U-wide Procurement Update SUBOA December Meeting Thomas Hippchen, Director of University-wide Procurement December 3, 2014 Albany, NY

SUNY Flex • Higher thresholds negotiated with OSC are documented in a yearly MOU.

• SUNY & OSC cannot agree on language regarding pre-approval of “technology” contracts. • Current legislative exemption from OSC (& AG) pre-approval of “service” contracts will expire on June 30, 2016.


OSC Audit The audit of SUNY’s system-wide Procurement involved a review of contracts, P-cards, and voucher payments.

Eight State-operated campuses were visited: • Albany • Buffalo • Cortland

• Empire State College • Old Westbury • Potsdam • Stony Brook

• System Administration 3

OSC Audit OSC found that, “SUNY has established an environment for contracting that is generally sufficient, [but] opportunities exist to strengthen the controls and activities over these practices.” SUNY has responded to each of OSC’s nine recommendations. 4

OSC Audit SUNY agrees with OSC’s recommendation to: 

Re-emphasize to campuses: • to document the “reasonableness of price and vendor selection” •

to complete and retain procurement documentation as required by SUNY’s internal policies and procedures

to report all campus certifications for contracts over $250,000 to SUNY System via Confluence

Assess the cost effectiveness of documenting the reasonableness of price and vendor selection for small dollar purchases

Update the SUNY P-card policy 5

OSC Audit SUNY disagrees or questions the need for OSC’s recommendation to: 

Annually analyze purchases in aggregate to determine if purchases should be competitively procured because OSC used flawed testing methodology and System Administration does work with Campuses to identify opportunities for aggregating SUNY’s expenditures to procure goods and services at lower costs and increase operational efficiencies

Develop and implement a process that includes supervisory approval from the requesting department for procurement card purchases made by cardholders outside the department because SUNY already has strong controls in place and OSC suggested methodology is onerous (continued)


OSC Audit 

SUNY System Administration and its campuses need to periodically review procurement card purchases to ensure that purchases are made in compliance with established policy because SUNY already does, and will continue to, review and monitor procurement card purchases to ensure that purchases are made in compliance with established policy.

SUNY System Administration and campuses need to require those individuals making purchases to obtain supervisory approval prior to executing the procurement transaction because SUNY’s current practices comply with Section 110 of the State Finance Law and are consistent with the OSC Guide to Financial Operations Chapter XII Expenditures Section 4 Payment Certification Requirements (GFO).


Strategic Sourcing  SUNY has successfully utilized the Pilot Program for an exemption from the formal competitive procurement process for a purchase above our threshold ($125K)  Approximately 7.5% in hard savings ($76,000) on IT implementation services for – – – –

College at Brockport ITEC at Buffalo State College SICAS at State University College at Oneonta SUNY System Administration

 Additionally, the case made by ITEC allowed for an exemption from advertising in the NYSCR 8

Grainger (MRO) Contract Annual Business Review:  Approximately 11% savings (reported by Grainger ~ SUNY is attempting to verify)  $570K for State-Ops  $150K for Community Colleges  $720K for SUNY

 Savings include:  General discounts from contract pricing  Campus specific “hotlist” pricing  E&I incentives

 50% Increase in MWBE Utilization ($3.3M) 9

SUNY has not taken full advantage. Some campuses have not: • implemented a campus-specific “hotlist” • not utilized the consulting options: 1. Keep Stock/Inventory Management 2. Sustainability 3. Safety

• made purchases from one of the 4 MWBE resellers (instead purchased directly from Grainger, still realize savings but no utilization credit) 10


OfficeMax (Office Supplies) Contract  Implementation continues with visits to each campus

 NYS Preferred Source Program for People Who Are Blind and NYS Industries for the Disabled will be offering the majority of their catalogs to SUNY (originally was only top 25 items)  Working on details of the Affinity Program


Other Strategic Sourcing Initiatives 1. Meeting with  No cost assistance with our overall Strategic Sourcing Initiative  Potentially serving as a “Principal Procurement Agency”

2. Meeting with E&I, NYSPro (OGS) & CUNY  Opportunities to aggregate expenditures with CUNY for savings  Adopting GPO/consortia contracts that NYSPro might use  Other potential mutually beneficial partnerships

3. Working on a U-wide Agreement with eWorks (NYSID) partner for Recycling Electronics  Currently Stony Brook has an agreement 13

SUBOA December 3 2014 Draft as of December 2 Hippchen Only.pdf

review of contracts, P-cards, and voucher payments. Eight State-operated campuses were visited: • Albany. • Buffalo. • Cortland. • Empire State College.

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