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Volume 23 No 1 The first American product taxed President

Don Dorsey


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Joe Boatman



Harold Leung



John Miterko



Larry Yager



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Freddie Garcia


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Minnie Garcia




nd we begin anew. Well… sort of.

Volume 26 Number 1

26 proud years of community service Texas Association Of Vietnam Veterans Austin Chapter PO Box 40036 Austin, Texas 78704 http://www.tavvaustin.org

January 2011

Editor: Mechele Dorsey [email protected]

then by the late Marilyn Kennicutt to run for President. I did. And I won. My first action was to clean house. After charges were filed against TAVV‟s former chief executive, who by that time had become my VP, he was allowed to resign from office and from this organization. Restructuring began immediately. And since that time, new blood has rebuilt TAVV into one of the most active and respected organizations in Central Texas. Our attendance when I first took over was as low as 6 members at our general meetings. Even officers failed to show up. Changes were made, and when the Executive Board found specific bylaws to be insufficient and toothless, we strengthened them. And new rules were set in place, making TAVV elected officials accountable to the membership. Now, only those willing to abide by the bylaws are allowed to hold office. In addition to shoring up the rules, a steady, reliable stream of communication was established. The Perimeter was reborn. It was a difficult first few years for my administration, but we made TAVV work again. Our general meeting each month is now consistently attended by 2535 members and guests. I‟ve run mostly unopposed throughout these years, but not because others aren‟t equally qualified. With paperwork and meetings and emergency situations, this position is time -consuming. Since most of our able members still work or have families, their time just isn‟t their own. That‟s understandable. So here I am, still representing you but at your convenience. I would hope that any dissatisfaction you might have with me is negated by the effectiveness of our Executive Board. My goal is still not to be the last President. And at this point, I hope to carry this organization through to the completion of our Texas Vietnam War monument, which will possibly occur during this term of office. Ego aside and cult status notwithstanding, I‟ve tried my best to represent you well and always in your best interest. While we make plans for this new year, please know that your opinions matter. The Board is always open to suggestion, and our success is rooted in your participation. A new year begs for new ideas.

Folks, TAVV‟s year 2011 will basically be a continuation of the same goals we‟ve always had. Through our various programs and projects and through our interaction with other veterans organizations, we‟ll continue to promote what TAVV determines to be most beneficial to the local and national veteran communities. And we‟ll continue as an organization in our efforts to nurture patriotism while being a beacon for veterans in distress. Why else would we exist? We finished the year with two TAVV presidential appointees in top chapter positions, but begin 2011 with two newly elected officers to fill those posts. You now have a slate of executives of your own choosing. And as your reelected President, I look forward to working with each of these individuals. You couldn‟t have chosen more qualified TAVV members. Last year, a dismissed and disgruntled former TAVV member wrote a poorly crafted internet article berating me as your cult leader. Now, when you consider that the rejected source is generally detested by many within the local veteran community, his antisocial observations and subsequent behavior aren‟t surprising. Coming from him, an insult is almost a compliment. The effort was mostly a scathing attack on me, but if a pen is his weapon of choice, he‟s sorely outgunned. However, the allegation did cause me to reflect on my years as your leader, and to question whether or not I‟m denying equally qualified members the opportunity to lead. That‟s never been my intention. I‟ve been your president for at least 15 years now and was recently re-elected for another 2-year term. I never wanted to be TAVV‟s last president, as I surmised that it would likely mean that the organization folded on my watch. My goal from the beginning was not to be the face of TAVV but to reorganize it and to restore it to the glory days of the late 1980s and early 1990s when veteran activism, enthusiasm, and pride were rampant. After several years of infighting, misappropriated funds, and general inattentiveness, our See you folks on Thursday. organization had fallen into deep disrepair. I was asked back

Semper fi!

TAVV is a registered, state chartered 501C-19, tax exempt, veterans organization and is fully tax deductible in compliance with the rules of IRS.

Next Meeting– Thursday, January 13, 2010 7:30pm at VFW Post 856—406 E Alpine Rd—Austin, Texas 78704

TAVV Minutes—December 9, 2010—General Membership Meeting Kville VA Christmas Wrap Party Began at 6pm, before general meeting. Coordinated by Suzanne Calderon, Angie Conover, and Kathy Miterko. Present wrappers included Andi Gustavson, Gale Kaiser, and Anita Moreno. Red Cross blankets from Red Towers were cut and hemmed by Barbara Sinclair to make 50 lap blankets for the patients.

up to $300 to survivors of deceased TAVV members in good standing at the discretion of the TAVV Board. Motion by Joe. Second by Will. Motion passed. Joe and Jennie Boatman produced a file entitled “What to do When Someone Dies.” To be made available to members. Old Business Necessary Files Joe Boatman again reminded members of the importance of leaving final instructions for your survivors. E-mail Addresses Members asked to correct email addresses. VVA #915 Meeting, Christmas Party and Raffle Dec 20. TAVV and VFW 856 members, friends, and family all invited. Joe will host a White Elephant Gift Exchange for those who bring unwanted presents.

Opening Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance Don Dorsey, 7:43 pm. Invocation Larry Yager. Roll Call Freddie Garcia shows all officials accounted for with Tom Christie absent and excused. Guests (John) Rodney Anderson, Suzanne Calderon, Angie Stout-Conover, Andi Gustavson, Gale Kaiser, Anita Moreno, Joe Ramirez. November Minutes Motion to accept by Freddie Garcia. Seconded by Manny Moreno. Motion carried. Treasury Report (Nov 19 – Dec 9) Joe Boatman: Beginning Balance -- $5108.96. Deposits -- $3646. Expenses: Cash (Kville bingo) -- $100. Manny Moreno (turkey expense) -$97. Freddie Garcia (storage expense) -- $27.65. Office Max (supplies/printing) -- $120.14. Bank fee -- $6. Public Storage (rental) -- $144. Office Depot (newsletter and stamps) -- $161.30. Total expenses: $656.09. Ending Balance: $8108.87. Petty Cash beginning: $189.14. Expenditures: Tacos for cooking crew -- $63.74. Office Max for ink -- $39.14. Ending: $86.26. Total Available Funds: $8195.13 Motion by Marvin Olson to accept report. Seconded by Will Rogers. Motion carried.

New Business Woodmansee Plaza Rededication, Fri - Dec 10, 10am. Members reminded of event commemorating Lt. Ronny Woodmansee, first Travis County resident killed in Vietnam, and a dedication of tribute to county law enforcement KIAs. TAVV Storage TAVV items moved to new facility in S. Austin. TAVV Chapter Election Results President – Don Dorsey Vice President – Joe Boatman Treasurer – Harold Leung Secretary – John Miterko Chaplain – Larry Yager Master-at-Arms – Manny Moreno Member-at-Large – Freddie Garcia Delegates: Julian Calderon, Jim Torres Presidential Appointees: Monthly Reports Service Officer – Minnie Garcia VA Hospital Agent Orange – Kathy Miterko Sat, Nov 20 Fried 15 turkeys and fed about 120 patients Legislative – John Miterko and guests. Will arrived with fryer at about 6:30am. Lunch begin at Events – Danny Kaiser 11am. Sold 3 extra turkeys. Several volunteers. POW – Harold Leung Sat, Dec 11 Christmas Party / Turkey Fry. To fry about 11 VFW 856 QM Ron Dorsey advised that for anyone 50+ years turkeys for 100 patients and guests. Julian to transport fryer. Don old, membership dues are for one year only. VFW 856 will then to transport presents. Fourteen volunteers. Serving to begin at 11 pay all dues forward. am. Don advised that Rusty Johnson in Spicewood needs a ride Dec Executive Meeting – cancelled unless notified. Jan Newsletter deadline – Sun, Jan 2. to Kville. Contact Don or Rusty. Sat, Jan 9 January visit to occur prior to TAVV regular Jan TAVV General Meeting – Thur, Jan 13 @ 7:30pm. Jan Executive Meeting – Thur, Jan 27 @ 7:30pm. meeting. Volunteers should contact Don. Agent Orange Kathy Miterko. No report. TAVV Meeting Raffle none. POW/MIA Harold Leung. Oral report and hard copies: Ongoing Taliban video of US soldier held for 18 months. Suicide Prevention now available on-line. DPMO summary statistics. TAVV Sales CDs, DVDs (Shadow of the Blade), Shirts, Wall 1 Dec 2010 League of Families update. WWI MIA soldier identified. items. Don @ 925-4556 Cell Parades and Events Danny Kaiser. BBQ Posse cook-off in mid- Newsletter Contact Don to receive newsletter via internet. ArtiMarch. Invitation for TAVV is forthcoming. Could result in potential cles, photos, and issues of interest to vets are needed. Email fundraiser. items to Mechele Dorsey ([email protected]). Copy to Don Vietnam War Monument John Miterko. Don Dorsey. John de([email protected]). TB Test VA volunteers can get tested on Mon, Tue, and Wed, tailed approval of $10,000 donation from the Strake Foundation. An additional $10,000 to be donated in 2011. Jim Torres submitat Austin VA Clinic. ted $500 check and $25 cash from Round Rock El Amistad in memory of Marine PFC Robert P. Hernandez, KIA Vietnam. http:// Closing www.buildthemonument.org Motion to adjourn by Manny. Seconded by Freddie. Motion carVA Communication Council Minnie Garcia. Nothing new to ried. Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm. report. VA Consumer Advocacy Council (AVFAC) Joe Boatman. No Members Present 28 report. Juan Blanco, Joe Boatman, Julian Calderon, John Clark, Angie Legislative Update John Miterko. Nothing new to report. Conover, Don Dorsey, Ron Dorsey, Freddie Garcia, Minnie GarSick Call cia, Luis Gonzalez, Danny Grimm, Paul Hewes, Danny Kaiser, Pat Turner, Paul Hewes, Al Lloyd, and others. Harold Leung, John Miterko, Kathy Miterko, Manny Moreno, Death of Bear Woolsey. Joe, John Richter, and others to Marvin Olson, Claire Prosser, Mike Prosser, Fred Rey, Elaine perform Firebase Ceremony at family home internment 10 Dec. Rey, John Richter, Will Rogers, Gene Sinclair, Jim Torres, Larry Don discussed establishing a policy whereby TAVV donates Yager, Harold Zavalney.


THE DOC IS IN Joe Boatman


ure, a lot of you think ole Doc‟s a pain in the gluteus maximus, so in the spirit of that thought, let‟s talk about Colonoscopies. Let‟s talk about it. A colonoscopy is an outpatient procedure during which your large bowel (colon and rectum) is examined from the inside. Colonoscopies are usually used to evaluate symptoms like abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or changes in bowel habits. They are also used to screen for colorectal cancer. It is not painful; in fact you won‟t really remember much about it, thanks to some pretty good drugs. Before the procedure let the doctor know about any special medical conditions you have, such as a lung or heart condition, diabetes, or if you are allergic to any medication. The doctor needs to know if you take medications that may affect blood clotting. Adjustments to these medications may be required before the colonoscopy. Never stop taking any medication without first consulting your doctor. You may need to take antibiotics before the colonoscopy if you have an artificial heart valve or if you have ever been told you need to take antibiotics before a dental or surgical procedure. There may be some diet or fluid restrictions before the procedure but this will vary according to your doctor's instructions. You may be asked to limit or eliminate solid foods for a few days before the test. You may also be asked to take laxatives by mouth. Along with the dietary changes, your bowel must be further cleansed in order for colonoscopy to be successful. The night before you will take a medicine that will have you going to the bathroom for a few hours, so make sure there is plenty of reading material next to the throne, a can of aerosol is also recommended. You will also give yourself an enema. The rectum and lower intestine must be clean and empty so that the intestinal walls can be seen. You will need to try to hold the enema solution for at least 5 minutes before releasing it. The day of the procedure make sure you arrange for a driver to bring you home after the colonoscopy. Because you receive sedating medication during the procedure, it is unsafe for you to drive or operate machinery for 8 hours after the procedure. The procedure is performed by a Specialist and lasts approximately 30-60 minutes. Medications will be given into your vein to make you feel relaxed and drowsy. You will be asked to lie on your left side on the examining table. During a colonoscopy, the doctor uses a colonoscope, a long, flexible, tubular instrument about 1/2 inch in diameter that transmits an image of the lining of the colon so the doctor can examine it for any abnormalities. This used to be done with a proctoscope, a long solid tube the doctor‟s affectionaly call the Silver Stallion, but new technologies make the procedure a little less threatening. The colonoscope is inserted through the rectum and advanced to the other end of the large intestine. The scope bends, so the doctor can move it around the curves of your colon. You may be asked to change position occasionally to help the doctor move the scope. The scope also blows air into your colon, which expands the colon and helps the doctor see better. You may feel mild cramping during the procedure. You can reduce the cramping by taking several slow, deep breaths during the procedure. When the doctor has finished,


the colonoscope is slowly withdrawn while the lining of your bowel is carefully examined. During the colonoscopy, if the doctor sees something that may be abnormal, small amounts of tissue can be removed for analysis (called a biopsy), and abnormal growths, or polyps, can be identified and removed. In many cases, colonoscopy allows accurate diagnosis and treatment without the need for a major operation. You will stay in a recovery room for about 30 minutes for observation. In recovery, the doctor will usually show a video tape of the procedure on the TV, and go over anything he did. You may feel some cramping and will pass a lot of a gas, but this is normal and usually passes quickly. You can resume your normal diet. Read your discharge instructions carefully. Certain medications, such as blood-thinning agents, may need to be avoided temporarily if biopsies were taken or polyps were removed. Bleeding and puncture of the colon are rare but possible complications of colonoscopy. Call your doctor right away if you have any excessive or prolonged rectal bleeding, or severe abdominal pain, fever or chills. Well that wasn‟t so bad. Take some good drugs, watch a little TV, sleep a bit, and pass a lot of gas…..sounds like the „60‟s all over again. The Gunny knows all about this procedure, in fact it was named for him... Gunny “Pain in the ... “ Guess I‟d stand at ease with that one. We‟ll talk again next month, so until then take two of the little white pills and call me in the morning.

TAPS Joe Boatman


obert Woolsey was laid to rest December 10th, the fifth TAVV member to pass in 2010. "Bear", as he was known to friends and family had been a member of TAVV for about four years, after having introduced himself to us at the Moving Wall presentation in Pflugerville. Although health concerns kept him from most of our meetings and events, he was proud to belong to TAVV. Bear was a joy to be around. He always had a smile to share and a good word to all who stopped to talk. He served in the US Army in Vietnam and was proud of his service to his country. Services were held at his home in Liberty Hill, and he was buried on the land that he loved, near an old Indian mound. TAVV provided a Firebase Ceremony during the service, a final measure of respect for him and his family. Representing TAVV were John Richter, Larry Yager, and myself. Rest in Peace, Brother....you will be missed.



he chapter elections were held in December, and little has changed with regard to the slate of TAVV officials. My thanks to interim appointee Tom Christie, for aptly filling in after the untimely death last year of Vice President Lee Coon. Because of scheduling conflicts, Tom chose not to pursue that position this year. Replacing him as VP is former TAVV Treasurer Joe Boatman. Our newly elected Treasurer is Harold Leung, who brings to the Board a wealth of expertise in money management. Interim appointee John Miterko was chosen to remain on as your Secretary. All other officers, having been re-elected, will continue for the next two years to fulfill the roles of their respective positions. In addition to the officials listed in the masthead of The Perimeter, the Board also includes re-elected representatives Julian Calderon and Jim Torres. To the nominees who failed in their pursuit of an elected position, I thank you for your willingness to serve. Please continue to be leaders within this organization, and your time will come. To the TAVV Board, past and present, I thank you for your support. It‟s through your efforts that our organization continues to remain at the forefront of the local veteran community. And to the membership, your vote of confidence in the TAVV Board is greatly appreciated. Effective leadership is time-consuming, and the members you‟ve chosen have a history of service to the veteran community. You can be assured that the Board will continue to move TAVV effectively in the direction of community and veteran advocacy.

An angel, Santa and an elf. Who doesn’t believe in Christmas magic? 4

KERRVILLE VAMC CHRISTMAS PARTY Don Dorsey First, let me thank all of you who showed up early last month to the TAVV general meeting so that we could wrap presents, stuff Christmas bags, and prepare for the annual trip to the Kerrville VA hospital. The Wrap Party event, coordinated by Suzanne Calderon, Angie Conover, and Kathy Miterko. had an exceptionally large turnout, and we quickly accomplished our goals. I especially want to thank those of you who brought refreshments. Even though our TAVV attendance was down, the Kerrville Christmas Party went well. Participation just isn‟t what it used to be, making it more difficult for the volunteers who do show up to man the 3 required crews. We‟ve been doing this since 1986, and I guess some of us are getting old and tired now and maybe even a bit lazy. BUT, the patients we visit are older and more tired, and lazy for them isn‟t even an option. They‟re sick. So in the future, it would better serve them if we kept our organization‟s mission in the forefront. We serve veterans in distress. That‟s what we do. Thanks to Julian, Juan, and Minnie, the turkey fryer arrived in Kerrville on time. The frying crew immediately went into action and by 11:00 am, Jim Torres had birds carved and ready to eat, right on schedule. Danny Grimm did his usual masterful impersonation of Santa, as he and his crew of elves brought presents room-to-room to each patient. My thanks to all of you who volunteered. For fear of leaving someone out, I won‟t even attempt to list your names. However, I will mention the Calderon family. Without the help of Julian, Suzanne, their kids, and their grandkids, we would‟ve been hard pressed to pull this off. They were among the first to arrive, and among the last to leave. On behalf of TAVV, I extend my sincere gratitude to that wonderful family for always stepping up when we need them the most. The home-cooked meal accompanying the fried turkey was provided by the hospital‟s Volunteer Services. Not only was it incredibly good, but there was plenty of it. The patient load was low this year, making attending to their needs easy. And there were more than enough presents to go around, in addition to the $100 in bingo cash we routinely disperse at $2 per win. The patients, their families, and the hospital staff all showed their appreciation, expressing more than once that we‟re their favorite volunteer group. But while it‟s great to be acknowledged, it‟s never about the recognition; it‟s about looking after our own. That‟s our duty. 5

POW/MIA Report January 2011 Kathy Miterko A Continuation of the October 2010 Report #5-7 of 10 Key Pieces of Evidence That Men Were Left Behind 5. A series of what appeared to be distress signals from Vietnam and Laos were captured by the government's satellite system in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Before that no search for such signals had been put in place. Not a single one of these markings was ever deemed credible. To the layman's eye, the satellite photos show makings on the ground that are identical to the signals that American pilots had been specifically trained to use in their survival courses - such as certain letters, like X or K, drawn in a special way. Other markings were the secret four-digit authenticator numbers given to individual pilots. Time and again, the Pentagon, backed by the CIA, insisted that humans had not made these markings. "Shadows and vegetation" the government said, insisting that the markings were merely normal topographical contours like saw grass or rice-paddy divider walls. On one occasion a Pentagon photo expert refused to go along. It was a missing man's name gouged into a field - not trampled grass or paddy berms. His bosses responded by bringing in an outside contractor who found instead, yes, shadows and vegetation. This lead a highly regarded investigator on the Senate committee staff who examined the photographic evidence to comment "if grass can spell out people's names and a secret digit code, then I have a newfound respect for grass." 6. On November 11, 1992 a sister of a missing airman testified at one of the Senate committee's public hearings. She asked for information about data the government had gathered from electronic devices used in a classified program known as PAVE SPIKE. The devices were motion sensors designed to pick up enemy troop movements. Air Force planes would drop them along the Ho Chi Minh trail and other supply routes. They were designed to stick in the ground as they fell. The devices also had rescue cap abilities. Someone on the ground, a downed airman or a prisoner on a labor gang - could manually enter data into the sensor. All data was regularly collected electronically by US planes flying overhead. The airman's sister stated at the committee hearing (without any challenge on the committee's part) that in 1974 a year after the supposedly complete return of prisoners, the gathered data showed that a person or people had manually entered into the sensors - as US pilots had been trained to do - "no less than 20 authenticator numbers that corresponded exactly to the classified authenticator numbers of 20 US POWs who were lost in Laos. The PAV SPIKE file has never been declassified. We still don't know anything about those twenty POWs. 7. In April 1993 a researcher from Harvard while in a Moscow archive, unearthed and made public the transcript of a briefing from General Tran Van Quang to the Hanoi politburo four months before the signing of the Paris peace accords in 1973. It stated that 1,205 US prisoners were being held back from Washington after the accords as bargaining chips for war reparations. Until then they published a list of only 368 prisoners of war. The rest was not revealed. He stated the USA knew this but did not know the exact number. That was why the number of prisoners of war was a secret - in accordance with politburo's instructions. The report went on to explain that a large number would be kept back to ensure reparations. After two decades of denying it had kept any prisoners, Hanoi responded that the transcript was a lie. Washington also shifted into denial mode. Neither American of Vietnamese officials offered any rationale why or who put a forged document in the Soviet archives. The Russian archivists said the document was "authentic." Next Month: of 8-10 Key Pieces of Evidence That Men Were Left Behind

There is no appointment necessary.

FREE LEgaL advicE

Attorney volunteers will provide brief, legal advice (15-20 minutes).

For All U.S. Vets

Please bring any paperwork that is relevant to your case.*

Monday, January 31 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For further information, please call the Austin Bar Association at 472-0279.

VA Outpatient Clinic, 2901 Montopolis Drive

Ch. 7 Bankruptcy  Child Support Consumer/Contracts  Criminal Divorce or Custody Guardianship/Probate Landlord/Tenant  Social Security/SSI Wills/Estate Planning

This includes copies of all pertinent claims, correspondence and rulings from the court, agency, or Veteran’s Administration. If you are seeking veteran’s benefits or a discharge upgrade, please bring a copy of your DD214 and any evidence related to your claim.

Future Dates: Feb. 22, March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20 (Dates may be subject to change.)


Calendar 2011 January 2 Jan Newsletter Deadline 3 VFW 856 meeting 7 pm 8 Kerrville VAMC 13 TAVV gen meeting 7:30 pm 14 VA Advocacy meeting 10 am 17 VVA 915 meeting 7 pm MLK Day 24 Vet Comm Council 10:30 am 26 Mil Srv Coalition 1:30 pm 27 TAVV exec meeting 7:30 pm 29 Feb Newsletter Deadline 31 Free Legal Advice for Vets February 5 Abilene Tet Reunion 7 VFW 856 meeting 7 pm 10 TAVV gen meeting 7:30 pm 11 VA Advocacy meeting 10 am 12 Kerrville VAMC 14 Valentine‟s Day 21 VVA 915 meeting 7 pm 22 Free Legal Advice for Vets 23 Mil Srv Coalition 1: 30 pm 24 TAVV exec meeting 7:30 pm 28 Mar Newsletter Deadline March 7 10 11 12 13 21 23 24 29

VFW 856 meeting 7 pm TAVV gen meeting 7:30 pm VA Advocacy meeting 10 am Kerrville VAMC Begin Daylight Savings Time Free Legal Advice for Vets VVA 915 meeting 7 pm Mil Srv Coalition 1:30 pm TAVV exec meeting 7:30 pm Apr Newsletter Deadline

KERRVILLE CALENDAR 2011 January February March April

Veteran Resources

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ongratulations are in order for James Bowie High School junior Grant Dorsey who recently was informed that not only had he achieved First Place honors in the Veterans of Foreign Wars District 28 Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program, but was further notified that he had also been selected as one of the top 10 District winners chosen from the 25 designated VFW districts within the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Texas. The Voice Of Democracy Essay contest was created by the VFW in 1947 as a scholarship program open to all high school students in grades 9-12 and annually provides more than $3 million in scholarships. It was designed to foster patriotism by allowing students the opportunity to voice their opinion in a 3 to 5 minute essay and verbal presentation based on an annual theme. The theme for this year‟s contest was “Does My Generation Have a Role in America‟s Future?” The top ten in the state are slated to be guests of honor at the awards banquet at the annual VFW Mid-Winter Round Up, scheduled for January 27-30, 2011 at the Crown Plaza Austin. Grant, a linebacker with the Bowie High Central Tx 5A football champions and member of the Bowie track team, was sponsored by VFW Post 856 of South Austin. He was excited to be chosen as winner and gratefully thanked Post 856 and their Commander Preston Rogers for giving him the opportunity to be a part of their scholarship program. *Note from proud Mom and Editor: Maybe what we do matters to our youth? Maybe our talks at local schools help the next generation? Do you want to help? Contact Don or Ron for more ways you can influence our youth!


Travis County Veterans Service Office 100 N IH 35 Austin, Tx 78701 512-854-9340 Texas Veterans Land Board Stephen F Austin Bldg 1700 N Congress Austin, Tx 512-463-5060 800-252-8387 Veterans Administration Medical Centers Temple VAMC 1901 S 1st Temple, Tx 76504 800-423-2111 Waco VAMC 888-827-6988 Dallas VAMC 214-742-8387 Houston VAMC 713-791-1414 San Antonio VAMC 210-617-5300 Austin VA Outpatient Clinic 2901 Montopolis Dr Austin, Tx 78741 512-389-1010 Cedar Park VA Outpatient Clinic 701 E Whitestone Blvd Cedar Park, Tx 78613 512-260-1368 Vet Center Southcliff Building 2015 South IH 35, Ste. 101

Austin, TX 78741 512-416-1314 VA Internet Address http://www/va/gov VA Enrollment Address 877-222-VETS http://www.va.gov/health/elig. www.myhealth.va.gov For medical appointments and prescription refills - 24/7 800-244-2912 Agent Orange Clinic—Temple 800-423-2111 ext 40440 Inspector General’s Office (IG) 214-253-3360 Dallas 202-565-7702 HQ Wash., DC 202-565-8305 Central Op Wash., DC Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

POW/MIA ‘s - You Are Not Forgotten Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans PO Box 40036 Austin, Texas 78704 Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans PO Box 40036 Austin, Texas 78704 ________________________


Membership Application _______ Regular In-Country Membership (DD-214 required) $20.00/year _______ Associate Membership $20.00/year

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Name


________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address DOB

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dates of Service Training / MOS Unit

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ Country of Service

Rank at Discharge

Military Branch

TAVV meets the second Thursday of each month at VFW Post 856 - 406 E. Alpine - South Austin - 7:30 pm


Ramirez. November Minutes Motion to accept by Freddie Garcia. Sec- onded by Manny Moreno. Motion carried. Treasury Report (Nov 19 – Dec 9) Joe Boatman:.

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