STEP-by-STEP... our students learn how to read, write and compute

STEP STAFF Teachers Learning Coordinators Speech/Language Pathologist Intervention Specialist Social Worker our students learn to make friends and work together

our students succeed.

************* FOR MORE INFORMATION: Diane Denes Learning Coordinator (847) 432-9257, ext. 244 Matt Barbini Executive Director of Student Services (847) 681-6700, ext. 213

Structured Teaching Education Program Learning for Life

Program Overview

Who Does The Program Serve?

What Are The Benefits?

What is a Structured Teaching Program?

The STEP program is designed to support students who:

The STEP program is designed to support students who:

• A state-of-the art program that provides a structured teaching model that promotes independence in academic and social functioning.

• Have academic skills oat or within two years of age/grade level

• Ability to develop coping skills in a smaller environment tailored to meet students’ sensory needs

• Students receive specialized instruction in academics, social skills, social pragmatic language, application of concepts, coping skills, and organizational/executive functioning skills. • Offers flexibility by allowing students to follow an individualized schedule that addresses their areas of need. • Prepares students to generalize academic and social skills to the general education environment. • Staff highly trained and supported to work with students who exhibit difficulties with attention and executive functioning, learning difficulties (verbal/ nonverbal), and social emotional interactions.

• Need strategies for interacting with age appropriate peers • Tend to exhibit ritual behavior and routines • Benefit from visual schedules, directions and cues • Need instruction in social pragmatic communication skills • Require curriculum that addresses application of social skills to ensure independence in the school and community

• Opportunity to grow academically based on strengths and needs • Opportunity to learn in a static and predictable environment and receive support for generalizing skills to general education classes • Integrated support for student needs in the area of speech and language, occupational or physical therapy, assistive technology and behavior intervention • Opportunity to interact with age appropriate peers with guidance and structure when appropriate • Parent component with opportunities to meet, participate and collaborate with the STEP team • Transdisciplinary team available for problem solving home/school issues

Structured Teaching Education Program

Education. Program. STEP-by-STEP... our students learn how to read, write and compute ... general education environment. ... assistive technology and behavior.

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