The Chess Pawn – 1st 3D Printing Lesson Using Autodesk Fusion 360

Go to Autodesk Fusion 360 ( Autodesk Fusion 360 replaces123D. Autodesk is owned by the same company that distributes Tinkercad. Both are 3D modeling packages that use geometric shapes and addition and subtraction of negative space to create 3D models of shapes. Tinkercad is web-based; Autodesk 123D is client-based (downloadable onto your harddrive) AND cloud-based (your projects are stored in the cloud. Assignment – Design a chess pawn using the scripted lesson Final Product – Your Own Personalized Chess Pawn Shorthand Build Menu Cylinder – 40 mm diameter x 10 mm high Torus – 40 mm diameter x 3 mm torus diameter (donut size) Cylinder – 40 mm diameter x 20 mm high Torus – 40 mm diameter x 20 mm torus diameter (donut size) Cone – start with 10 mm x 40 mm triangle; Resolve 360 Torus – 8 mm diameter x 6 mm torus diameter (donut size) Sphere – 16 mm diameter

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Step-by-Step Making Instructions (scripted lesson courtesy of Bre Pettis, Anna Kaziunas France, and Jay Shergill- Getting Started with MakerBot) – their script is based on Autodesk 123D; this script is modified to use the Fusion 360 Modeling Program Create a Sketch


Select the horizontal (x-y) plane

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Place the center of the cylinder at the origin and make the diameter 40 mm

Set the height to 10 mm

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In geometry, a doughnut is called a torus.


Select ; Select the x-y plane Make the diameter 40 mm; set the internal radius to 3 mm.

Select Click on the Torus first, then click on the top center (not the bottom) of the cyinder

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Add another cylinder on top of the torus. You should use a 40 mm diameter and make the cylinder 20 mm tall.


Align the bottom of the new cylinder (40 dia x 20 high) with the top of the first cylinder (40 mm dia x 10 mm high)

Use a torus as a tool to slide away a curved chunk from the cylinder you just added


Add a torus – 40 mm center diameter and 20 mm minor torus diameter

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Align the torus on the top of the 40 mm dia x 20 mm high cylinder

Use the Tool to cut the torus away from the cylinder to give your pawn a “sculpted” look


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Select the large cylinder first as the target body

Then select the big torus as the tool body Then select “Cut” for the tool action

Press OK and your pawn body has a sculpted look!

There is no “object” for a cone. We have to make one.


Use the sketch tool to draw a triangle in the vertical (x-z) plane. Base is 10 mm and height is 40 mm

Select the triangle; Pick the vertical length of the triangle as the axis; and select FULL as the angle.

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Click OK…and your final cone (20 mm dia by 40 mm high) should look like this

Align the bottom of the cone with the top of your sculpted cylinder

Add a collar – a small torus 8 mm inner diameter and 6 mm torus diameter


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Align the torus at the top of the cone

Then move the cylinder down 8 mm

Create a sphere with a 14 mm diameter


Align the sphere on top of the cone

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Now add your initials to the bottom….you want the initials to “cut” into the body of the pawn


Use …select the bottom plane; select a position on the build plate and enter your initials. Now extrude your initials. I choose 4 mm; then I moved the entire 3D text so that 2 mm was above the plane and 2 mm was below the plane. You do this so you can select the text characters when you combine them with the pawn body. Make initials and extrude

Position the initials in on the build plane; then move to the correct position


First, rotate 180-deg in the y-z vertical plane so that the letters are reversed and appear normal when viewed from the bottom

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Then select all of the letters and move so that they are centered on the bottom of the pawn. You can’t use the align tool since each 3D text letter is an object. You can’t group letters for modify/combine commands

Combine each initial with the function


You have to each letter individually

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Save your project (see the save icon)


Click on data panel; then click on your brower button and go to the saved projects page

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Your projects are stored in the cloud. This is your project page with individual files that you can download into fusion or download in other file formats.

Download your project as an STL file

The Cloud service downloads your STL file to your email account.

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