of climate Usage Migratory birds coming from climes varying from Siberia to Australia flock to a bird sanctuary like Vedanthangal.

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Human body Words used in the context of the human body.

cistern POS : N Definition A receptacle generally for holding water or any liquid Usage Horses used to be taken to drink water stored in large cisterns on the way.

emollient POS : A Definition Softening or soothing especially to the skin Usage The burn was so severe that the best burn creams failed to be emollient enough to relieve the pain

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girth POS : N Definition the measurement around something, especially a person's waist,a narrow piece of leather or cloth that is fastened around the middle of a horse to keep the seat (called a saddle) or a load in place. Usage On seeing his increasing girth the doctor advised him to stay off fatty foods in the interest of his health.

gory POS : A Definition covered with blood; Usage Some children have undergone severe psychological shock after watching a movie or TV serial portraying gory scenes with vivid details of blood flowing.

inchoate POS : A Definition In the state of early growth ; incipient Usage The initial inchoate nature of the escape plan took on a more specific shape as more prisoners joined in.

incontinent POS : A Definition Lacking self restraint Usage His incontinent nature during his youth left him decrepit in his middle age.

osseous POS : A Definition composed of or abundant in bones

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Usage The gigantic graveyard in which thousands of jews were casually buried was now only an osseous heap whose bones spoke the gruesome tale.

recumbent POS : A Definition lying down; in a position of comfort or rest Usage It is easy for us while recumbent on our couches to criticize those on their feet.

secrete POS : V Definition Produce bodily juices Usage Several fluids are secreted in the body to keep it in balance. The drugs were secreted in the lining of his briefcase.

senility POS : N Definition mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; Usage The wise remarks of the old man seemed to result from his senility sounding irrelevant.

somatic POS : A Definition relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind. Usage

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Recollection of a past experience pleasant or tragic can produce equally somatic and emotional residues.

stentorian POS : A Definition Loud, booming commanding (voice) Usage The attention which the poor lecturer with his squeaky voice failed to get came running to him the instant the Principal called to the student in his stentorian voice.

supine POS : A Definition lying face upward; offering no resistance Usage He always preferred a supine posture to an erect one and so personified laziness.

tautological POS : A Definition Needlessly repetitive Usage The tautological style has its merits: with desultory listeners one can ensure the message penetrates only by repetition.

tumid POS : A Definition ostentatiously lofty in style; abnormally distended as in fluids

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Usage His books are always the centre of controversy due to his tumid style which some enjoy and others see as bombast

visage POS : N Definition A person's face Usage The serious visage of the judge concealed a great sense of humour that lurked beneath.

wry POS : A Definition Rueful; regretful; Dryly humorous Usage His book was a best seller as its dialogues were laced with humour that was wry while commenting on the sorry state of society.

Food Words relating to FOOD !!!

aromatic POS : A Definition Having a distinctive smell usually fragrant Usage The aromatic nature of the handkerchief with the detective made him see that a woman must have used it.

collation POS : N Definition A light informal meal Usage After the meeting concluded

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the host invited the delegates for a collation where simple traditional delicacies of his country were served.

emaciated POS : A Definition abnormally thin or weak, especially because of illness or a lack of food: Usage It was heartrending to see the children emaciated due to the onslaught of bad weather for months together.

epicure POS : N Definition a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink) Usage An epicure to the core he was an expert in rating food wine and women alike.

garnish POS : V Definition Enhance in appearance by adding decorative touches Usage Keep some olives to one side for garnish.

gourmet POS : N Definition

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a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink), an expert on food taste Usage Before the guests came she invited her brother to taste the items and give his opinion as a gourmet.

insipid POS : A Definition devoid of taste, interest and qualities that make for spirit and character Usage The romantic movies that are shown nowadays are very insipid and boring

sinewy POS : A Definition (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful Usage Samson was so sinewy with his rippling muscles that the Philistines did not dare even to approach him

voracious POS : A Definition Excessively eager, having a huge appetite Usage A voracious reader thumbing through two paperbacks daily the journalist could still write a competent review on each of them.

waffle POS : N Definition

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Evasive or vague speech or writing Usage Not finding an explanation for his dishonest behaviour the rascal resorted to speaking in a waffle deliberately being ambiguous.

Sex Words relating to sex and sexuality.

celibate POS : A Definition Abstaining from sexual intercourse especially by reason of religious vows Usage Saints of most religions lead celibate life styles keeping away from all sexual pleasures.

debauch POS : N Definition destroy or debase the moral purity of; corrupt;a bout of excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs. Usage Many of the weaker emperors of Rome were debauches without moral constraints.

flirt POS : N Definition a person who uses his or her sex appeal to seduce and exploit a member of the opposite sex Usage She was flirting outrageously with some of the managers.

lust POS : N Definition An overwhelming desire or craving .Intense eagerness or

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enthusiasm Usage It is as though he is amazing himself with his own lust.

prurient POS : A Definition characterized by lust; Usage The hunter who had saved Damayanti from the python revealed his prurient intention to seek carnal satiation from her.

salacious POS : A Definition Characterised by lust Usage The salacious sirens could sing and sway and display their charms in a way no man could resist

voluptuous POS : A Definition Devoted to or indulging in sexual pleasures in a graceful style Usage Titian's famous paining of Venus reclining nude her back to the viewer is a masterpiece of voluptuous grace

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Taste, Smell, Hear, See Words relating to physical senses - hearing, touch, taste etc.

acidulous POS : A Definition Faintly sour or acid-like Usage She never had any complimentary comment to make; they were always acidulous and sarcastic.

acrid POS : A Definition Sharp, pungent, penetrating (smell) Usage She found it difficult to escape the acrid odour of smoke in the burning room. The acrid fumes of smoke woke the sleeping family when the fire started at night.

acuity POS : N Definition sharpness of vision, perception and intelligence Usage The child's acuity was laudable : his eye sight was perfect and IQ test results above his age level.

ashen POS : A Definition In the colour of or consisting of, ashes Usage What were once grassy grazing lands have been transformed into ashen surroundings by the terrible forest fire.

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blare POS : N Definition Loud unpleasant noise Usage (i)There was a major traffic congestion. The blare of car horns made it even worse.(ii)The constant blare of music from the house next door would get on her nerves.(iii)It is soothing to be free of the harsh blaring of automobile horns in the hilly countryside.

clangor POS : N Definition A loud resonant repetitive noise Usage The clangor of the church bell hurt more for its painful repetitiveness than for its loudness.

dappled POS : A Definition Marked or mottled with spots Usage The expensive Arabian horse is even more costly when dappled as spots are considered rare in horses.

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descry POS : V Definition To discern or make out; catch sight of Usage Deer have such sharp eyes that they can descry the whiskers of a hiding tiger from great distances.

discordant POS : A Definition Out of key; not in tune Usage The members were so discordant in their views that the committee could not come to an agreement on the proposal.

olfactory POS : A Definition Relating to the nose or smell Usage With her excellent olfactory senses she could smell the aroma of a cake baked 3 houses away.

oversee POS : V Definition to watch somebody/something and make sure that a job or an activity is done correctly Usage The product designer should oversee its pilot production and suggest ways of handling the bugs.

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pied POS : A Definition Having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly; Usage The Pied Piper of Hamelin was so called because he wore pantaloons of bright colours.

pungent POS : A Definition Having an acrid smell or a sharp, bitter flavour. Usage Careless disposal of rotten fruit and vegetables can raise a pungent odour.

savor POS : N Definition Taste with lingering relish Usage It was a pleasure to cook for him as he would savor every morsel and enjoy his meal to the fullest.

sonorous POS : A Definition having a pleasant full deep sound: Usage His sonorous voice and deliberate utterance captured the attention of the people

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spectrum POS : N Definition Range of colours, scenery etc Usage VIBGYOR is an acronym for the spectrum of 7 colours that make up the rainbow. Her new dress collection covered the complete spectrum of available world fashions.

strident POS : A Definition Unpleasantly loud and harsh Usage He hated to be shocked out of his deep sleep by the strident ringing of the alarm clock.

tactile POS : A Definition connected with the sense of touch; using your sense of touch Usage Children's books must exert visual appeal through bright colours and tactile appeal through their soft texture.

tepid POS : A Definition Moderately warm Usage It is advisable to wash a wound with clean tepid water not cold or hot.

vapid POS : A Definition Lacking liveliness, animation or interest Usage

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You will find most students dozing in his class as his lectures are so vapid that none of them create an iota of interest.

Intoxication Words relating to intoxication and their influence.

bacchanalian POS : A Definition Used of riotously drunken merrymaking Usage The police took some effort to remove the bacchanalian crowd who were disturbing the party and ensure that peace was restored

Beauty Words relating to beauty.

aesthetic POS : A Definition concerned with beauty and the appreciation of beauty; Usage Not only a tasty menu but also an aesthetic presentation makes for a good dinner.

baroque POS : A Definition having elaborate symmetrical ornamentation; Usage Some baroque buildings in cities like Delhi Kolkata Chennai and Mumbai in their elaborate ornate styles are remnants of India's history. Chennai and Mumbai are remnants of India's history

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in the elaborate ornate styles.

broach POS : V Definition Introduce (tentatively) a subject Usage She was hesitant to broach the topic of her admission to the committee as she felt the chairman might misconstrue it as a move to seek favour.

collage POS : N Definition A paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image. Usage She made a collage of her school life with pictures paper cuttings and needlework and hung it on the wall as a memento.

comely POS : A Definition Pleasing and wholesome in appearance Usage The comely air hostess attracted everyone in the aircraft with her charm.

embellish POS : V Definition to make something more beautiful by adding decorations to it. Usage It helps to embellish your table with a flower vase or fruit bowl without presenting your dinner in drab vessels on a bare table. "the embellished architecture of the temples"

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finesse POS : N Definition subtly skillful handling of a situation Usage Henry Higgins trained the flower-girl to develop enough finesse to pass for a noblewoman.

frieze POS : N Definition an architectural ornament consisting of a horizontal sculptured band between the architrave and the cornice Usage The frieze of the family emblem identified the silverware with it distinguished origin through this distinctive adornment.

gossamer POS : N Definition A light, thin, and insubstantial or delicate material or substance Usage A fine gossamer fabric that clung to her skin

pristine POS : A Definition

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Completely free from dirt or contamination Usage The monument has been preserved in all its pristine glory Churches and other places of worship bring about a pristine ambience conducive to quiet contemplation.

pulchritude POS : N Definition Physical beauty Usage The pulchritude of Helen of Troy was legendary. Her ravishing beauty sparked the Trojan war.

unsightly POS : A Definition Unpleasant or unattractive to look at Usage The duchess berated her gardener for the unsightly state of her famous gardens appearing neglected.

Medicine and Illness Words relating to illness, ailments as well as medication and cure.

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amnesia POS : N Definition a medical condition in which somebody partly or completely loses their memory Usage He developed amnesia due to the hard knock on the head and was unable to remember his wife. When you hurt your head

you are likely to develop either partial or total amnesia from the shock to the brain.

anodyne POS : N Definition One person/thing possessed of power to alleviate pain Usage The soothsayer was known across the country as being an anodyne for the great relief he could give all.

aphasia POS : N Definition Inability to use or understand language because of brain lesion Usage Suffering from a state of aphasia after the accident and injury to his head

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the man ceased to understand his own language.

apothecary POS : N Definition A person who prepares and sells drugs Usage An apothecary with his mysterious drugs and potions was regarded as a magician in medieval times.

canker POS : N Definition An erosive or spreading sore Usage The canker of drugs still haunts that little town in the hills. There are no signs of the cankers on my skin receding.

coma POS : N Definition A state of deep and prolonged unconsciousness Usage After watching the unconscious patient for days the doctors declared it was coma a stage beyond unconsciousness half into death.

elixir POS : N Definition A magical potion which can turn things to gold; anything that purports to be a sovereign Usage Iaccoca's measures acted like elixir turning round the company's fortunes into one of spiraling prosperity. turning round the company's fortunes into one of spiraling prosperity.

endemic POS : A

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Definition Prevalent among a specific group of people or in a specific area or country; peculiar to a particular region or people Usage Ailments clearly traced to heredity such as diabetes or asthma are endemic and do not spread across people or places .

hypochondriac POS : A Definition One suffering from hypochondria ; a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments Usage The doctor declared there was nothing wrong with the woman a hypochondriac who wished to attract attention by imagining illness. a hypochondriac who wished to attract attention by shamming illness.

malingerer POS : N Definition One who avoids work entrusted by shamming illness or disease Usage A born malingerer my friend somehow managed to dodge every project by finding excuses not to work.

nostrum POS : N Definition hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists; mostly used ironically Usage The new manager with an MBA appeared to possess an instant appreciation of any problem for which he had a nostrum.

palliate POS : V Definition Make less severe or intense Usage The teacher trying to palliate the shock of his mother's death with a slow introduction

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made it worse for David Copperfield.

pandemic POS : A Definition An infection, concept or rumour that spreads in all directions Usage Rumour particularly the spicy kind is pandemic

spreading far in no time.

prophylactic POS : A Definition Protective against infection Usage The health officials decided prophylactic measure to prevent infection where more urgently needed than curative ones.

recuperate POS : V Definition to get back your health, strength or energy after being ill/sick, tired, injured, etc. ,to get back money that you have spent or lost Usage James Bond left the hospital far ahead of the two months he was given to recuperate after his operation.

resuscitate POS : V Definition Restore consciousness, vigour or life Usage The drown victim was pulled out of the water and resuscitated by mouth-to-mouth breathing to expel the water.

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salubrious POS : A Definition Conducive to good health Usage Travel agencies recommend holiday resorts where the climate and food are salubrious to the tourist

salutary POS : A Definition having a good effect on somebody/something, though often seeming unpleasant Usage Adversity may not at first seem to do us any good but its salutary effects become apparent later.

scurvy POS : A Definition of the most contemptible kind Usage Some villainous characters of Shakespeare are so scurvy they make you shrink with horror at their contemptible conduct.

therapeutic POS : A Definition Beneficial to health or fitness Usage Most young people find a visit to the spa extremely therapeutic after a long week of stress and hectic activity.

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vertigo POS : N Definition the feeling of dizziness and fear, and of losing your balance, that is caused in some people when they look down from a very high place Usage A lot of people complain of vertigo after visiting the Empire State Building observation tower

Sleep Words relating to sleep and relaxation.

soporific POS : A Definition Causing sleep Usage The politician's speech was so soporific that hardly anyone was awake and listening

Death Words relating to death and termination.

cadaver POS : N Definition Dead body, usually of an animal Usage Cadavers are used in medical school to help doctors get hands-on experience in understanding human anatomy.

carrion POS : N Definition Dead and decaying fish, animal, bird etc

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Usage After the tsunami subsided the stench of carrion strewn over the beach was intolerable.

dirge POS : N Definition A lyric poem lamenting the dead. Usage The funeral dirge was extremely moving

euthanasia POS : N Definition The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Usage The debate on whether euthanasia is to be promoted or banned is unending : taking life under any circumstance is difficult to accept.

inter POS : V Definition place in a grave or tomb; Usage Shakespeare's words "the good is often interred with the bones" mean a dead person's virtues also get buried.

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macabre POS : A Definition shockingly repellent; inspiring horror; Usage The advisability of TV news channels showing macabre details of violence somewhere is debatable authenticity notwithstanding.

moribund POS : A Definition A person or activity which is decaying or dying Usage To preserve the economy the government takes over moribund industries to revive them with finance and management.

Clothing Words relating to clothing and attire

natty POS : A Definition Neat & trim Usage The young man was a natty dresser and made himself the centre of all attention with people watching to see what he wore each day.

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Family Words relating to family, ancestry, relations, birth etc.

alimony POS : N Definition An allowance paid by court order by one spouse to another when they are separated either before or after a divorce. Usage In a divorce the husband will have to pay some amount as alimony to his wife for her future upkeep.

atavism POS : N Definition relating to or characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral: Usage One's looks or behaviours cannot be determined by one's parents' features as atavism postulates the possibility of skipping generations in this regard.

avuncular POS : A Definition

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Being or relating to an uncle Usage Caught in the company of admiring children he had to assume an avuncular role and act as an indulgent uncle to them.

beget POS : V Definition to make something happen Usage I have argued that the ability of like to beget like is the most fundamental characteristic of life.

conjugal POS : A Definition Of or relating to marriage or the relation of spouses Usage Money can never be the main reason for a man and wife to enjoy conjugal bliss.

connubial POS : A Definition Relating to marriage or the married state Usage The pleasures of flesh and spirit associated with connubial life often make people forget their career goals.

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consanguinity POS : N Definition Relationship by blood or common ancestor Usage Hindu law regards consanguinity between individuals--related and with a common ancestor within five generations-as objectionable for marriage.

consort POS : N Definition The wife or husband of a ruler Usage The consort of Queen Elizabeth is the Duke of Edinburgh.

consummate POS : A Definition Having or revealing supreme mastery or skill Usage With consummate skill

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Arjuna emptied his quiver of arrows straight at the target.

ethnic POS : A Definition Connected with regional culture Usage The Chinese in San Francisco are memebers of an ethnic group being a minority in a larger society.

eugenic POS : A Definition Pertaining to improving racial traits Usage Anthropologists never give up researching to produce a better human race and make eugenic milestones.

progeny POS : N Definition a person's children; the young of animals and plants Usage After the death of her brother Susan was the last remaining progeny of her mother and father.

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POS : N Definition a mutual promise of matrimony and fidelity Usage The bride smiled happily when exchanging troth in to a life of love.

Name Words around names of people, objects, places etc.

alias POS : N Definition a false name used by a criminal or an actor. Usage Any alias or trading name will appear in the body of the petition.

fictitious POS : A Definition Not genuine or authentic. Usage Even documentary movies sometimes claim their characters are fictitious any appearance to real-life persons being coincidental.

roster POS : N Definition a list of names; Usage The manager scanned the leave roster to see how many of the staff could work on the project for the succeeding three months.

Style of Talking Words relating to talking.

voluble POS : A Definition

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Marked by a ready flow of speech Usage Being voluble is necessary in selling but selling should be limited to mere glibness.

Style of Walking Words relating to style of walking and moving around.

canter POS : N Definition Slow gallop, faster than trot Usage His canter while returning home from the war was lively yet relaxed and spoke of his cheerful mood.

careen POS : V Definition Pitch dangerously to one side Usage Taking a sharp turn at frightening speed the burglars' car careened wildly.

dapper POS : A Definition Marked by smartness in dress and manners Usage Even if you don't know the dress code for the occasion you should try to be dapper showing dignity and smartness .

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falter POS : V Definition Be unsteady in purpose or action, as from loss of courage or confidence Usage The little boy was confident that his father would hold him if he faltered while riding his new bike.

gambol POS : V Definition play boisterously; run around Usage Within a week Maria had the intransigent children of Captain Von Trapp gambol about her like gentle lambs.

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peripatetic POS : A Definition traveling especially on foot; Usage The mother was distracted by her daughter's peripatetic manner of learning - walking round her room while revising her lessons.

slew POS : N Definition (often followed by `of'') a large number or amount or extent Usage There are days which are dotted throughout with a slew of problems little and big.

slither POS : V Definition to move somewhere in a smooth, controlled way, often close to the ground Usage Someone claimed they saw a huge worm like thing slither out of the meteorite and bury itself in the earth.

strut POS : N Definition a long thin piece of wood or metal used to support or make part of a vehicle or building stronger Usage The resourceful soldier quickly inserted a heavy strut between the two parallel beams and prevented the roof from crashing down.

Of Practitioners Words relating to practioners of various trades, skills and occupations.

apologist POS : N

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Definition a person who tries to explain and defend something, especially a political system or religious ideas Usage No matter how indefensible the action of a criminal is some apologist will always justify it.

artisan POS : N Definition A tradesman, mainly craftsman Usage In all ancient civilizations artisans were encouraged for their skill and execution. India is a great mix of culture and tradition supporting artisans of various trades and genres.

emissary POS : N Definition a person who is sent to deliver an official message, especially from one country to another, or to perform a special task Usage He was also acting as an emissary for the King Charles

orator POS : N Definition a person who makes formal speeches in public or is good at public

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speaking Usage Churchill is supposed to be the last great orator of England.

pugilist POS : N Definition Someone who fights with his fists for sport Usage The pugilist had a unique style which earned him success at several boxing tournaments.

vintner POS : N Definition a person whose business is buying and selling wines or a person who grows grapes and makes wine Usage Realising what a lucrative business wine making was the young man decided to give up his corporate career and become a vintner instead.

Of People Words relating to people, groups of people etc.

acetic POS : A Definition With the flavour of vinegar Usage Finding that the biscuits had an acetic taste the baker realised that he had used vinegar instead of vanilla essence.

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adjunct POS : A Definition Attached & close to, but not exactly totally necessary Usage He had to admit that the additional room he had built was a mere adjunct as his wife had left him.

anarchist POS : N Definition One believing there should be no government; an advocate of anarchism Usage One can be an anarchist dispensing with all forms of centralised governing but then self-discipline and social ethics are necessary.

anthropomorphic POS : N Definition Suggestive of human characteristics in animals or inanimate things Usage Civilizations have made anthropomorphic use of images like the cow elephant or lion to describe different human traits.

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POS : N Definition a person who gains as a result of something,a person who receives money or property when somebody dies. Usage In a democratic society the people at large are the beneficiaries of the numerous facilities and conveniences made by their state.

bevy POS : N Definition A group of girls or young women or birds Usage Are fashion shows popular because of the interest in the apparel or in the bevy of models who display them?

buccaneer POS : N Definition someone who attacks ships at sea and steals from them Usage The Asterix comics often show the Gauls having a fiery encounter with the buccaneers who try to loot their ships.

cabal POS : N Definition A small group of people who make secret plans, especially in order to have political power Usage The minister stumbled on the existence of the cabal by mistake when he overheard some plotting to kill the king.

caricature POS : N Definition A pictorial, written or acted representation of a person's traits that exaggerates his traits for comic effect. Usage Rather than using photographs to complement each page of entertainment the firm has instead used cartoon caricatures.

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caucus POS : N Definition Private party meeting for election or policy making Usage He strictly kept away from the caucus not wishing to associate with the political policy making opting to be just a loyal worker.

clique POS : N Definition A small exclusive group of friends or associates Usage The Allies formed a clique against Hitler's Germany to end the war.

cohabit POS : V Definition Live together as husband and wife especially without being married Usage

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Cohabiting couples who are unmarried should adopt contraception to prevent illegitimate births.

communal POS : A Definition shared by, or for the use of, a number of people, especially people who live together,involving groups of different community Usage Politicians stir up the emotions of groups who have only communal interests at heart. The meeting called for discussing broad national issues lost vigor when these got narrowed down to communal ones.

connoisseur POS : N Definition Person with good judgement on matters in which appreciation of fineness or beauty is needed, especially in the the fine arts Usage To test the authenticity of works of art claimed to be of high antique value the services of a connoisseur become necessary.

coterie POS : N Definition a small group of people who have the same interests and do things together but do not like to include others Usage Immediately on his installation as a minister

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a coterie grew around him prepared to flatter and please him.

craven POS : A Definition Being cowardly or mean spirited Usage Being craven the bank manager willingly handed over all the keys to the robber.

debutante POS : A Definition a young woman making her formal entrance into society Usage She was presented as a debutante at the age of 19.

denizen POS : N Definition a person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place Usage It is the moral responsibility of a ruler to look after the needs and problems of the denizens of his kingdom.

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The unexpected volcano eruption drove the denizens to venture out in search of safer pastures

dolt POS : N Definition a person who is not very bright; Usage Without humiliating the dolt for his stupidity the school teacher tried to teach him lessons in simple terms.

erudite POS : A Definition full of learning; scholarly Usage From the clarity and ease with which he handled the subject of Logic the principal could judge that he was truly erudite.

expatriate POS : N Definition Person living outside her/his country Usage Some countries go to any lengths to get rid of the expatriates so that their own countrymen get better opportunities.

factotum POS : N Definition A servant employed to do a variety of jobs Usage

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In many firms one efficient versatile official is seen as a factotum being adept at finding solutions to any situation.

incumbent POS : A Definition lying or leaning on something else; Usage Ridding our country of poverty is incumbent upon educating our masses first.

junta POS : N Definition A group of military personnel who have seized power. Usage A few days after the coup the junta announced that the army chief would take over as president of the country.

laity POS : N Definition all the people who are involved with a church but who are not priests. Usage As Christians while the laity were expected to attend church on Sundays they were exempted from the rigours of the clergymen.

neophyte POS : N Definition Person recently converted to some belief or religion Usage Neophytes often display excessive zeal in their new faith ; not being born in it they wish to justify themselves.

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officious POS : A Definition Unnecessarily or obtrusively ready to help/ offer advice. Usage He appeared over-eager to help shouting orders to his assistants; this officious conduct actually annoyed the guests.

paragon POS : N Definition A model of excellence Usage She hardly had any friends as she was always pointed out as a paragon of virtue. His final presentation was a paragon something to emulate for its excellence.

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philistine POS : A Definition Smug, ignorant and indifferent or hostile to artistic and cultural values Usage Brought up in luxury and lethargy he was philistine in nature without sensitivity for the finer things of life

poseur POS : N Definition a person who behaves or dresses in a way that is intended to impress other people and is not sincere Usage He's such a poseur on the dance floor.

quorum POS : N Definition The smallest number of people who must be present at a meeting so that official decisions can be made Usage The meeting had to be cancelled for to lack of quorum with most members boycotting it for political reasons.

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sage POS : N Definition One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom. Usage Wise and venerated for his mature judgment Socrates was a sage in the true sense of the word.

savant POS : N Definition a person of learning; a person with great abilities in a particular field Usage He might act like a 10-year old but his linguistic abilities are amazing.

sinecure POS : N Definition an office that involves minimal duties Usage The title of executive producer is the typification of a sinecure.

sybarite POS : N Definition Given to pleasure Usage A man needs a lot of money and attitude for having a sybarite lifestyle.

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POS : N Definition a crowd of people Usage He was met by a throng of journalists and photographers.

tightwad POS : N Definition A miserly person Usage He is such a tightwad that he will have stale bread for lunch rather than buy groceries or fruits.

tycoon POS : N Definition a person who is successful in business or industry and has become rich and powerful, a title applied by foreigners to the shogun of Japan in power between 1857 and 1868. Usage Loaded with wealth the visiting tycoon lavished gifts on his guests.

tyro POS : N Definition A beginner in learning something Usage For a mere tyro his indepth analysis and recommendation took the entire management by surprise.

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Though he was most accomplished as an artist he was only a tyro when it came to the business of art

vassal POS : N Definition (feudalistic) lessee of a land owned by a superior Usage The landlord demanded that his vassals pay more in taxes than the prevalent rate.

vaunted POS : A Definition Spoken boastfully of Usage The much vaunted range of cars suffered a major setback when it hardly found any buyers in the Indian market.

veracious POS : A Definition honest; marked by truth Usage Everybody respected this reporter who while capable of stinging commentary was still veracious

never swerving from the truth.

waif POS : N Definition a small thin person, usually a child, who looks as if they do not have enough to eat ,an abandoned pet animal. Usage she is foster-mother to various waifs and strays

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wont POS : V Definition Accustomed to | acquainted with Usage There was no pleasing him as he was wont to find fault with everyone and everything however impeccable.

zealot POS : N Definition One with an inordinate or blinding passion Usage A confirmed zealot when it came to wildlife Tom could spend hours through the night photographing an owl winking.

Personality or behavioral traits Words relating to various personalities or people characterized by specific behavioural traits.

abstemious POS : A Definition

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Characterised by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food. Usage An athlete needs to be abstemious before the event and keep from overindulging.

aloof POS : A Definition Physically or emotionally distant; reserved and remote Usage One always hesitates to talk to her as she was aloof and maintained a distance from everyone.

altruistic POS : A Definition Unselfishly concerned with the general welfare Usage The "charitable" doctor was not so altruistic after all when she attended to her rich patients before the poor ones.

ambidextrous POS : A Definition Equally skilled in performing tasks with either right or left hand Usage Spartan youth were trained to get ambidextrous so as be good fighters even if one arm was hurt.

artless POS : A Definition simple and natural; unsophisticated; without deceit Usage Children gaze in artless wonder at even simple feats performed in a circus.

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POS : A Definition not allowing oneself pleasures and comforts; having or involving a very austere life Usage Too much luxury can become distasteful so much so that a person might yearn for a simple ascetic life.

astute POS : A Definition very clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation, especially how to get an advantage Usage Professors from top Universities are considered very astute.

austere POS : A Definition severely and strictly moral; having no pleasures or comforts Usage Monks of all religious orders follow a strict code of austere conduct.

authoritative POS : A Definition Wielding authority; commanding Usage The father was so authoritative in his manner that his children found it difficult to feel close to him.

avarice POS : N Definition extreme greed for material wealth Usage

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What distinguishes man from beast is his avarice; an animal has no greed for anything once its urge is sated.

benevolent POS : A Definition Motivated by consideration of welfare of another or others Usage Benevolent dictators had the good of the people at heart even while ruling them strictly.

blowhard POS : N Definition Garrulous braggart; a very boastful and talkative person Usage It was difficult to actually believe much of what he said as he was a well known blowhard and was prone to exaggerating things. Blowhard that he is all he does is talk about his various successes

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real or imagined.

bombast POS : N Definition Inflated or extravagant language, especially on unimportant subjects Usage The lawyer told his client that he needed less bombast and more concrete evidence to win the case.

boorish POS : A Definition Rude and clumsy in behaviour Usage The boorish behavior of the physical instructor kept many students away from physical exercise classes. The people of the village used to politeness and courtesy were put out by the boorish manners of the officer. It was difficult to understand what she saw in her fiance as his boorish behaviour always put off most people.

callow POS : A Definition Lacking adult maturity or experience Usage Being callow unexposed to urban life she felt odd in her sophisticated surroundings. One constantly wonders when he will grow up and change his callow behaviour giving up acting like the spoilt brat that he is.

cantankerous POS : A Definition stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate; Usage The child on missing his afternoon nap was extremely tired and became cantankerous by evening when the guests arrived

chameleon POS : N

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Definition A type of lizard: a changeable or inconstant creature Usage Changing colour to merge with the environment keeps the chameleon from being attacked by predators.

cherubic POS : A Definition Having a sweet nature befitting an angel Usage With his rosy chubby cheeks and curly locks Micawber looked like the cherubic infants found in statues in churches.

churlish POS : A Definition Rude and boorish Usage A churlish person is hard to work with because of his tendency to be intolerant complaining and even hurting. In churlish anger

he brutally hurled his wife against the wall.

cloying POS : A Definition overly sweet Usage Initially appreciative of her sweet attention

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the guest soon began to find her carrying it too far with her cloying.

conscientious POS : A Definition characterized by extreme care and great effort; Usage A conscientious fielder has to exert himself more than the other players if he is placed near the boundary line.

coy POS : A Definition Tending to avoid people and social situations Usage For all her boldness the young woman was unusually coy at her own wedding.

cupidity POS : N Definition Greed for money; lucre Usage Cupidity is a complicated thing the more money you get the more you want.

deadpan POS : A Definition Without any expression or emotion; often pretending to be serious when you are joking Usage The rogue's false wailing produced only a deadpan expression from the inspector who did not wish to betray his feelings The rogue's false wailing produced only a deadpan expression from the inspector who was unimpressed by the drama.

diabolical POS : A Definition Befitting a devil, especially in degree of wickedness or cruelty Usage

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Soap TV productions unable to express anything subtly often present the villain as a diabolical character possessed of unrealistic cruelty.

didactic POS : A Definition teaching or intending to teach a moral lesson Usage The story is not written in a didactic style.

disingenuous POS : A Definition Not innocent ; influenced by sophistication Usage The disingenuous girl quickly got many admirers to take over doing all her chores.

dogmatic POS : A Definition Declines to be questioned or give explanations; making statements without evidence or entertaining debate Usage Science is one area where a dogmatic stand will not pay; you need to give valid reasons.

facetious POS : A Definition trying to appear amusing and intelligent at a time when other people do not think it is appropriate Usage Facetious remarks though amusing

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are quite out of place in a serious discussion.

fastidious POS : A Definition Being overly attentive to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness Usage She was getting irritated by her fastidious boss who insisted on perpetually adjusting the positions of the notepad pen stand on his table muttering under his breath. She was so fastidious that even a single book out of place in her cupboard could greatly upset her.

fatuous POS : A Definition Smugly and unconsciously foolish Usage The fatuous look on the boy's face revealed how ignorant he was.

garish POS : A Definition tastelessly showy; Usage "the garish decorations in the house"

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garrulous POS : A Definition full of trivial conversation; Usage His garrulous companion intruded into his serious contemplation with his incessant chatter. Sales persons are mostly garrulous given to talking a lot in trying to achieve their sales target.

glutton POS : N Definition a person who eats too much Usage he is such a glutton that he ate the whole cake

gregarious POS : A Definition

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tending to group or enjoy the company of others of the same kind; Usage Bees and crows are gregarious by nature preferring to live in crowds rather than in isolation.~n She is a very gregarious person and so is invited to all the parties.

headstrong POS : A Definition habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition Usage In spite of the number of times he has been snubbed for his arrogance he continues to be headstrong.

hedonist POS : N Definition someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures Usage A hedonist by nature he saw no point in pursuing anything before first satiating his urge for sensual pleasures.

idiosyncrasy POS : N Definition a person's particular way of behaving, thinking, etc, especially when it is unusual; an unusual feature Usage Her habit of using 'like' in every sentence was just one of her idiosyncrasies.

ingenuous POS : A Definition naive and trusting, not used to worldly ways Usage From trusting everyone and everything a child grows to becoming less ingenuous in adulthood.

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inquisitive POS : A Definition asking too many questions and trying to find out about what other people are doing, Usage He was not exactly ill-mannered Sara decided but more like an inquisitive child

inscrutable POS : A Definition of an obscure nature; Usage The sea Captain explored the inscrutable depths of the ocean searching for buried treasures.

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insensible POS : A Definition Not conscious of; not realising Usage Quite insensible of how his words were hurting his wife the man went on joking about her.

intransigence POS : N Definition Nature of refusing to compromise Usage Intransigence or not wanting to give in for anything hinders the process of compromise.

jocular POS : A Definition Characterized by joking ,humorous Usage He tried to sound jocular but realized that he sounded almost pleading.

jocund POS : A Definition Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character or quality Usage His jocund nature prompted him to be lighthearted but hid a pragmatic personality.

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laggard POS : A Definition a slow and lazy person, organization, etc. Usage The whole train stopped while he jumped down from the dome car and went to look at the laggard.

largess POS : N Definition Generosity of spirit or attitude Usage The philanthropist was known for his largess to all of the cultural institutions in the city.

loquacious POS : A Definition Fond of talking; given to talkativeness Usage My loquacious companion in the train pestered me throughout the journey talking ceaselessly.

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POS : N Definition Quality of being extremely liberal and generous of spirit Usage His generous nature made for his magnanimity. There were many who benefited from his magnanimity.

malevolent POS : A Definition Relating to one with evil wish Usage In astrology planets which are believed to be capable of causing ill to a person are personified and seen as malevolent.

meek POS : A Definition quiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing your own opinion Usage I was too meek to tell her that I wouldn't be able to do it

mendacious POS : A Definition Tending to cheat, mislead or steal Usage Natively mendacious the man could not be trusted with even the least amount of money.

meticulous POS : A Definition giving great attention to detail Usage The manager was meticulous about office records and became intolerably critical of carelessness in this regard.

munificent POS : A Definition Extremely generous, kind to a high degree Usage

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Nature's munificence is manifested in the immense riches of vegetation foliage and minerals she showers the earth with.

ostentatious POS : A Definition intended to attract notice and impress others; ; display that is tawdry or vulgar Usage The ostentatious attentions of the waiter revealed a hidden interest and James Bond was immediately alert. Her ostentatious taste were obvious in her selection of showpieces all of them were gaudy and loud without any particular charm.

pedantic POS : A Definition Overrating book knowledge or learning and parading it Usage Our pedantic colleague showed off his expert knowledge of the subject-matter without offering a single solution.

perspicacious POS : A Definition Possessed of keen insight Usage The normally diffident executive surprised everyone when he spoke out with patently perspicacious perception of the complexity of the project.

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phlegmatic POS : A Definition calm and even-tempered; having an unemotional disposition Usage Given his phlegmatic nature you cannot expect him to speak up passionately his feelings notwithstanding.

pragmatic POS : A Definition treating things in a sensible and realistic way; concerned with practical results Usage In any business venture we must be pragmatic thinking of practical realities more than imaginative possibilities.

pretentious POS : A

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Definition self-consciously trying to present an appearance of grandeur or importance Usage A man of refreshing modesty he was fearful of appearing pretentious.

prodigal POS : A Definition Given to squandering wealth Usage The rich man's son indulged in prodigal pursuits smug at the thought that his father would pay for his lavish lifestyle.

pugnacious POS : A Definition Eager or quick to argue or fight Usage The bouncers outside the new pub were pugnacious enough to deter any trouble makers from misbehaving. In an overdone effort at glorifying their heroes some Indian film makers portray them as pugnacious raring for a fight when they imagine injustice done.

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recluse POS : N Definition a person who lives alone and likes to avoid other people Usage After the sudden death of his father Hamlet turned recluse avoiding human company.

solicitous POS : A Definition being very concerned for somebody and wanting to make sure that they are comfortable, well or happy Usage The old woman thinking of her long missing grandson was extremely solicitous about his young friend who came to stay with her as she was alone.

sordid POS : A Definition morally degraded Usage Without stopping with just suggesting a rape some TV serials go into the sordid details of the actual act.

taciturn POS : A

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Definition Habitually not given to being talkative Usage As he was taciturn by nature people often found it difficult to readily get his opinion on any issue.

temperate POS : A Definition Exercising moderation and self-restraint Usage Advancing age should be balanced by a temperate style of living by eating and drinking within limits.

tender POS : A Definition A person who is young, sensitive or impressionable; or a thing which is soft and smooth Usage In poetry the softness of the skin is compared with that of a tender leaf or rose petal.

toady POS : N Definition A person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage Usage Very few people gave an honest feedback to the actress on her performance as she did not welcome critics but only wanted a toady.

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turncoat POS : N Definition A disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause Usage They were wary of enlisting him on this dangerous mission as he was known to become a turncoat when under pressure. The villagers ostracized the priest when they realised he was a turncoat who used the confessions of those who came to him to blackmail them.

tyranny POS : N Definition unfair or cruel use of power or authority Usage I thought this would put an end to the tyranny of clothes.

uxorious POS : A Definition foolishly fond of or submissive to one's wife Usage Being wise Socrates thought it better to seem uxorious doting on his shrewish wife than provoke her more.

visionary POS : N Definition A person with unusual powers of foresight

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Usage Statements of visionaries are often ridiculed till they turn into reality and gain acceptance.

wanderlust POS : N Definition a strong desire to travel Usage One would have thought his wanderlust would have decreased considering the amount of travel he has done but it seemed otherwise.

witless POS : A Definition Dull; stupefied, stunned Usage It was impossible to hold a serious conversation with the witless boy as he could not make even one sensible point.

witticism POS : N Definition a clever and amusing remark Usage Never a day went by without her witticism making an otherwise mundane day more cheerful and humorous.

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Humility and Ego Words relating to Humily and Ego.

abase POS : V Definition to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem Usage She refused to abase herself by kneeling down on the ground before him.

arrogance POS : N Definition Defiance with a sense of superiority ; the state or quality of being arrogant; overbearing pride Usage Any deeply committed man who has achieved success possesses arrogance which makes him defy those who disagree.

swarthy POS : A Definition Having a dark complexion or colour Usage A swarthy complexion may imply a sun burnt skin or the effect of dust and dirt on the face.

Being Skillful Words relating to being skillful in some aspect.

adept POS : A Definition Possessing dazzling skill or knowledge in any field Usage Adept at cheating the trickster had little trouble convincing the old man he could make his money multiply by prayer.

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artful POS : A Definition Giving a false appearance Usage The artful girl did not have much trouble misleading the young man into giving her a lift.

elusive POS : A Definition difficult to find, define, or achieve Usage Had Moss joined the great Italian team he could well have won the elusive World Championship.

inadvertently POS : R Definition Without premeditation; without prior thought; without intention Usage Dr Spooner inadvertently tipped his wife who had come to meet him at the station and kissed the porter who delivered his bags!

inept POS : A Definition acting or done with no skill,inappropriate; unsuitable Usage At times they were almost inept.

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ingenious POS : A Definition A person or thing that is inventive, innovative or clever Usage Newton made an ingenious toy that used a mouse to draw water from a small vessel.

versatile POS : A Definition Capable of doing many things competently Usage Despite being versatile in many fields such as music painting and poetry King Samudra Gupta paid more attention to governance.

Disposition to something or someone Our disposition to things or people or events varies based on various factors. This theme has words relating to this.

abnegation POS : N Definition the act of not allowing yourself to have something that you want; the act of rejecting something Usage Abnegation of responsibility is bringing with it the anarchy chaos and violence in society.

abstinence POS : N Definition Restraint from enjoyable things; especially eating or drinking Usage Abstinence from all enjoyments is considered holy but denying ourselves the pleasure of the senses is unnatural.

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addiction POS : N Definition Compulsive habitual need Usage Appreciation of an art may lead to a passion for it; when you lose yourself in it and cannot live without it it becomes an addiction.

adventitious POS : A Definition not inherent, coming from outside Usage The heavy shower on June 17th 1815 was adventitious for the weakening English: they defeated the French troops stuck in the soggy marsh. The moral of the novel is of doubtful value as the author takes adventitious themes as basis.

affable POS : A Definition Easily approachable, friendly Usage His warm and affable nature ensured that he was never short of friends.

alacrity POS : N Definition

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Promptness in response-cheerful readiness or eagerness Usage The alacrity with which the child reached for the toy showed how much she had longed for it.

animated POS : A Definition Endowed with life, filled with life Usage After her eventful experience in Disneyland the child gave an animated narration of it.

animus POS : N Definition Feeling of hostility Usage Though the meeting between the two competing firms was meant to be a reconciliation of sorts the animus prevailing between them was unmistakable.

apolitical POS : A Definition Having no interest in, or unassociated with, politics Usage It is curious how an apolitical scholar can manage to become a prime minister.

bellicose POS : A

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Definition inclined or eager to fight; aggressively hostile Usage They are not practical instruments of warfare though they genuinely reflect the factious bellicose tendencies of their builders.

belligerent POS : A Definition characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight; Usage The West Indies was belligerent in its bowling and general field behaviour until Mushtaq Ali smashed their guard out of shape.

capricious POS : A Definition Characterised by sudden changes in attitude or behaviour Usage Roman emperors were known for their capricious or ever changing tastes for food wine and sex.

chary POS : A Definition characterized by great caution and wariness; Usage The man was always chary about his health seeing a doctor whenever he had so much as a mere cold.

compunction POS : N Definition A feeling of deep regret Usage His dismissal of the offender was not so shocking as the fact that

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he was calm and without compunction.

conceit POS : N Definition Feelings of excessive pride Usage Even the most humble achiever will have conceit privately priding himself on being modest.

contentious POS : A Definition Inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree Usage Contentious by nature he failed to establish a suitable atmosphere for negotiations to take place. It was difficult to conduct the meeting in a harmonious manner as the new employee was extremely contentious and looked for reasons to argue.

cynical POS : A Definition believing the worst of human nature and motives Usage Being cynical he would not believe there could be any virtue in humans

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whatever their actions.

deference POS : N Definition Giving weight to the views, sensibilities or wishes of others, usually out of respect Usage In deference to the wishes of his father the boy decided to pursue engineering although he would have loved to become a painter.

diffidence POS : N Definition The attitude of avoiding or withdrawing from an action, mostly due to shyness Usage If you show diffidence in taking charge of projects you may get left behind in today's world.

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POS : A Definition Possessed with a sharp sense of perception with keen understanding Usage The discerning prince carefully selected his friends who repaid the favor with staunch loyalty One can by and large go by his book reviews as he is a discerning and impartial critic.

droll POS : A Definition comical in an odd or whimsical manner; Usage His droll anecdotes livened up even the dullest of parties and made him a very popular guest.

equanimity POS : N Definition a calm state of mind which means that you do not become angry or upset, especially in difficult situations. Usage One should not lose one's temper or spirit in times of trial but develop an equanimity of temperament.

forthright POS : A Definition characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion; Usage Gandhiji's forthright approach to any problem directly addressed the issue without any embellishments.

frivolous POS : A Definition

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characterized by lack of seriousness or sense Usage In her presence no one ever indulged in either frivolous remarks or risque conversation.

impassive POS : A Definition Not revealing any emotion, bereft of feeling Usage A soldier might turn impassive at the sight of death after he has been in several battles.

imperious POS : A Definition able to deal authoritatively with affairs Usage Her imperious bearing made people take her every wish as a command and comply with it

implacable POS : A Definition impossible to placate or appease Usage There could be no friendship between the Montagues and Capulets implacable foes for years. Initially indifferent to Daksha's sacrifice which Parvati attended uninvited

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Siva was implaccable in his fury when she immolated herself at the sacrifice humiliated.

indifferent POS : A Definition marked by a lack of interest or importance; neither good nor bad Usage Having learnt to be indifferent to the Australians' sledging other teams quietly ignore this aspect.

indulgent POS : A Definition tolerant or lenient; being favorably inclined; Usage Indulgent parents should realize that by allowing excessive liberty they impede their children's development.

insouciant POS : A Definition Characterised by absence of concern; carefree Usage He extended to be insouciant about his welfare but was most perturbed at the possible punishments

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irascible POS : A Definition quickly aroused to anger; Usage The irascible passenger with characteristic ire flared up angrily when the Ticket Inspector demanded proof of age.

The young man found his fiancée irascible through the evening just because she had to wait long for him. The principal was irascible and prone to snap at anyone who intruded into his office without valid reason.

irreverence POS : N Definition Lack of reverence or due respect. Usage The irreverence was verbal not conceptual.

lethargic POS : A Definition deficient in alertness or activity Usage On leave in his home village the soldier felt lethargic free from the hard life on the front The patient is weak and lethargic.

lugubrious POS : A Definition beg persistently and urgently; Usage His face looked even more lugubrious than usual.

mercurial POS : A

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Definition liable to sudden unpredictable change Usage The teacher had her hands full keeping her mercurial student's mind tied to one subject before darting to another.

morose POS : A Definition ill-tempered and unsocial Usage Silas Marner was a morose man irritable and critical of everyone until Emily came into his life.

mortify POS : V Definition to make somebody feel very ashamed or embarrassed Usage Realizing that she had blundered unwittingly by joking with someone she was mortified and fled the room in shame.

obligatory POS : A Definition morally or legally constraining or binding; Usage Her buying of the raffle tickets was obligatory as she did not want to offend the chairpersons wife who was promoting them.

obsequious POS : A Definition ostentatiously servile or polite heavy Usage The obsequious sycophants around a celebrity with their tedious presence everywhere do not improve his image.

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She preferred looking around by herself and was irritated by the obsequious shop assistants who insisted on helping her.

partisan POS : A Definition An attribute of partiality Usage The speaker in Parliament should not exercise his partisan views in office but impartially let opposing views be expressed freely.

perfunctory POS : A Definition hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough; as a formality Usage He gave the present a perfunctory glance because it was not given out of any real affection but merely as a formality. The editor's perfunctory editing of the novel overlooked many grammatical and spelling errors.

petulant POS : A Definition Unreasonably irritable Usage

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Soon his wife's charm gave way to her petulant behaviour permanently complaining about petty things.

presumptuous POS : A Definition Self-confident ; to the point of being audacious Usage "You may think me too presumptuous but can you tell me your qualifications? " the student asked the professor.

problematic POS : A Definition Fraught with difficulties or hurdles Usage The floods had wreaked havoc and made it extremely problematic for the rescuers to reach the other side.

propensity POS : N Definition Preferential disposition; inclination Usage Do not force your child into taking up any discipline that goes against his natural propensity.

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POS : A Definition lacking wit or imagination or excitement Usage The prosaic play bereft of any excitement or emotion could not hold its bored audience.

pushy POS : A Definition trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rude Usage Usually salesmen are be pushy while selling products to homemakers.

reticent POS : A Definition Inclined to be reserved; predisposed to silence Usage Being reticent by nature the boy was misunderstood to be unfriendly. Reticent by nature

the boy was mistaken to be unfriendly.

revulsion POS : N Definition a strong feeling of disgust or horror Usage The punishment for grave crimes should adequately reflect the revulsion felt by the great majority of citizens for them

rue POS : V Definition to feel bad about something that happened or something that you did because it had bad results Usage Avoid overindulgence or you will have cause to rue it.

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sedulous POS : A Definition marked by care and persistent effort; Usage A member of parliament must be sedulous in implementing the measures promised to his constituency.

stolid POS : A Definition Impassive, unconcerned Usage The freedom fighter remained stolid showing no emotion when the death sentence was passed. Though the court jesters and other performers tried to make the princess smile her face only showed nothing but stolid indifference.

surly POS : A Definition Ill-humored, arrogant, domineering Usage One hesitated before going to their house as they had to endure the surly behaviour of their host's father who found fault with everything.

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tempestuous POS : A Definition Showing violent anger; stormy Usage Their relationship was a tempestuous one as their natures were as different as day and night and neither was willing to compromise.

tendentious POS : A Definition With marked preferences Usage Social conduct is notably tendentious in that one can see a purpose in every action or gesture even a smile. Though she is just three years old she has distinct tastes and is extremely tendentious in her selections.

wary POS : A Definition marked by keen caution and watchful prudence; Being on one's guard against danger Usage She is extremely wary of strangers in the locality Herbivores being preyed upon by wilder animals have a natural tendency to be wary and are prepared against sudden attacks.

whimsical POS : A Definition full of odd and fanciful ideas Usage An irresponsible tourist with a lot of money can squander his money on whimsical purchases.

yen POS : N Definition

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A strong desire or inclination Usage If you wish to become a successful actor you need to have a yen for expressing human feelings.

Rebelling against something At times we rebel against people, ideas, rules or scripts imposed upon us. This theme has words relating to this state.

atheistic POS : A Definition Rejecting any belief in gods Usage He was not strictly religious but he couldn't endorse his friend's atheistic views and flatly deny the existence of God.

audacious POS : A Definition Blatantly showing a willingness to take risks Usage A serious and responsible man can be audacious and snappy at times.

balk POS : V Definition Refuse obstinately or abruptly Usage

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Think of all possible challenges in the enterprise you are taking; don't balk when you encounter any but meet them and proceed.

blatant POS : A Definition Unpleasantly loud and noisy or rudely and deliberately pronounced Usage Although no more in the army the retired General found it impossible to take the blatant refusal of his junior.

contumacious POS : A Definition wilfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient; Usage The contumacious girl defied her father's instructions and deliberately attended the party against his orders.

hegemony POS : N Definition the domination of one state over its allies Usage Today we see domination over companies by a richer and more powerful company like the hegemony among states earlier.

insolence POS : N Definition extremely rude and showing a lack of respect Usage His clear steel blue eyes looked you full in the face without a spark of insolence

intractable POS : A Definition Not lending oneself to be drawn into a routine Usage The intractable horse was quite unmanageable

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getting disturbed by its own shadow in front. The nanny found the intractable child extremely challenging to look after

as he refused to conform to anything.

negate POS : V Definition be in contradiction with Usage The defence counsel confused the prosecution witness enough to make her negate all her earlier statements falsifying her testimony. Though she continued to vehemently deny her love for the arrested man her weeping actions strove to negate her words.

obdurate POS : A Definition Stubborn with the intention of stalling progress Usage The obdurate stand of the workers' union prevented an early solution to its stand-off with the management. He was being obdurate in his refusal to give his sanction for the implementation of the new plan as his objections were trivial.

obstreperous POS : A Definition Noisily and stubbornly defiant Usage After Mark Antony's speech the citizens rose in obstreperous condemnation of Caesar's assassination.

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recalcitrant POS : A Definition Resisting authority or discipline; being disobedient Usage The recalcitrant behaviour of some children is often a mask that hides their insecurity behind a show of defiant indiscipline. This patient is recalcitrant to any observation whatsoever.

refractory POS : A Definition Stubborn, obstinate, unmanageable Usage The baby elephant was quite refractory posing a challenge to the circus trainer. With his stubborn and difficult ways the refractory child scared away every nanny.

refute POS : V Definition Prove to be wrong Usage Vainly the officer tried to refute the corruption charges claiming these were trumped up.

repudiate POS : V Definition To reject the authority or validity of

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Usage The foreign minister who had been deprived of his portfolio repudiated every charge of corruption against him.

Conforming to something At times we conform to people, ideas, rules or scripts imposed upon us. This theme has words relating to this state.

accede POS : V Definition Submit or yield to another's wish or opinion Usage He was extremely charming and hence found it very easy to get people to accede to his requests.

adhere POS : V Definition Stick fast Usage No matter how great a writer or speaker you are to create a good impression you need to adhere to grammar.

assent POS : N Definition To agree as to a proposal Usage Only after very long and serious consideration did Queen Elizabeth give her assent for the execution of Mary.

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POS : A Definition Able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination Usage With compatible personalities a husband and wife can have a smooth married life.

compliant POS : A Definition Willing to follow, obey or comply with/to. Usage A new maid is usually very compliant and carries out every chore dutifully.

compromise POS : N Definition an agreement made between two people or groups in which each side gives up some of the things they want so that both sides are happy at the end Usage I saw no prospect of any sensible compromise.

concurrent POS : A Definition existing or happening at the same time Usage He was imprisoned for two concurrent terms of 30 months and 18 months.

consonance POS : N Definition The property of sounding or being harmonious Usage

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The lack of consonance among the different instruments of the orchestra spoilt the concert.

discrepancy POS : N Definition Lack of consistency or agreement, as between facts Usage The Revenue Dept can seize on even a minor discrepancy between income and expenditure statements.

docile POS : A Definition easily managed or handled;teachable Usage She cringed in her corner whining and docile.

jibe POS : V Definition be in accord; agree Usage The language and the handwriting in the two letters do not jibe and therefore the letters cannot be from the same person. They can certainly had a good jibe during the ball-dance.

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obeisance POS : N Definition the act of obeying or gesture of respect; dutiful or submissive behavior with respect to another person Usage From the earliest times men have been enjoined to pay obeisance to the Sun and the elements.

stipulate POS : V Definition to state clearly and firmly that something must be done, or how it must be done Usage Only one at the commanding end of a transaction can stipulate terms and demand commitments.

tractable POS : A Definition

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easily controlled or guided Usage Though appearing to be rebellious the child was tractable amenable to reason and explanation

amenable to reason and explanation.

Active Word relating to being in a state of life, vibrancy and energy.

fervor POS : N Definition Intense zeal Usage When asked to say a few words about his mentor the man spoke with great fervor and respect telling the audience what a great influence he had had on his life.

vigor POS : N Definition Physical or mental strength, energy, force or enthusiasm Usage Clearly there is some chicanery going on and perhaps in due course we will find out the truth.

Inert and Dull Words relating to being dull or inert.

dormant POS : A Definition present but not yet noticeable or active Usage In even the mediocre ones among us lies dormant a spark that if kindled can turn us into achievers.

indolent POS : A Definition Inspiring inertia ; Lazy

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Usage The family doctor advised the young millionaire to give up his indolent life style and take up some hard work to regain his health.

inert POS : A Definition inactive Usage Helium is said to be an inert gas as it is inactive and takes part in no reactions.

lassitude POS : N Definition Weariness; tiredness Usage At the end of the hard day of labour she sank on the bed in total lassitude.

latent POS : A Definition potentially existing but not presently evident or realized Usage Latent in every one are the bestial and the divine which do not always show surfacing only at times.

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quiescent POS : A Definition In a state of rest or ambiance; Usage Switzerland managed to stay quiescent during wars undisturbed by the turbulence around it.

Strength Words relating to Strength of the mind or body.

aggrandize POS : V Definition Multiply wealth, assets, riches Usage The young scion justified his ancestry when it came to business decisions and managed to aggrandize the company's profits considerably.

aplomb POS : N Definition Self-confident assurance Usage One important trait a salesman should possess is a good degree of aplomb to help him push his ware confidently.

assumption POS : N Definition A situation or hypothesis taken to be true or applicable Usage You can start working on assumptions to develop your argument but be sure these foundations are firm and are supported.

bulwark POS : N

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Definition A defensive wall. Usage The security forces are a bulwark against the breakdown of society

coercion POS : N Definition Act of forcing someone to do something, by punishment or threat Usage Even the strongest evidence obtained by coercion will be deemed false being the product of forceful methods.

consolidation POS : N Definition Combining into a solid mass Usage With consolidation of the talents and skills of its members combining everyone's capabilities a team can work its way to success.

conviction POS : N Definition Confirmed belief; being found guilty of charge Usage She is a person of conviction once she accepts something it is very difficult to change her views.

efficacy POS : N

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Definition Power to produce desired effect Usage The efficacy of a medical treatment is largely dependent on the degree of faith reposed in the physician by the patient.

effrontery POS : N Definition Rudeness without any sense of shame Usage That he could calmly take the effrontery of the young man who bluntly challenged his learning was proof of the scholar's true learning.

ensconce POS : V Definition Get firmly and securely placed Usage The youth cricket brigade have ensconced themselves as regulars in the team through their superb performances.

formidable POS : A Definition if people, things or situations are formidable, you feel fear and/or respect for them, because they are impressive or powerful, or because they seem very difficult Usage Boeing built a pretty formidable flying machine

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immutable POS : A Definition Unchanging, constant Usage The laws of nature are immutable however varying they may appear to be in different circumstances. His belief in the fake god-man was immutable nothing short of a miracle could save him from his clutches.

indefatigable POS : A Definition showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality; Usage The British were indefatigable soldiers: the fight never seemed to tire them.

intrepid POS : A Definition Resolutely courageous Usage The intrepid prince had to perform yet another daring act to demonstrate his native courage.

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inured POS : A Definition Being in a state of acceptance; habituated Usage After years of adversity one gets inured to it accepting hardship as a fact of life itself.

irrevocable POS : A Definition impossible to retract or revoke; not possible to go back upon Usage Time lost is irrevocable we cannot get it back.

oath POS : N Definition a formal promise to do something or a formal statement that something is true Usage With an obscene oath he had released her.

preponderance POS : N Definition superiority in power or influence; Usage By engaging in riots the people sought to overcome the preponderance of the army general who had taken over the government.

temerity POS : N Definition Foolishly daring or being fearless; brave without considering chances Usage It is sheer temerity for a single individual to defy the government which can stand against him longer than he can.

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tenacious POS : A Definition Associated with the act of holding on to or firmly believing in something Usage The tenacious youth stuck to the job he liked without thinking of more lucrative ones.

verve POS : N Definition Enthusiasm, liveliness Usage The fact that she was not the best of dancers was compensated by her verve to succeed and most people gave her a chance.

virile POS : A Definition Characteristics of a man Usage He thought of himself as a virile young man and put on a haughty manner whenever he met young ladies at parties. It is impossible to accept that a man is virile just because if he does so-called manly things like changing a tyre or lifting a boulder.

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Weakness Words relating to Weakness of the mind or body.

irresolute POS : A Definition uncertain how to act Usage The guard stood irresolute between loyalty and want when offered a hefty bribe.

vulnerable POS : A Definition susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation; Usage We are vulnerable to criticism when we act unconventionally even if beneficially.

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Mind and memories Words relating to the human mind, feelings, emotion

affliction POS : N Definition A condition of pain, suffering or distress Usage What is it that I hear about your affliction? I hope its nothing serious.

anguish POS : N Definition Intense pain Usage The anguish of the victims of the earthquake at the loss of everything in their life cannot be put in words. After the terrorist attack the anguish on the faces of the families of the slain civilians was pitiable.

appall POS : V Definition Fill with consternation or dismay Usage One is appalled at the gullibility of even sensible people who invest their savings in questionable ventures which promise high returns.

bilious POS : A Definition feeling as if you might vomit soon ,creating an unpleasant effect,bad-tempered; full of anger. Usage One is advised to refrain from excessive drinking as it can lead to

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bilious health conditions.

capacity POS : N Definition The maximum amount that can be contained; the ability to understand or learn Usage Test a machine above its capacity but do not use it at full capacity.

cognitive POS : A Definition Of, relating to or performing intellectual actions such as thinking, remembering, analysing and reasoning. Usage From cognitive skills which develop the IQ we now turn to the emotional quotient to promote emotional sensitivity.

composure POS : N Definition steadiness of mind under stress Usage To meet your trials retain your composure without letting your mind buckle under the stress.

ebullient POS : A Definition

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overflowing with enthusiasm Usage As the days of the promised trip to Africa approached the boy became ebullient with thrilling anticipation.

ennui POS : N Definition The feeling of being bored by something tedious Usage Excessive enjoyment & indulgence results in staleness leading to total ennui. The ennui displayed by the big yawns of those waiting at the dentist's was a result of the unending wait.

inimical POS : A Definition Harmful in effect Usage The witness turned inimical under pressure from the rowdy elements and refused to attend the trial.

insularity POS : N Definition Act of being or keeping secluded from others; narrow-mindedness Usage He has a vast encyclopedic knowledge that far outstrips the cozy insularity of his contemporaries.

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maudlin POS : A Definition effusively or insincerely emotional; Usage Drunk to the gills the man was in a maudlin mood bemoaning the perceived injustices in the world.

paranoia POS : N Definition Extreme, irrational distrust of others Usage Macbeth was seized with a paranoia soon after he had murdered Banquo seeing his ghost appear at the banquet. Macbeth was seized with paranoia soon after he had murdered Banquo and saw Banquo's ghost appear at the banquet.

petty POS : A Definition caring too much about small unimportant things Usage I hate unkindness that is so petty.

tedium POS : N

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Definition The feeling of being bored by something tedious; monotony Usage However exciting and challenging your job the daily routine is a tedium from which you need a break.

trenchant POS : A Definition Forceful and vigorous Usage Her trenchant manner of intimidating others rather than appealing to their generous sides ensured that she got her work done properly..

vicarious POS : A Definition (experience) derived through putting oneself in the position of the one being imagined Usage Films were her passion and she derived vicarious pleasure imagining herself as one of the characters on screen.

woe POS : N Definition Sorrow, sadness, matter of sorrow or grief Usage Her tale of woe was heartrending and we wondered why god had decided to send all troubles her way.

Fear Words relating to Fear !!

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aghast POS : A Definition Struck by shock, terror or amazement Usage She was aghast when she realised that she had deleted her entire presentation from her computer system when she clicked the wrong button and that she had no time to redo it.

aver POS : V Definition State firmly and positively Usage On repeated cross examination the witness averred that he spoke only the truth.

claustrophobia POS : A Definition an extreme fear of being in a small confined place; the unpleasant feeling that a person gets in a situation which restricts them Usage I have felt a terrible claustrophobia in a small theatre

cower POS : V Definition to bend low and/or move backward because you are frightened Usage Men of strength never cower before an oppressor however ruthless he may be.

daunt POS : V Definition Discourage; frighten

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Usage When a warrior takes leave of his family to go to battle his wife should wish him victory and not daunt him with her words of anxiety.

qualms POS : N Definition A feeling of slight worry or doubt because you are not sure that what you are doing is right. Usage Despite my qualms I took the job.

timorous POS : A Definition Full of apprehensiveness Usage It is not helpful to be timorous when called for enquiry even when you are innocent.

titter POS : N

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Definition Nervous laugher Usage Though she looked calm and poised at the meeting her constant titter gave away her nervousness at meeting the chairperson.

xenophobia POS : N Definition a strong feeling of dislike or fear of people from other countries Usage Repeatedly failing to understand the English accent the village girl developed a mild xenophobia wanting to avoid any foreign contact.

Poverty and Affluence Words relating to riches and affluence and the extremes - poverty and lack of resources.

doggerel POS : N Definition poetry that is badly written or ridiculous, sometimes because the writer has not intended it to be Usage It was difficult to classify her among the serious poets as most of her poetry is just doggerel.

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indigence POS : N Definition Condition of being poor or without resources Usage Being the sole provider he put his family into indigence by leaving them.

lavish POS : A Definition characterized by extravagance and profusion; Usage The lavish food served at some wedding parties only makes us ponder over the wastage of such abundance.

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opulence POS : N Definition made or decorated using expensive materials ; extremely rich Usage He found it difficult to reconcile the opulence he had just witnessed with the poverty of some of the surrounding districts

privation POS : N Definition Deprival of the basic necessities or comforts of life Usage Many affluent persons enjoying luxuries today at one time underwent great privation working hard to make a meager living.

Large and small, High and Low, More and Less Words that convey extremes.

aloft POS : A Definition In or into a high place Usage He held the flag high aloft his head and waved to the crowd after

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conquering the peak.

caustic POS : A Definition hurting language or bearing, Usage The rude and caustic comments of her roommate did not deter the assiduous student from studying hard into the night

colossal POS : A Definition Eliciting awe by size, force or extent Usage Christopher Columbus sailed west of Europe and made a colossal discovery of a new continent what we now call as America

commensurate POS : A Definition In appropriate proportion of size or degree Usage If a fine is in proportion to the seriousness of the offense so also should the reward be commensurate with the value of the deed. He was disheartened that the job offer made to him did not commensurate with his qualifications and experience.

commodious POS : A Definition Spacious, large and roomy Usage The new car with its commodious interior was an instant hit with senior citizens who were looking for more space.

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cornucopia POS : N Definition The property of being extremely abundant Usage The new telephone directory was a cornucopia of information.

degradation POS : N Definition A decline to a lower condition, quality or level Usage That opulence without responsibility can lead to degradation can be seen in the histories of many civilizations.

frugality POS : N Definition Practice of economy Usage While pursuing higher studies abroad a student could do with some frugality to be free from financial tension.

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grandiloquent POS : A Definition using high sounding or important-sounding language (of a person or speech) Usage Politicians are known for making grandiloquent speeches exalting their own parties with claims and promises. I wanted to sound wise and intelligent by using grandiloquent language.

hyperbole POS : N Definition Exaggerated statement that is made for special effect and is not meant to be taken literally Usage Sincere in her love for her father Cordelia did not need to use hyperboles to exaggerate her love.

paucity POS : N Definition Shortage such as of money, food, clothing , ideas Usage For paucity of funds the company officers were asked to share the office cars while coming to work.

pinnacle POS : N Definition Highest point, culmination Usage An artist should retire from the limelight when at the pinnacle of his popularity because his importance may fall after this.

pithy POS : A Definition concise and full of meaning;

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Usage A moral message can be effective if it is pithy because people do not wish to spend time in sermons.

plenitude POS : N Definition a full supply; Usage The play was a huge success thanks to the plenitude of talent and enthusiasm among the cast.

plethora POS : N Definition quantity greater than needed; over-abundance Usage If only we stop being negative we shall notice that there is a plethora of good things around us that far outnumber the bad.

profusion POS : N Definition The property of being extremely abundant Usage There would be a profusion of wealth in our land if only all the energies of our teeming millions could be harnessed.

proliferate POS : V Definition Grow by rapid production of new parts, usually undesirable Usage

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When teaching centres for entrance examinations proliferate one should guard against a fall in standards.

sumptuous POS : A Definition very expensive and looking very impressive Usage The cruise ship offers sumptuous furnishings exquisitely prepared cuisine and stellar entertainment.

tantamount POS : A Definition Equivalent in effect or value Usage Disagreement with the king in the court of Alla-ud-in-Khilji was tantamount to treason inviting capital punishment.

threadbare POS : A Definition Thoroughly worn out Usage stop making threadbare excuses otherwise you spoil the trust.

whit POS : N Definition Small, tiny amount Usage There is not a whit of dirt on the spotless white shirt thanks to the new detergent.

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State of the Mind Words relating to various moods of the mind.

abash POS : V Definition Make (someone) feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed Usage The corrupt minister was abashed when the news channel caught him red handed while accepting a bribe.

agog POS : V Definition Full of keen anticipation or excitement Usage The child was agog with excitement to find himself surrounded by life-like cartoon characters in the amusement park.

analgesia POS : N Definition the loss of the ability to feel pain while still conscious Usage In surgery sometimes analgesia is preferred to anesthesia as analgesia desensitizes only the area of operation leaving the patient conscious without feeling pain.

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apathy POS : N Definition Indifference towards a person or subject Usage She was saddened by the apathy displayed by the doctors while treating patients since she believed they should be more caring and involved.

aspire POS : V Definition Have a great ambition or ultimate goal Usage For self esteem achieve and be rewarded; to achieve aspire and live up to your dream.

bereavement POS : N Definition A state of being left desolate or alone, especially by death

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Usage When we suffer from a bereavement it is mostly for what we miss rather than for what the deceased person has missed.

bereft POS : A Definition Devoid of; deprived of; being totally without Usage Bereft of all hope the prisoners in the Nazi camp only hoped their ends would come soon.

buoyant POS : A Definition characterized by liveliness and lightheartedness; Usage The student's depressed mood changed substantially to make him buoyant when the results declared him the topper.

chafe POS : V Definition Irritate or vex a person Usage The office offered a pleasant atmosphere and did not chafe its employees with too many rules.

contrite POS : A Definition grieving and penitent for sin or shortcoming Usage

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The judge was not moved by her contrite tears when he passed his sentence.

crestfallen POS : A Definition sad and disappointed because you have failed and you did not expect to Usage The sportsman was crestfallen when he was disqualified in the last round.

distraught POS : A Definition deeply agitated, especially from emotion; Usage When her husband was falsely implicated in the scam and taken into police custody she was distraught and fainted in the courtroom.

ecstasy POS : N Definition a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; Usage Beethoven could move his listeners into a blissful state of ecstasy with his compositions which be played with rapturous abandon.

enervate POS : V

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Definition Render ineffective or inoperative; weaken Usage Antibiotic drugs while curing a disease also enervate the patient considerably.

halcyon POS : A Definition idyllically calm and peaceful; suggesting happy tranquillity; Usage The world free of complications with people living only in nature makes us regard it as halcyon..

imperturbable POS : A Definition not easily upset or worried by a difficult situation; calm Usage Even with a dagger held at his throat the old man was imperturbable .

labile POS : A Definition Open to change; adaptable, particularly in emotion Usage In management issues decisions are never completely right; one cannot afford to be labile but take some firm decision.

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lachrymose POS : A Definition Weeping or inclined to weep; showing sorrow Usage Most melodramatic presentations of ethos are coarsely lachrymose almost wrenching the tears out of the viewer's eyes.

luminous POS : A Definition Radiating or reflecting light; shining; glowing Usage The numerals in the dials of wrist watches are often luminous shining brightly in the dark.

placid POS : A Definition calm and peaceful, with very little movement ; not easily excited or irritated Usage The Pacific Ocean gets its name from its quiet placid nature.

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quandary POS : N Definition a situation from which extrication is difficult, especially an unpleasant or trying one; Usage When you have to take a decision between "the devil and the deep sea" you are truly in a quandary.

stupor POS : N Definition A state of reduced or suspended sensibility Usage For some time after hearing the shattering news she was in a stupor totally immobilized by the enormity of its implication.

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tantrum POS : N Definition Fit of bad temper Usage Some women carry their childhood nature and throw a tantrum when annoyed screaming and breaking things around her.

throes POS : N Definition violent pains, especially at the moment of death Usage In the throes of pain she could hardly make out who had rescued her or what was happening around her

torpor POS : N Definition A state of sleepiness; a torpid condition Usage After a flight across the globe one is in such a torpor as to be unable to keep wakeful.

umbrage POS : N Definition offence or annoyance , shade or shadow, especially as cast by trees. Usage She had no sense of humour and took umbrage at the slightest remark which makes even the slightest fun of her.

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vacillate POS : V Definition Favour two different courses of action or judgments Usage The new job offered five times her present wages and made her vacillate between it and obligation to her current employer. The young man demanded an answer from the lady telling her not to vacillate but decide on whether she wanted to marry him or not.

wistful POS : A Definition Full of longing or unfulfilled desire Usage Casting a wistful glance at the dancers she wheeled her chair away realising it would be months before she could dance again.

writhe POS : V Definition to twist or move your body without stopping, often because you are in great pain Usage Only when he suddenly began writhing in pain on the beach did we realise that he had been bitten by a leech.

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Satisfaction or Lack of it Words relating to being satisfied or lack of it.

complaisant POS : A Definition Excessively pleasing Usage The girl at the sales counter was helpful and complaisant to the needs of the customers So much attention was hardly called for; she guessed from the man's complaisant nature he wanted some favour from her. The complaisant attender won the admiration of many but raised suspicion in the mind of the inspector

who wondered what he was trying to cover up.

gloat POS : V Definition Derive malicious satisfaction Usage The pirates happily gloated over the large treasures they had seized from the pitiable merchants.

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pander POS : N Definition Cater to poor, inferior or base needs or demands Usage She refused to debase herself by pandering to all her husband's perverse demands.

quench POS : V Definition to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty Usage If you're really thirsty drink something non-alcoholic to quench thirst

sate POS : V Definition to satisfy a desire Usage Indian tradition advocates feeding as the highest charity because it is the only form which can sate the receiver's need.

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satiate POS : V Definition satisfy fully Usage One needs substantially more energy to satiate a child's curiosity about the world than even to run after him in fun.

Shouting and Criticizing Words relating to shouting, criticizing, belaboring someone or something.

affront POS : N Definition Insult, slight discourtesy Usage Though it was the movie that was rejected by the board she took it as a personal affront as it was based on her book.

antipathy POS : N Definition strong feeling of dislike Usage He has an antipathy for loud music. The Nazis fostered and fomented the antipathy towards Jews.

aspersion POS : N Definition critical or unpleasant remarks or judgements Usage It is unbecoming to cast aspersions on anyone's character without reason.

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assail POS : V Definition attack someone emotionally through speech or writing Usage People in nationally important positions must expect to be assailed at any time by the media or public.

baleful POS : A Definition Harmful or malignant in intent or effect, sorrowful Usage When he began his usual unsavoury jokes his wife gave him a baleful look that was enough to cut him short.

berate POS : V Definition Censure severely or angrily Usage Scolding a child for misbehaviour is proper but should be kept minimal and not extend to berating it.

burlesque POS : A Definition a composition that imitates somebody''s style in a humorous way Usage The politician did not have a sense of humour and did not appreciate the comedian's burlesque on him.

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castigation POS : N Definition Severe criticism, punishment Usage Medieval civilizations generally awarded heavy castigation for comparatively minor offenses. When the story of question papers being leaked before the exam was published the headmaster of the college came under severe castigation

censorious POS : A Definition Highly critical Usage The audience in major theaters is censorious about even little faults in the performance and do not hide their disapproval.

chastise POS : V Definition criticize severely; Usage Damayanti pleaded with the lustful hunter

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then chastised him with harsh words and finally burned him down with her fiery look.

deride POS : V Definition to treat somebody/something as ridiculous and not worth considering seriously Usage To deride a student for making mistakes is not a trait of a good teacher. Our efforts were derided but we carried on in pursuit of success.

despise POS : V Definition Regard with contempt or scorn Usage A highly ethical person will most likely despise anyone who is fraud.

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diatribe POS : N Definition Bitter scolding or denunciation Usage She remained unmoved and calm throughout the diatribe delivered by her opponent. When disputing parties cannot or will not use reason the bitterness can lead to harsh diatribe or accusations.

discredit POS : V Definition destroy confidence in; disbelieve Usage The borrower had broken so many promises earlier that the bank discredited his claims of getting a legacy to settle all his dues.

disparage POS : V Definition Speak in a slighting and disrespectful way Usage

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It is common for one to disparage a more successful office colleague even if he is a friend . All that the child needed was some encouragement but her mother disparaged her before others so much that the child failed to shine.

insinuate POS : V Definition Worm oneself into a position; make an indirect adverse remark or suggest indirectly Usage By pointing to his capability in a trivial area the teacher insinuated he was lacking in important ones.

invective POS : N Definition Sharp abuse Usage Banter can be fun as long as the exchanges are only in jest and do not end up in invectives.

inveigh POS : V Definition Denounce or complain bitterly in loud tones Usage It is uncivilized to inveigh against one with whom you may have grievances which have to be settled privately.

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pejorative POS : A Definition Having an unpleasant or disparaging connotation (of words, expressions etc); depreciative perception Usage In any language there are expressions consisting of words signifying congeniality but actually possessing a pejorative connotation.

reproach POS : N Definition The act of pointing out mistakes or failings in one. Usage Her dress and manners were beyond reproach yet her mean mother-in-law found some way to fault her.

stricture POS : N Definition Official scolding, as from the judge at court Usage The court came up made a sharp stricture on the witness kept changing her stance at the witness box every time she was called.

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tirade POS : N Definition long angry speech of criticism or accusation Usage The mistress went into a tirade against her maid with charges and abuses..

upbraid POS : V Definition Scold severely Usage Not only did the headmaster upbraid the students for ragging the freshers but also suspended them for a week. The army chief upbraided the sergent for failing to ensure proper equipment for his soldiers sent into enemy territory instead.

vituperative POS : A Definition uttering or given to censure:containing or characterised by verbal abuse. Usage A few clear statements about where your assistant made mistakes will help more than a vituperative lecture full of bitter words.

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Types of Communication We adopt different styles while communicating with others. Here are words on these styles.

advocate POS : N Definition a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea; a person who pleads his client's cause in a court of law Usage As an advocate of the High Court he enjoyed a privileged entry into the hall.

allude POS : V Definition Refer indirectly Usage Whenever he recounted his rags to riches story he would allude to the role played by his mentor in guiding him. Any comments on women in general could not be made in her presence as she would think you are alluding to her personally.

animadversion POS : N Definition Critical remark of a negative kind, powerfully expressed Usage Animadversion if unbiased can help one get better but it also has to be taken in the right spirit to actually see any improvements.

While the censorious man is most severe in judging others he is invariably the most ready to repel any animadversions made upon him

apprise POS : V Definition Give information or notice to Usage Enough civic awareness should be inculcated in children to make them apprise the authorities when they see an accident.

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approbation POS : N Definition commendation, praise Usage Sania Mirza must be feeling thrilled at the abundant approbation she is receiving for her success in tennis.

avow POS : V Definition State positively Usage The discriminatory attitude of the South African government made Gandhi avow that he would make the blacks fight for their rights .

babble POS : V Definition Utter rapidly or indistinctly Usage When a man is in the grip of terror he is very likely to babble.

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badinage POS : N Definition Humorous or witty conversation Usage He developed a nice line in badinage with the Labour leader

bandy POS : V Definition Used frequently in casual talk or idea in turn Usage You cannot hold a conversation with them unless you are able to bandy ideas on all topics as nothing is serious or sacrosanct in their vocabulary.

braggadocio POS : N Definition Vain and empty boasting Usage His manner was so full of braggadocio that one never really knew what to believe in his conversations and what not to.

carping POS : A Definition Naggingly critical or complaining Usage He found his boss' carping criticisms hurting and intolerable.

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contention POS : N Definition Firm, view or stand on an issue; dispute; rivalry Usage The contention of the defense council was that as his client had a clear alibi there could be no charge of murder brought against her. Only when people tested the product did they realise its marked quality and accept the contention of the company that it was the first of its kind.

elicit POS : V Definition Draw (facts, a response, etc), sometimes with difficulty Usage The policemen tried to elicit information about the robbery from the witness.

eloquence POS : N Definition able to use language and express your opinions well, especially when you are speaking in public: Usage He was a political writer of great eloquence

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expatiate POS : V Definition Talk at length Usage Any conversation with the chemistry professor would extend for hours as he tended to expatiate on each topic.

gambit POS : N Definition Strategic moves in chess or movement of troops in warfare Usage Everyone was sure he would lose the games when he suddenly turned the tables revealing that his moves were only part of a gambit

importune POS : V Definition beg persistently and urgently Usage Intimidation and inveiglement failing the scoundrel decided to importune the philanthropist by literally falling at his feet for help.

peroration POS : N Definition a flowery and highly rhetorical oration Usage Perorations were very much in practice in earlier times; today we prefer to be factual describing things as they are not as we imagine.

prattle POS : V Definition To talk continuously about silly and unimportant things Usage She prattled on about her children all evening.

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querulous POS : A Definition Habitually complaining Usage A querulous person would rather find fault than try to be cooperative.

quibble POS : N Definition An utterly trivial distinction or objection Usage Aside from the few hundred quibbles about the set the actors the story and the songs the critic loved the film.

repine POS : V Definition Express discontent Usage Her habit of repining over the things she could not complete was irritating as she always wasted her time and then found excuses.

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whine POS : N Definition Complaint or protest in a weak pitiable tone; tearful talk Usage The piteous whine of the old man's pet dog drew the neighbour's attentions where he lay panting for breath.

Praise Words of praise.

adulation POS : N Definition Excessive flattery or admiration Usage Mere adulation of a great person is not enough. You should endeavour to study if not emulate him.

appease POS : V Definition Make quiet or calm, usually by making concessions or by satisfying demands Usage When the patron of the show became vexed everyone hastened to appease him with conciliatory words.

encomiastic POS : A Definition Appearing like an encomium or a high degree of praise Usage It is common for flatterers to be encomiastic about their superiors whose favours they crave.

eulogy POS : A Definition a speech or piece of writing in which you praise someone or something very much Usage This eulogy was designed as a recruiting appeal for women to train as hospital nurses.

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exalt POS : V Definition Raise in rank, character or status Usage Politicians cheat people into thinking that they exalt heroes by garlanding their statues.

laud POS : V Definition to praise somebody/something Usage The faculty lauded the students' efforts to ensure a garbage free city.

panegyric POS : N Definition Formal expression of praise Usage The brilliant scholar had been publicly felicitated and eulogized so often that any more panegyrics appeared banal.

placate POS : V Definition Bring from a state of angry or hostile feeling to one of patience or friendliness Usage The girl had to spend much time to placate her hurt parents after she married without their consent.

propitiate POS : V

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Definition Please ceremonially, such as deity Usage The villagers conducted an elaborate ritual involving dance music and animal sacrifice to propitiate the rain gods.

Pardon Words relating to forgiving.

amnesty POS : N Definition Pardon Usage When he was awarded capital punishment the prisoner tried in vain to seek presidential amnesty.

clemency POS : N Definition good weather; leniency and compassion Usage Military courts never permit clemency to be shown to a confirmed traitor who cannot hope for reprieve.

condone POS : V Definition Overlook or forgive an offense. Usage The student entreated the principal to condone her misdemeanor just that once.

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Giving up! At times we just give up our determination and give up on something. At time we voluntarily give up something that is not beneficial - like a bad habit. Here are words relating to this.

abdicate POS : V Definition Give up Usage Prince Rama abdicated the throne to honour his father's word.

Thoughts and Ideas Man is a thinking animal. Here are words relating to thoughts, ideas, beliefs.

advocacy POS : N Definition Active support Usage One has to consider the advocacy of any measure which affects people at large before approving it.

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apotheosis POS : N Definition the highest or most perfect development of something ,the best time in somebody's life or career,a formal statement that a person has become a god. Usage Mother Theresa has by apotheosis achieved the status of a saint in the public eye.

arcane POS : A Definition Requiring secret knowledge to be understood Usage Astrology is more arcane than we normally think; it is a complex mix of computation mood and inspiration.

codify POS : V Definition Arrange or systematize Usage New nations from the eighteenth century onward have found it both necessary and useful to codify their constitutions.

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cogitate POS : V Definition Take careful thought or think carefully about Usage His manager now in a technical fix wanted an immediate solution

but he needed time to cogitate over the problem.

cognizance POS : N Definition Conscious knowledge or recognition ; awareness Usage This world will not take cognizance of even a genius unless he takes trouble to project himself.

erroneous POS : A Definition not correct; based on wrong information: Usage We believe that their report conveys an erroneous view

esoteric POS : A Definition hard to understand; known only to a chosen few Usage Many ceremonial customs of today are continuations of past esoteric practices retained in fear

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but hard to understand.

espouse POS : V Definition Put forth (a theory or cause) to encourage adoption Usage The professor was a stickler for his rules and methods and used to espouse these at every opportunity he got.

iconoclastic POS : A Definition Pulling down baseless beliefs and ideals Usage She did not even try to question his iconoclastic behaviour as she knew that he would never accept anything he had not personally experienced. To be iconoclastic is acceptable but only for the right reasons and not if it is done only to hurt the sentiments of others.

inculcate POS : V Definition to cause somebody to learn and remember ideas, moral principles, etc, especially by repeating them often Usage In today's world of fierce competition and violence it is important to inculcate the right values in children to help them adapt.

ken POS : N Definition Range of what one can know or understand Usage The sophisticated accent and nature of the urban girl were beyond the ken of the simple village folk.

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paradigm POS : N Definition a standard or typical example Usage The teacher found it easier to explain virtues through paradigms describing ideal characters and narrating tales of virtuous actions.

receptive POS : A Definition willing to consider new ideas or listen to someone else's opinions Usage They say the human brain is at its most receptive when it is young.

reconcile POS : V Definition to make accept an unpleasant situation because it is not possible to change it Usage You might as well reconcile yourself to your servitude. No one's coming to save you.

recondite POS : A Definition little known ; abstruse Usage The encrypted tablets from the tomb were so recondite they required an expert to decipher them.

skeptical POS : A Definition Not easily believing Usage The woman was skeptical about the wonder product doubting every word of the excited young salesman.

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While practicality demands we regard new-business ventures with caution

being skeptical about entrepreneurship per se is not to be commended

supposition POS : N Definition Something assumed that forms the basis of a hypothesis; premise Usage Archimedes declared that he could lift the earth with an iron bar on the supposition that he could stand outside the earth.

Nature of Communication The manner in which we communicate other depends on many factors - the purpose that we are trying to achieve, the person whom we are communicating, our mental state at the time of communication and so on. Here are words relating to this theme.

acrimonious POS : A Definition Scolding sharply Usage When the employee made the same costly errors in spite of repeated instructions his boss became acrimonious.

adjuration POS : N Definition An earnest, solemn appeal; putting to oath or binding, under the penalty of a curse; charging or entreating solemnly, as if under oath. Usage

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His adjuration to tell the true story did not persuade the frightened girl to reveal any more details.

advert POS : V Definition Make reference to Usage She thought he was none too sure of the issue as he adverted to his notes frequently.

ambiguous POS : A Definition Doubtful or uncertain; with obscurity or indistinctness Usage In money matters it is necessary to avoid being ambiguous and make clear who is paying for what and when.

attribute POS : N Definition a quality or feature of someone or something Usage Perseverance is one of the most attributes of a successful student.

bombastic POS : A Definition Grandiloquent; pompous speech or writing

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Usage Not just his words but his whole bearing was bombastic projecting a highly inflated image of something he was not.

brusque POS : A Definition Marked by rude or peremptory shortness Usage She felt he could have refused more politely and that his brusque reply was unwarranted.

cogent POS : A Definition Appealing strongly to the reason or conscience Usage Her argument convinced the panel because of her cogent reasoning

concise POS : A Definition marked by the use of few words to convey much information or meaning Usage To be concise is sometimes more difficult than to hold forth at length on a topic.

concoct POS : V Definition to make something, especially food or drink, by mixing different things

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Usage The teacher was amazed by the manner in which the student would concoct new stories each time he arrived late.

crass POS : A Definition Crude and unrefined, lacking in discrimination and sensibility Usage Her refined manner contrasted with Heathcliffe's crassness and rough appearance.

diffuse POS : V Definition Spread out Usage If you want to listen to a serious lecture don't let your attention diffuse and lose focus.

distinct POS : A Definition clear to the senses or intellect; plain; unmistakable Usage I think this is because we have our own distinct identity and proper base.

enunciate POS : V Definition

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express or state clearly Usage The three-year old child was able to enunciate her wishes so well that people often mistook her to be older.

explicit POS : A Definition A statement which is verbally expressed without need for interpretation; in unmistakable terms Usage The collector had given explicit instructions on how to handle the riot situation; there was no need for discretion.

felicitous POS : A Definition Well-chosen (especially of words); suited to a complimentary situation Usage The class leader gave a felicitous speech welcoming the chief guest to the school function.

gauche POS : A Definition awkward when dealing with people and often saying or doing the wrong thing Usage In the movie My Fair Lady an English professor succeeds in imparting social grace and polish to a gauche young flower girl.

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indeterminate POS : A Definition Undefined in value; not clearly fixed Usage Truth can be hard or easy helpful or harmful sweet or bitter; its effect is quite indeterminate.

laconic POS : A Definition Economical in words; to the point Usage The boy's laconic replies to questions were often so short as to sound rude. When she interviewed the renowned writer

his laconic replies were not conducive to asking too many questions.

lucid POS : A Definition (water) Clear of dirt or mud; (dissertation) easily understood and clear Usage They had no problem finding his new house as his directions were lucid.

outrage POS : N

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Definition Wantonly vicious or cruel act, violation of decency, morality, honour etc. Usage Everyone regarded the police intrusion into the college campus as an outrage on the dignity of the institution.

perspicuous POS : A Definition Possessed of clarity of expression Usage After hearing her perspicuous presentation on the rather abstract theme nobody could say that she was given to speaking little.

profound POS : A Definition Deep, intense or far-reaching; very great Usage Mozart's music is profound and carries us from the superficial concerns of the day to the deepest human feelings.

sententious POS : A Definition trying to sound important or intelligent, especially by expressing moral judgments Usage The students had a dislike for the emails that the dean would send - they would be long and sententious.

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subliminal POS : A Definition Resulting from processes of which a person is not aware Usage The most enjoyable feeling is the subliminal change from wakefulness to sleep when we drop off tired at night.

supplicate POS : V Definition ask for humbly or earnestly, as in prayer; Usage The proud prisoner said he would supplicate to God on his knees rather than to his captor for mercy.

verbiage POS : N Definition overabundance of words Usage Her presentation was good but we felt her verbiage both redundant and distracting for its inordinate length.

verbose POS : A Definition Wordy ; employing an abundance of words and expressions Usage

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The teacher asked the student to make her essay less verbose by editing unnecessary descriptions.

Negotiations and Argument Words that are used while negotiating or arguing.

impasse POS : N Definition a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible; a road or passage having no exit Usage Continuing their fight into the narrow cave the two got into an impasse both wishing to come out but neither able to.

implicit POS : A Definition What is suggested or implied or hinted at Usage There was nothing implicit in the warning delivered by the militants.

ratiocination POS : N Definition the process of thinking or arguing about something in a logical way Usage The ability to use ratiocination to resolve problems in a logical way distinguishes man from beast.

resolution POS : N Definition A course of action determined or decided on. Usage According to the last resolution passed by the committee members could bring their own guests to the monthly dinner.

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resolve POS : N Definition A determination or decision; a fixed purpose. Usage After his recent narrow scrape with death the man made a resolve to keep away from smoking.

untenable POS : A Definition Incapable of being defended or justified Usage The lawyer told his client that if he did not tell him the entire truth any defence that he adopted would fail and make his position more untenable.

wrangle POS : V Definition Quarrel noisily Usage The robbers made an admirable coup and decamped with their booty but when they began to wrangle over splitting the spoil the noise attracted the police.

Interpersonal Engagements We engage with fellow beings in different ways. Here are words relating to such engagements.

altercation POS : N

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Definition Noisy quarrel Usage When the conversation started to become heated the barman subtly moved the 2 groups away to avoid an altercation

begrudge POS : V Definition Envy the possession or enjoyment of; give grudgingly or not give at all. Usage The little girl begrudged every minute her mother spent away from her.

beset POS : V Definition to affect somebody/something in an unpleasant or harmful way Usage Robinson Crusoe was beset with innumerable trials when he found himself marooned on an island.

browbeat POS : V Definition Be bossy towards Usage She stood her ground and did not change her decision to stay in her house even when the bullies tried to browbeat her into leaving.

camaraderie POS : N Definition A spirit of easy familiarity and trust existing among friends Usage Even total strangers can develop camaraderie when joining in for a jolly card game during a railway journey.

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concerted POS : A Definition Involving the joint activity of two or more Usage A concerted approach by many can be more effective on a municipality than individual efforts however forceful.

conciliatory POS : A Definition In a mood to patch up Usage His conciliatory words had no effect on the angry baron and he was forced to leave the place forever. Her mother advised her to speak to her friend when she was in a conciliatory mood

so that she would at least listen to her side of the story then.

connivance POS : N Definition To work secretly with someone to achieve something, especially something wrong Usage The crime was committed with the connivance of a police officer.

contempt POS : N Definition The feeling of regarding someone or something as inferior Usage Cleopatra had always regarded Octavius as an utterly mean coward and never tried to conceal her contempt for him.

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flout POS : V Definition to show that you have no respect for a law, etc. by openly not obeying it Usage Drivers of large vehicles flout road regulations with impunity and rarely even get hauled up.

ingratiate POS : V Definition gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts Usage Sent by Kamsa to kill the infant Krishna Putana ingratiated herself into the favors of the mother Yasoda

minatory POS : A Definition Threatening or foreshadowing an evil or tragic developments Usage The efficacy of minatory methods of training animals will wear out if the threats are not carried out.

mollycoddle POS : V Definition to protect somebody too much and make their life too comfortable and safe Usage One should not mollycoddle a child too much lest she never learn to face difficult situations in life.

requite POS : V Definition make repayment for or return something; to make return to (a person for a kindness or injury) Usage Very often we desist from performing evil actions only for fear

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that we may have to requite for them.

smirk POS : N Definition to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know something that other people do not know, etc Usage Realizing that her remarks achieved the desired conflict between the 2 sisters the vamp smirked.

spurn POS : V Definition Reject with contempt Usage The proud young man spurned the job offer claiming that it was beneath his dignity to work under a woman.

taunt POS : V Definition Harass with persistent criticism or carping Usage More cruel than his prison life was the persistence with which his neighbors taunted the man on his return .

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tryst POS : N Definition An agreement(sometimes between lovers) Usage The customs official was caught red handed during a tryst with an officer masquerading as a tourist offering a bribe.

ultimatum POS : N Definition Final warning Usage The millionaire gave his irresponsible son an ultimatum that he would be disinherited if he did not get serious in life.

vouchsafe POS : V Definition Guarantee condescendingly Usage The man told his ward that he could vouchsafe her a happy stay at the boarding school as it was his alma mater.

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wreak POS : V Definition Strike with forceful action Usage The typhoon wreaked havoc across the village destroying everything in its way and leaving nothing standing.

Exerting Influence People often exert influence on others around them. Here are words relating to this.

dominate POS : V Definition Exercise power, be in control, larger in number, quantity, status or importance Usage Though a brilliant worker Ram tends to dominate over other workers in his group and weaken the co-operative spirit.

edify POS : V Definition Instruct or give correction in moral plane Usage Edifying long-time convicts is not easy as they are mostly hardened and not in a mood for enlightenment.

indoctrinate POS : V Definition Instill one's own ideas into someone with force Usage He was an accomplished speaker and managed to indoctrinate the crowd with his ideals and philosophy

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ineluctable POS : A Definition impossible to avoid or evade: Usage There was no way to stop the ineluctable rush of the sea into the Titanic.

juggernaut POS : N Definition a very large lorry/truck ,a large and powerful force or institution that cannot be controlled. Usage The villagers witnessed the juggernauts roaring through the country village destroying everything coming their way.

malleable POS : A Definition Being able to be moulded or shaped (especially of metal) Usage Being malleable gold can be made into ornaments as it will not break or resist shaping .

wheedle POS : V Definition Persuade (or try to) by flattery Usage The fellow was so shameless that even after being insulted he would wheedle his superior into granting him a favour. He tried to wheedle out confidential information from the CEO's secretary by complimenting her and taking her out.

Cheating Words relating to cheating, deception and fraud.

adulterate POS : A Definition To debase by adding inferior material. Usage

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Flavours which are not permitted are regarded as adulterate in a drink.

affected POS : A Definition 1. Behaving or speaking in an artificial or assumed way to impress others.~n2. influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease. Usage On being questioned at the frontier the traveller struck the officers as being too affected and not the natural Indian he posed as.

belie POS : V Definition Be in contradiction of Usage His smooth and pleasant demeanour belied his scheming nature. His trim jacket and immaculate dressing manner belied the fact that his thoughts were incoherent and disorganised.

bilk POS : V Definition Cheat somebody (especially of money); escape either physically or mentally Usage Always be honest in your dealings with others; if you bilk someone even once you may never get a second chance to prove your credibility.

canard POS : N Definition False or fabricated story Usage A person in high office must be insensitive to canards baseless tales of his misdemeanours spun by his rivals.

chicanery POS : A Definition

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the use of complicated plans and clever talk in order to trick people Usage Clearly there is some chicanery going on and perhaps in due course we will find out the truth.

disabuse POS : V Definition Dismiss a wrong notion Usage The teacher disabused the student of the belief that he could prove his innocence to the headmaster the latter firm in his thinking to the contrary. He knew he had done no wrong and though all evidence was against him he vowed to disabuse the jury of their impressions.

dissemble POS : V Definition hide the real nature of Usage Although quite excited by the offer made to him the young man tried to dissemble his feelings and appear calm.

equivocate POS : V Definition to talk about something in a way that is deliberately not clear in order to avoid or hide the truth Usage The applicant seemed to be equivocating when we asked him about his last job.

feign POS : V Definition make believe with the intent to deceive; Usage It was difficult to believe that he was genuinely indisposed as he was known to feign illness when he wanted to take leave.

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feint POS : N Definition a movement that is intended to make your opponent think you are going to do one thing when you are really going to do something else Usage The attack on the main gate was merely a feint.

fraudulent POS : A Definition characterized by, involving, or proceeding from fraud, as actions, enterprise, methods, or gains Usage Unfortunately it is very difficult to estimate the number of fraudulent claims for obvious reasons.

gullible POS : A Definition easily deceived Usage David being gullible pulled open the bag to show the strangers the money

only to have it promptly snatched away.

legerdemain POS : N Definition skilful use of one's hands when performing conjuring tricks Usage The magician drew endless scores of toys and trinkets almost from nowhere with effortless legerdemain.

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ostensible POS : A Definition appearing as such, but not necessarily so; pretended Usage Though the ostensible reason for his visit was a holiday he was really interested in learning about the recluse media baron who lived there.

perfidious POS : A Definition Tending to betray; relating to acts of faithlessness Usage For personal gain he committed the perfidious act of promising non-existent jobs abroad to many trusting youth.

sanctimonious POS : A Definition giving the impression that you feel you are better and more moral than other people Usage A sanctimonious devotee of any faith cannot be taken at face value because excessive display is hypocritical.

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stratagem POS : N Definition A maneuver in a game or conversation Usage The stratagem worked and the battle was won.

wily POS : A Definition Cunning, scheming Usage Behind this benign face was a very wily mind always scheming to cause harm and unhappiness to someone.

wizardry POS : N Definition Astonishing production of impossible results| ability to produce impossible results Usage Technical wizardry has brought so many useful products in a way that makes our everyday life easy.

Increase or Decrease Words that have an effect of increasing (or decreaing) something.

abbreviate POS : V Definition Make shorter Usage She could easily abbreviate whole sentences and quickly took down entire lectures.

abridge POS : V Definition Reduce the length of (a written text)

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Usage It is difficult to hold the attention of your audience all through a long talk and so you should abridge it.

abscission POS : N Definition The act of cutting something off. Usage His wound was infected so badly that the doctors advised abscission of a portion of the flesh.

accretion POS : N Definition The process of growth or enlargement Usage With his obsession for accretion of riches he built up his wealth but ruined his home life.

accrue POS : V Definition grow by addition; come into the possession of Usage Experience is accrued as one ages just as interest grows on deposits in the bank.

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agglomeration POS : N Definition The act or process of gathering into a mass Usage She had a passion for collecting stones and her agglomeration was huge and contained varieties from all over.

aggregate POS : N Definition Crowded or massed into a dense cluster Usage The Finance Officer explained to the auditor that the aggregate of expenses would reflect the expenses of all divisions for that financial year. While her performance in individual examination was commendable the aggregate wasn't impressive.

allay POS : V Definition Calm or pacify; set to rest Usage Sailors pour barrels of oil into the sea to allay the wild waters during a storm.

alleviate POS : V

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Definition Make less burdensome or less hard to bear. Usage After the recent earthquake a woman who appeared to have lost all her family had her grief alleviated greatly when her son was restored to her in good shape.

anticlimax POS : N Definition A change from a serious subject to a disappointing one or from an exciting situation to a tame one Usage An elaborate sales promotion campaign may make the introduction of the product itself an anticlimax the image being removed from reality.

atrophy POS : N Definition the condition of losing flesh, muscle, strength, etc. in a part of the body because it does not have enough blood: Usage It is important to use all muscles in our body as otherwise those that we ignore will atrophy.

attrition POS : N Definition a process of making somebody/something, especially your enemy, weaker by repeatedly attacking them or creating problems for them,the process of reducing the number of people who are employed by an organization by, for example, not replacing people who leave their jobs. Usage Of the two robbers in confinement one repented deeply for his immoral actions the other in attrition deplored only his imprisonment.

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coalesce POS : V Definition Grow or fuse together Usage The boy made several drops of mercury from the broken thermometer coalesce to make a big blob.

compress POS : V Definition Press or squeeze together Usage The engineer devised a clever algorithm to compress huge image files and store them in significantly smaller ones.

crescendo POS : N Definition a gradual increase in how loudly a piece of music is played or sung Usage There was a tremendous crescendo of noise around the ground

mitigate POS : V Definition To make milder or more endurable. Usage The students could not mitigate the teacher's anger no matter how hard they tried.

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plummet POS : N Definition to fall suddenly and quickly from a high level or position Usage I plummet to the bottom of a deep deep well.

pulverize POS : V Definition Crush into a powder Usage He rushed to pick up the briefcase before it could be pulverized by the oncoming truck.

relegate POS : V Definition Banish to an inferior position Usage He was relegated to a junior post after he made the same mistake for the third time

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subside POS : V Definition Decrease in intensity, Settle down Usage Even these minor conflicts subsided and then disappeared as the parties came to their senses.

truculence POS : N Definition Defiantly aggressive or cruel Usage The truculence of the bully mercilessly violent with smaller boys was summarily curbed by a bigger boy's thrashing.

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POS : V Definition Shorten by cutting Usage The script for the play was so verbose that the editor found it taxing to truncate it to fit into the alloted time slot.

wan POS : A Definition Unnaturally pale as from as from physical or emotional distress Usage Hearing the news that she had failed her exams her face became wan and she collapsed on the nearest chair.

Improve or Worsen At times events and behavious help in improving situations or conditions. At times they play a role of worsening situations or conditions. Here are words relating to this.

ameliorate POS : V Definition Relieve from pain or hardship Usage Wishing to ameliorate the offended guest the chief of the function ran behind him full of apologies.

amend POS : V Definition Change or modify for the better Usage When a society seeks to amend its own laws too often it reflects an inability to identify what is good for itself.

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anneal POS : V Definition Strengthen or harden Usage The process of alternate heating and cooling which a metal undergoes known as annealing tempers it to withstand heavy pressures.

burnish POS : V Definition to make shiny or lustrous especially by rubbing Usage The maid burnished the brass lamps till they reflected the lights

contaminate POS : V Definition Make impure or unclean by contact or mixture Usage Given today's cyber-technology the intermission of cultures across the globe is bound to contaminate all of them.

decrepit POS : A

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Definition worn and broken down by hard use; lacking physical strength or vitality; Usage Possessing only a decrepit table and a dilapidated book case the master's room radiated learning and wisdom.

denigrate POS : V Definition Belittle or disparage the character of; defame Usage In power politics one tries first to denigrate an opponent by listing out his shortcomings.

detrimental POS : A Definition Causing damage or harm; injurious Usage I cannot understand this as I cannot see any detrimental effect on the carp.

dross POS : N Definition worthless material that should be removed; Usage As worthless dross is discarded when gold melts men shed their weakness and emerge rich after passing through trials.

enhance POS : V Definition make greater (as in value, reputation, or usefulness) Usage

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Learning gets enhanced when principles are demonstrated through use of appropriate examples.

exacerbate POS : V Definition Make an adverse or painful situation more so Usage It is important that a drug does not exacerbate an ailment even if it does not cure the patient.

expiate POS : V Definition to accept punishment for something that you have done wrong in order to show that you are sorry Usage One way man can expiate his sins against man is to serve the ones he has wronged.

foment POS : V Definition to cause or encourage the development Usage The union leader was constantly trying to foment trouble among the workers

innocuous POS : A Definition Harmless used in connection with one usually thought harmful Usage The member in the interview panel who at first appeared the most formidable turned out to be innocuous

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asking just one harmless question.

He misunderstood a perfectly innocuous remark that she made and caused a big scene unnecessarily

respite POS : N Definition A usually short interval of rest or relief Usage The recent rains in the East Coast of India went on and on without respite.

Support, Help, Aid Words relating to helping, supporting, aiding someone or something.

actuate POS : V Definition Put into motion or action Usage Being drawn frequently to the merits of the young woman the CEO was actuated to promote her.

adverse POS : A Definition

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Going counter to one's benefit Usage It has been proved that some pain killers that are sold over the counter have adverse effects and doctors advise people not to buy them.

avert POS : V Definition Prevent the occurrence of Usage No matter how fast you drive you must remain alert to any risks so as to avert possible accidents. You can avert accidents by properly following road rules.

beneficial POS : A Definition An act capable of bringing about good results. Usage One of the beneficial acts of Sher Shah was the planting of shady trees along the pathways in his kingdom.

blighted POS : A Definition affected by blight--anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity; Usage No one wants a life blighted with disease but few are willing to take pains to guard against this happening.

conducive POS : A Definition Tending to bring about, being partly responsible for Usage

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Psychologists have determined that different kinds of music can be conducive to different activities and promote better performance.

constraint POS : N Definition The threat or use of force to restrict Usage A motivated person perceives the constraints of society and office as challenges rather than as completely restrictive of his freedom

dismiss POS : V Definition Eliminate from consideration Usage For full benefit from treatment of a major illness one should dismiss all negative thoughts from the mind.

facilitate POS : V Definition Make more easy Usage The recent introduction of free net surfing centers at airports will facilitate removal of the boredom of stop-over passengers.

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goad POS : N Definition Stimulus to action Usage A bad report card is quite a goad for studying

hortatory POS : A Definition Encouraging, exhortative Usage Doubtlessly the teacher was pointing to all of Johnny's faults but the manner of her doing was thoroughly hortatory and conducive to improvement rather than to resentment.

impede POS : V Definition Retard or obstruct the progress of Usage Unfounded superstitious beliefs often impede social progress.

intervene POS : V Definition coming or appearing between two periods of time Usage The minister intervened during the session with a revealing presentation and prevented the bill from getting sanction.

lionize POS : V Definition Assign great social importance to Usage

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Brutus was concerned at the seriousness with which the Roman populace lionized Caesar as if he were above all mortals.

occlude POS : V Definition Make the view clouded Usage Petty fears of damage to one's public image occlude even a saint's finer qualities.

prohibitive POS : A Definition Prohibitive costs are so high that they prevent people from buying or doing something. Usage The middle class employees found the cost of the new car prohibitive and hardly affordable even under the special scheme.

thwart POS : V Definition

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Prevent the occurrence, realization or attainment of Usage The quick wit of the British police has thwarted a major plot to blow up ten planes in midair.

tutelary POS : A Definition Relative to guardianship mostly supernatural Usage The local guardian took his tutelary role very seriously and enforced many restrictions on the young girl. Cleopatra believed that her son was under the tutelary protection of the gods of the temple and therefore safe from Octavius.

whet POS : V Definition Sharpen (knife or skills) Usage He needs to whet his conversation skills much more if he wants to hold his own in this elite society

Assuage At times we help others in coping with their difficulties and assuaging their agonies. Here are words relating to such acts.

assuage POS : V Definition Make less severe; soothe Usage

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Seeing the hurt on his child's face at his scolding the father tried to assuage it with soothing words.

commiserate POS : V Definition Feel or express sympathy with compassion Usage When tragedy strikes an individual his close friends are normally the ones who try to commiserate with him through kind words and deeds.

mollify POS : V Definition Pacify | soothe Usage When a child bruises herself it is as important to treat her physical injury as to mollify her with endearing words.

Change of State Words that are related to changing the current state of someone or something.

metamorphosis POS : N Definition Change in the form or appearance Usage When the plain-looking girl decided to get a make up done there was a metamorphosis into a beauty.

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transmute POS : V Definition alter the nature of (elements) Usage The science of chemistry stems from alchemy which had a flavour of magic claiming it could transmute lead into gold.

Creation and Destruction Words relating to creation (or destruction) of something.

annul POS : V Definition Declare invalid Usage The new rule book was welcomed by all as it annulled all the older rules which were neither significant nor beneficial.

bowdlerize POS : V Definition Remove from script or strip Usage The Film Censor Board is nowadays lenient preferring not to bowdlerize passages which would have been stricken off earlier.

dissolution POS : N Definition Disintegration ; total destruction, complete disappearance, loss of entire regions

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Usage Constant civil wars and strife led to the dissolution of the state as a single entity.

factitious POS : A Definition not genuine but created deliberately and made to appear to be true Usage Technology has advanced so much that even a Rembrandt displayed in the Louvre may well be factitious rather than original.

macerate POS : V Definition become soft or separate and disintegrate as a result of excessive soaking; Usage After being macerated for nearly a week in water the diary was still readable for the quality of its paper ink.

partition POS : N Definition The act or process of dividing something into parts. Usage A partition of rough studding hung with ragged cloths divided the room into two.

rend POS : V Definition (Past tense of 'rend' ) tore Usage They rent their clothes in grief.

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scotch POS : V Definition Hinder or prevent evils, plans or desires. Usage He issued an announcement to scotch rumours of his death.

sterile POS : A Definition not producing any useful result ; completely clean and free from bacteria ; lacking individual personality, imagination or new ideas Usage pesticides and fertilizers kill these microbes turning fields into clinically sterile areas

stymie POS : V Definition Thwart or stump Usage Some of the simplest problems can stymie us and thwart our plans if we fail to calm ourselves.

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Nature of Actions and Behavior The manner in which we act or behave is different at different times due to various reasons that influence our behaviours. Here are words on such specific behaviours and actions.

impair POS : V Definition to damage something or make something worse Usage According to the Auroville Eye Hospital reading fine print in candlelight can actually improve rather than impair vision.

inadvertent POS : A Definition Unintentional; failing to act Carefully or considerately. Usage Walking along the pathway he inadvertently dropped one of his books.

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Activities that we engage in We engage in various activities. Words relating to such engagements.

accost POS : V Definition Be first to approach and speak Usage She got extremely agitated when the salesman accosted her as she was window shopping and pressing product on her.

allocate POS : V Definition to give something officially to somebody/something for a particular purpose Usage Parents allocate a significant part of their savings for their children's education.

astringent POS : A Definition Penetrating (small) Usage The astringent smell of ammonia is the property used in smelling-salts used to restore consciousness in fainting persons.

avenge POS : V Definition take revenge for a perceived wrong; Usage It is better to rectify the legal system than to avenge an ill caused by its manipulation.

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POS : A Definition Frenetically violent or destructive Usage The elephant used to its mahout went berserk when someone else manhandled it

and went about on a rampage.

bestow POS : V Definition Present as a gift or an honour Usage Nature has bestowed us with gifts galore that make life worthwhile.

bolt POS : N Definition A measure of cloth Usage Cleopatra placed hundreds of bolts of fine silk before Caesar to honour him.

browse POS : V Definition

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Look through or over something casually Usage Higginbothams attracts readers because they are able to browse through many books at leisure.

cohorts POS : N Definition a group of people who share a common feature or aspect of behaviour ,a member of a group of people who support another person. Usage In a poet's description the cohorts of a plundering tribe came down in bands of trained soldiers and quickly destroyed the village.

consign POS : V Definition Commit forever; commit irrevocably Usage After long deliberation the father decided to consign his precious books to the care of his youngest daughter.

convoke POS : V Definition call together; Usage To consider the national emergency the government decide to convoke parliament even on a holiday.

cull POS : V Definition reduce the population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter,select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources. Usage In any data statistical processing it is vital to cull the irrelevant from the relevant data.

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dabble POS : V Definition Undertake something superficially or without serious intent Usage A serious professional does not dabble with his work but studies relevant details deeply.

divest POS : V Definition Strip or deprive one of rights, titles, recognition, wealth Usage When found guilty of misdemeanour one is divested of not only powers but also self-respect.

emulate POS : V Definition Try to equal or excel (through imitation) Usage Tales of courage and sacrifice can motivate children to emulate

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the characters of the story who display such traits.

factious POS : A Definition Given to or promoting internal dissension Usage Some party members are factious only wanting to cause differences within the party.

gesticulation POS : N Definition Making gestures especially while speaking Usage To make our meanings clear while speaking we resort to gesticulation making bodily movements supplement our words.

gouge POS : V Definition Scoop out material, make concave, remove material from a mass Usage The hunger during a famine is so painful that those affected tend to gouge the entire contents of the serving bowl at one go.

peccadillo POS : N Definition Petty misdeed Usage Were we to be judged by our youthful peccadilloes and other foibles

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none of us would be taken seriously. The tinsel world often portrays the pecadilloes of childhood maturing to villainy.

pinch POS : N Definition a painful or straitened circumstance Usage He set aside a small sum to use at a pinch to meet sudden expenses.

squander POS : V Definition to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way Usage That lot only know how to squander what other men have earned.

squat POS : A Definition short and thick; e.g. having short legs and heavy musculature; Usage From descriptions she thought the man to be squat but to her surprise he was tall and lean.

swathe POS : V Definition wrap in several layers of fabric Usage The model was swathed in yards of fabric with the designer knowing about arranging it.

vie POS : V Definition Strive for victory or superiority Usage The two boys were thick friends though both of them would vie to be better than the other in everything

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volition POS : N Definition Conscious choice or decision Usage He decided to become a hermit and sacrifice all worldly pleasures of his own volition.

welt POS : N Definition Mark on the body caused by a burn or whip Usage The little puppy was howling in pain from the welts on its body the result of a nasty prank by some street kids

Conventions and Protocols Words relating to rules, conventions and protocols.

bilateral POS : A

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Definition Relating to agreement of trade or military alliance between two countries or business agreement between two concerns Usage The 2 country heads were delighted to sign the bilateral agreement that would benefit both of them equally.

decorum POS : N Definition Dignified and socially acceptable behaviour Usage In public one has to maintain a certain degree of decorum and not behave as in the privacy of one's home.

gaffe POS : N Definition a mistake that a person makes in public or in a social situation, especially something embarrassing Usage She committed a gaffe by placing before the chairman a letter written to her by her lover mistaking it for the agenda of the meeting.

mandatory POS : A Definition required by rule; uttered by an authority Usage It is mandatory to report an accident or a crime to the police if you happen to intrude one.

probity POS : N Definition Uprightness in transactions; incorruptibility in profession; principle in life Usage Taking his own honesty for granted he was shocked to find it was his probity that was being doubted.

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propriety POS : N Definition Appropriateness, suitability, fitness in regard to conduct Usage The rich man sent his daughter to a finishing school where she was trained to behave with propriety in any situation.

seemly POS : A Definition according with custom or propriety; Usage It was not seemly of the hostess to ignore a guest just because he was less affluent.

stringent POS : A Definition Demanding strict attention to rules and procedures Usage Defense factories stipulate stringent specifications on items supplied and allow only the barest deviations.

transgression POS : N Definition Violation of a law or solemn understanding Usage For fear of transgressing the tenets of their faith

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many accept all its torments and injustices.

turpitude POS : N Definition a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice; Usage He descended to the basest turpitude stealing the amount saved for paying his child's school fees just to buy his cocaine.

unseemly POS : A Definition Not in accord with the accepted standards Usage Wearing short tops and jeans is forbidden in colleges now as they are deemed to be unseemly and not in line with Indian traditions.

Religion Words relating to religion, God and spirituality.

affirmation POS : N Definition Positive assertion Usage Despite his affirmation of innocence the judge sentenced him to three months of community service.

agape POS : A Definition In a state of wonder or amazement, as with the mouth wide open Usage When she won the Miss Universe crown she was agape with joy and cried out with pleasure.

agnostic POS : A

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Definition Skeptical about the existence of god or supreme being Usage For every group of religious followers and fanatical zealots there is another group of agnostics who even question the existence of god.

apocalyptic POS : A Definition Having far reaching, usually disastrous, consequences; of a revelatory or prophetic nature Usage Even thunder and lightning sometimes appear to be apocalyptic predicting hard times ahead.

apostate POS : N Definition One not faithful to one's religion, party or cause Usage An apostate to his own catholic church Martin Luther questioned the authority of the Pope.

benison POS : N Definition A spoken blessing Usage As she prepared to leave for her exams she knew she would do well having received her grandmother's benison.

blasphemy POS : N Definition

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Contemptuous or profane act, thought or word relating to God or something considered inviolable Usage To speak even dispassionately about the merits of the enemy's claims was blasphemy to Duryodhana who treated his own rights as holy.

canon POS : N Definition A code or rule, usually of the church Usage Before you defy the canons of your own faith or codes and rules observed by your forefathers make sure you have valid reasons.

cardinal POS : A Definition serving as an essential component; Usage Compassion is a cardinal virtue in any human and exploitation a cardinal vice.

desecrate POS : V Definition To violate or outrage the sacred character of (an object or place) by destructive behaviour. Usage Barbarous invaders of any land have rarely valued or honoured works of art or religion but mostly desecrated them

exorcise POS : V

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Definition Expel through adjuration or prayer Usage She had managed to exorcize these unhappy memories from her mind.

idolatry POS : N Definition worship of idols Usage Worship an "enlightened" man who condemns idolatry; by treating him as your idol you commit the very error he condemns.

piety POS : N Definition Righteousness; dutiful devotion to God and observance of religious principles Usage One need not take efforts to appear to love God; a compassionate attitude in itself radiates piety.

reverent POS : A Definition feeling or showing deep respect Usage People of the village were reverent about Luigi almost a God to them who had protected them from cruel landlords.

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secular POS : A Definition Worldly rather than spiritual Usage Education should be secular having nothing to do with religious concerns.

Value of something Words relating to assigning or estimating the value of someone or something.

ancillary POS : A Definition Serving as a help Usage He started the ancillary unit to help with the additional production requirements of his main unit when the demand exceeded supply for his product.

appraise POS : V Definition Evaluate especially in official capacity Usage It is not easy to appraise the intellect of a person as easily as to evaluate his skills .

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equity POS : N Definition Conformity with rules or standards Usage The bank rejected his loan application on grounds of inadequate equity his investment being short of the stipulated standards.

exemplary POS : A Definition providing a good example for people to copy Usage His attitude was of an exemplary nature The punishment was exemplary for the sin of murder.

futile POS : A Definition Fruitless Usage Once his guilt was proved no one was willing to listen to his pleading and his attempts to get any sympathy were futile.

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gratuitous POS : A Definition costing nothing; unnecessary and unwarranted Usage She believed in directly asking for help when she needed and could not tolerate gratuitous offers of assistance.

inconsequential POS : A Definition Without causal link; not following from or leading to any aspect of the context situation Usage Forced to think up a relevant solution the braggart could only make inconsequential remarks which had no significance.

minutiae POS : N Definition the small, precise, or trivial details of something Usage In any enterprise the minutiae must be monitored - the little bolts and nuts of the big machinery - vital to achieving the major objectives.

mundane POS : A Definition Worldly in a materialistic sense as opposed to spiritual; commonplace, part of everyday life Usage

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Transcendental meditation lifts you above the mundane where you normally think only of day-to-day issues of professional rivalry.

pith POS : N Definition Choicest or the essential part of an idea or experience Usage When surfing the internet for information one needs to segregate the superfluous from the pith.

rarefied POS : A Definition Thin in matter; of low density Usage The trekkers were getting lightheaded due to the rarefied mountain air and decided to move lower.

tenuous POS : A Definition Having little substance or significance Usage The argument that young people cannot be relied on merely on account of their inexperience is tenuous and lacking in logic The ruler's hold on the powers in the kingdom were tenuous and his enemies were looking at overthrowing him.

Music and Language Words relating to music and language.

adage POS : N Definition A general saying that sets forth a general truth and gained credit through long use Usage

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That honesty is the best policy is an adage that one is taught early in school. One cannot help but find truth in the adage 'One man's meat is another man's poison' as no two people have the same tastes.

alliteration POS : N Definition Use the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse Usage Alliteration calls for imagination and word knowledge to make meaningful strings of words with spellings starting with the same letter.

argot POS : N Definition Furniture, pottery and similar objects ; Jargon, slang or phraseology peculiar to a class Usage Argot with its exclusive appeal to groups who alone can relate to the different expressions can be seen as a form of clique.

aria POS : N Definition Elaborate song for one voice from a Cantata, opera or oratorio. Usage Sanskrit drama is characterized by an aria at start through which a lone singer introduces the subject of the play Sanskrit drama is characterised by an aria at start by which a solo singer introduces the subject of the play .

arrhythmic © 2013

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POS : A Definition Without regard for rhythm Usage One of the propellers was stuck and the plane veered sending out harsh arrhythmic sounds .

cacophony POS : N Definition A combination of harsh or strident sounds Usage At many weddings what passes for light music can only be called cacophony with its harsh loud sounds from voice and instruments.

cadence POS : N Definition the rise and fall of the voice in speaking, the end of a musical phrase Usage Immediately on entering the Dandaka forest Rama and his companions were charmed by the sweet cadence of the birds and beasts of the woods.

cantata POS : N Definition A musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text Usage The cantata evoked piety among the listeners in the church as the voices and orchestra rose together in harmony.

coda © 2013

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POS : N Definition Final passage of a piece of music Usage After the grandeur of the earlier part of the composition the coda at the end seemed quite unimpressive.

ellipsis POS : N Definition omission or suppression of parts of words or sentences Usage The student complained that the :"Fill the blank" items had more ellipses than printed words.

epithet POS : N Definition a word or short phrase used to describe someone, especially when praising them or saying something unpleasant about them Usage The film is long and dramatic but does not quite earn the epithet 'epic'.

malapropism POS : N Definition the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar Usage One wishing to display familiarity with complicated words without proper knowledge of them ends up with similar sounding words falling prey to malapropism.

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metaphor POS : N Definition a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity Usage Developed languages use metaphors to drive more colour into expression defining persons or things by their nature rather than literally.

pastiche POS : N Definition a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work Usage Originating from a headdress of plumes worn by native Americans 'pastiche' has come to denote flourish in attire.

repertoire POS : N Definition The entire range of skills, aptitudes or devices used in a particular field or occupation Usage The behavioral repertoire of infants

Poets and Poetry Words relating to poets, poetry.

apocryphal POS : A Definition Of questionable authenticity Usage People are only too willing to believe apocryphal news which has no basis or proof.

eclectic POS : A

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Definition (Of a substance) composed of elements drawn from various sources (of a person) given to selecting what seems best from various styles, doctrines, ideas etc Usage The chronicler made an eclectic collection of old family photographs picking them from as early as the nineteenth century.

elegy POS : N Definition A poem in mournful praise of person(s) long dead Usage The renowned poet was asked to compose an elegy that could be used at the memorial ceremony of the statesman.

prosody POS : N Definition the patterns of stress and intonation in a language,the study of poetic meter and the art of versification Usage With the relaxation in rules of prosody line metre and rime; there is "no rime or reason" in modern poetry.

sonnet POS : N Definition a poem with 14 lines which rhyme with each other in a fixed pattern Usage Sonnets such as those of Shakespeare and Milton enable us to contemplate the profundity of sentiment in their short 14 lines span.

Actors, Acting, Theater Words relating to actors, acting, theater, films etc.

thespian POS : N Definition

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Of or relating to a drama Usage The old thespian was known for his melodramatic ways and stage directors were scared to approach him.

travesty POS : N Definition Mockery or ridicule of a literary work or process Usage The legendary critic was prone to brand as a travesty even the most seriously devised play.

Books and Publications Words relating to books, literature, publications etc.

annotate POS : V Definition Make a comment on Usage A promotional documentary was made to annotate the bigger message behind the film which drew parallels between drama and real life.

assay POS : V Definition Examine by trial or experiment Usage Some decisions are difficult to assay as they are made emotionally and not rationally.

compendium POS : N Definition brief but full account; summary Usage Charles Lamb's "Tales from Shakespeare" a compendium of the original plays is almost equally charming.

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compilation POS : N Definition A collection of preexisting materials and data so arranged to form a new original work Usage Your statement of purpose should not be just a compilation of your perceived academic successes reading like a resume.

genre POS : N Definition A kind of literary or artistic work Usage Those who have been listening to music for over half a century can identify several genres of musical style.

hieroglyphic POS : A Definition Written in or belonging to a writing system using picture symbols; used in ancient Egypt Usage The doctor's writing on the prescription was totally illegible and looked more like hieroglyphics with some mysterious meanings.

preamble POS : N Definition An introductory occurrence or fact; a preliminary statement.

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Usage To achieve a more dramatic start some fiction writers convert their conclusion into a preamble. His early tour was just a preamble to his later adventures.

transcribe POS : V Definition put (thoughts, speech, or data) into written or printed form. Usage The nurse found it difficult to transcribe the doctor's instructions as his diction was very unclear and incomplete.

vignette POS : N Definition a short piece of writing or acting that clearly shows what a particular person, situation, etc. is like ,a small picture or drawing, especially on the first page of a book. Usage It was a pleasure reading anything sent by her as they were decorated by vignettes that enhanced from start of the letter.

Situations We find ourselved in many different situations. Words relating to such situations.

abject POS : A Definition Referring to the condition of a person as miserable or contemptible Usage Those on the shores of the Yamuna stared in abject horror as the

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thousand headed serpent Kaliya rushed towards Krishna.

adversity POS : N Definition a state of misfortune or affliction, a difficult or unpleasant situation Usage I had faced many adversities in life and this is nothing compared to them.

anecdote POS : N Definition a short, interesting or amusing story about a real person or event, a personal account of an event. Usage Old people are prone to narrating anecdotes drawn from their memories of long past which make interesting little stories.

brunt POS : N Definition The main impact or force as of an attack Usage She always bore the brunt of his temper as she was sweet natured and docile never once retorting or complaining.

calamity POS : N Definition an event resulting in great loss and misfortune; Usage Natural calamities like earthquakes hurricanes and tsunami

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demonstrate the comparative insignificance of human effort.

dilapidated POS : A Definition in deplorable condition Usage The rickety car puffing and panting looked dilapidated

just like the driver coughing and stumbling.

embroil POS : V Definition to involve somebody/yourself in an argument or a difficult situation. Usage 1. His stand on this issue has embroiled him in controversy.~n 2. I was reluctant to embroil myself in his problems.

exigency POS : N Definition Urgent demanding situation (distinct from emergency) Usage The exigency of an unanticipated situation calls for swift appropriate and discreet handling rather than force or money.

The staff were prepared for exigencies because there was no

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knowing when a given facility might fail to function.

incipient POS : A Definition only partly in existence; imperfectly formed; Usage The new process was a breakthrough; but in its incipient state of testing they could not base major plans on it.

inopportune POS : A Definition Inappropriately timed; doing at an unsuitable opportunity Usage His request for a raise was made at an inopportune moment when his boss was down with a critical problem.

tribulation POS : N Definition Great affliction or trial or distress Usage Before feeling bitter about tribulations in your life reflect how the trials refine and temper you.

untoward POS : A Definition Not favourable; troublesome; inauspicious Usage The safari personnel checked all animal enclosures and ensured that they met safety regulations to avoid any untoward incidents when the tourists arrived

windfall POS : N Definition Great good fortune, mostly financial Usage The inheritance for which he was the old man's sole nominee was quite a windfall for the orphan boy.

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Being Offbeat and different We come across people, objects or situations that are deviants from normal. Words relating to such deviations.

aberrant POS : A Definition Deviating from the normal or correct way Usage An emotionally disturbed child is prone to be aberrant in her responses even to casual questions.

aberration POS : N Definition Deviation from the normal Usage The policeman let off the elderly lady without a fine thinking that her traffic offense was probably an act of aberration.

anomaly POS : N Definition A deviation from the average or norm Usage A child with hidden capabilities may be seen as an anomaly if her parents are lacking in perception.

apposite POS : A Definition Strikingly appropriate and relevant Usage William Pitt though oratorical in his parliamentary addresses nevertheless made apposite use of his words which could not be bettered.

arbitrary POS : A Definition Dependent on individual discretion and not fixed by standards Usage It is mostly good practice in administration to take collective rather than arbitrary decisions on important matters.

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atypical POS : A Definition Not conforming to type ; unusual or irregular Usage The deviants from observed patterns in a sequence cease to be atypical when they are in large proportion.

bizarre POS : A Definition Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance Usage The truck drivers went on strike after parking their vehicles in the road in bizarre way without order or alignment.

chimerical POS : A Definition Given to unrealistic fantasies; monstrously fanciful Usage The chimerical creatures populated the famous painting.

desultory POS : A Definition going from one thing to another, without a definite plan or purpose Usage Many young people are so desultory that they are unable to fix their thought on a single plan or career.

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fluke POS : N Definition a stroke of luck Usage Great moments in life like great events in sport just occur by fluke apparently quite unexpectedly or undeservedly.

outlandish POS : A Definition conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual; Usage The mischievous youth is revealed in teasing his aunt by appearing in outlandish attire in bizarre designs and colours.

transcendental POS : A Definition going beyond the limits of human knowledge, experience or reason, especially in a religious or spiritual way Usage Meditation on the Himalayas was a transcendental experience for him and he felt rejuvenated.

uncanny POS : A

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Definition Mysteriously disturbing; suggestive of the supernatural Usage The uncanny sight of the sharp gigantic potholes a mile below where I stood on the bridge in Mpumalanga made me shiver. The uncanny sight of the sharp gigantic "Potholes" a mile below where I stood on the bridge in Mpumalanga made me shiver.

welter POS : N Definition a large and confusing amount of something Usage Their house looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane with a welter of newspapers magazines

tapes and clothes everywhere.

Hot and Cold Words relating to heat, cold etc.

dank POS : A Definition Disagreeably damp or humid Usage The dungeon in which Edmund Dantes found himself was dank with moisture hanging thick in the air.

ScientificTerms Words used in science, technology.

abortive POS : A Definition failing to accomplish an intended result Usage The student discovered why her efforts in the lab were abortive and did not produce the expected result.

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brackish POS : A Definition slightly salty; Usage Water in wells dug in thickly populated areas is likely to be brackish particularly near the sea.

catalyst POS : N Definition Substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without itself changing Usage A catalyst can completely change the way a chemical reaction takes place

coagulate POS : V Definition Change from a liquid to a thick and semi-solid state Usage When blood coagulates in the artery a person experiences sudden pain.

concentric POS : A Definition Having a common center Usage

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The axle and the rim of a vehicle need to be concentric to prevent wobbling.

congeal POS : V Definition Become semi-solid, especially on cooling Usage The doctors informed the patient's family that the accident must have occurred a while ago as the blood on the patient's head had already congealed.

convoluted POS : A Definition Wound together, twisted; difficult to comprehend Usage Even a simple problem can get confusing through a convoluted explanation.

derivative POS : N Definition Based on or making use of other sources; not original or primary; a term or idea etc., that is formed from another in the same class.

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Usage Derivatives of words often pack in more meaning than their original roots because of external influences. Oxygen and hydrogen by forming compounds give rise to many derivatives such as water.

discrete POS : A Definition One standing out distinct from another Usage The closer we get to a picture the better we can see that it is not uniform but composed of discrete particles.

disjointed POS : A Definition Not linking or relating appropriately Usage The rescuer could not understand the disjointed sentences that the accident victim was making and realised that he must be in shock.

empirical POS : A Definition Based on experience and observation Usage The enunciation of scientific laws has always been based on empirical truths.

extrapolation POS : N Definition Infer (unknown information) from known information by extending in time or by induction; predict from a trend. Usage

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Extrapolation can prepare us to plan the future by projection of current trends to their logical ends.

fusillade POS : N Definition rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms; Usage The tank force rolled on inexorably despite the fusillade from the enemy ranks spraying a profusion of gunshots.

generic POS : A Definition Relating to or descriptive of an entire group or class Usage The word 'cat' can be used in a generic sense to denote the entire cat family which includes the lion.

homogeneous POS : A Definition Formed of parts that are all of the same type Usage It is difficult to find a culturally homogeneous area in a metropolis.

hybrid POS : N Definition

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Composite of mixed origin; Usage The mule is a hybrid of the horse and the ass.

imbalance POS : N Definition a situation in which two or more things are not the same size or are not treated the same, in a way that is unfair or causes problems Usage The illness may also be connected with hormone imbalance

impermeable POS : A Definition Preventing entry of any external material or force Usage A mind which is impermeable under all circumstances cannot receive even good ideas and thus cannot improve.

inherent POS : A Definition firmly established by nature or habit Usage Pride is an inherent trait of all humans.

list POS : N Definition a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics) Usage The sales girl referred to the list in her database to inform the customer the location of the book in the shop.

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POS : N Definition most favorable or desirable; best Usage A good working relationship between medical and nursing staff is essential to facilitate optimum care.

oscillate POS : V Definition Keep shifting between two positions at a regular pace Usage When offered a job which required her to oscillate between two offices she decided to decline.

pathological POS : A Definition not reasonable or sensible; impossible to control ,caused by, or connected with, disease or illness, Usage Pathological tests are done to reveal evidence of any disease in a patient through examination of blood and bodily excretions.

plumb POS : A Definition exactly vertical; Usage The wall of the building was perfectly plumb

porous POS : A Definition Possessed of small holes, through which fluids can pass Usage When the campers ran out of drinking water they used the porous cloth to strain rain water of its impurities and drank it instead.

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POS : N Definition The property of being close together or adjacent Usage Propinquity to a criminal by its very nearness exposes one to the dangers the later faces.

prototype POS : N Definition the first design of something from which other forms are copied or developed Usage In production lines where an approved model or design has to be copied strictly a number of prototypes are taken as references.

repellent POS : A Definition very unpleasant; causing strong dislike Usage I found the pictures repellent

saturate POS : V Definition Soak, fill, or load to capacity. Usage The injected perfume saturated the closely-packed hall and made people faint.

shard POS : N Definition Sharp broken pieces of hard brittle material such as glass, ceramic, mica etc Usage

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Within minutes of the explosion the glass and pottery shop was reduced to shards with sharp pieces strewn all over.

The restaurant owner warned the little girl not to go near the broken glasses;lest their shards cut her feet.

tangential POS : A Definition peripheral; only slightly connected; barely relevant Usage Even a tangential reference to one's questionable lineage can affect one.

viscous POS : A Definition Having relatively high resistance to flow Usage The viscous mixture of sugar and honey was impossible to clean up. Glycerin is a viscous substance and can be mistaken for honey by touch.

Buildings and Structures Words relating to buildings and man-made structures.

alcove POS : N Definition an area in a room that is formed by part of a wall being built farther back than the rest of the wall Usage Little children love to find little alcoves in their houses where they can hide from everyone.

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buttress POS : N Definition a structure that holds up or serves as a foundation for something else Usage They wanted to raise the height of the building but the architect was doubtful if the lower walls would be able to bear the load. He suggested buttress for the lower floors for additional support.

capacious POS : A Definition Possessed of abundant capacity (space) Usage The car is renowned for its capacious interior and storage space that created a luxurious feel.

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carillon POS : N Definition A set of bells played using a keyboard or by an automatic mechanism similar to a piano roll. Usage The cheerful carillon of the little bells around the necks of the cows of Gokula announced Krishna's return. The cheerful carillon of the little bells around the necks of the cows of Gokula announced Krishna's return from the fields.

egress POS : N Definition (astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse Usage The egress of the sun after a solar eclipse is treated as an occasion for thanksgiving among Hindus.

lancet POS : N Definition an acutely pointed Gothic arch, like a lance Usage The triumphant horsemen marched through the lancet in the main market place

Journeys and movement Words relating to journeys, tours, voyages, travel etc.

digression POS : N Definition Wandering from the subject Usage Some professors get so carried away by their anecdotes that the digression makes them forget the main point.

itinerary POS : N Definition a plan of a journey, including the route and the places that you visit Usage

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Making an itinerary of your life's journey showing where you reached after every phase improves your future.

nautical POS : A Definition relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen; Usage The Nautilus was speeding at nearly thirty nautical miles an hour.

trek POS : N Definition a long, hard walk lasting several days or weeks, especially in the mountains Usage It's a long trek into town

vagrant POS : A Definition One who wanders from place to place without permanent home or a means of liveliness Usage His vagrant lifestyle was a result of his father constantly moving from place to place in search of more lucrative vocations.

Transportation Words relating to movement and transportation.

armada POS : N Definition A large group of warships Usage The mighty Spanish armada the prized fleet of ships sent by King Philip of Spain against

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England was totally defeated by the English. the prized fleet of ships sent by King Philip of Spain against England

was defeated by them.

ballast POS : N Definition Something that gives stability, especially character Usage When the ship swayed dangerously to the left the captain shifted the ballast to the right to counterbalance the upthrust there.

immobility POS : N Definition The quality of being unable to move independently. Usage Because of its basic immobility one cannot run away with a house as one can do with a vehicle.

jettison POS : V Definition Throw away an encumbrance Usage Some airlines are strict about the baggage limit; if by chance it is missed during check-in the excess may be jettisoned.

Government Words relating to governence, administration, government, civics etc.

aristocracy POS : N Definition A privileged class holding hereditary titles Usage

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Aristocracy as a form of government with power resting exclusively with a select few nobles disappeared on account of its misuse.

autonomous POS : A Definition Self-governed, with distinct identity Usage The administrative council of the medical college requested for autonomous status so that changes for betterment could be made without being bound by the state university laws.

civil POS : A Definition Of or in accordance with civilized society Usage It is Indian manners to be civil to everyone politely projecting an amiable attitude.

coalition POS : N Definition The state of being combined into one body Usage The fact that no party got a clear majority in the elections will ensure that a new government will have to be one of coalition.

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flag POS : V Definition Droop; grow feeble; decline in vigour or strength Usage There are certain mothers who will never permit their children's spirit to flag.

imperial POS : A Definition relating to or associated with an empire; Usage The paper bore the imperial insignia of Queen Anne of Austria.

marshal POS : V Definition to gather together and organize the people, things, ideas, etc. that you need for a particular purpose Usage She carefully marshaled her thoughts before answering the question.

proscribe POS : V Definition state officially that a publication is dangerous or forbidden; place an embargo upon

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Usage Compare the rank pornography in today's fiction with D.H.Lawrence's "Lady Chaterley's Lover" once proscribed from public book marts.

regime POS : N Definition a method or system of government, especially one that has not been elected in a fair way ,a method or system of organizing or managing something. Usage People were sick of the authoritarian regime

sovereignty POS : N Definition Complete power over an entity; the state of being a country with freedom to govern itself Usage India declared itself a sovereign state in 1950

subpoena POS : N Definition Court summons Usage When the witness failed to turn up at the court hearing the court sent him notice of contempt of court for not responding to the subpoena.

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writ POS : N Definition A document from a court that orders someone to do or not to do something Usage The prominent lawyer specialised in prevailing on the court to issue writs on base violations of human rights which he served on defaulting parties

Time Words relating to the flow of Time.

anachronism POS : N Definition Anything occurring or existing out of its proper time; misplacement in time Usage Horse carts on a main thoroughfare in New York city are an anachronism.

antecede POS : V Definition Appear prior to, in sequence Usage Let defining the objective of any proposed activity antecede planning of operations because how you do something depends on what you want to do.

antediluvian POS : A Definition made, evolved, or developed a long time ago,extremely primitive or outmoded Usage With the introduction of the iPod some would think it rather

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absurd to go back to an antediluvian walkman cassette player.

antique POS : A Definition vintage (other than wine); old Usage The antique vase was his pride as it had been gifted to his ancestors by the age-old rulers of the Chola dynasty.

apropos POS : A Definition Relating to; of an appropriate and pertinent nature Usage Apropos the recent bill the average tax payer may have to be prepared for a heavier burden in the next year.

chronic POS : A Definition

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Of long duration, continuing Usage We imagine many ailments to be chronic just because we suffered from them repeatedly in childhood.

coeval POS : A Definition Of the same period or era Usage Each generation or era has a unique set of coeval animals and creatures.

commemorative POS : A Definition Honouring or preserving the memory of another Usage A commemorative stamp was released on Martyr's Day to recall the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters. to recall the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters.

ephemeral POS : A Definition living, lasting, etc., for a very short time Usage Ill-gotten gains may seem sweet but such joy is ephemeral disappearing very quickly.

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POS : V Definition prevent by taking action in advance Usage The general forestalled the attack from the south through a bold offensive on the western front thus diverting the enemy.

impromptu POS : A Definition an extemporaneous speech or remark; with little or no preparation or forethought Usage The girl's impromptu presentation was proof that she needed no preparations as the subject was always clear in her mind.

improvident POS : A Definition not given careful consideration; Usage The teacher was not very impressed with the student's improvident explanation obviously without serious consideration.

interregnum POS : N Definition A period of time when a country or organization has no ruler or leader, and they are waiting for a new one Usage The Kings of yesteryear preferred sons to beset as this ensured that there would be no interregnum on their death.

nascent POS : A Definition coming into existence; Usage The patient was in nascent state of recovery and needed at least a month more to recuperate.

perennial POS : A

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Definition Lasting or active through the year or through many years. Usage Drought and cyclone appear to be perennial maladies of our state plaguing it through the year.

preternatural POS : A Definition existing outside of or not in accordance with nature; surpassing the ordinary or normal Usage Hamlet pointed out to Horatio that there are preternatural happenings on this earth that cannot be explained by earthly logic.

procrastinate POS : V Definition Postpone or delay needlessly Usage Procrastinating to tomorrow what should be done today may find you doing something today which you should have done yesterday. We tend to procrastinate thinking of irksome issues; but it is these that will return with redoubled force to be addressed later.

relic POS : N Definition an object, a tradition, a system, etc. that has survived from the past; an object that is preserved and respected due to its association with someone or something important Usage This system is a relic of our colonial past.

sporadic POS : A Definition Intermittent, occurring with uneven, unpredictable periodicity

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Usage This city is prone to sporadic volcanic eruptions since it is situated so close to the volcano that has been dormant for many years. One cannot call him a prodigy as his displays of excellence are merely sporadic and not a regular feature.

stint POS : V Definition Be thrifty; be frugal or miserly towards Usage A clever businessman will not stint on offering very lucrative compensation once he recognises the potential of his employee.

supersede POS : V Definition Bypass a contender to take someone's place; supplant Usage Wishing to avoid possible relocation the clerk agreed to be superseded by a junior for an officer's position.

tentative POS : A Definition Under terms not final or fully worked out Usage The management came to a tentative agreement reserving the right to revise some terms later if necessary.

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transitory POS : A Definition enduring or passing through in a short time Usage Physical beauty is but transitory and does not sustain but inner beauty lasts a lifetime.

yore POS : N Definition Olden times, ancient days Usage The older generation often reminisces about the days of yore when things were so much simpler and different from todays modern ways.

Places, Spaces, Distance Words relating to places, spaces and distance.

arcade POS : N Definition a covered passage with arches along the side of a row of buildings (usually a row of shops/stores) ,a covered passage between streets, with shops/stores on either side,a large building with a number of shops/stores in it. Usage In crowded countries like India arcades meant to be pleasant passageways are taken over by hawkers and sometimes street dwellers.

archives POS : N Definition A depository containing historical records and documents Usage There is no way we can estimate the value of archives giving authentic information of our ancestors.

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cloister POS : N Definition a covered passage with arches around a square garden, usually forming part of a cathedral, convent or monastery,life in a convent or monastery Usage Life in the cloister with its strict routine and within enclosed tall walls made her wonder how life outside would be. with its strict routine and enclosed within the tall walls

dais POS : N Definition raised platform as in a lecture hall for speakers or honoured guests Usage Some teachers make the class interesting by inviting some students to the dais to address the others from a height.

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haven POS : N Definition A place of safety Usage The riverbanks are a haven for wildlife.

mausoleum POS : N Definition a special building made to hold the dead body of an important person or the dead bodies of a family: Usage After touring the mausoleum the peasant returns and again asks where he can find Mao alive

pervasive POS : A Definition Extending over the entire available space Usage Cheer is pervasive; when a flight ran into troubled weather a few light-hearted passengers relieved the tension of the rest.

platitude POS : N Definition a comment or statement that has been made very often before and is therefore not interesting Usage Her conversation was rich with platitudes and one wished she would say something original for a change.

Shapes Words relating to shapes of objects.

angular POS : A Definition Stiff in character or manner(relating to a person) Usage At times

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the neighbors would get irked by Mr Joseph's angular nature. He had been in the army for many years and this had made his nature stiff and inflexible.

awry POS : A Definition Turned or twisted to one side Usage Suicide plans intended to free us of problems turn awry at the thought of worse things possible after death.

barb POS : N Definition A cutting remark Usage The expert commentator's barbs on under- performance created a bad feeling in the young cricketers.

circlet POS : N Definition A narrow band of gold, silver, or jewels worn around someone's head or arms Usage The women complimented the bride for her artistically made Circlet.

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concave POS : A Definition Curved like the inner surface of a sphere Usage The hikers took refuge from the bears against the concave wall of the mountains.

distend POS : V Definition Expand radially (applied to tubular objects) Usage Though the professor appeared calm and spoke placatingly one could tell he was really angry from the way the veins distended on his forehead. The car driver requested the mechanic to reduce the air pressure as the tyres had distended quite a bit.

limn POS : V Definition trace the shape of or make a portrait of Usage She can limn her sketches so clearly that they appear almost appear lifelike.

plasticity POS : N Definition

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The capacity (of an object or person to be flexible) Usage The plasticity of rubber recommends it for use as a mild shock-absorber.

protuberance POS : N Definition something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from a form Usage Some dinosaurs evolved protuberances on top of their heads

sinuous POS : A Definition curved or curving in and out; Usage Her sinuous gait emphasized her figure in her tight dress in shimmering silk.

taper POS : N Definition Very tender candle Usage The church atmosphere took on an added solemnity of air in the soft light of the flickering taper.

warp POS : V Definition make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story

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Usage He was so crooked he could warp any wholesome deal into a distorted one twisting it for maximum advantage to himself.

wispy POS : A Definition Thin, transparent, such as a fabric; lacking clarity or distinctness Usage The model worried how to walk theramp clad in such a wispy garment.

Rural and Urban Words relating to places - urban, rural, towns, villages etc.

agrarian POS : A Definition relating to rural matters; Usage In a traditionally agricultural country like India agrarian reforms have always aimed at improving land produce.

yokel POS : N Definition an uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside. Usage Just because he was from the neighbouring village she labeled him a yokel without noticing that he was extremely intelligent and well informed.

University and Places of Learning © 2013

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Words relating to University and Places of Learning

mentor POS : N Definition a wise and trusted guide and advisor Usage The young man regarded is first boss as his mentor having advanced in his career through his boss's patient advice and guidance.

tutelage POS : N Definition Educational guidance or guardianship Usage Under the tutelage of the sweet natured teacher the child grew from being an average student to an achiever. Under his master's tutelage the young chess champion scaled great heights.

Military Words relating to military, war, warefare, defence, strategy etc.

adjutant POS : N Definition Military rank, an officer assigned, superior officer Usage The way Tom dashed to the side of the General at the slightest gesture it was clear Tom was an adjutant to the General.

amazon POS : A Definition A large, strong and aggressive woman Usage "Xena the Warrior Princess" portrays a young and pretty woman as a mighty amazon.

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ambush POS : N Definition A sudden attack made from a concealed position Usage The cunning youth led the brave hero to an ambush where the assassins were hiding waiting to do him in.

arsenal POS : N Definition a collection of weapons such as guns and explosives. Usage It is said that the arsenal of the love god is made up of only flowers and love potions .

bivouac POS : N Definition Temporary encampment often in an unsheltered area Usage Those rendered homeless had to make do in bivouacs made of sheets and tents

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till the extent of damage could be assessed.

conscript POS : N Definition Someone who is drafted into military service Usage When the war prolonged the country had no option but to recruit civilians as conscripts for fighting. For a new conscript the young man displayed remarkable hardness and imperveance to humiliating remarks customary with military disciplinarians.

contingent POS : A Definition Possible but not certain to occur Usage That the budget provided for contingent expenses and was hailed as a masterly move in view of the looming external threats.

coup POS : N Definition (i) the fact of achieving something that was difficult to do. (ii) a sudden, illegal, and often violent change of government Usage (i) It was a major coup when they got the Vice President to inaugurate their charity show. (ii) The army general assumed charge of the government after toppling the civilian government of the country through a swift military coup.

espionage POS : N Definition The practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. Usage The espionage service is risky and thankless: an apprehended

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member of it is usually shot and his country will not come to his aid.

implode POS : V Definition Inward rush of air, as into a vacuum, causing damage Usage A gentle knock on an electric bulb makes it implode because of the inward rush of air due to the vacuum inside it.

rampart POS : N Definition a high wide wall of stone or earth with a path on top, built around a castle, town, etc. to defend it Usage Several cannons were placed on the ramparts of the castle to avert surprise attacks.

stockade POS : N Definition fortification consisting of a fence made of a line of stout posts set firmly for defense Usage All efforts were turned to protect the stockade and prevent the invading army from seizing the stored arsenal.

torpedo POS : N Definition Submarine missile Usage While sailing majestically in the high seas the grand ocean-linear got smashed by a torpedo released from a submarine with frightful power.

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Apparition At times, things appear different from what they really are. Here are words relating to this.

apparition POS : N Definition a ghost or an image of a person who is dead Usage She screamed in terror because the apparition which appeared so real was of a man she believed dead.

mirage POS : N Definition Something illusory or insubstantial Usage Merely having hope can be a mirage deluding a suffering man into anticipating relief unless supported by positive action.

verisimilar POS : A Definition the appearance of being true or real Usage She recounted a verisimilar tale and had the audience actually picturing the whole drama in their minds.

Study of various subjects Words relating to various fields and disciplines of formal and informal study.

archaeology POS : N Definition The study of prehistoric people and their cultures Usage Perhaps the most reliable aid to historical studies is archeology which brings up living proofs of things long dead.

ethnology POS : N Definition The science that analyzes and compares human cultures as in social

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structure, language, religion, technology etc. Usage Being fascinated with the variety of cultures he had seen in his world tour he got embedded into ethnology.

Law, Crime and Investigation Words relating to law, crime, investigation.

acquittal POS : N Definition Deliverance from charges Usage She threw a big party for her brother on his acquittal from the false charges of assault that had been booked on him.

affidavit POS : N Definition Written declaration made under oath Usage An affidavit by one solemnly affirming a claim authenticated by a notary can substitute for documentary proof.

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POS : V Definition Get a prior feeling of something unpleasant about to occur; to arrest and escort into custody Usage If the police really set their hearts on the job they can apprehend almost any criminal On the eve of the declaration of Independence

Lord Mountbatten apprehended a major clash between Muslims and Hindus.

arraign POS : V Definition Accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy Usage When the crime is treason the government is not satisfied with just arraigning charges but will press for proper punishment.

codicil POS : N Definition an instruction that is added later to a will, usually to change a part of it Usage When a will is written much before it can be acted on there may be several codicils to amend and qualify its provisions.

confiscate POS : V

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Page 276/313

Definition Seize private property for the public treasury Usage The officials warned him that they would confiscate his property if he failed to pay his tax arrears by the month end.

culpable POS : A Definition responsible and deserving blame for having done something wrong Usage If you kill a man even accidentally your action is culpable demanding punishment by law.

exculpate POS : V Definition clear from blame or guilt Usage The irrefutable alibi presented by an honored and respected member of the Board exculpated the officer suspected of misdemeanor An alibi given by a respected senior helped to exculpate the officer who was suspected of a theft.

exonerate POS : V Definition to officially state that somebody is not responsible for something that they have been blamed for Usage The charges of corruption leveled against Charles proved out to be false. The statement from the court exonerated him.

© 2013

Page 277/313

impunity POS : N Definition Quality of being protected from punishment for misconduct. Usage Today the law - abiding citizen lives in fear of undeserved punishment while political criminals walk about with impunity.

incarcerate POS : V Definition to put somebody in prison or in another place from which they cannot escape Usage Our freedom fighters incarcerated in faraway Andamans still continued to inspire others from their jails across the sea.

indict POS : V Definition Accuse or charge one of fault, crime Usage Perhaps due to the violent exterior of the accused the jury appeared ready to indict him even before even listening to the defense.

misdemeanor POS : N Definition an instance of misbehavior; misdeed. Usage Violation of this law was made a high misdemeanor and punished accordingly.

perjury POS : N Definition Criminal offense of making false statements under oath Usage The charge of perjury was brought against the minister because he told a deliberate lie on the witness stand.

© 2013

Page 278/313

pillory POS : N Definition Action of charging and questioning (one) humiliatingly Usage He found himself pilloried by members of his own party She was pilloried by the media for her radical ideas.

punitive POS : A Definition Associated with punishment Usage Some punitive laws of medieval times were cruel such as cutting off the hands of thieves.

recidivism POS : N Definition Relapse into sin, crime error Usage The warden was reluctant to release the convict who he felt was insincere and a likely case of recidivism

repeal POS : N Definition the act of abrogating; an official or legal cancellation Usage The officials came under fire for repealing the bad light rule in cricket which had been apt and fair.

statutory © 2013

Page 279/313

POS : A Definition prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute; Usage All cigarette packets need to carry the statutory warning about cigarette smoking being injurious to health.

warranted POS : A Definition What is acceptable or morally or lawfully justified; authorised Usage Public anger is warranted in cases where authorities totally fail in their services for no reason but carelessness.

Finance and Commerce Words relating to finance and commerce,

affiliation POS : N Definition Joining or associating officially with a superior Usage His affiliation with the company goes back a long way as his father and grandfather were also accountants with the same firm.

arrears POS : N Definition An unpaid overdue debt or an unfulfilled obligation Usage The happiest state to find yourself in is to be confident that you have no arrears of duty left with either family or society.

avocation POS : N

© 2013

Page 280/313

Definition An activity taken up in addition to one's regular profession Usage Einstein was known to have the violin as a favourite avocation even while being acknowledged as a scientist with great vision.

collateral POS : N Definition a security pledged for the repayment of a loan Usage Collateral being security can help in securing loan from a bank for executing a project.

emolument POS : N Definition money paid to somebody for work they have done, especially to somebody who earns a lot of money Usage She told her boss that emolument was not an area of concern as it was not money but the job profile that interested her more.

gratuity POS : N Definition An award given without claim or obligation Usage We asked him to be generous in his tipping at restaurants as most waiters depend on this gratuity to supplement their incomes.

impecunious POS : A Definition Associated with the condition of being extremely poor Usage

© 2013

Page 281/313

Generosity is of the mind not of means; people in the most impecunious circumstances share their little with others .

lucre POS : N Definition Money or profits Usage Lucre is at the root of so many follies and even crimes; who wouldn't be attracted by money?

stock POS : N Definition having the type of family or ancestors Usage Although working in a match factory the new child labourer revealed his noble stock through his dignified bearing.

usury POS : N Definition the practice of lending money to people at unfairly high rates of interest Usage Private money lending is characterised by unspeakable usury with loan offered at twenty percent monthly interest deducted in

© 2013

Page 282/313


Industry and Production Words relating to industries, production, empployment, wages etc.

anvil POS : N Definition A heavy block of iron or steel on which hot metals are shaped by hammering Usage The tool was heated and pressed heavily on the anvil to make it ready for use after cooling.

awl POS : N Definition A pointed tool for making holes Usage The cobbler's awl used for piercing the leather is the main tool by means of which he makes his living.

implement POS : V Definition Put into practical effect Usage More important than finding a solution to a problem is implementing it in practice and seeing that it works.

© 2013

Page 283/313

Agriculture Words relating to agriculture.

arable POS : A Definition Fit for cultivation, as by plowing (of land) Usage Fine arable land is deplorably sacrificed for building residential complexes in our country at the cost of cultivation.

fecundity POS : N Definition the intellectual fruitfulness of a creative imagination;the state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring Usage In a childless marriage before assuming the wife has no fecundity the husband should be examined for sterility.

Special Verbs Here are some good verbs that did not seem to fit in any of the themes.

abscond POS : V Definition Depart suddenly and secretly, as for the purpose of escaping arrest Usage The escaped convict has been absconding from the police.

© 2013

Page 284/313

assimilate POS : V Definition To incorporate, to fully understand an idea or any information, to take in and utilize as nourishment, absorb into the system Usage Although fed the best nourishing food the patient was unable to assimilate it and turned weaker by the day. I think I will need time to assimilate this new theory. Despite the nourishing food the patient failed to assimilate any of it and he got further weakened.

bask POS : V Definition to enjoy sitting or lying in the heat or light of something, especially the sun Usage In many cold countries people enjoy sunbathing basking in the unusual warmth.

blanch POS : V Definition Become pale in expression Usage The weeks of overwork and sleeplessness caught up with her : she blanched and swooned at their feet.

© 2013

Page 285/313

bungle POS : V Definition Work or act ineptly or inefficiently Usage He knew that he would be fired if he repeated his mistakes and further bungled any jobs.

confine POS : V Definition to keep somebody/something inside the limits of a particular activity, subject, area, etc. Usage Under the law the police cannot confine any person without the order of a magistrate.

construe POS : V Definition Take in a specified way; put a construction on Usage It is better to be upfront and clear in one's communication lest the listeners construe something that was never meant. It is better to speak in clear understandable sentences and ensure that

© 2013

Page 286/313

what one says is not construed in any other way.

default POS : N Definition failure to do something required by duty or law Usage The electricity company discontinued supply to the consumer as he had lost his facility by default due to non payment of bill.

delineate POS : V Definition show by drawing or describing Usage A few strokes of the artist's brush can delineate a storm on canvas while the words of the teacher delineate the civilizations of the past.

disseminate POS : V Definition Scatter (like seeds) Usage The dissemination of information takes place rapidly in today's technologically advanced world.

endorse POS : V Definition give support or one's approval to; acknowledge by signing a bill, draft etc Usage Everyone in the family endorsed the serious girl's selection of her future husband and told her to fix the date.

© 2013

Page 287/313

endue POS : V Definition Endow with qualities and values of morality and tradition Usage It is the duty of parents and teachers to endue the next generation with everything they need to make their future brighter and better

exemplify POS : V Definition to be a typical example of something Usage she exemplifies the qualities of a good leader

gainsay © 2013

Page 288/313

POS : V Definition Deny, discount Usage Though innocent even he could not gainsay the persuasiveness of his accuser's argument.

rescind POS : V Definition Nullify or declare invalid an existing law Usage Since the proposal for the building once approved was rescinded by court order the construction was halted.

wag POS : N Definition a witty amusing person given to cracking jokes Usage Tom was the wag of the village witty and jovial spreading lightness and cheer.

waive POS : V Definition Give up, not claim Usage Seeing the enthusiasm and determination on the poor singer's face the music teacher decided to waive the enrollment fee for him.

Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Proper and Improper Words relating to what is good, what is not, what is proper, what is not and so on

balmy POS : A

© 2013

Page 289/313

Definition Soothing or pleasant, physically or emotionally Usage The mild fragrant breeze blowing through the trees was balmy soothing her tired nerves and muscles.

benefactor POS : N Definition One who acts motivated by good or noble intentions Usage The woman regarded her boss as her benefactor as his advice led to her reaching the height of success.

beneficent POS : A Definition Fraught with generosity and charitableness Usage A social activity should be beneficent to society.

congenial POS : A Definition pleasant to spend time with because their interests and character are similar to your own ,pleasant because it suits your character,suitable for something. Usage a congenial colleague. pleasant because it suits your character. a situation that was congenial to the expression of nationalist opinions.

deleterious © 2013

Page 290/313

POS : A Definition Having a harmful effect Usage Excessive TV viewing is deleterious not only to vision but also to sociability.

fallacious POS : A Definition Faulty in logic Usage The judge was not impressed by the fallacious argument of the Defence and pointed out the lack of cogency in it.

guileless POS : A Definition Innocent, free of scheming or calculation Usage One wishes that adults could be more like children truthful and guileless instead of shrewd and calculating.

opprobrium POS : N Definition Slanderous onslaught against one in disgrace Usage The actor was unfazed by the slanderous remarks made against him as he knew that opprobrium was a price to pay for fame.

reprobate POS : N Definition person hardened in sin, one devoid of decency Usage

© 2013

Page 291/313

God extends his helping hand to even the most despicable reprobate should the latter repent his sins and pray for mercy.

seamy POS : A Definition morally degraded Usage The seamy side of the venerable professor was the extra liberty he took with the female students.

specious POS : A Definition Apparently correct or actually wrong or false. Usage The argument if not totally illogical was at best specious with its far-fetched reasoning.

stigma POS : N Definition mark of shame or disgrace Usage If a person undergoing a wrong sentence serves even a day in prison some social stigma attaches to him

© 2013

Page 292/313

even if he is later found innocent.

uncouth POS : A Definition Lacking refinement or cultivation or taste Usage The hunchback of Notre Dame appeared to be uncouth but he was far from coarse or crude.

vulgar POS : A Definition Lacking refinement or cultivation or taste Usage Any action or feeling can be portrayed in a way that is pleasant or unpleasant refined or coarse aesthetic or vulgar.

Unclassified Words We could not classify these words into any theme. Give your suggestions!

aegis POS : N Definition Shield of Jupiter; hence any powerful symbol of protection Usage

© 2013

Page 293/313

He was extremely ruthless and overbearing knowing he was under the aegis of the mafia.

ascribe POS : V Definition to consider that someone or something has, or should have(a particular quality or feature) Usage The grades of a student are ascribed great importance during placements. These paintings are ascribed to Da Vinci. The cause of the tsunami has been ascribed to the quake in India.

converge POS : V Definition Proceeding to meet at a point Usage Students from medical Institutions across the country converged on Bangalore to take part in the All India Conference on New Medical developments.

dissonance POS : N Definition Lack of agreement or consistency; discord Usage Dissonance among or between partners in any field of human activity should be avoided and harmony established for successful growth.

diverge POS : V Definition go in different directions from the same point Usage

© 2013

Page 294/313

Although the young people married for love they soon discovered that their pursuits and paths diverged considerably.

impute POS : V Definition Attribute through, Hint or suggest in something uncomplimentary Usage Current unrest in Afghanistan can be imputed to the old American policies of supporting Taliban.

inerrancy POS : N Definition Quality of being free of error Usage Not claiming inerrancy Churchill appointed a proof reader and editor to correct errors of punctuation spelling or usage in his manuscripts.

obviate POS : V Definition to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action) Usage The funds from this show should obviate any need for further contributions Once the quarrelsome passenger was evicted the need to suffer his painful company was obviated.

paradox POS : N

© 2013

Page 295/313

Definition (logic) a self-contradiction; Usage Life is full of paradoxes: what is is not and what is not

is actually the truth.

tessellated POS : A Definition Decorated with small pieces of coloured glass or stone together Usage Each of the tessellated designs was unique in that while it used bits of stone and glass and was beautiful in a different way from the others.

unsullied POS : A Definition Spotlessly clean and fresh Usage That the white table napkin remained unsullied till the evening with kids creating havoc all over spilling things is a miracle in itself.

© 2013

Page 296/313

wrath POS : N Definition Forceful often vindictive anger Usage An otherwise calm and jovial person he had a nasty temper and people feared his wrath when something angered him.

wrest POS : V Definition Snatch, seize, pull away, tear away,twist out of one's hold Usage The robber wrested her gold chain from her neck as she was going on a walk.

Predictions and Hypothesis Words relating to Predictions and Hypothesis

augury POS : N Definition A sign of what will happen in the future; an omen

© 2013

Page 297/313

Usage The disturbed woman took the sonourous sound of the temple bell as an augury of good events to come.

bode POS : V Definition Indicate by signs Usage The look on her face boded ill for anyone who crossed her path that day.

precursor POS : N Definition a person or thing that comes before someone or something similar and that leads to or influences its development Usage Like a precursor of the terrible things to come the old clock came down with a crash following the thunder. The stories of Zorro were a precursor to the comics of Batman.

presentiment POS : N Definition a feeling that something is going to happen, especially something unpleasant Usage Some people may have presentiment that something is going to happen in future.

prognosis POS : N Definition a judgment about how something is likely to develop in the future Usage

© 2013

Page 298/313

The prognosis is for more people to work part-time in the future.

Mystery and Investigation Life is full of mystery. Here are words relating to mystery and investigations.

clandestine POS : A Definition Secretly conducted or purposed Usage The cardinal knew of the clandestine amorous meetings between the Queen and the Duke; they were not so secret after all.

conundrum POS : N Definition Question, usually with a pun in its answer, that is asked for fun; riddle Usage Classical writers in Sanskrit are known to offer great spiritual guidance through conundrums based on simple worldly truths.

enigma POS : N

© 2013

Page 299/313

Definition A person condition or situation that is puzzling Usage The actor was an enigma to all his costars and the film fraternity as he never socialised outside the film sets. Though she had been a neighbour for years the old spinster could not understand the young lady who was an enigma of sorts.

labyrinth POS : N Definition Complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost Usage The human mind with its complicated maze of confusing thought processes and preconceived notions is likened to a labyrinth.

rebus POS : N Definition A representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols often presented as a puzzle Usage Creative copywriters invent catchy rebuses words and pictures vividly suggesting meanings like a pet inside a car advertising a brand of carpet.

runic POS : A Definition a symbol that has a mysterious or magic meaning Usage She was interested to pursue research in runic symbols.

sinister POS : A Definition

© 2013

Page 300/313

Suggesting or threatening evil Usage The royal minister was shocked when he uncovered the sinister plot hatched by the army chief against the king.

surreptitious POS : A Definition marked by quiet, caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed; Usage The secret agent took surreptitious peeks into the rooms in the mansion of the accused film star during the course of the lunch party in her house.

Special Adjectives Here are some good adjectives that did not seem to fit in any of the themes.

acerbic POS : A Definition Harsh, stinging, hurting Usage Acerbic reactions against an apparently trivial report prove how opinions can get very sour and harsh. It was advisable to stay away from her as she was known for her acerbic comments that could break up even the most close knit families.

analogous POS : A Definition Two or more things resembling one another in some particulars Usage Wishing for success without giving up some personal luxuries is analogous to wanting to have the cake and eat it too.

© 2013

Page 301/313

arduous POS : A Definition Demanding great effort or labour Usage Life's journey will appear to be less arduous if only we keep in mind our blessings along the way.

arid POS : A Definition Lacking interest or feeling; a dry area Usage She was full of spirit and he totally arid; where she was enthusiastic he was cold; yet they made a very compatible couple.

assiduous POS : A Definition showing constant and careful attention Usage The boss wondered how there could be any errors in the letter typed by his assiduous secretary.

banal POS : A Definition Something that is very ordinary and does not contain anything interesting or important. Usage

© 2013

Page 302/313

1. The movie received low ratings; the story was ordinary and the dialogs were banal. 2. There was nothing new in the president's speech I would say it was banal.

disparate POS : A Definition Not suited to be compared Usage The language skills of an established writer and one unused to writing are disparate and therefore should not be compared.

impeccable POS : A Definition Not prone to mistakes Usage There was no way anyone could fault the new officer who was known for his impeccable conduct and behaviour. When in politics even the most impeccable leader may have to face charges of curruption.

indubitable POS : A Definition Too apparent to be doubted Usage The genius of the twelve year old Mozart was indubitable; beyond a doubt his composition was the epitome of creativity.

© 2013

Page 303/313

meddlesome POS : A Definition Interfering in matters not concerned with oneself Usage He rented a solitary house away from the village in order to avoid contact with meddlesome neighbours.

onerous POS : A Definition Hanging heavily on one's mind Usage The will overburdened the heiress with the onerous responsibility of personally overseeing her estate. The pretty receptionist was pleased that her duties were not onerous:all she had to do was greet the visitors and answer the phone.

optional POS : A Definition possible but not necessary; left to personal choice Usage He took the extra classes though they were optional and did not really count in his internal grading.

© 2013

Page 304/313

peremptory POS : A Definition putting an end to all debate or action Usage Waiting outside anxiously he hoped the inquiry would get postponed or dropped when the peremptory call of the secretary summoned him.

precarious POS : A Definition Fraught with an element of danger or risk Usage The school van hung precariously from the edge of the cliff and the rescue team hastened to reach there before it toppled off.

qualified POS : A Definition Limited by conditions ; certified fit ; formally declared capable Usage The guides are qualified to lead groups into the mountains.

ruddy POS : A Definition looking red and healthy: Usage Methuen was a good-looking man tall and fair with a ruddy complexion

tacit POS : A

© 2013

Page 305/313

Definition Understood; not put into words Usage There was a tacit understanding between the brothers regarding the inheritance By tacit understanding not actually spelt out man and wife will not act against each other's interests.

tawdry POS : A Definition Gaudy and cheap in nature or appearance Usage Taking one look at the tawdry apartment he concluded this could not be where his sophisticated friend lived.

torrid POS : A Definition characterized by intense emotion; extremely and unpleasantly hot Usage Gone With The Wind is a novel describing the torrid passions of a fighter during the Civil War in America. Historical fiction writers would have us believe that a fierce warrior will also be torrid in his passion.

tortuous POS : A Definition Having or marked by repeated turns or bends Usage The path to truth is never straight winding like a snake through tortuous passages.

© 2013

Page 306/313

unwieldy POS : A Definition difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape; Usage Introducing the additional dance and fight scene made the already lengthy film quite unwieldy.

viable POS : A Definition Practically achievable or workable Usage Any business or charity needs to be made viable to sustain itself through its own activities.

volatile POS : A Definition

© 2013

Page 307/313

Anything or anyone of a changeable or excitable nature or temperament Usage Many of the African tribes are volatile; their mood can change abruptly from pleasant amity to total hostility.

Special Nouns Here are some good nouns that did not seem to fit in any of the themes.

abeyance POS : N Definition A state of suspension or temporary inaction. Usage As the amendment appeared very controversial it was kept in abeyance.

advent POS : N Definition Start of an era or age Usage The advent of the IT era has brought about revolutionary changes in the Indian economy.

application POS : N Definition The act of applying oneself ; equipment or apparatus to serve a purpose; putting to use Usage Mere book knowledge without any application is not much value in real life.

© 2013

Page 308/313

appurtenances POS : N Definition an accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living , a thing that forms a part of something larger or more important Usage Planned writing should dispense with appurtenances such as glossaries or footnotes and include in the main text all that needs to be said.

aptitude POS : N Definition An inherent ability, as for learning; a talent Usage Einstein's aptitude for science was not apparent at school for he was a dreamy boy who did not do well in studies.

archetype POS : N Definition An original model that is taken as a pattern or standard of perfection. Usage The earliest editions of the Holy Bible serve as archetypes for many later versions.

betoken POS : V Definition Be or give a signal for or a symptom of; Be a token of Usage Their contribution to the administration and development of the school

© 2013

Page 309/313

in spite of being only honorary members betokens their commitment to education.

cachet POS : N Definition the state of being respected or admired; prestige,a distinguishing mark or seal,a flat capsule enclosing a dose of unpleasant-tasting medicine. Usage King John was forced to affix his signature on the Magna Carta as a cachet that would elevate the nobles.

cameo POS : N Definition Engraving or carving in a low relief especially in a precious stone, brooch or ring Usage Her role in the film shone like the cameo on an ornament distinct from the surroundings and adding beauty to them.

consistency POS : N Definition The property of holding together and retaining shape Usage With unfailing consistency the counsel drew a point-by-point agreement between evidence and conclusion.

dichotomy POS : N Definition Growth or development in two different directions Usage

© 2013

Page 310/313

The dichotomy in our Indian culture partly traditional and partly western has started way back in the eighteenth century.

epitome POS : N Definition a perfect example of sth Usage He was the epitome of the dashing and flamboyant Fighter Pilot

euphemism POS : N Definition An inoffensive word/phrase substituted for one considered offensive or hurtful. Usage We are too polite preferring euphemisms or tactful skepticism.

hiatus POS : N Definition Break, discontinuity Usage It was good to see the senior journalist back at work after a long hiatus due to ill health.

mace POS : N Definition A large heavy club use in warfare

© 2013

Page 311/313

Usage Duryodhana took special training with Balarama considered a master in wielding the mace.

medley POS : N Definition A mixture of people or things of different kinds Usage The sensitive writer personally dealt with serious callers and employed a person to deal with the medley

overture POS : N Definition Something indicating what is to follow Usage "The chime of bells" is an overture to the arrival of an elephant is a saying which cautious one to be alert to circumstances.

replica POS : N Definition Duplicate, copy or reproduction Usage Advancement in photocopying technology has facilitated production of replicas to the minutest detail of form and colour.

serendipity POS : N Definition Stroke of providence, chance or luck, particularly by chance on something good, when one is looking for something else Usage The cobbler could not believe his serendipity on winning a million rupees in the lottery.

upshot POS : N Definition The final result or outcome ; the central idea or point Usage The upshot of the boxing match was that the reigning champion was defeated by the new player in minutes.

© 2013

Page 312/313

vestige POS : N Definition An indication that something has been present Usage The park owner was appalled to find vestiges of the picnickers party in spite of repeatedly telling them to leave the place clean

whittle POS : V Definition Cut or shape with knife Usage He was very good with his hands and whittled a serving spoon from a chunk of wood for his mother

© 2013

Page 313/313


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