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Term 4 Week 4


30 October

Dates to Remember October 31st - Scripture and Ethics Continue 31st - RAW Art Continues

November 1st - Nadia Wheatley returns to St Peters 2nd - - Second Kindy Orientation Session Parent Literacy And Numeracy Workshop 3rd - PSSA 3rd - 1:2:1 Final Session 3rd - Library for all classes 7th - RAW Art Continues 8th - Chess Club Starts Check the school app and website for a complete calendar.

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Thank you for all of the expressions of interest for chess at St Peters. We are happy to report that it will go ahead starting on Wednesday 8 November at lunch time between 11am and 11:40am. Assuming we get the same numbers that expressed an interest, there will be 2 teachers from Sydney Chess Academy teaching. Mr Lavitt will also be there to help. A note will be sent home with those students who expressed an interest tomorrow. Payments will be made to the school.

2nd Kindy Orientation Session Our first orientation session was held last Thursday and it was a resounding success. Next years kindy students enjoyed and action packed session hosted by Ms Garner and McSpadden. With over 30 children present, they were helped by our year 6 students. We would like to thank parents for coming in for the session and staying for the information session run during it. The second and final session is being held this Thursday at the same time and parents are asked to come along to a literacy and numeracy session designed to help you with supporting your child in various aspects of their literacy and numeracy leading up to school and in their first year.

Ernst and Young Care Day Ernst and Young are a large company who have a large office in Sydney. For the past few years they have been providing help to surrounding schools and charity organisations via their annual care day. Organised by the Australian Business Community Network (ABCN), the day will involve about 10-15 volunteers coming in and helping with a range of jobs around the school. Our hard working General Assistant Mr Campbell will be organising them on the day. We would like to openly thank Ernst and Young and well as ABCN for making this day happen.

Nadia Wheatley As advised earlier this term, Nadia Wheatley will be coming in this week to start doing some more workshops with the students. This year artist Ken Searle will also be joining her and working with the years 1 to 6 classes. Part of this work will include a trip to Sydney Park to do some illustrating. There will be a permission note that will be sent home early next week to support this excursion.

The Week Ahead in Learning for Term 4 Week 4 Library this week - Friday; Goannas, Dingoes, Koalas and Wombats This Week in Koalas



Other KLAs


Sentence punctuation will continue to be a focus of writing. Students will continue to learn about persuasive texts and we will jointly construct a persuasive class text. Phonics work will continue, and we will play games and complete activities around our new set of phonemes, ck, ng, qu and x. In talking and listening, we will continue our News program, where every child will have a special day to talk to the class around a set topic.

In maths this week, we will revise time, with a focus on the language of time (day, night, yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon), the months of the year, days of the week and telling the time on the hour.

Got Game Gymnastics is on Thursday.

Kindergarten will host the Assembly on Monday 30th October. We look forward to seeing you if you are able to be there.

In PDHPE, we will conduct a shade experiment to understand the importance of hats for sun protection and to understand how shadows and shade moves.

Please remember to email the school or bring a note to the teacher if your child is absent from school. RAW Art session 2 will be on Tuesday. We would be grateful if you could return the permission and payment form if you have not already done so. Many thanks.

This Week in Wombats



Other KLAs


Students will continue learning about Persuasive texts in writing. We will create an in-class debate based on a topic created in class. Shared Reading will continue with students using the Super Six strategies to respond to the story ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’. Students will focus on ‘Questioning’ with an ‘I wonder’ question about what is happening in the text. Students will continue Guided and Independent reading groups as per the class schedule. Phonics focus is: ‘ai’ as in snail, ‘a-e’ as in cake and ‘ay’ as in play.

Students will continue building their understanding of addition of 2 digit numbers using the bridging-to-10 strategy and their knowledge of the Combinations of 10.

Science - See Stage learning

Library is on Friday. Students must remember to return their library books with their library bag so as they can borrow again.

Students will continue the unit on Money focusing on the addition of 5c and 10c, $5 and $10.

PDHPE - Got Game will continue on Thursday with gymnastics. They will also continue their learning on Safe Living. Creative Arts - RAW Art continues on Tuesday. Students will be creating a Mixed Media artwork exploring printmaking through shape, design, colour, pattern and symmetry.

Homework continues this week. Homework goes home Monday and is returned on Friday. **** Canteen Money **** Could every student bring their canteen money in a little purse/ wallet that is kept securely in their bag until lunch time. Money in a pocket falls out during activity, and the child is very upset. Money held securely in their bag ensures a happy day for your child. Could you please reinforce this message with your child every Friday. Thank you

This Week in Goannas



Other KLAs


The phonic focus this week for the Goannas will be R-Controlled vowels. The grammar focus will be contractions.

Our unit on mass will continue this week. Students will continue to develop their understanding of mass through the use of balance scales and regular kitchen scales. We will compare the mass of a variety of everyday objects and refine our ability to order objects based on their weight.

Visual arts- RAW art will continue on Thursday after our brilliant start last week.

Library will be ON FRIDAY this week. Can all students please remember to pack their library bag for school on FRIDAY.


Other KLAs


Got Game continues on Thursday with gymnastics.

Library continues on Friday. Please remember to bring your books and library bags.

Our narrative writing unit will continue. Students are planning a narrative in small groups. Our focus this week will continue to be on effective planning to ensure we have well structured narratives

Got Game- Students will continue with gymnastics on Thursday afternoon. PDHPE- Our water safety unit will continue this week in the lead up to summer.

This Week in Dingoes

English This week Dingoes will be focused on exposition writing. Students will practise their planning, arguing and reasoning skills while developing the structure of their exposition piece.

Our GeoCity unit is slowly coming to an end with this week being our last week of construction. Students will be looking back over their design and will be conducting some measurement work on their city. Stage 2 students will be measuring the Student will also be continuing their length and area of their city while our script writing in our drama unit. This stage 3 students will be looking at the week will be all about how to add volume and capacity of their buildings. stage direction to a script.

RAW Art will continue on Tuesday this week for our second fantastic artwork.

This Week in Mandarin




This week we are going to learn to say t-shirt, shirt and skirt. We will keep practising how to hold chopsticks properly.

This week we will start a new topic animals. We will learn to say dog, cat, rabbit, fish and bird. We will revise the vocabulary of colors by telling the different colors of animals.

This week we will start a new topic - animals. We will learn to say dog, cat, rabbit, fish and bird. We are going to apply the learnt vocabulary of colors and body parts to describe animals.

This Week in Music





We will continue singing new songs and choreograph movements to match. We will learn to describe what we hear.

We will start rehearsing our new song and continue our focus on recorders.

Goannas & Dingoes will be learning some new recorder repertoire as part of next year’s repertoire, and we will be also be rehearsing vocal repertoire to be performed as a whole school ensemble later this term.

This Week in Stage Groups


Stage 1

This week, in our unit on Toy World, Stage 1 will continue our unit on matewe will identify the purpose of toys and rial world find our likes/dislikes in a group. We will conduct a class survey to find out our favourite toy, give reasons why, and then graph our findings.


Stage 2

Stage 3

This week in stage groups students will be learning all about viscosity by making oobleck. As this can be a messy task we ask that all stage 2 students please bring in an art smock or an old shirt to wear during the mixing process.

Our final exploration of forces before our big project starts next week. Students will finish looking at how forces influence paper airplanes and undertake a short assessment of the concepts taught this term so far.

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This week, in our unit on Toy World,. we will identify the purpose of toys and. find our likes/dislikes in a group. We. will conduct a class survey to find out. our favourite toy, give reasons why,. and then graph our findings. Stage 1 will continue our unit on mate- rial world. This week in stage groups students. will be learning all ...

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