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Term 4 Week 5


6 November

Dates to Remember November 6th - Spell-a-thon Notes sent out 7th - RAW Art Continues 8th - Excursion to Sydney Park for Ken Searle 8th - Chess Club Starts 9th - Library for Dingoes 9th - Softball Clinic 10th - PSSA Continues 10th - Library for Goannas - Wombats and Koalas 10th - Bard on the beach - Crucible Y5/6 13th - Assembly - Wombats Check the school app and website for a complete calendar.


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Thank you to all those who have returned and made payment for the Chess Club which will start this Wednesday. Students will be given some time to play outside after the chess lessons have begun and to eat their lunch. If this is a concern for you, rest assured that students will get a chance to run around outside.

Spell-a-thon Fundraiser

Last year, our year 6 students ran a spell-a-thon fundraiser. This proved to be an amazing fundraiser with students across the school raising over $2,000 to go towards a year 6 gift to the school. This year, year 6 are looking to purchase a new curtain for the rear of the hall and towards a new bubbler that will be fitted in between the playground areas. Students from year 6 will go around classes at the school to explain the rules. A prize of a $50 gift card will be awarded to any student who enters the spell-a-thon and raises over $1 in sponsorship money. The draw will be on Presentation Day 14 December. Students will have word lists at their level and they will be given opportunities to work with them in class. Please look out for this list and an explanation of the rules in your child’s school bag.

Softball Clinics

Years 2 to 6 students will be involved on Thursday mornings for the next 5 weeks in Softball clinics run by Softball NSW. The clinics area being funded by Sporting Schools Australia funding, just as our soccer clinics were in term 1 and 2 of this year. The aim of the clinics is to build confidence across the years in ball skills including fielding, pitching and batting as well as understanding the strategy behind the sport. Mr Park and Ms Charlton will supervise students. As this is an incursion and the students are supervised, no permission slip will be required.

Tell Them From Me Thanks to parents who filled in the Tell Them From me parents partnership in learning survey. We were extremely pleased with the results of the survey which showed us exceeding NSW state averages by some way.

The Week Ahead in Learning for Term 4 Week 5 Library this week - Thursday - Dingoes. Friday - Goannas, Koalas and Wombats. This Week in Koalas



Other KLAs


Independent writing using sound knowledge to sound out new words will be a focus of writing this week. In addition, students will continue to learn about persuasive texts and we will jointly construct a persuasive class text. Phonics work will continue, and we will play games and complete activities around the phonemes, ck, ng, qu and x. In talking and listening, the news program will continue.

This week we will use language such as heavy, light, full, empty, tall, narrow as we explore mass/volume and capacity. Following hands on experimentation, we will record the volume and capacity of various objects using drawings, numerals and words.

RAW Art is on Tuesday. This is the third out of four sessions.

Nadia Wheatley will visit again on Wednesday. Kindergarten will not go to Sydney Park with the rest of the school, but will continue with their circle stories in class. Library is on Friday as usual. Please remember to bring in Library bags. If you have been absent from school, please email the school or bring a note to Ms Garner to explain the absence once you return to school.

This Week in Wombats

Got Game gymnastics is on Thursday. In PD/H/PE, we will conduct the shade and shadow experiment from last week, as we learn about the importance of protecting our skin from the sun.



Other KLAs


Students will continue learning about Persuasive texts in writing. In groups, students will develop either For or Against arguments to be used in the class debate. Shared Reading will continue with students using the Super Six strategies to respond to the story ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’. Students will focus on ‘Questioning’ asking and answering questions using ‘How?’, ‘Why?’, ‘When?’ and ‘Where?’. Students will continue Guided and Independent reading groups as per the class schedule. Phonics focus is: ‘oa’ as in boat, ‘o-e’ as in rose and ‘ow’ as in window.

Students will use number lines to show addition and subtraction from 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. Focus will be on counting in 10s and therefore jumping in 10s along the number line.

Science - See Stage learning

Library is on Friday. Students must remember to return their library books with their library bag so as they can borrow again.

PDHPE - Got Game will continue on Thursday with gymnastics.

PDHPE - Students will continue their Students will complete their learning on learning on Safe Living. the Money unit. Creative Arts - RAW Art continues on Tuesday.

Homework continues this week. Homework goes home Monday and is returned on Friday. Nadia Wheatley - We will be walking to Sydney Park on Wednesday for our next story writing activity with Nadia Wheatley. Please ensure your child’s permission note is signed and returned to the school before Wednesday.

This Week in Goannas



The phonics focus for this week will be a review of silent consonants. Our grammar focus will be on words that have multiple meanings.

We will conclude our unit on mass. Students will review all information covered on Monday and complete an assessment.

Our writing unit will continue with students beginning to write their narratives after a heavily focused planning period. We will write one as a class and then individually.

Other KLAs


PDHPE- We will conclude our unit on Library- Will be on Friday again. water safety. With students creating goo- Can all bags please be brought gle slides containing necessary safety in? information when they are around water. Nadia Wheatley- Can all stuLater in the week we will begin our unit Softball Coaching Clinic- Students will dents please return their note for on volume. Students will get hands participate for the next five Thursdays our excursion on Wednesday to on comparing the volume of different in a softball clinic to improve, catching, Sydney Park ASAP? containers using formal and informal throwing and hand eye co-ordination. units. Got Game- Gymnastics will continue.

This Week in Dingoes



Other KLAs


Students will be continuing their expository writing this week. We are now through the planning stage and will begin to draft, edit and publish their work.

This week the Dingoes will continue their unit on measurement. We will be looking at position and time. This unit will link to our compass skills that we have been learning from Nadia Wheatley.

Got Game continues on Thursday with gymnastics.

Library continues on Friday. Please remember to bring your books and library bags.

Students will also be working on their inferencing. This time they will be reading short texts as well as images. Students will have to decode, look for clue and make connections.

Students will draw and measure the shadows at different times of the day as well as looking at maps and using grid-references to help them calculate which way to north.

RAW Art will continue on Tuesday this week for our second fantastic artwork. Softball Coaching Clinic- Students will participate for the next five Thursdays in a softball clinic to improve, catching, throwing and hand eye co-ordination.

Please remember to bring in your notes and payment for chess club, the excursion to Sydney Park and raw art. 5/6 students need to return their note and payment for the excursion to Bondi Pavilion this Friday, 10/11/17.

This Week in Mandarin



This week we are going to learn three farm animals - chicken, duck and goose. We will revise the words big ‘da’ and small ‘xiao’. We will learn to sing Old McDonald Had a Farm in Mandarin and draw the animals.

This Week in Music



This week we are going to learn three farm animals - chicken, duck and goose. We will keep practising the two sentences ‘wo you...’ (I have...) and ‘wo xi huan…’ (I like…). We will listen to the story The Ugly Duckling in Mandarin and complete a worksheet based on the story.



After our successful assembly performance, we will now be focusing on a group of songs inspired by popular fairy tales. We will work hard at being expressive as we bring these stories to life.

We will continue our focus on recorders We will continue learning rhythmic and melodic elements of t“Norwegian and focus on playing melodies accuDance” from the score. We will be also be rehearsing vocal repertoire to be rately, covering the holes carefully and performed as a whole school ensemble later this term. producing a lovely tone.

This Week in Stage Groups




Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

This week we will investigate how toys move. We will design and make a toy that moves using construction material in class.

This week is stage groups students will continue with our unit on material world. Students will be working in small groups thinking about the materials they would need to survive a camping trip in the bush.

This week stage 2 will be conducting time trials to rate the viscosity of different types of liquid. Students will be using marbles and stopwatches to complete their experiment.

This week stage 3 will commence their project that they will be undertaking for the remainder of the term. Working in the Library maker space they will be using their knowledge of forces to create marble runs from cardboard.

News from Helping Hands our OSHC Provider Helping Hands St Peters: OOSH CORNER What’s on Next Week…? From the Coordinator… Week 4 has been a spooky week at Helping Hands St Peters. Our theme for the first two days of the week was Halloween in preparation for the big day on Tuesday. We decorated the hall with Origami Jack-o-Lanters, baked pastry Jack-oLanterns and make spooky Halloween jar lanterns. After Halloween our theme changed to superheroes and villains. We all got excited about our favourite characters from movies and comics. This involved making paddle pop stick superheroes, hulk-smash ice cream, as well as creating our own superheroes.

Next week’s we will be diving into the past. Our theme is ancient history. Some of our activities include: making cardboard box time machines; mosaic artwork; and an ancient Aztec sundial. Term 4 Initiatives… Helping Hands St Peter’s Mini– Library We plan to stock up our book shelf with plenty of books. Reading is an important leisure and learning pursuit. Thus we feel it important that children have access to books when attending OSHC care. If families have any old books that they wish to donate to our library that would be greatly appreciated. Needless to say we require books that are appropriate for primary school aged children.

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Mr Park and Ms Charlton will supervise students. As this is an incursion ... as we explore mass/volume and. capacity. .... SPPS Newsletter Term 4 Week 5.pdf.

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