Synopsis: Sakar Murli October 20, 2014

1. God is the Teacher. God is the Preceptor. He is called God, Param Atma, and that means God is the Supreme Soul. Brahma cannot be called "The Supreme”. "The Supreme” means the Highest on High, the purest of all. 2. “The spiritual Father” means the incorporeal Father. You souls are spiritual children. He says: It is the spirit that studies. All good and bad sanskars remain in the soul. Souls perform actions and they receive bodies accordingly. The Father says: Children, may you be soul conscious! Renounce the arrogance of the body. 3. Only He is called the Purifier. People sing: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure! In that case, why do they consider river water and the ocean to be the Purifier and go and bathe in that? They call the Ganges the Purifier, but where did rivers emerge from? They all emerged from the ocean. All of them are the children of the ocean. 4. There is the difference of day and night between the status of this one (Krishna) and that One. If Krishna were God, anyone would instantly be able to recognize him. The birth of Krishna is not remembered as a divine and alokik birth. He takes birth just through purity. The Father does not emerge from anyone's womb. 5. Here, you children are sitting in the company of the Truth. When you go into bad company outside, they tell you wrong things and you then forget all of these things. By going into bad company, you begin to choke. Our Baba is the unlimited Baba, the Teacher and He also takes us across. You have come here with this faith. 6. There can never be tiredness in earning an income. Yawning (ubaasi) is a sign of unhappiness (udaasi). Those who continue to choke inside about something or other will yawn a lot.

Slogan: Yogi souls with cool bodies remain cool themselves and take others beyond with a glimpse of their cool drishti. Points to churn from the slogan: We, the souls, are karmayogis, who remember the Father every moment with every breath and every thought while walking and moving around... we keep the awareness of our occupation of being a Raj Yogi right from amritvela and through the day ... we are truthful, transparent, honest, clean, clear, cool and peaceful.... (हम सत्य हैं, सच हैं, स्वच्छ हैं, साफ़ हैं, स्पष्ट हैं, शान्त हैं, शीतल हैं).... by finishing our old sanskars, curbing our mischievous minds and wandering intellects and attaining a constant stage, we become the knowledgeable and enlightened souls with cool and peaceful physical senses.... We are the Godly students who learn health education and character reformation in the Spiritual University...we are the stable and unshakeable Maharathis who keep very calm, cool and collected with all the secrets of the drama in our intellect, and who are looked after by the Father... We are light in our relationships, connection and stage... in our deeds and in our behaviour, in our nature, sanskars and service we are truthful, honest, clean and clear hearted, transparent, easy, peaceful, cool, tolerant, happy, content, well-mannered, complete and perfect and therefore embodiments of success...we are humble, stainless, polite, brave, free of fear, free of animosity and prove the truth with good manners...we remain alert with our powerful vibrations and fill everyone with the courage of peace and tolerance...we give everyone the light of peace by being a light house...we fill cool water in the burning fire of sorrow... we are the spiritual social workers who give spiritual re-assurance at a fast speed... with cool bodies we remain cool and take others beyond with a glimpse of our cool drishti...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli October 20, 2014 1. God is ... -

You souls are spiritual children. He says: It is the spirit that studies. All good and bad sanskars remain in the soul. Souls perform actions and they receive.

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