Synopsis: Sakar Murli February 24, 2015 1. The Bestower of Salvation for all is only One. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone. This is called the fire of yoga. God is the Ocean of Knowledge, whereas human beings are oceans of scriptures. The Father doesn't relate any scriptures. I tell you the essence of the scriptures of the path of devotion. The Father has come to make you sit on the pyre of knowledge, whereby you become the masters of the world, the conquerors of the world. 2. The main thing is Trimurti Shiva. This is our Coat of Arms. People say: Deity Brahma, Deity Vishnu and Deity Shankar. Then, they say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. Therefore, you have to give them the introduction of Trimurti Shiva and the Father's knowledge. You have to do this service. No matter what the circumstances are, when everyone receives the Father's introduction, they can claim their inheritance from the Father. 3. Only the Father is the Messenger. It is our duty to make sure that every home is given the Father's message. The Father gives you His own introduction. The Father says: I am telling you the truth when I say that you can truly become true Narayan through this study. 4. The Master of the Garden gives you directions. It is the task of you gardeners to prepare the garden and make it ready. It is the task of you gardeners, not the Owner of the Garden, to explain. It is the task of you gardeners to change thorns into flowers. 5. Whenever a gathering is being held on the banks of a river, you should go and explain that the Ganges cannot be the Purifier. Rivers of water emerge from oceans of water. Rivers of knowledge emerge from the Ocean of Knowledge. To change from an ordinary human into a deity is like changing into an angel. 6. Brahma receives knowledge from the Father and he then spreads this knowledge. This is called the machinery for establishing God's religion. This deity religion gives a great deal of happiness. You children have recognized your true religion. You know that God is teaching you. You become so happy because the One who is teaching you is God Himself.

Slogan: When the foundation of faith is strong, you automatically experience having an elevated life (shreshth jeewan). Points to churn from the slogan: Success is our birthright...victory is our birthright, a Godly birthright...we, the experienced and elevated souls in the stage of retirement who know everything, are knowledge-full, powerful and having faith in the intellect, we break the wall of weak thoughts in one second, free ourselves from the trap of the weak web, and become maintaining the honour (shaan) of our faith and our birthright we do not get distressed (pareshaan)...we are the images of success who use the seeds of time, thoughts and wealth in a worthwhile way (safal), and attain the fruit of easy success (safalta)... By drinking the nectar of knowledge from the Unlimited Father, we, the mouth-born creations of Brahma, the decorations of the Brahmin clan, know the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama, the history and geography of the deity dynasty, the main Creator and the main Actor of the drama, the knowledge of the entire world, and the news of the incorporeal world, the subtle world and the corporeal having faith in the Father deep within the heart we receive all attainments, and by studying this elevated knowledge for one birth, we attain a kingdom for 21 births...... The lesson of One is to have one strength (ek bal), one faith (ek bharosa), follow the directions of One (ek mat), be constant and stable (ek ras), have unity (ekta), and love for solitude (ekantpriya) making the lesson of ek (one) firm, we, the souls, make the bestower of Blessings happy, and get sustained and move along and fly with blessings from amrit vela till night time in our daily time table...we are the blessed souls receiving special blessings and thereby experience the incorporeal and the subtle in the corporeal and become images that grant blessings...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli February 24, 2015 1. The ... -

Constantly remember Me alone. This is called the fire of yoga. ... the intellect, we break the wall of weak thoughts in one second, free ourselves from the trap of ...

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