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Term 4 Week 1


9 October

Dates to Remember October 9th - All Students and staff return to school. No Staff Development Day 11th - Stage 1 excursion to Vaucluse House 12th - Goannas Library 13th - 1:2:1 Continues 13th Koalas, Wombats and Dingoes library 18th - UOD Marrickville Network Public Speaking Competition 19th - Parent Teacher Meeting Day 25th - Nadia Wheatley returns to St Peters 26th - First Kindy Orientation Session Check the school app and website for a complete calendar.

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Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to term 4 which is the second semester of semester 2 and the final term of 2017. We hope that you had a good break and that your children are nicely rested and ready for a hard term of work and play at St Peters. We have an action packed term and this newsletter will continue to advise you of up to date information about the school.

Semester 2 Fees

This Wednesday, our semester 2 student activity statements will be sent home by Mrs Ross. These statements will contain fees for the period of term 3 and 4. The statements will be sent in sealed envelopes. Payment of the fees will be due by the end of October but please contact the office if this is not possible. The statements will not include a voluntary contribution item as this was paid in term 1.

Thanks to the Federal Government

Our Stage 3 students recently travelled to Canberra as part of a study of Federal Government. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $20 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion. We thank the Australian government for this.

Parent Teacher Interviews

A final reminder that the date for this is Thursday October 19 with blocks available to book between 2pm and 6:30pm with the last interview at 6:15pm. A note was sent home last term about this with a reminder of how to book this via the parent portal online. Please put this date in your calendar and make the booking. If you have problems or cannot be there, please contact the school.

Presentation Day 2017 - Save the Date

A reminder again that our presentation day for 2017 will be held on Thursday 14 December - the day before school breaks up for the year. This date is in the school calendar and we will endeavour to remind you about this regularly over the rest of the school year.

The Week Ahead in Learning for Term 4 Week 1 Library this week - Thursday Goannas; Friday Dingoes, Koalas and Wombats This Week in Koalas



Other KLAs


Independent recount writing will be our focus this week. The class will write about their holidays, using their sound knowledge to sound out and write new words. We will all try to write three sentences or more! Phonics work will continue, concentrating on the phonemes sh, th, ch, wh. In talking and listening, we will discuss our holidays, and the things that we did over the break.

In mathematics this week, our focus will be whole numbers. We will do lots of counting up to 100, begin counting by 2’s (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc) and skip count by 10’s (10, 20, 30, 40 etc). Counting backwards from 20 and extending this to 30 will also be a focus. We will look at numbers before and numbers after a given number up to 30, and begin to identify numbers that add together to make 10

Got Game this term will continue on Thursday with gymnastics.

Please book a time for parent/ teacher interviews if you have not already done so.

This Week in Wombats

In PDHPE, students will begin a new topic on Sun and Water Safety.

Music will be on Monday as usual this term, with Mandarin and Library on Friday. Please remember to send in Library bags on Friday so your child can borrow.



Other KLAs


We will engage in speaking and listening sessions to share both holiday experiences and end of Term 3 experiences during my leave. Students will write a recount choosing from the experiences they wish to share. Reading will include factual texts related to the History excursion to Vaucluse House on Wednesday. Students will continue Guided and Independent reading groups as per the class schedule.

Students will review their learning from Term 3. Money and Time will be the main focus for this week. Students will be encouraged to make connections of the patterns and relationships of both money and time to Whole Number patterns and relationships.

History - In addition to Stage Learning on Tuesday, students will be going on the excursion to Vaucluse House on Wednesday

History Excursion is on Wednesday. Please look out for more detailed information early this week.

Got Game will continue on Thursday with gymnastics.

Library continues to be on Friday. Please remind your child to bring their book and library bag.

In creative arts students will paint a story of their holiday experience(s)

This Week in Goannas



Other KLAs


The phonics focus for the Goannas this week will be compound words. Our grammar focus will be on comparative adjectives.

The Goannas will focus on whole number this week completing a series of activities on addition and subtraction. We will review strategies we looked at earlier in the year and reload our mathematical minds for term 4.

Got Game- Students will recommence on Thursday with gymnastics.

History excursion for year 2 will be on Wednesday. Can all students please ensure they have their hat, water bottle and food for the day.

Writing we will focus on recounting our holiday break and publishing our recounts.

PDHPE- As we are coming into summer the Goannas are going to investigate water safety both in pools and at the beach.

Library will continue on Thursday please bring in your library bag and books.

Reading groups will recommence this week with students following our class timetable.

This Week in Dingoes



Other KLAs


This week we will be revising the exposition pieces the students wrote at the end of term 3.

In numeracy this week 4/5/6 will be continuing their geocity constructions. This week students will complete their planning stages and move on to the construction of their 3D model city.

Got Game will continue on Thursday this term with students starting a unit on gymnastics.

Library this week will be on Friday. Please remember to bring your library bags and books.

Students will deconstructing example expositions and comparing them to their own. Students will also be giving and receiving feedback in small peer groups. Students will also be creating a holiday recount using a variety of publishing programs on the iPads.

Science this week will continue on with our environmental theme.

Students will also be revisiting chance and data this week, with a focus on the Creative arts students will conclude their vocabulary used. unit on structure this week when they create and paint a newspaper insect.

This Week in Mandarin



This week we are going to learn more about giant pandas. We will be able to say the word Panda in Mandarin as well as to draw them.

This Week in Music



We have learnt to say lots of Chinese food in the previous term. This week we will revise all the learnt vocabulary by playing Quizlet Live and Kahoot!



We will sing a new song, choreograph movements to match and also explore instrumental colours with percussion instruments as an accompaniment to our song.

We will continue to use recorders We will learn a new song involving part singing , pick up our ukuleles and playing melodic patterns using the note develop our strumming and accompanying skills. Goannas & Dingoes will “A, B & G , with particular attention to also start learning some new recorder repertoire . crotchets, crotchet rests, and “stopping” the notes. We will sing a new song and choreograph movements to match.

This Week in Stage Groups


Stage 1

Our Science topic for the term is Toy Students will continue their History World. Students will explore the hislearning with the excursion to Vaucluse tory of toys, how toys work, how they House led by Sydney Living Museums. move and what makes toys appealing to a particular age group. Students will design and build a simple toy at the end of the term.



Stage 2

Stage 3

Students will be concluding their environmental unit by presenting their observational findings and finishing their informational posters

Students will be exploring forces in stage groups this term with the question how can we understand foces more to make a better marble run.

SPPS Newsletter Term 4 Week 1.pdf

House led by Sydney Living Museums. Students will be concluding their. environmental unit by presenting their. observational findings and finishing. their informational posters. Students will be exploring forces. in stage groups this term with the. question how can we understand. foces more to make a better. marble run.

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