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Term 2 Week 2


7 May 2018

Dates to Remember May 8th - K-2 Excursion - Taronga Zoo 8th - No Scripture/Ethics 9th - Oz-Tag Training 9th - Ron Hoenig Visit 11th - PSSA Oz Tag Starts 11th - Mothers Day Stall 15th - NAPLAN - Language Conventions and Writing 16th - NAPLAN - Reading 17th - NAPLAN - Numeracy 23rd - P&C Meeting 7-8pm Staffroom 29th - New Parent Information evening 7:30pm - Library Check the school app and website for a complete calendar.

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It is that time of year again when parents who have children turning 6 next year need to or as an option those who have children turning 5 before the end of July start to think about enrolling their children into K-6 school. St Peters Public School is now open and ready for enrolments for 2019 into Kindergarten. To support families in this process we will be holding a number of events familiar to existing families whose children started in Kindergarten. Firstly we are ready for parents to make appointments with our principal to discuss the school and secondly we are holding a number of events designed to ease the process of transition to school. On the evening of 29 May we will be holding a parent information night at 7:30pm in our school library. On Wednesday 8 August an Open Day will be held in Education Week that will be a chance for new families to meet our community. We have a number of A3 posters and A5 flyers which we will be distributing to preschools in the area this coming week. We would very much like it if our community would be able to distribute or place a copy of the poster in local cafés or spots where you believe interested parents would frequent. Perhaps you know someone who has a child that will be starting school this year. Please come to the office and get copies of the flyer to pass onto them or perhaps send them a copy of this newsletter by email. Mr Lavitt is hoping to speak at local preschools and will be approaching them to provide guidance for the process of transition.

NAPLAN 2018 NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy. It is made up of four tests taken by all year 3 and 5 students at St Peters and across Australia on the following dates. Tues 15 May

Wed 16 May

Thurs 17 May

Year 3

Language Conventions 40 mins

Reading 45 Mins

Numeracy 45 Mins

Year 5

Writing 40 minutes

Reading 50 Mins

Numeracy 50 Mins

The tests are a point in time test designed to assess where a students learning is at a particular time. The learning assessed is literacy and numeracy concepts taught over their entire time at school. All tests this year will be paper tests. This coming week, year 3 students will receive some instruction and a chance to practise doing the papers to help them understand the format. Page 1

The Week Ahead in Learning for Term 2 Week 2 This Week in Koalas - Year K English A new set of phonemes (r, l, d, b, f, h, i, u) will be taught commencing this week. These phonemes will be blended with the phonemes already taught to make three and four letter words in our writing. Term 2 sight words will be sent home and the focus words for this week are ‘some, get, have, go and jump’. Please continue to revise the term 1 sight words. The news program will recommence for the term and news topics will be sent home on Monday.

Mathematics This week our maths will focus on recognising numerals and quantities up to 20. We will play a variety of games such as Celebrity Head to guess my number, and Buzz Off to recognise 10 in a counting sequence

Other KLAs Our science topic for the term is Living Things. Students will learn to classify living and non living things and will learn that living things have basic needs for survival. The Zoo visit will be a focus of our science investigations this term. In PD this term, students will be engaged in discussions around who keeps them well when they are sick. Students will also investigate the food groups for healthy eating.

Reminders Our excursion to the Zoo in on Tuesday. We will mark the roll at 9am in the playground and walk straight to the buses. Please don’t be late on Tuesday morning. For the excursion, please dress students in the white St Peters school uniform shirt rather than the coloured sports shirt normally worn on Tuesday. Music will be on Monday, Library will be on Wednesday and Got Game will be on Thursday each week.

This Week in Echidnas - Year K/1 English Guided Reading Groups daily.

Mathematics Whole Number:

Phonics and Sight Words

K: recognising numerals and quantities up to 20, with the focus being the teen numbers. (e.g.) 11 is 10 plus 1 more.

K: Students will begin learning Term 2 focus phonemes: r, l, d, b, f, h, i, u.

Sight Words: some, get, have, go, jump’ Year 1: estimating and counting collections to 100 by grouping in tens. Year 1: Phonics for words: v-c-c (ant), Measurement & Geometry: Students c-c-v-c (frog), c-v-c-c (pond). Sight will work with concrete materials to Words: how, there, round, any, of. make long and short constructions. Handwriting: the letter ‘g’. They will record lengths and distances Writing & Speaking and Listening: Per- using informal units. sonal writing using Who, What, When, Statistics and Probability: Students will Where structure and prompts. Students jointly construct a class data display of will begin learning about Informative our top 5 favourite animals at the zoo. Texts following the excursion to the zoo, beginning with developing a factual description.

Other KLAs Class Sport is on Tuesday every week, but is cancelled this week due to the excursion.

Reminders Taronga Zoo excursion is on Tuesday. All students are to wear their regular school uniform Got Game (Athletics) is on Thursday. (white shirt). Please see the excursion note for further details. PD: Students will be focusing on Please be at school before 9am Nutrition and learning about making so as we can mark the roll and healthy choices. be walking to the bus at 9am Science - Students will commence sharp. Thank you. their science units this week with their News Program visit to the Taronga Zoo. The news program begins K: Living Things this week. Students’ news day Year 1: Schoolyard Safari remains the same. Sports uniform days - Thursday this week, only.. Library bags on Wednesday with book to be returned.

News Topic: My Favourite Book

Home Reading continues every day.

This Week in Wombats Year 1/2 English Year 1 will learn vcc (as in ‘ant), ccvc (as in ‘frog’) and cvcc (as in ‘pond’) words, plus sight words while Year 2 will learn ‘f/ ff/ph’ words and sight words. Students will continue writing daily compound sentences using ‘but/so’. They will continue learning how to write direct speech. Students will write an information report on their zoo excursion.The focus on fluency continues in reading groups as does the use of the monitoring strategy in comprehension of non fiction texts. Formal speaking and listening in the form of ‘news’ will continue with news topics being sent home with students on Monday. Students will be supported in class with these topics.

Mathematics In number and algebra, whole number, students will learn about groups of ten and then use place value to partition 2 digit numbers, eg: 32 as 3 tens and 2 ones. They will count by tens forwards and backwards from any point, eg: 41,51,61 and order 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Other KLAs PDHPE: Got Game continues on Thursday with athletics. Healthy eating as a positive health choice will continue with classification of favourite foods into food group(s). Students will also start studying ‘Making Friends’ which encourages them to value similarities and differences Students will examine area in terms of to build skills and knowledge about rows and columns in measurement and friendship. Science: ‘Schoolyard Safari’ contingeometry. In statistics and probability and related ues with students making predictions to health, students will examine lunch- about animals to be found at school, then exploring and recording their es, list food groups found and start to results. show this data in a picture graph. Creative and Practical Arts: Students will paint a base for their butterfly artwork which will continue next week.

Reminders Home Reading: Please continue encouraging Home Reading. Remind your child to bring their folder in each day. Monday: Music today. Whole school assembly at 2:30pm. Tuesday: Excursion to Taronga Zoo. Students are to wear their St Peters white school shirt today and to be punctual as we will be leaving school at 9am. Wednesday: Library - remind your child to bring their library book inside their library bag. Thursday: Got Game Friday: Mandarin

This Week in Mandarin Koalas





This week we are going to begin a This week we are going to learn to say school and This week we are going to learn to say school and classroom. new topic - My Family. We are going classroom. We are going to draw our school and label We are going to draw our school map and write a few sento learn to say dad, mum, big brother each classroom. tences to describe our classes and teachers. and sister. We will do some labeling and matching exercise.

Page 2

This Week in Goannas Year 3/4 English Our phonics focus this week will either be ‘ea’, ‘ai’ or ‘ory’ words. Students will commence reciprocal reading and literacy circles this week. This allows students to engage deeply with texts to increase their reading and comprehension skills. Writing we will review imaginative and persuasive texts in preparation for NAPLAN.

Mathematics The maths number sense challenge will continue with students returning to subtraction this week. The Goannas will continue working with whole number this week. We are investigating ascending and descending numbers, greater than and less than and non standard partitioning of numbers.

Other KLAs Science- Students will begin working on force. Students are going to learn about the effect of pushing and pulling objects and how gravity affects our lives.

Reminders Library- Will be changed to Tuesday moving forward. Can all students please bring their books and bags this Tuesday. Sport- Will remain on Tuesdays Got Game- Will continue on Thursdays Oztag Training- Will commence on Wednesday morning 8am for students in the Goannas participating in PSSA this term.

This Week in Dingoes Year 5/6 English This week we will be focusing heavily on improving our narratives by looking at common errors in sentence construction, paragraphing and punctuation, different sentence openers and character description.

Mathematics This term in Mathematics we will be completing a fast maths challenge at the start of each lesson to focus on quick, automatic recall of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division facts.

With Premier’s Debating starting up this term, we will be holding a finals round for 12 debaters who will be debating against each other in a final debate before the school team being chosen.

We will also be starting off with an in depth investigation into the parts of circles. We will be focusing on the radius, diameter, circumference, quadrants, sectors, arcs chords and semi-circles.

In the coming weeks we will be starting our Literacy Circles reading program and this week will look at the different roles with some short texts from the reading magazine.

Other KLAs Visual Arts: In visual arts the Dingoes will be starting to work on an art piece based around bushfires to integrate with the units Gold and Natural Disasters. The students will be using colour mixing (warm colours) and charcoal to create representation of a bushfire. Personal Development - We started a unit on Growth and Development in week one. This week will will focus on personal identity. This unit will also incorporate a growth mindset focus which encourages students to develop problem solving skills, how to set goals and learn from mistakes. HSIE - We will continue the Gold Game and finish our work on Gold with a task on the Eureka Stockade.

Reminders Monday: FOIM students to meet at 7:50am at school and should not be late Tuesday : Class Sport Wednesday: Library Oztag Training- Will commence on Wednesday morning 8am for students in the Dingoeds participating in PSSA this term. Thursday: Homework Due - Got Game Friday: PSSA Starts - Homework handed out. Non PSSA students will commence some coding, sport and PDH with Ms Cooper.

Science: We will begin our unit on Natural Disasters this week.

This Week in Music Koalas





This week Ms Plummer will take music while the Ms Caponas takes the Festival of Instrumental Music students for a rehearsal.

Page 3

Serving the community for 180 years Saturday 12th May 1pm till 4 pm Food & Fun for Everyone Sausage sizzle & afternoon tea with a taste from the past Children’s activities - craft, heritage games, face painting Voices in the Graveyard - stories from 19th century St Peters Historical displays - the changing face of St Peters

2pm ‘Bridge on the River Choir’ 1880 historic pipe organ played by Elizabeth Marcellina 3pm ‘Macchiato’ - keyboard & vocal duo St Peters - the church which gave its name to a suburb

187 Princes Highway, St Peters

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