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August 2011


Man Reads Book, Finds Truth and Wife

NURTURE Josh and Shauna were instructed and befriended by John and Virginia Holley.

In the fall of 2008, The Great Controversy book was given to Josh Hullender by his neighbors, Greg and Maggie Edward who told him, ". . . because you're artistic you may enjoy the art work". Later, even though he had a vision problem he decided to read the book with his magnifier. Josh remembers that at the age of 4 or 5 he would lie on the sofa and listen to a recording of the Bible. In his high school days he had searched various religions, covering all the major beliefs in the world, resulting in his belief of the Seventh-day Adventist views. Now, he was so thrilled with The Great Controversy, that he put it on My Space as his favorite book, and also made a search to see if anyone else had listed it. To his surprise, Shauna Myer, a graduate of Laurelbrook Academy was also interested in the book, so he contacted her on My Space. About four months later, at Christmas time, while he was in Indiana, Shauna called him. This was the beginning of their providential friendship. Josh had been praying for an SDA girlfriend and Shauna was very happy to meet a man who put Jesus first in his life. They studied The Great Controversy and the Bible, also watching Doug Batchelor on the computer. In time, Josh became friends with an Adventist, Virgil Watson, who stopped by Josh's home on a cold day in January 2011 and gave him a copy of The Bible Textionary. Virgil asked Josh

It was a joyful day for both couples.

later, if his friend John Holley from the local Adventist Church, could visit him. The very next day John came and invited Josh to his Sabbath School class at the Apison Church.

Controversy, the same book from which they studied, for their wedding guests to sign because that book had brought them together.

It was an easy decision for the couple, and on the next Sabbath, February 12, they were in Sabbath School. Several weeks later they began regular attendance including the worship servIce. Josh says he uses and carries The Textionary with him continually, and even prayed for an opportunity to meet the author and purchase more copies to send to customers with orders from his mail order business.

It was also a happy day for Virgil Watson who had introduced the couple to the Holleys.

One Sabbath, unknowingly, Noble Vining (the author) decided to visit John Holley's class. He noticed a young man reading his Bible with a magnifying glass; also, he saw a copy of the Textionary in Josh's Bible. After class Noble talked with him about his vision problem and the Textionary. Josh’s prayer to meet the author and get more Textionaries had been answered! On July 2, 2011 Josh and Shauna were baptized by Pastor Jeff Brown and the next day he performed their marriage ceremony. The couple used The Great

Josh and Shauna Hullender were married on Sunday, July 3.


Family HAPPENINGS from Various Sources

Stones Graduate SAU, Move to Washington State i Tom and Charity Stone graduated Southern Adventist University in May. Charity earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education and Tom earned a bachelor's degree in pastoral care to be a chaplain. Then, they were off to their home state of Washington in a fueled-by-faith vehicle while they camp along the way. Once there, they unpacked, visited with family a bit before they headed off to camp on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii for a couple of weeks to celebrate their graduation and fifth wedding anniversary in June. After their travels in Hawaii, Tom and Charity are heading off to Auburn Adventist Academy to spend ten days "tenting it" at camp meeting, where they first met ten years ago this summer! They will settle down at Mission Creek Christian School in South Bend, Washington. By day, Charity will serve as a teacher and Tom will serve as a school chaplain and minister to the local youth. By night, both will serve as "dean parents." Tom and Charity are excited about what the Lord has in store for them in their new ministry position as a family-oriented husbandwife team who can help nurture students in their walk with Jesus. The Stones would love to hear from their Apison church family and are even open to visits out in the great Northwest if you're up for an adventure. Until they establish a permanent mailing address in W ashington State, they will have their local mail forwarded. Tom & Charity Stone P.O. Box 1952 Collegedale, TN 37315 Charity - (423) 396-2685 [email protected] Tom - (423) 310-5238 [email protected]



At Rest

i Here is the new address for the Holder family: 10406 Fielding Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363. i Homeschooler Tyler Adams has completed his eighth grade studies and is now ready for high school. i The Talleys have a new telephone number: 423-887-5533 i New Contact Information:Pastor Jeff Brown, 4414 Wellesley Drive, Ooltewah, TN 37363 Phone: 423.531.7430

Mary Emily Watkins, 88, passed away June 1 after a long illness. She was retired from the Hamilton County School System. Survivors include two sons and their wives: Bill and Margaret Watkins of Apison, and Jim and Dianne Watkins of Blairsville, GA; a daughter and her husband, Betty and Bruce Newman, of Louisville, TN; three grandchildren; four great- grandchildren; one great-great-grandson; one sister, Dorothy Earl, of Buford, GA; and several nieces and nephews. A tribute to Mary may be read on page 7.

News Briefs i Daniel Glassford was graduated from Fountainview Academy in Canada. His parents, Duane and Karen, and brother David attended the ceremony. i Giovanni Guevara has finished his junior year at Mt. Pisgah Academy and is home for the summer. i Stanley Talley was graduated from Weimar Institute in June and has returned to his home in Englewood. He is working at a nursing home and plans to attend SAU in September. i The Zimmermans have concluded their ministry in Nicaragua and are on their way back to the States. They expect to be in Apison August 2. i Glenn Boyko writes: “We are trying to get settled here in North Dakota. I am sending our address and phone number and you can give them to the church. Glenn and Judy Boyko 2107 15th Ave NW Ruso, N D 58778. Judy’s phone: 423-280-0810. Glenn’s phone 423-280-9268.” i Christopher Beason has been added to the group of Sabbath School superintendents. i Jermaine Andrades was elected as assistant treasurer, and will also serve as publishing ministries coordinator for the Apison church.

Victoria Beason is an eager learner in training on camera at the Collegedale Academy graduation. “She's pretty good! This was her second show. She'll probably be a solo operator next time!” said her proud dad, Christopher Beason, president and CEO of Network 7 Productions. Both are members here.

Membership Transfers Incom ing: Paul and Louise Eirich from Chattanooga First SDA Church M artin and Thandi Klingbeil from Helderberg College Church in South Africa Debra M organ from Hixson SDA Church John and Patsy Thurber from Chattanooga First SDA Church Timothy Turner from McM innville SDA Church. Outgoing: Glenn and Judy Boyko to Turtle Lake SDA Church in North Dakota Jonathan and Erin Peckham to Staunton SDA Church, Virginia

Notice – If you have changed addresses or phone numbers, please let us know.




Church School Classes Resume August 10. Lester Coon Adventist



It was an exciting time at the recent registration at LCA.

Introducing: Our New Teacher, Mishala Mundall BY BETH SCOTT Please welcome our new Grades 5-8 teacher, Mishala Mundall. Mrs. Mundall has the distinction of being born and living the first five years of her life on the island of Saipan to missionary teachers Ron and Holly Abrams. When they returned to the States, Mr. and Mrs. Abrams and family moved to the Cumberland Plateau where Mrs. Abrams was (and still is) the teacher in the Jasper SDA School. Mishala's academic path took her from Jasper to Laurelbrook Academy and then to Southern Adventist University. It is here that Mishala credits her parents for her love and passion for teaching, and so it is no surprise that she majored in Elementary Education at Southern Adventist University graduating in 2008. During college she took one year and spent it as a student teacher in Thailand. Since graduating she has undertaken a variety of professional experiences; emergency services volunteer, firefighter, EMT and 911 dispatcher. It was while she was doing fire fighting that she met, dated Matthew (a lieutenant on the Bradley County Fire Rescue). They married April 24, 2011 and currently reside in our Apison community. Both are members of the Tri-Community Fire Department. Matt is also a captain. Their household consists of six

snakes, three birds, four sugar gliders, two cats and one dog. This school year is especially meaningful for Mishala as she has waited patiently for God to open the door for her "dream teaching" job…and she has found it at LCA! She says she can't wait to meet all her students, parents, and church family! Welcome Mishala and Matt!!

Remember ... to save box tops Don't forget about saving Box Tops for LCA. Each one is worth 10 cents. Last year LCA received over $400.00 from Box Tops! Thanks for your support! For the 2011-2012 we are also collecting Campbell Soup labels. Feel free to place those in the Box Top box in the foyer of the church. Thanks! Beth Scott

Mark your calendar, Save the date! The Back-to-School Picnic, Come celebrate! A picnic is a potluck only outside. It will be in the ballfield from 6-9pm? There will be games: three legged races and tug-a-war with small prizes for 1st place and much more. So Church Family please come out and support: the school, parents, teacher and the kids for sure. See you there. – Anita Mcgrath, Home and School leader.

Teachers & Staff Jeanie Allen (Grades K-2) Mark Sargeant (Principal, Grades 3-4) Mishala Mundall (Grades 5-8) Lisa Jennings (Administrative Assistant) Mark Eirich (Treasurer)

School Board Eric Schoonard, chair (2009-2012) Dave Allemand (2009-2012) Christy Beason (2008-2011) Dean Coulter (2009-2011) Pastor Jeff Brown Mark Eirich (2008-2011) Mark Sargeant Janet Seebeck (2009-2012) Anita Mcgrath (Home & School) Noelle Holland (2010-2013 Bo Smith (2010-2013) Bill Wilson - Education Secretary Bill Wilson - School Board Member

LCA WORK BEE Come and help the teachers get the school ready for classes AND enjoy some great fellowship and food! Time: 8:00 am, Sunday, July 31st. Pancake breakfast provided!




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Memories of Mary Watkins Mary has always been a kind, friendly person to me and to others. Years ago, when the Apison church had a welfare trailer, Mary could often be found working at things that would make other people’s life easier. I remember the crowds there were when a comforter frame was set up in the Welfare trailer, and many people were making comforters to give out to the less fortunate. She was thinking of others. A few years ago when I was going through a very distressing time, Mary was always there to comfort me. What a blessing she was! She lent her ears and her heart to help me, and I know she did the same to other people who were going through a time of trouble. She did a lot of bird watching. Willard raised gourds one year, and they hung the gourds on a wire to attract Purple Martins. Great success. When her granddaughter came to visit in the summers, our daughter, Vicki, would ride her bike out to Mary’s to visit. She always enjoyed visiting with Mary and Michele. Mary had a small produce table in front of her house where she would sell produce that they grew in their garden. If money was short, so were her prices. Thinking of others again. About once a year, Mary had a sale at her house. Various people provided “white elephants” to the sale. The sale turned out to be a place where people sat and talked. Margaret was a close friend of Mary’s, and until Margaret slowed up with her broken leg, she was always enjoying Mary’s company. Mary had the talent of making others feel better. No one could talk to Mary without getting a better feeling about life. We will miss Mary - for awhile - but what a blessing it will be, to see her again in heaven where all the aches and pains of life will be forgotten, and we will have a “new body” What a wonderful day that will be. Art

Did You Know? To make half a kilo of honey, bees must collect nectar from over 2 million individual flowers

August 2011 Sun

The Seventh-day Adventist Church at Apison Tennessee 7 Birthday: Jon Peckham


1 Birthday: Myra Sargeant Anniversary: John & Faye Blevins 7:00 Elders Meeting 8 Birthday: Whitney Bertil

10:00 Art Class


2 10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting 7:30 Share Him Meeting 9 Birthday: Nancy Patton 10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting

7:00 School Board 14

15 Birthday: Pamela Lott Anniversary: Chris & Setsuko Carey


3 Birthday: Connie Aikman

7:00 Prayer Meeting 10 Birthday: Morris Holder Bill Wilson

16 Birthday: Chelsea Rachel Steve Seeley


Sunset 8:40 11

12 Birthday: Andrew Rachel

17 Birthday: Gianna Spence

18 Birthday: Della Anderson Sonya Wilson


6 Birthday: Jamie Wilson WORSHIP Cory Herthel 7:30 Share Him

Sunset 8:33

13 Anniversary: Brian & Anita Wilson SUPER SABBATH Pastor Brown Fellowship Meal Game Night



First Day of School at LCA

WORSHIP Pastor Brown

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting 7:00 Prayer Meeting 23 Anniversary: Earl & Darlis Schoonard

24 Birthday: Jon Gearhart

7:00 Prayer Meeting 29

4 Birthday: Matt Meyers Jake Paynter


7:30 Share Him Meeting

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting

28 Birthday: Tina Smith


7:00 Prayer

7:00 Church Board 21


30 Birthday: BreeAn Adams

31 Birthday: Willa Talley

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting 7:00 Prayer Meeting

Sunset 8:25 25 Birthday: Sherri Schoonard Tess Wentland Dawn Zimmerman Anniversary: Roger & Judy Anderson Bill & June Paynter Paynter

26 Birthday: Sophia Williams

27 Birthday: Macy Seebeck WORSHIP

Sunset 8:16


Cory Herthel Conducting Meetings

or the first time in several years, there are evangelistic meetings going at the Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church. The church’s beliefs, based solidly on the Holy Scriptures, are being preached by layman Cory Herthel, graduate of Southern Adventist University and officer of Regions Bank in Ooltewah. Powerpoint slides and scripts have been provided by Share Him, A Carolina based evangelistic organization. An ambitious child care program makes it possible for parents to attend and enjoy the lectures. The general theme of the programs is “Revelations of Prophecy” and emphasis is on the hope based on the promise of the return of Jesus as the grand climax of earth’s history. On July 17, Herthel posted the following on facebook: “The Lord is blessing so tremendously in our evangelistic series at Apison. I'm praying for some real commitments and genuine conversions in the people attending and for myself. Please keep praying that I decrease and He increases!”


DID YOU KNOW? It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!


Vegan Delight BY : KATHERINE MAC FARLANE -oBARLEY, CARROT SIDE DISH 3 cups water 1 cup quick-cooking barley ½ teaspoon salt (optional) 1 cup finely-chopped onion ½ cup shredded carrot ½ cup chopped green onions 2 tablespoons cooking oil 1/4 cup toasted wheat germ ½ teaspoon garlic powder 2 tablespoons snipped parsley In medium saucepan bring water to a boil. Add barley and salt, return to boiling. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes or till barley is tender. Do not drain. Meanwhile, in another saucepan, cook onion, carrot and green onions in cooking oil till tender. In a greased 1½ quart casserole, combine undrained barley, vegetables, wheat germ and garlic powder mix together. Bake at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes or till light brown. Fluff with a fork, then sprinkle with parsley. Serves eight.


FREEZING CORN Growing corn, I have to admit, I don't know a lot about it. W hen it comes time to plant the garden, Floyd plants all the corn and does a good job of it. His favorite is Kandy Korn. One of the best tasting corns, out there. Yes, it is a hybrid, but it is so good. If you know of an heirloom that tastes close to Kandy Korn, I would like to know about it. I have to admit the seeds are very expensive. Last year I was blessed to find some on sale, when they were trying to get rid of all the 2010 seeds. I place the seeds in a freezing bag and then put them in the freezer for next summer. I sure was glad to not have to go buy seeds this year! W hat I do want to share with you

AUGUST 2011 is how to freeze the corn. This won't be for everyone, but if you try it, you will most likely freeze your corn this way from now on. This way is so simple, and tastes like you are eating fresh corn from the garden, all winter long. W hen the corn is ready to pick, make sure you have your gallon freezing bags, you don't want to have to make a quick trip to the grocery store, just to find out they are sold out. After we pick the corn, we go straight home from the garden, which is about 5 miles from our house. Returning home, I take a sharp knife, cutting board, freezing gallon bags, along with news paper, out to the back of the truck. Floyd will lay the news paper down, where he is about to trim the corn. I don't know if he lays the news papers down to keep the corn clean, or his truck? W e like this way, it helps keeps the kitchen clean. Floyd takes the ear of corn, cuts off both ends, mainly to get rid of the worms on one side and to even the other side, which makes the ear shorter so that it fits into the gallon freezing bag easier. I can usually get 4 to 5 large ears into the bag. Then we take the gallon bags straight to the freezer and that is it. W hen you get ready to cook some corn, bring in a package from the freezer. (Our freezer is in the garage.) Put your water on the stove to start boiling. W hile your water is heating up, peal your corn, by holding your ear of corn under hot water, under the faucet. Your corn will be so easy to peal. It is amazing how easy the corn silk comes off when you run the hot water over it. W hen the water comes to a good boil, drop your corn in and allow it to return to a strong boil. Your greatest concern is that you do not cook your corn too long, not over 5 minutes, maybe even less. You will appreciate all the hard work that you did this summer, when thanksgiving comes and you have all that lovely corn ready to share with your family. Yes, sometimes we cut the corn off the cob and it is delicious that way, too. The negative of freezing your corn this way, is that it does take up more room, but we are willing to make the sacrifice. Maybe, you could just freeze part of your corn on the cob, just as it comes from the garden, to give it a try this year. Then next year you may want to think about getting a bigger freezer, you will want to prepare all your corn this way. Have a great summer. -O-

Google is actually the common name for a number with a million zeros.



A Letter from Leanne Barto My dear Apison church family, I've been greatly blessed by your love and support during this latest surgery. My recovery has taken far longer than I ever imagined, as I usually bounce back pretty quickly. Your prayers have been greatly appreated and the ladies who provided those delicious meals this past week have been life savers. What I am about to say next is difficult. It has been quite an emotional journey, these past few months. It all started with David and me talking about our future and trying to figure out how to know when it is time to transition. This year was my 9th year at Apison and I have been very content all nine years and have never thought of leaving. But I finally came to the place where I was willing to talk about a transition in the time frame of a few years. I began praying in earnest about opportunities to grow, strengthen my skills, and increase my comfort zones. I never doubted for a moment that I was placed in Apison by God, and I loved my students, parents, and church family. During the last week of school, I was asked to submit my resume to Collegedale Academy Middle School. After almost 15 years in multi-grade classrooms, my heart and dedication certainly had been passionate for our small schools. Apison has been a wonderful community to call home. Two weeks after school let out, CAMS asked if I'd be willing to interview, but just three days after my surgery. By the grace of God, I was able to attend and not be too drugged up to know what was going on. Later that evening, CAMS invited me to teach 7th grade with them next year, and I accepted. This change has been 100% God led. I will never be able to explain all the little, seemingly inconsequential


MOVIE Dr. Jack Blanco, right, author of The Clear Word, is interviewed by Christopher Beason of Network 7 Productions, which is making a movie on Blanco’s life.

events that unfolded or helped create a willingness in me to explore new ideas. I will never be able to understand all the major obstacles that were thrown aside either, that made the events fall into place like they did. I will also never be able to express how much I will miss Apison, my church family, my friends. We've been through a lot together, and you have always rallied behind me and my family and supported us during difficult times. I want you to know that I have appreciated all your love and encouragement, especially during the years I had to be head teacher and needed so much help. You helped fill a lot of gaps! Thank you once again, I will miss you tremendously. Sincerely, Leanne Barto

SAMARITAN CENTER School Supplies: The “Stock Their Lockers Shop" is up and running, and students are arriving daily at the Samaritan Center to select the school supplies they need to start the coming year off well! Just the required supplies often cost around $100 per child, and that can be a real hurdle for those who are simply trying to make ends meet. If someone is struggling to make ends meet or if their home or children's

school was destroyed in the tornado, they can call 423-238-7777 to set up an evaluation appointment for help with school supplies. Tornado Relief: The volunteers in Apison are still working hard to help people clean up their property and get back into their homes. If your church would like to bring a group to help or if any individuals would like to be a part of the rebuilding efforts, call 423-238-7777, ext. 22, to get involved. This can be a great opportunity for youth groups to volunteer in their own backyard! Thank you! # The Samaritan Center

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Greetings from Iraq

THE APISON APPEAL still going on. It actually has intensified a lot. That will be something not shown on the news. I hope to see you all in August when I'm home on leave. Thank you again, Eric

BY ERIC TINKHAM , Apison church member and son-in-law of Bob and Anita McGrath Hello everyone, It's been over a month now since I left Kuwait. W e left there on my birthday. Thank you June Paynter for the birthday card. It means a lot to get mail with encouraging words. W e took a week to get up to Camp Anaconda north of Baghdad. The convoy we were with had a lot of problems along the way. W e had no trouble to speak of until we made it to VBC (Victory Base Complex) in Baghdad. W e were to leave later that night after arriving early in the morning. W e had a chance to see some of the palaces of Saddam. W hile we were in the main, big palace, incoming rockets hit. W hen the all clear was announced we headed back to our truck. One of the rockets landed not far from that truck. W e were staged to leave, but got delayed and then we heard that a convoy that left before us got hit. They closed the roads so we stayed another night. The next night we left with no problems except that we hit a dust storm along the way. W e were on the last stretch to the camp and our final destination when a rocket hit a few trucks in front of ours. Luckily it didn't hit any of our trucks. I first heard the boom then smelt the smoke and saw it. W e made it inside the gate all safe. They call this camp Mortaritaville because we get get hit everyday sometimes more than once. Most of the time it's at night when the rockets come in and the BIG voice lets us know to take cover. W e had one a couple weeks ago that went right over our room and when it hit it shook the building good. The rocket landed in an empty lot next to a building putting shrapnel holes in the wall. My boss was in a building not 50 yards away. Other than this, we have been doing fine. I have been busy with work as a LNO working in an office some and going to the gym a lot. W e may start making some trips far north soon. Thank you all for your prayers as you can see they have been working. I know a lot of you see on the news that we are drawing down and we are, but the fight is

BULLETIN BOARD TREASURER'S NOTE There are 2 LCA School accounts that m em bers routinely use for contributions: LCA Operations (helps with the expenses of the school) and LCA Financial Assistance (W orthy Student). Please be sure to specify which account your offering should credit. Thank you for your assistance. Joyce Estey, Treas.

THANK YOU W e want to thank our church fam ily for showering us with love, wisdom , encouragem ent, gifts and blessings of all kinds. Joshua & Shauna Hullender

PRAYER GROUP Attention: Mothers interested in praying for their children m eet on the first Sabbath of each m onth. Our next m eeting will be August 6th, 2011 after church. Bring a sack lunch and join us. If you have any questions, you m ay call June Paynter at 396-3999 or Nancy Patton at 236-4790

MOTHERS MEETING Mom s of babies and toddlers, com e join us once a week for play, fun, fellowship and Bible study on W ednesdays at 11:00. W e begin with som e fun activities for the babies, followed by floor play while m om 's study God's word. W e end with a light, finger food, potluck style lunch. For m ore inform ation contact Laura Byrd (e-m ail preferred) [email protected] gm ail.com , (423)315-3682. Feel free to bring a friend!

If you would like to receive the weekly church bulletin as an attachm ent, please email [email protected] gm ail.com and we will add you to the list!

AUGUST 2011 LCA W ORK BEE Com e and help the teachers get the school ready for classes AND enjoy som e great fellowship and food! Tim e: 8:00 am , Sunday, July 31st. Pancake breakfast provided!

FINANCIAL HELP NEEDED Honduras Mission Trip: Thank you so m uch to all of you who have helped to fund the building project in Honduras. Basil and I are about halfway to our goal, all that is left is the airfare, if you would like to help out with our project, please write Honduran Mission Trip on the tithe envelope. Thank You.

ART CLASS OPPORTUNITY Fam ily Ministries: Is sponsoring an art class. W ater Colors. for adults, Sunday, August 7th, at 10am , taught by Kathy Holder, the cost will be $3.00 per person for art m aterials!

COMPUTER SERVICE Is your com puter not working? Got a virus? Need a website, logo, or graphic design? I can help. Gabriel Rodriguez (new student at SAU) 423-650-4317 E-m ail: [email protected] rodriguezstudio.com W ebsite: rodriguezstudio.com /chattanooga

NEW CONTACT INFORMATION Pastor Jeff Brown 4414 W ellesley Drive Ooltewah, TN 37363 423.531.7430

ORGANIC BLUE BERRIES Organic Blueberries $12 gallon to pick Virginia Holley 478-3911

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The Apison Appeal - Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church

Aug 3, 2011 - as a teacher and Tom will serve as a school chaplain and minister to the local youth. By night, both will ... assistant treasurer, and will also serve as publishing ministries coordinator for the Apison church. ... Church, Virginia. Notice – If you have changed addresses or phone numbers, please let us know.

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