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APRIL 2011


road to Calvary she said, i did it because i had no other choice, or, i wouldn't break any laws 'cept one, i chose to ignore so eve, and she took a bite to see if the beast had lied he ate and seemed all right 'tho God said, that is suicide adam came, he's horrified alas, now she's goin' to die she's been here by my side i cannot just say, good-bye took the grub, he ate it quick must've been a big surprise that it did not make him sick but it did not make him wise i see you, and you see me . suddenly he hears a Voice "run eve, or, just follow me now hide, we got no choice" He calls, but adam's afraid he wears a tunic of leaves garment of skins was made Lamb's life for death decree stan talley, sr. 11-05-10 a.r.r. -OTHINK ABOUT IT Circumstances and situations do color life, but you have been given the mind to choose what the color shall be.

APISON PATHFINDERS PARTICIPATE IN DRILL BY BREE AN ADAMS and BECKY MC CURDY Sunday, March 20, the Apison Allies Drill Team (pictured above) had the opportunity to participate in the annual Precision Drill Day event at Lee University. Twenty-seven clubs competed for honors. Every team received a trophy for participating according to the points they made during their turn to march. Out of 575 points possible, Apison scored 520 points which was very impressive! Good work! Thanks to the instruction of Mr. Dennis and Mr. Angel as well as the hard work of each Pathfinder, they came in 6th which gave them a first place trophy. It was a fun, rewarding day for all. Photo: Debby Williams -oPeople spend, on average, 6 m inutes looking for their keys in the morning .

50th Anniversary Set for April 9 A fiftieth anniversary observance of the launching of the Apison church will be held on Sabbath, April 9. The Sabbath School will feature the history of the church school. Pastor Jeff Brown will have a short presentation on the church's history between Sabbath School and worship. Pastor Harold Kuebler will be the speaker for the worship hour. The church school choir will sing two numbers. There will be a fellowship dinner in the school gym, followed by a musical program from 3 to 4. Youth leader Jonathan Liriano and Coral Hightower have activities planned for the youth from 4 to 6. At 6:00 there will be a light supper, vespers at 7:30, and gym night at 8:30. -oINTERESTING We wear 20 per cent of the clothes we own, 80 per cent of the time. The rest hang there, just in case.



Family HAPPENINGS from Various Sources

Death Claims Merle Tiffany Merle Eugene Tiffany died February 26 at age 79. He had been in poor health for some time. Merle was born in Spokane, WA, the the second born child of what would be five and was the first born son. He was graduated from high school at age 17 and went on to Walla Walla College to study to be a preacher. He spent his summers selling Christian books. While at Walla Walla he fell in love with Constance Helena Tiffany. They were married at Madison, TN where her father taught at Madison College. His college was interrupted by a call in 1956 from Uncle Sam. He was a medic in the army and he and Constance ended up spending time posted with the army in Germany where they enjoyed learning about the new culture and language. After fulfilling his service requirements, he returned to college and finished a BA in religion and education, while Constance completed her MA in Education. In 1960 they adopted a beautiful little girl they named Joella Elaine and 10 months later a son was born to them. They named him James Eugene. In 1961/1962 he began his career teaching the 8th grade in the Wapato SDA School. The next four years were spent working among the Sioux Indian people in South Dakota where he was a missionary pastor and teacher. Ever after, his heart was sympathetic to the plight of his Indian friends in South Dakota. He then taught at a variety of schools and went on to broaden his experience through many other kinds of work. This included working with

inmates and parolees as a counselor in the department of corrections, rehabilitation for the blind, work in real estate, landscaping, as a handyman, and truck driving. In his retirement years Merle developed an ever-deepening love for the Lord, for his friends and all those he came in contact with. He loved to seek out those with whom he could share the Everlasting Gospel as found in the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14. He coordinated the efforts of four churches and was most often present to faithfully minister to the elderly at Life Care Center on Sabbath afternoons. He is survived by his brother Ernest, sisters Twila and Shirley, his son and daughter Jim and Joella, and five grandchildren. This little poem was found in his personal effects and carries a message for us all to think about: The clock of life is wound but once, and no one has the power To tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. Now is the only time we own – Live, love, toil with a will; Place no faith in tomorrow, For the clock may then be still. A Funeral service was held March 4 at the Apison church with Pastor Jeff Brown officiating. Interment followed at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Briefly Noted i Clara Belle Jenson is at Life Care Center in Collegedale recovering from injuries sustained in a fall in her home. She would welcome cards or a phone call.

New Members The following were recently welcomed into our church membership: i Pastor Jeff and Joy Brown from Valdosta, GA. i Norma J. Dean from Mt. Pisgah Academy in North Carolina. i Duane, Karen, Daniel and David

APRIL 2011

Glassford from Thunderbird Academy church in Arizona. i Paul Haynes from the Fannin County church in Georgia. i Joe and LaVita Stankovich from the Hillsboro church in Oregon. i Patricia Trude from the McMinnville, TN church. The following have taken their membership to other places: Andre, Benjamin, Melissa and Susan Chase; Phyllis Klein; Seth and Sonya Miller; Kristen McCurdy; Sally Vanderhoef.

Overheard Here are some words of thanks that we heard people say over the last month. About Mrs. Janet: “My teacher is my friend and she loves me. I want to stay in there always.” – Anonymous Kindergarten student About Marilyn Russell: “She is such an encouragement to me. I can always count on her coming by to visit. She is so faithful.” – Anonymous Shut-in About Pastor and wife: “So glad that they are here. Joy is a "Joy" to have around and the Pastor doesn't miss a beat. So glad they came. Anonymous church member About Tom Stone: I really enjoy it when Mr. Tom teaches. He helps us look deeper at issue and helps us apply them to our lives. Anonymous youth.

Baby Shower The baby shower for Jessi Fraker will be held Sunday, April 10.

Church Camp Out The weekend of April 22-24 is the date for another church camp out. It will be held at Chilhowee Campground in the Cherokee National Forest. Contact Chris Carey for more information at: [email protected]il.com.

APRIL 2011



LCA students enjoyed their spring break adventures

Lester Coon Adventist


Vacation in Colorado BY AUDREY COULTER During spring break, my family went to Colorado. We went snow skiing on our very first day. John and I took lessons and I even learned how to ski backwards. The snow base was huge . . . 81 inches! After an exhausting day of skiing, we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Thai food. During my second day of skiing, I learned lots of different kinds of turns. W e got to go into the rainbow, which has lots of ramps and is kind of like a tunnel. On the third day, we went snowmobiling in Grand Lake, the snowmobile capital of Colorado. It was a bumpy ride, but I still liked it. W e rode on Chicken Hill and Super Chicken Hill in Arapahoe National Forest. On our fourth day, we visited the See's Chocolate Shop and the Denver Nature and Science Museum. There we saw all kinds of real stuffed animals. I really thought the white wolves were pretty. W e also learned about planets, space and space ships. I had a lot of fun in Colorado, but was happy to get home!

Spring Break at Home B Y K ATIE S CO TT It was the best Spring Break ever. I was feeling awesome. W hen I got home, my cousin Hannah was there. I walked into the kitchen. It smelled so good! My sister Emily was making a red-velvet cake, and

delicious cupcakes for her birthday! Emily was so excited to see Alan, her boyfriend, who was coming for a visit. A few minutes later, I saw a white pickup truck slow down and start to pull into the driveway. “They’re here! They’re here!” I screamed. I was so excited all day. Even at church I was so excited that all my family was coming over to eat for my sister’s birthday party. They’re here! All of my family is here, I exclaimed. Then we ate Italian. Next, we savored the red-velvet cake and cupcakes my sister had made. This one thought kept flashing in my mind. My sister and Alan are getting married. I’m so excited I’m going to have a big brother. The next day it was Sissy’s real birthday. She turned 19 years old. W ow! A few minutes later, Sissy and Alan left for Indiana. A few days later I had the best day ever! I went to work with my mommy. I got to see all of her work friends, watch a movie, and all kinds of stuff. M y mom and I went to Hamricks Dept. Store. W hen we went to the check-out I saw the cutest bunny and it was the softest thing ever. The next weekend Sissy came home. I’d missed her so much.

Spring Break at Grand Canyon BY JULIANNA

The Best Spring Break BY TRE SM ITH This Spring Break was so, so awesome, and I will tell you about two of the best things we did! First, we went to the Atlanta Aquarium. When we went to pay, we got discounts because my dad dives at the Tennessee Aquarium. Next, we entered the Atlanta Aquarium. We got to see the famous Beluga whales and sea otters. (There were 4 Beluga whales and 4 sea otters.) We also saw cow-nosed stingrays. Now, I’ll tell you about the second exciting thing! My mom’s friend came to our house and my dog (Luna) started running to our visitor’s car and barking. We wondered why she was doing that. Well to make a long story short, we pulled Luna out from under the car, opened up the hood and heard something. We tried for a while to get a girl Cardinal out of the grill. The bird was ok, but too young. So we were afraid that she wouldn’t find her parents, but we felt like we had to let her go. Finally, Spring Break came to an end, and when I look back, I realize it was the best Spring Break yet.


My dad had to shoot footage for ‘M ission SONlight’ during spring break. He decided to invite our family to go with him. He planned a whole lot of fun for us – side trips to Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Glen Canyon, and the Alamo. I have chosen to tell about the Grand Canyon because it has an Indian Reservation that has a tower. From the tower, looking one way, I could see park visitors. On the other side, I could see the Grand Canyon. On the sides of the tower were little Indians and animals. The tower had a gift shop downstairs. It had arrows, and flutes. Little animals were in glass cases. The Grand Canyon was many shades of red in layers. I liked seeing the Grand Canyon because no one in my class had been there. The End FIELD TRIP – LCA students will take a field trip to the Chattanooga Zoo on April 13.

Students Receive Free Eye Exams BY LISA JENNINGS Lester Coon Adventist School was blessed to have Allied Eye Associates, PLLC come to the school and give free eye exams to students. There were several students who will need further eye evaluation because poor eyesight can affect a child's learning as well as many other aspects of their lives. The exam process was very well organized and efficient. Coupons were also given to each student in the event that they might need glasses/contacts or other eye care, or for use by their family. All 35 students, who were in attendance, were tested before 9 a.m. This service to our school families is very much appreciated. If you have questions or would like more information please feel free to call LCA.




The Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church 11421 Bates Road – Apison, TN 37302 Post Office Box 1551 – Collegedale, TN 37315 Telephone: (423) 236-4214 -o-

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Visit Our Website: www.apisonsdaschool.com

The Apison Appeal Monthly Newspaper for Members and Friends -oEDITOR / PUBLISHER: ERLING ODELL Telephone: 423-591-4779

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Associates: Penny White and Becky McCurdy Typist: Yvonne Marais-Huskey Circulation Manager: BreeAn Adams Technical Support: Rob Raney, Robby Raney, Greg Daniel PRINTING: MODERN WAY PRINTING & FULFILLMENT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Flat Screen Enemy BY DAVID B. SM ITH * I am a man who loves television! I grew up in primitive mission lands, where we had absolutely nothing to do for fun except books, swimming, snorkeling, and tennis. When my three brothers and I first landed in California, a 1966 landscape swarming with rooftop antennas, and spent a week with Grandma’s RCA Victor (color!), we fell off the wagon with a painful thud. We watched TV from early morning until night; we had lunch on TV trays; I practiced violin scales with one eye while also watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. We were not particularly discriminating viewers; if it moved on the screen, we would watch. We were usually up by six a.m. to catch the German Farm Report.

APRIL 2011

Despite my continuing affection for the glowing screen, as a Christian man and father, I have to admit that Hollywood is an industry intent on planting weeds in the pristine garden of our families. TV relentlessly promotes selfishness. It treats sex as a joke. It informs children that lying is the best way to evade the painful results of their bad choices. It generally mocks the faith I spent two expensive decades trying to instill in the hearts of my daughters. Most episodes of Law and Order begin with someone stumbling over a murdered corpse and predictably uttering the exact same three words: “Oh my God.” I’m not on a kick to tell families to get rid of their TVs; I really can’t say that with credibility when I still have one myself. And after spending a decade working in Christian television, I have a glowing appreciation for the great boon media is to the kingdom of heaven. I’m simply saying this. If we don’t pay attention, television will deliberately try to poison our wells. It will turn our values into punch lines. It will put a laugh track under the jests of men and women who care nothing about God, who don’t appreciate His values, and who have no plans to dwell in a home prepared for him. It is a pleasant reality, though, that if parents offer their kids a creative alternative to a television program or violent video game, most kids will seize it! Trips to Dodger Stadium, parlor games, even a walk to a park with swings and a merry-go-round can whip the pants off Nickelodeon. But it’s got to be your call, your suggestion. The old Latin phrase tabula rasa suggests that our children come into this world as blank slates. Someone will instill values in them. Either you, or a ten-dollar remote control device. Someone will shape your child for one of two destinations. If you’re too lazy, Hollywood has volunteered to do the job for you. * This was chosen by Pastor Jeff from a very informative and inspirational website operated by the Pacific Union Conference: answersforme.org. Used by permission.

April 2011 Sun





The Seventh-day Adventist Church At Apison Tennessee

“Narrow is the mind, and wide is the mouth that leads to destruction" Gene Hicks

“We wouldn't worry so much about what people think of us if we knew how seldom they do" - Adolph Coors

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have preferred to talk"

Lost something? We may have found it! Check at the Resource Center (aka Courtesy Desk) as you enter the church lobby (aka foyer or narthex)


4 Birthday: Anani Cross D. Vonn Williams Anniversary: Jim & Sue Bruce

5 Birthday: Joshua Blevins

6 Birthday: Jubilee Hills

7:00 Elders Meeting

7:00 Choir Practice

7:00 Prayer Meeting

10 Birthday: Jesse Coulter Brooklyn Brailsford Anniversary: Jim & Linda Breedlove Fraker Shower

11 Anniversary: Jon & Debbie Gearhart

12 Birthday: Jon Coulter Caleb McKissick

13 Birthday: Ryan Harrell

7:00 School Board Meeting

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting 7:00 Choir Practice

17 Birthday: Christy Salter Tina Smith




LCA Field Trip To Chatt Zoo


20 Birthday: Dennis Crane

7:00 Choir Practice

7:00 Prayer Meeting


26 Birthday: Dennis Becker Gracie Pinckney Roy Turner

27 Birthday: Ellen Greenleaf

7:00 Home and School Meeting

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting 7:00 Choir


WORSHIP Pastor Brown Vespers/Else Holmes Nature Park

14 Birthday: Mika Carey Brenda Holmes

15 Birthday: Art Miles Clarina Oliver

16 Birthday: Greg Moore Ross Kloosterhuis

Pathfinder Camporee >>>>


WORSHIP Pastor Brown

Sunset 8:13

Vespers: Cantata

22 Anniversary: Floyd & Barbara McCasland


Church Campout >>>>>>>>>>>>> No School Sunset 8:19

Church Campout Sunrise Pageant

29 Birthday: Roy McKissick Anniversary: Tom & Deanna Payne Roy & Theresa Turner Sunset 8:25

30 Birthday: Denise Ford

21 Birthday: Holly Hargus Joshua Wilson

28 Anniversary: Deryl & Noelle Holland Ramsey Finance Seminars Begin

7:00 Prayer Meeting


Sunset 8:06

7:00 Prayer Meeting

7:00 Church Board Meeting

LCA Spirit Week >>>>>>>>>>>> Youth Week of Prayer >>>>>>

Sunset 8:02

6:30 New Member Supper

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting Palm Sunday

1 Birthday: Jermaine Andrades Setsuko Carey Dan Seebeck Kerri Leui


9 WORSHIP Harold Kuebler 50th Anniversary Observance Music Program Youth Ministry Supper Vespers, Games

10:30 Praise & Prayer Meeting

19 Birthday: Jason Williams


WORSHIP Pastor Brown

No Vespers


SAU Graduation



APRIL 2011

GARDENING W ITH BARBARA MC CASLAND -o-ANY ORGANIC GARDENERS keep a bottle of liquid fish fertilizer on hand to feed young seedlings, plants growing in containers and any garden crop that needs a nutrient boost. But liquid fish-based fertilizers are often pricey, so what's a good alternative? Mother Earth News commissioned Will Brinton, to develop some water-based, homemade fertilizer recipes using free, natural ingredients, such as grass clippings, seaweed, chicken manure, etc. Due to the shortness of our space here, I will just discuss with you about one, grass clippings. Grass clippings were put into a five-gallon bucket, filled about 2/3 full, then filled the rest of the way with water, and allowed to steep for three days. Strain the tea, and then dilute this with one part water and one part tea. By the third day most of the soluble nutrients will have oozed out into the water solution. Stopping at three days also prevents fermentation, which you want to avoid. Fermented materials will smell bad and their PH can change rapidly, so it is important to stick with three day mixture and then use them with in a day or two. Water-soluble homemade fertilizers are short acting but should be applied no more than every two weeks, usually as a thorough soaking. Whatever materials and methods that you choose, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of making your own no -cost liquid fertilizer. You can find this article at the Library, in Mother Earth News magazine. The title of the article was, "Free, homemade liquid fertilizers", by Barbara Pleasant and it would be well to read the whole article. Happy gardening!


CORRECTION Last month’s article, written by Thomas Holder, gave his age as 12. He is 14. Our apologies to Thomas.

Birthday Social Held for Aging Editor

Fall Creek Falls Campout Enjoyed by Pathfinders



Sabbath evening March 19, our church got together to celebrate the 80th birthday of Erling Odell, our faithful newsletter editor. All people with March birthdays were sung to, from two-year-old Raissa Liriano to our newest octogenarian! Good food and fellowship was had by all, ending with a hilarious “fashion show” (pictured above). At vespers preceding the social, Lee Folkman, Apison church Health Ministry leader, gave an interesting presentation about the effects of sugar to the immune system. My children especially found the video clip he showed of a white blood cell chasing and gobbling up a germ fascinating. He also illustrated the amount of sugar in various foods and drinks. It was a good reminder to me of one reason why I choose not to drink soda and eat junk food. Photo: Becky McCurdy

The sun was setting as the excited Apison Pathfinders hastily tried to set up camp at Fall Creek Falls. With that task accomplished the group gathered for worship around the campfire, but we were not the only ones enjoying its warmth. While Mr. Morris was finding his place around the fire he came face to face with a “black cat” with a white strip. Fortunately for all, he seemed not threatened by our presence and soon went on his way. Other animals that enjoyed our campsite were deer and raccoon, who thought Mrs. Kari’s food smelled very appetizing. Sabbath morning we hiked to the beautiful falls followed by a relaxing afternoon of learning where Mr. Wendel shared his knowledge of seeds and Mr. Dennis taught us different rescue skills. Throughout the weekend we enjoyed many entertaining stories from Mrs. Karen and good food from Mrs. Kari. This was one of the best camp outs yet. #

CHURCH LIBRARY The church library is no longer accepting audio cassettes and VHS videotapes since there is no longer any interest in them. – Edna Bird

Ponderisms w All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. w How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

APRIL 2011



water. Drain and put soybeans in blender with 1 1/4 cups water. Blend until coarsely ground. Add remaining ingredients and let stand 15 minutes. Place a large spoonful into a skillet with hot olive oil. Shape into a patty. Lightly brown on one side. Gently turn and brown on other side. Makes 10-12 patties. Can put on greased baking sheet and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Turn and bake on other side. #

MINISTRY -o"There has never been a time when the people of God have had greater need to claim His promises than now. Let the hand of faith pass through the darkness and grasp the arm of infinite power.” While we speak of the necessity of separating from sin, remember that Christ came to our world to save sinners, and that "He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him" (Hebrews 7:25). It is our privilege to believe that His blood is able to cleanse us from every spot and stain of sin. We must not limit the power of the Holy One of Israel. He wants us to come to Him just as we are, sinful and polluted. His blood is efficacious.... If you fall under temptation do not become discouraged. This promise comes ringing down along the line to our time: " If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous". I feel that for this one promise a continual song of thanksgiving ought to go forth.... Let us gather up these precious jewels of promise, and when Satan accuses us of our great sinfulness and tempts us to doubt the power of God to save, let us repeat the words of Christ, "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out" (John 6:37).

SAMARITAN CENTER -oHealth Expo: The Samaritan Center and “Be in Health” are organizing their second annual health expo at the Samaritan Center on April 9 and 10 from noon to 5:00. Booths will include pulmonary function testing, blood glucose readings, nutrition, fitness level, and much more. Professionals will also


The Coulters spent spring break in Colorado. Story on Page 3

be there to provide dermatology, dental, ophthalmology, and podiatry screenings. All are invited to this free community event, and anyone interested in volunteering, donating door prizes, or getting more information may contact Sam Chetty at 396-2134 or [email protected] Comfort Kits: The Samaritan Center works with several area groups to prepare "comfort kits" of personal care items for those who don't have a home. Help us fill these bags by donating travel-sized toiletries! We hope to make 1,000 this year. For more information, call Jessica Parks at 238-7777, ext. 22 or visit www.theSamaritanCenter.net. – CHERYL TORRES , Marketing Director

Vegan Delight BY : KATHERINE MAC FARLANE -oSOY PATTIES 2/3 cup dry soybeans 1 ½ cup quick oats 1 T sage ½ tsp salt 1/4 tsp oregano 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 2 T soy sauce 1 T oil Soak soybeans overnight in 3 cups

BULLETIN BOARD Thinking it's too late to learn how to play violin? Think again! I have been using The Violin Book method for young and old which uses step by step illustrated pathways with CD tracks how to gain proper techniques the same as those who play in Carnegie hall have mastered in an easy and fun way. Music instruction builds IQ and brings joy to your life! Your first lesson is on me. Merrilee McCain (423) 693-5946. Need your house cleaned? Merrilee will do a good job chasing away the dirt in a hurry and polish to a clear shine that greasy oven (even under the hood and spill plates). She has been working at it for Southern on call for a year now. Give her a try. 3 hours/$56.00. References included. (423) 693-5946. Merrilee McCain LOST AND FOUND Lost som ething? W e m ay have found it! Check at the Resource Center (aka Courtesy Desk) as you enter the church lobby (aka foyer or narthex) BABY SHOW ER A baby shower will be held for Jessi and Josh Fraker on Sunday, April 10.


Greetings from Kuwait BY ERIC TINKHAM , Apison church member and son-in-law of Bob and Anita McGrath

Hello Pastor Brown and church family, I have arrived in Kuwait and have been here about a week. By now some of you all know that I was coming here and this will be my duty station for the next year. We have been very busy settling in and learning our new jobs.


The unit we are replacing will be leaving within two weeks or less. I am the medic for the commander, our colonel and his security team. We will be traveling a lot all over in different countries. The weather has been nice because it is still winter. Today we had mud rain. There was a dust storm and rain at the same time. I wanted to mention that we have a relaxation center which the chaplains run and I thought that it would be a good ministry to send books to them to put out. The center is a place to relax and refocus. They have massage chairs and games, books, movies and tv's to give the soldiers time away from work. Things can be sent to: Maj. Patrick Brownell, 230th SUS BDE Camp Arifjan APO AE 09366.


My address is the same if anyone wants to write they can or send e-mails. Until next time, Eric Tinkham

Apison Church Choir Announces Schedule Apison Church Choir director Becky McCurdy has announced the upcoming dates and events in which the choir will be involved. T March 26 – We will be singing for the 11:00 church service. T March 26 – Vespers at Apison Church, 7:00 “Stories Behind the Hymns.” We will be singing four songs along with a solo and a duet. T April 9 – Sabbath afternoon 3:00 there will be a special musical program for our church's 50th anniversary homecoming Sabbath. The choir has been asked to sing two songs. TApril 16 – Sabbath evening vespers 6:30 at Apison church – Cantata “No Greater Love” by John W. Peterson with combined choirs and small orchestra T April 17 – Sunday morning worship service at 11:00 at Simpson United Methodist Church – Cantata, “No Greater Love” with combined choirs and orchestra. #

Hot Dog Shop Found in Chattanooga BY MARTHA DUTTERER I have recently run across a quaint little hot dog shop in Chattanooga that serves vegetarian hotdogs and great boardwalk fries. I was walking past the shop with my family and saw some SDA friends from Maryland sitting in there enjoying a meal!!! They invited us in and told us that they had found out about it through a friend. It is called "Good Dog" and is located at 34 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, right in front of the Coolidge Park Carousel. Susan Paden, the owner, is a lovely person and we were treated very kindly there. Great place to take the kids for lunch

APRIL 2011

while visiting some of the attractions in that part of town. Tell Susan that Martha sent you.

Statement Two men who have attended Apison for a few years will be joining our church soon. They are registered sex offenders. Our church board, with input from the Georgia Cumberland Conference, has spent considerable time prayerfully discussing and finally voting a set of guidelines to ensure that our church remains a safe place for families and to prevent any misunderstandings. If any member would like more information about this, please speak with any elder or the pastor. – Pastor Jeff Brown

Seminar Coming Our church will offer Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University on Thursday nights beginning April 28. There is a $100 per person (or couple) charge for materials. This is an excellent tool to help families take charge of their (God's) money! The meetings will be held at the LCA school.

Director Needed Our church needs an Adventurer director. Do you enjoy teaching and ministering to boys and girls in grades1-4? If so, please speak to any board member for more information.

Cradle Roll is a fun place to be every Sabbath , both for parents and little folks.

The Apison Appeal - Apison Seventh-day Adventist Church

Apr 3, 2011 - After fulfilling his service require- ments, he .... A few days later I had the best day ever! I went to work ..... faithful newsletter editor. All people.

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