Building Community Resilience to Global Challenges

Communities Respond To Climate Change and Peak Oil …..Get Involved Only the second time this has been offered in Atlantic Canada ………………… … ..…… register early to ensure your attendance.


Transition Bay St Margarets offers a “Training for Transition” program. Learn how to support community-led responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy while building community resilience. Participants will learn how to: • • •

initiate a transition group in their community; build awareness of peak oil, climate change and economic instability; and engage citizens from all walks of life in neighbourhood or community projects.

From the practical (organizing Open Space sessions and planning awareness activities) to the theoretical (principles of resilience and theories of change), participants will leave the session better equipped to offer transition leadership in their own communities. Participants from the permaculture, environment, education and eco village fields have found real value in the workshop. Likewise, municipal staffs, elected officials, and neighbourhood associations have rated the workshop very highly.

Who: The workshop is for anyone interested in strengthening a community-wide response to the converging trends of fossil fuel dependence, climate change and economic instability …... ……… bring a friend or colleague!

When: Please set aside the last weekend in January 2012, 9 to 5 Saturday Jan. 28th and Sunday Jan 29th, with a reception for participants on Friday evening Jan. 27.

Where: St. Luke’s United Lower Hall, 5374 St. Margaret's Bay Road, Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia.

How Much: $150 ($60 for persons under 30). Covers participants’ nutrition breaks and lunches Sat & Sun; plus materials, and trainers’ fees. This low fee is only available due to a generous grant from the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia, so please take advantage of this opportunity to learn valuable skills to help benefit your community.

Registration: Please pre-register. Contact David Wimberly, [email protected] Robert Cervelli, Chair, Transition Bay St Margarets, (902) 222-4391 (cell) [email protected] or David Wimberly, Program Coordinator, [email protected]

For more information:

T4T TBSM-info sheet 19Dec2011 -

Dec 19, 2011 - When: Please set aside the last weekend in January 2012, 9 to 5 Saturday Jan. 28th and Sunday Jan. 29th, with a reception for participants on ...

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