Synopsis: Sakar Murli September 20, 2014 1. The spiritual Magician says, while sitting here, make no sound or movement (churpur) and be a multi-tasker. This is not a question of using your hands or feet, but a matter of your thoughts. Remember Alpha and your decoration will be totally changed. You are even greater magicians than the Father.

2. You are making effort (purushaarth) for the decoration of Paradise. The Father, that is, the Bridegroom (Saajan), is showing this method to the brides (sajaniyaan); use the one key of manmanabhav when you sit here and move around.

3. There is the one Beloved (Mashook), of so many lovers (aashiq). Lovers and beloveds are not all alike. There is nothing physical here. All souls are lovers of the one Beloved.

4. Some decorate themselves and then decorate others too. Some don't decorate themselves and then also continue to spoil the decoration of others. They relate useless things and also bring down the other person's stage. Then that one deprives himself of the decoration and also deprives others of it.

5. The Father cautions you: Do not waste your time in useless (vaahyaat) matters. Remember the Father's shrimat. Do not follow human dictates. You mustn't waste your time because your time is very valuable. You are becoming like diamonds from shells. Do not waste your time or the time of others. You have to adopt a divine nature. If you want to become rulers of the globe, continue to spin the cycle of self-realization

6. Simply remind one another: Are you remembering Shiv Baba? Do you remember your inheritance? Do you remember the decoration of the sovereignty of the world? Ask your heart: How much effort have I made to decorate myself? Have I wasted my time anywhere?

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who makes the impossible possible (asambhav sambhav) with the power of silence. The power of silence is the most elevated power. All other powers have emerged through the power of silence. The impact of the power of science has emerged from silence. You can achieve whatever you want through the power of silence. You can even make the impossible possible. Whatever the world considers to be impossible, you consider that to be possible and, because it is possible, it is easy. Imbibe the power of silence and become an easy yogi.

Today, from the blessing we also can infer: Science emerges from silence; it arises from observation, from contemplation, do not waste your time in useless matters and be in the hustle and bustle of the world. Remain beyond. Remember the slogan - Whatever actions others see us perform, they will do the same. With the power of determination and with the company and the helping hand of the Father, the Magician, make the impossible, possible. You can become easy yogis by maintaining a balance between the seriousness of deep yoga and the entertainment of churning the ocean of knowledge. Share and donate the infinite treasures received from the Father to your relations and connections every day, and use them in a worthwhile way. Be generous hearted, be big hearted and use the right methods to attain success; become samples and examples of making the impossible tasks possible... By being the children of the Almighty Authority Father you become master almighty authorities.

Slogan: Give everyone happiness and peace through your words (vaani) and you will become worthy of being remembered (gaayan yogya).

Points to churn from the slogan:

We, the souls, the masters of all the virtues and powers of the Father, are master oceans like the Father...we imbibe all the praise of the most elevated stage of the confluence age, that is, become full of all virtues, become sixteen celestial degrees full, become completely vice less, and become the most elevated human beings following the highest code of conduct...we are the long lost and now found children of the double Father, who become worthy of double praise, become the masters of the two worlds, become worthy of double worship, claim a right to the double inheritance of both liberation and liberation-in-life, claim double crown and become doubly non-violent... we are the beads of the Father’s rosary full of all specialties, worthy of praise and worthy of worship, who become the children and the masters of the Master of the World... By performing elevated actions, we, the souls, attain success in the practical fruit of being praised by everyone, getting a seat of elevated praise, and having a seat of honour and renouncing this success and claiming our fortune through it, by renouncing even any trace of renunciation, we become the incognito great donors and great renunciates...

We are mahavirs, the embodiments of success, from whose lips only that which is destined to happen, emerge...we are master almighty authorities who finish accounts of sin and accounts of wastage... we are great donors (mahadani), bestowers of blessings (vardaani) and world benefactors (vishv kalyani)...we take souls beyond with just a glance ...we see a clear vision of our actions, of our reward and of praise and worship in the mirror of our activities...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli September 20, 2014 1. The ... -

Sep 20, 2014 - and claiming our fortune through it, by renouncing even any trace of renunciation, we become the incognito great donors and great renunciates ...

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