Synopsis: Sakar Murli January 12, 2015 1. The Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Liberator, the Bestower of Salvation, is only the one Father. This is called spiritual knowledge. The Spirit sits here and gives knowledge to the spirits. Human beings give knowledge to human beings. Human beings can never give spiritual knowledge. You have to give everyone the introduction of Trimurti Shiva. 2. It is souls and the Supreme Soul that have the greatest importance. Therefore, souls are the most powerful. I, this soul, am a tiny point. Baba too is a tiny point. You have to have deep and subtle intellects and have no gross thoughts to understand that we are souls and that our Father has come. Your aim and objective is to become deities. 3. The life-giving herb is “Manmanabhav”. Until you become a Brahmin and receive the Father’s introduction, you are considered to be not worth a penny. In order to become pure you have to have remembrance. To be churning this knowledge throughout the day is true remembrance. Baba has told you to let your hands do the work whilst your heart remains occupied in remembrance of Baba. (hath kaar de, dil yaar de). You have to reach your karmateet stage. 4. When you start to play your parts of body consciousness, you forget your original religion. Body consciousness is a very severe sickness. The Father has now come to make you soul conscious. It is the souls that carry all the sanskars. The Father comes and explains all the knowledge with a signal. 5. All souls have to settle their accounts (hisaab-kitaab) before returning home. Baba grants you all visions. Impure ones definitely have to suffer punishment for the sins they have committed. Punishment is given by showing you something of your past birth. You experience punishment in a human body and this is why you definitely have to adopt bodies. They have a vision of all the sins they have committed. This is why they ask God for forgiveness and say that they will never do that thing again. They ask for forgiveness even in the visions they are being given. They feel the punishment and experience pain.

Blessing: May you be a true trustee who breaks the cage of bondages (bandhanon ke pinjde) and experiences the stage of liberation in life (jeewan-mukti). The bondage of a body or relationships is a cage. You have to fulfil your duties in only name, not with attachment for only then will you be said to be free from bondage. Those who move along as trustees are free from bondage. If there is any type of the consciousness of “mine” you are then caged in a cage. You now have to become an angel from a caged bird. Therefore, let there not be the slightest bondage, not even any bondage of the mind. “What can I do? How can I do this? I want to do it, but it doesn’t happen” are all bondages of the mind. Since you have died alive, all types of bondages have finished and you continue to experience the stage of liberation in life. Points to churn from the blessing: There is power in knowledge...with knowledge we attain a status...we are the knowledgeable souls, who know about the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle from the Ocean of Knowledge...Shiva has made us belong to Him, and we have then made Shiv Baba belong to us...we, the souls, created by Shiva, are the children of the incorporeal Shiv Baba...we are the adopted children of Shiv Baba with unlimited intellect, sustained in the lap of Shiv Baba, worthy of becoming the masters of heaven...By having rights over our home and property, we claim double inheritance ...we attain liberation and liberation-in-life, and become the heirs of the land beyond sound and of heaven... We are the Raj Rishis who do tapasya in order to go into the stage of retirement... we wake up in the early hours of nectar, and remember the one Father with our intellect and soundless chant accurately...we are the Raj Yogis who do tapasya in order to receive liberation-in-life... by removing the alloy from our soul, we become pure being yogyukt, we burn our sins in the valuable furnace of yoga...we spin the discus of self realization to become the rulers of the globe...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli January 12, 2015 1. The ... -

Synopsis: Sakar Murli January 12, 2015. 1. The Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Liberator, the Bestower of. Salvation, is only the one Father. This is called ...

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