Volume 8, Number 3

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April/May 2012

THE APISON APPEAL Monthly Newsletter of the Apison, TN Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Homecoming Sabbath April 7, 2012

Our Apison church was organized on April 8, 1961.  So, on April 7, 2012, we celebrated our 51 st birthday!  We had a  special Sabbath service, followed by fellowship dinner and a vespers program that evening.  Elder Fred Fuller, one of our  former pastors, shared a message about Jesus' soon return.   We also celebrated the baptism of Jubilee Hills, pictured  below.

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The Apison Appeal

April/May 2012

I am glad that Apison Church has instead decided to take  the approach that I believe Jesus would take.  "What would  Jesus do?" is ALWAYS a great question to ask.   We have  accepted   these   men,   loved   them,   prayed   for   them,   and  The little church with a big heart... encouraged them.  Having a "big heart" also means loving  our members and our families enough to make them aware  BY PASTOR JEFF BROWN that these men are worshiping among us.  As your pastor, I  Organizations spend days, weeks, months, and millions of  am more than happy to discuss this with any members or  dollars   to   create   mission   statements,   goals,   vision  visitors that have any concerns or questions.   statements, tag lines, and other efforts to put who they are  May God give us the grace, each day, to truly be the little  and what they're all about into words.  church with a big heart. ~Pastor Jeff I  don't  know  who came up "the  little  church  with  a big 

Our Mission

heart," but I like it.  It's growing on me.  Why?  Because if  you ask your typical non­Christian about "the church," the  first   thing   you're   likely   to   hear   is   that   Christians   are  hypocrites.  They say nice things, but they don't live up to  what they say.   (By the way, if you really want to know  what surveys have shown that non­Christians say about us,  read “unChristian” by David Kinnaman).  So, I am glad to be a member of a church that sets as its  goal to be loving, to have a heart, and to care.  One of my  many   favorite   texts   contains   some   of   Jesus'   last   words  before He was arrested, 

"If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are My disciples."

The Apison Seventh­day Adventist Church 11421 Bates Road ~ Apison, TN 37302 Post Office Box 1551 ~ Collegedale, TN 37315 Telephone: (423)236-4214 www.apisonchurch.org

You can find us on Facebook, too! Pastor: Jeff Brown......................................... .....531-7430

                                                      [email protected]

Youth Pastor: Zack Payne..........................317-437-3246 Head Elder: Glen Wintermeyer..........................443-1039 Head Deacon: Wendel Adams........................ ..933-7629 John 13:35 Head Deaconess: Jeanie Hair..........................364-4902 And I'm glad to be "little," although that's a very relative  Clerk: Karen Glassford..... .................. ...............396-3966

term!  We are four times as big as the last two churches I  pastored, so we're really only "little" in comparison with  some of the giants that are around us!   But we're a nice  size.  Little means small enough where we can get to know  everyone, and I like that. 

Lester Coon Adventist School Telephone: (423)236­4926 www.apisonsdaschool.com

* * * *

And we really do have a big heart.   We have a couple of  THE APISON APPEAL members here at Apison that are registered sex offenders.  I  A MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS have learned a lot about what that means since I came here  a year and a half ago­­monthly reporting to state officials,  Editor: Amanda Thomas...........................(615)419-7049 keeping  a  journal   of   everywhere   you  go,   needing   to  get  [email protected] permission   to   leave   the   county.     It   can   be   very  discouraging,   and  is   a   constant   reminder   of   bad   choices  Photography: Becky McCurdy, Cindy Cummings made years ago.  In fact, some churches will refuse to allow  Printing: Modern Way Printing & Fulfillment registered sex offenders to even attend.                                                                                                        

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The Apison Appeal



April/May 2012

Baptisms Tre and Carolina Smith

Tre and Carolina Smith were baptized by Pastor Greg  Daniel in the chilly waters of Lake Jocassee on March 10.

Baby Dedication Levi Matthew Cathey

John Coulter

Pastor Greg Daniel baptized John Coulter at Apison SDA  Church on March 3, 2012.

On March 17, 2012, Levi Matthew Cathey was dedicated by  his maternal grandfather, Elder Robert Williams.   Please  pray for Mike and Becky as they endeavor to raise Levi to  know and love Jesus as they do.

Wedding On March 3, 2012, a wedding party was held to celebrate  Dale Bunker the marriage of Paul and Bozena Wentland. Elder Jim Purple baptized Dale Bunker on March 10, 2012.

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The Apison Appeal



March 2012

Church Member Snapshot: Matt Hustad BY CATHERINE HUSTAD

I'd like to share a little about my son, Matt Hustad.   Last  fall   he   painted   a   picture   of   UTC   Jones   Observatory   in  Brainerd.  His art was chosen and was just published on the  cover of the Brainerd edition of the Green Pages Telephone  Directory for 2012.   He also received Honorable Mention  in the very competitive Federal Duck Stamp Contest last  Apison's Summer Day Camp Program year and again this year.   These two pieces are  pictured  below.     Matt   has   been   accepted   into   Chattanooga   State  Middle   College   next   year   to   pursue   his   interests   in   art,  BY ZACK PAYNE computers and cars.


Hello   church   members!     I   know   a   lot   of   you   have  heard   rumors   about   our   church's   new   day   camp  program but may still be wondering about what the  program will entail.  

Here is some information so that you know what we  are all about.  Our program is for children ages 6 to 12  and will run from June 18 to August 10 (that is, for a  full  8 weeks).   The hours  of operation are Monday  through Friday from 8am to 4pm (although early drop  off and late pick up will be available for a small fee).  The Hustad Family: Tim, Catherine, Matt, and Brian Daily   activities   will   include   morning   worship   time,  arts and crafts, Bible study, outdoor and gym sports,  and nature time.   We are also planning on going off  campus a couple times a week to go to the pool at  SAU's   wellness   center   and   are   planning   a  field   trip  once a week.  Costs are $20.00 per day, or discounted  at $90 for a full week sign­up. Our staff are prayerfully selected individuals who love  Jesus,   love   kids,   and   are   dedicated   to   safety   and  professionalism.   Our goals are for campers to have  fun, be safe, and grow closer to Jesus.  We want to be  a blessing to the entire community and a place where  kids from all backgrounds are welcome.  Our mission  is   teaching   youth   to   love   God,  love   others,   and   build   healthy  relationships.   We   hope   to   see  you at camp this summer!      Zack Payne is Apison's new                Youth Pastor.

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The Apison Appeal

April/May 2012

Field Trip to the Grocery Store


Do   you   remember   being   excited   and   anxious   to   go   to  school when you knew the next day was a field trip? Well, I  got a chance to help supervise a field trip to a local grocery  store. Yes, that’s right, a grocery store. The kindergarten  through   fifth   grade   students   of   Lester   Coon   Adventist  School took a trip to Bi­Lo. 

Lester Coon Adventist School News

The students learned about the different food groups and  how to shop for a healthy nutritional meal. They were given  magnifying glasses and hairnets to explore and engage in  the   experience.     While   learning  about   the   different   food  groups, the students were given yummy, as well as healthy,  treats throughout the excursion.  After exploring the different sections of the grocery store,  the students received T­shirts as well as knapsacks with a  few items inside. As an adult, and future educator, I even  learned a few tips about useful things to look for in grocery  stores. This was an enjoyable, informative, and fascinating  field   trip   that   I   hope   to   do   with   my   future   students  someday.  Kelly French is an Elementary Education student at   Southern Adventist University.

Bi-Lo Booster Cards Spirit Week at LCA, February 20­24 (Crazy Hair Day)

We would like to thank everyone who is using their Bi­Lo  Booster Cards (which are used with your discount cards).  Since   September,   we   have   received   $68.00.     Please  remember that they are a fundraiser for the LCA School.  Thank you again from the Home and School Committee!

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The Apison Appeal

Vegan Delight


Lentil Nut Roast 1 ½ cups cooked brown rice,        OR dried whole wheat bread crumbs 1 cup nut meal 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cups cooked lentils 1 teaspoon sage 1 teaspoon savory 1 teaspoon salt Combine all ingredients and add vegetable juice or water if  too dry.  Pour into casserole dish and bake for 45 minutes at  325 degrees.  Serve with tomato sauce or gravy.

Newsletter Editor Needed

April/May 2012

Upcoming Events Apison & Other Area April 19­22 Pathfinder Camporee April 21  Come Unto Me Sacred Concert, 4pm Music by the Apison Church Choir and readings  by Mark Sargeant.   April 22 Ashley & Jordan Wagner Baby Shower, 1pm In the activity room across from the sanctuary.   Ashley and Jordan are registered at Target, Babies  R Us, and Kelly's Closet. April 24 SAU Symphony Orchestra Concert, 7:30pm The performance will open with  “Calm Sea and  Prosperous Voyage Overture” by Mendelssohn and  conclude it with the world premiere of an oratorio  by Tim Rumsey, doctoral candidate at the  University of Georgia. Admission is free.

April 27­28  Tornado Victims Memorial A special memorial service will be held for the  tornado victims on Friday night and Sabbath  afternoon, at Bill Hullander's barn.  The  community will be coming together to remember those who were lost and to thank those who helped After consulting with the pastor and other leaders in our  in tornado relief efforts. All are invited. church, I have their support in asking for someone  to take  over the role of newsletter editor.  I am more than happy to  April 28  India Benefit Concert be of help to the person chosen to replace me.  I have listed  A concert will be held by several talented  below   the   responsibilities   which   the   newsletter   entails.  musicians and vocalists at the Apison SDA Church  There   is   an   asterisk   beside   tasks   which   I   can   continue  will help support the building of an orphanage in  doing if need be: Northeastern India.  Gathering Information April 29  CAYA Boys Basketball Tryouts, 10:30­12 noon Formatting/Editing   For boys grades 8­12, held at the Collegedale  *Calendar Academy gym. *Printing *Circulation May 16 LCA Graduation As you can see, we mainly need someone who can perform  the   actual   task   of   assembling   the   newsletter   –   gathering  information, editing, formatting.   This will enable me to  focus more on the bulletin.  If anyone is interested, please  contact our Communications Director, Ryan Harrell.  Feel  free to contact me as well.   Thank you!      ~Amanda Thomas As the year has progressed, I have found that taking on the  roles of both church bulletin AND newsletter editing has  been a bit more than I can carry.   I unfortunately do not  have the time to focus on each role as much as I should.

April, 2012 Sunday


1 Birthdays: Setsuko Carey, Jermaine Andrades, Dan Seebeck, Kerri Leui


10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

7pm Finance mtg



7pm School board mtg

Newsletter deadline

16 Birthdays: Ross Kloosterhuis, Greg Moore

10 Birthdays: Jesse Coulter, Brooklyn Brailsford 10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

17 Birthdays: Bo Smith, Christy Salter


29 Birthdays: Roy McKissick

7pm Church Board mtg 23

6:30 Adventurer 7pm Prayer mtg. 11

5 Birthdays: Joshua Blevins



6 Birthdays: Jubilee Hills, Patsy Thurber

7 Homecoming Sabbath Fellowship Meal

24 Birthdays: John Gulley

7-8:30 Choir

12 Birthdays: John Coulter, Caleb McKissick

6:30 PF mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg


10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.



4 Birthdays: Anani Cross, Vonn Williams

Sunset 8:05

9-11am PF Drill practice

15 Birthdays: Art Miles, Clarina Oliver

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 3

6:30 PF & Ad mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg 25

10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg. 7pm Elders mtg

6:30 PF mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg

30 Birthdays: Denise Ford, Faith Laughlin

PF=Pathfinders Ad=Adventurers Mtg. = Meeting LCA = Lester Coon Adventist School

7-8:30 Choir 19 Birthdays: Jason Williams

Pathfinder Camporee--7-8:30 Choir

13 Birthdays: Ryan Harrell

14 Birthdays: Mika Carey, Brenda Holmes

Church Campout----

11am Ross Knight & Matt Manzari ----------------

Sunset 8:11 20 Birthdays: Dennis Crane

21 11am Jeff Brown Birthdays: Holly Hargus

---------------Sunset 8:17

26 Birthdays: Bette Brown, Dennis Becker, Roy Turner, Gracie Pinckney

27 Birthdays: Ellen Greenleaf

7-8:30 Choir

Sunset 8:22

---------------Sacred Concert by Apison Choir 4pm 28 11am Jeff Brown LCA Choir

Greetings from the Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church – the Little Church With a Big Heart!

May, 2012 Sunday


Ad=Adventurers Mtg. = Meeting


7 Birthdays: Jeremiah Fraker, Keith Ingram, Lorynne McKissick 7pm Finance Committee 14 Birthdays: Tony Mobley, Mary Watkins Newsletter deadline

20 Birthdays: Glenn Boyko

7pm School Board mtg 21

7pm Church Board mtg


2 Birthdays: Erin Peckham

10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

LCA = Lester Coon Adventist School

6 Birthdays: Paul Haynes

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1 Birthdays: Karen Williams


28 Birthdays: John Holley 7pm Elders mtg

8 10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

15 Birthdays: Ken Laughlin, Skylynn Hills 10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

22 Birthdays: Mark Eirich 10:30 Praise and Prayer Mtg.

6:30 Adventurer 7pm Prayer mtg. 9 Birthdays: Tre' Smith


7-8:30 Choir

Sunset 8:28

10 Birthdays: Brigitta Neff, Linda Durham

11 Birthdays: Zane Williams

Sunset 8:34



18 Birthdays: Ellen Young

23 Birthdays: Larry Cowan, Joy Ratliff, Bob McGrath

7-8:30 Choir 24

25 Birthdays: Edna Kitchen



7-8:30 Choir

Sunset 8:44

31 Birthdays: Melissa Allemand, Kelly Bertil

7-8:30 Choir

19 Anniversaries Brian & Cyndi Fox; John & Virginia Holley

Sunset 8:39

Collegedale Campmeeting

6:30 PF mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg 30 Birthdays: Mayo Crutcher, Lori McKissick

12 Birthdays: Sarah Murray

Fellowship Meal 7-8:30 Choir

6:30 PF & Ad mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg 7pm LCA Graduation

Sabbath 5 11am Jeff Brown

3pm Sunshine Band

6:30 PF mtg. 7pm Prayer mtg




3 Birthdays: Charles Miller, Everett Palmiter



the apison appeal - Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church

May 8, 2012 - [email protected]yahoo.com. Youth Pastor: Zack Payne. .... contact our Communications Director, Ryan Harrell. Feel free to contact me as well.

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