STEM Foundations provides a variety of professional learning experiences for educators and administrators designed to grow a foundational understanding around STEM instruction and leadership.


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In a STEM learning environment, powerful critical thinking and exploration practices commonly used in science, technology, engineering and math classrooms will be drawn across disciplines and connected by a common or transdisciplinary theme, allowing students to:

»» Ask deep real world questions »» Collaborate with their peers »» Arrive at meaningful conclusions »» Explore STEM careers

TRANSDISCIPLINARY “The idea of transdisciplinary literally means beyond all the disciplines but connected to all the disciplines by a unifying issue or topic of inquiry.” [email protected] 800-822-5110 © 2014 Discovery Education, Inc.

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Basarab Nicolescu The Transdisciplinary Evolution of Learning




GETTING STARTED WITH STEM A series of four full-day professional development sessions

Getting Started with STEM

25 Teachers and Building Administrators

JOB-EMBEDDED SUPPORT Recommended to accompany participation in the Getting Started With STEM course pathway

4-6 days of job-embedded capacity-building coaching

Centers-Based Teaching and Learning Maximizing Student Engagement Developing High-Quality STEM Lessons

25 Teachers and Building Administrators


Professional development support in structuring and delivering a STEM Family Night community event

25 Teachers and Building Administrators

STEM FUNDAMENTALS Each full-day event is comprised of four the following modules:

Why STEM? (required)

25 Teachers and Building Administrators

Developing a STEM Experience (required) Transdisciplinary Learning through STEM Building Towards STEM Careers STEM in Your Community Engagement Beyond the School Hours through STEM Where are the Arts In STEM?

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STEM Foundations - Discovery Education

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