Synopsis: Sakar Murli December 01, 2014 1. It is written in the Gita that God is the Death of all Deaths. He takes everyone home like a swarm of mosquitoes. By remembering God, the Father, your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Baba tells you such an easy thing: Manmanabhav! That’s all! 2. The saying “It didn’t take God long to change humans into deities” has been remembered. The deity religion began at the beginning of the golden age. Those of other religions will not exist. Although the responsibility of churning the ocean of knowledge has been given to this one (Brahma), it is said that Lakshmi was given the urn of nectar, and you all have to become like Lakshmi. 3. Baba says: All of you are brides. He is your Bridegroom as well as your Father. You should eat only after first offering bhog to Me in My remembrance. If your Bridegroom doesn’t eat it, Maya would come in between you and eat it. She would not allow Him to eat it. You can see that when Maya eats it she becomes powerful and keeps defeating you. 4. We give everything to God, the Father, and then it is God who accepts everything. If He didn’t accept it, how would He give you the return of it? If He didn’t accept it, that would be your misfortune. He has to accept it in order to remove your attachment. You children understand this secret. 5. We souls are even faster than a rocket. If you walked in such soul consciousness, you would never get tired. There would not be the consciousness of the body. It would be as though your legs were not working and that you were flying. You can go anywhere in soul consciousness. 6. To have yoga means to race. This is the race of your intellects’ yoga. You are students and the Teacher is teaching you how to run this race. After you have performed actions, you must become like a tortoise and sit in remembrance. You Brahmins buzz knowledge and make others similar to yourselves.

Blessing: May you be ever healthy and always stay in a happy state (khush haal) with the instant and visible fruit (pratyaksh fal) of all elevated attainments.(shreshth praapti) At the confluence age, for you to do something and immediately experience its elevated attainment is instant and visible fruit. The most elevated fruit of all is to experience closeness. Nowadays, in the physical world, it is said: Eat fruit and you will stay healthy. They show fruit as a means of staying healthy and you children eat the instant and visible fruit at every second and this is why you are ever healthy anyway. If anyone asks you what your condition is, tell him that you move like angels and are in a state of happiness. Points to churn from the blessing: We, the souls, with faith in the intellect, study the murli everyday regularly and punctually, and please the Father and Teacher bathing in knowledge twice a day, we remain fresh, remain safe from the company of those influenced by Maya, remain in limitless happiness and become beautiful flowers...we are the fortunate princes with a jewel studded murli who receive tremendous wealth of knowledge from the Unlimited churning the ocean of knowledge, we find points that strike us like an arrow, and with knowledge we attain instant fruit and remain constantly cheerful... We are the multi, multi, multimillion times lucky souls, the elevated souls, the great souls and the deity souls...we are the special souls who attain the practical, instant fruit of special service, and are the beads, the sparkling diamonds of the garland around the Father’s neck ...we are the few out of multimillions who know, and realize the Father, recognize Him with the power of discernment, and who say “My Baba” from our heart... By using every second, every breath and every thought in a worthwhile way, by serving with good wishes and pure feelings, with zeal and enthusiasm, with our head and our heart, we become the most elevated servers... we are the true servers who move forward in service in all four directions, attain success in service with our spirituality and accumulate the instant fruit of service...

Synopsis: Sakar Murli December 01, 2014 1. It is ... -

beautiful flowers...we are the fortunate princes with a jewel studded murli who receive tremendous wealth of knowledge from the Unlimited. churning the ocean of knowledge, we find points that strike us like an arrow, and with knowledge we attain instant fruit and remain constantly cheerful... We are the multi, ...

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Page 1 of 2. Mass Schedule. Saggart: Sunday: 9 am & 11.30 am. Weekday: 9.30 am. Rathcoole: Saturday Vigil: 6.30 p.m.. Sunday: 10 am & 12.00 pm. Weekday: 9.30 am. Saturday: 10.00 am. Brittas: Sunday: 10.30 am. Newcastle: Saturday Vigil: 7.00 p.m.. Sun