Synopsis: Sakar Murli November 18, 2014 1. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Guru of the World, is the One who grants salvation to the whole world. Baba is our Father, Teacher and Satguru. He is the One without an Image (vichitr). He doesn’t have a body of His own. 2. You call Him your Father and also your Child. We give an inheritance of everything we have to that Child and claim our inheritance for 21 births from the Father. We hand over all the rubbish to the Father and claim the sovereignty of the world from Him. Whilst remembering such a Father, tears of love should flow. 3. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you platefuls of the imperishable jewels of knowledge and makes you very prosperous. Those who imbibe knowledge claim a high status. 4. He says: I am knowledge-full. Janijananhar (One who knows the secrets within) doesn’t mean that I know what is inside each one. Have I come here to teach you or to read you? I don’t read anyone. 5. The Father says: Having made a donation to the Father here, do not take it back, or else there will be one hundred-fold punishment. There will be the Tribunal for you, and especially for the children who become worthy of doing service and who then become traitors. 6. The Father is wonderful. He knows that He is talking to you souls. It is the soul that performs sinful actions. It is the soul that then experiences suffering through the body. 7. The Father now explains: Children, simply remember Me alone constantly and your boats will go across. Continue to give My introduction to everyone. That one is a limited father and this One is the unlimited Father. Simply become pure in this one birth. If you don’t become pure now, you will fall down. There is a lot of temptation. By conquering vice, you will become the masters of the world.

Slogan: Those who merge BapDada in their eyes are lights of the world (jahaan ke noor).

Points to churn from the slogan: We, the souls, are the lights of the world, and the stars of God’s eyes... we meet Bapdada in a special way, and are personally in front of Him, with Him, close to Him and equal to Him... we constantly consider ourselves to be sparkling stars, remain absorbed in the Father’s love, merge Bapdada in our eyes, and while looking, we do not see any person or anything except the Father...we are ignorant of all desires, constantly beyond the sweetness of everything else, and with a constant and stable stage experience the sweetness of the One... We are merged in the Father’s eyes, and are the jewels of His eyes ... we are the “Stars of the eyes” means we are dots, pupils, with the specialty of being able to see... we are light in our relationships, connection and stage... we fly and enable others to fly on the wings of zeal, enthusiasm and courage... by leaving our burdens and becoming a point we become light... I belong to One Shiv Baba and none other...we are merged in the Karavanhar Father’s eyes... we are the karmayogis who remember the Father, the Seed, and the Tree...we are constantly victorious, always constant and stable, and absorbed in the love of the One... we are the karmayogis and so the constant yogis who perform every action by being yogyukt and yuktiyukt... we are the master creators who take benefit of our creation...while using the facilities of science we let our spiritual endeavour continue and so remain uninfluenced by them...we are the constant yogis who transform any limited consciousness of “I” or “mine” into the unlimited ...we swing in the swing of love by saying My Baba from the heart and belonging to the Father....we are the natural yogis who get lost in love and absorbed in love of the Father...we constantly keep every thought, every word, every second very elevated, and remember the Father with love from the heart...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli November 18, 2014 1. The ... -

Nov 18, 2014 - World, is the One who grants salvation to the whole world. Baba is our Father ... Whilst remembering such a Father, tears of love should flow. 3.

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