Spelling List D1

Spelling List D2

Spelling List D3

scout shout fasten manage package postage armour colour favour favourite

proper property prevent damage voyage advantage remarkable absent silence laughter

purple furnish curtain organ orchard coward although altogether fortnight midnight

Spelling List D4

Spelling List D5

Spelling List D6

tease preach beneath intend inspect interest whistle whisper thistle midday

contain captain fountain explain expect express extent certain vanish perish

servant ashamed constant admit amuse equator enough holiday mighty liberty

Spelling List D7

Spelling List D8

Spelling List D9

beauty beautiful careful carefully unable until advance distance settle timid

among famous dangerous alter appear cousin occur occurred occupy question

caught daughter naughty different mirror continue tomatoes potatoes steadily wearily

Spelling List D10

Spelling List D11

Spelling List D12

pleasant pleasure measure scripture creature whistled wriggled wrinkled carried hurried

claustrophobia paragraph pharaoh pharmacist phenomenon phobia physical physicist physiotherapy symphony

ancient artificial commercial conscious delicious efficient especially financial musician official

Spelling List D13

Spelling List D14

Spelling List D15

optician politician precious racial social special sufficient suspicious accept access

accident eccentric success exceed excellent except exceptional excite exclaim exclude

excursion acquaintance acquire acquisition acquit anxious conscientious conscious delicious furious

Spelling List D16

Spelling List D17

Spelling List D18

glorious gracious infections luscious luxurious mysterious obvious previous rebellious scrumptious

serious surreptitious suspicious tedious victorious foreign sovereign description remembered evaluation

antique cheque grotesque stationary confidential essential influential initial partial patient

Spelling List D19

Spelling List D20

Spelling List D21

assistance business camera chocolate consonant definite diamond interesting jewellery

journalist listening mathematics miniature mystery parliament prisoner separate signature temperature

imbalance immature immortal immovable impartial impatient imperfect impolite important impossible

Spelling List D22

Spelling List D23

Spelling List D24

inaccessible inaccurate inactive inadequate inarticulate inattentive inaudible incapable incomplete inconsiderate

inconvenient incorrect incredible indecent indefinite independent indigestion inedible inefficient inexcusable

inexpensive insignificant insincere invisible involuntary illegal illegible illiterate illogical irrational

Spelling List D25

Spelling List D26

Spelling List D27

irregular irresistible irresponsive irreversible antibiotic antiseptic anticlockwise misadventure miscalculate misfortune

misinform misinterpret misjudge mismanage misunderstand coincidence unaccompanied unachievable unannounced unappealing

unarmed unashamedly unattached unattainable unattractive unaware unbeaten unbelievable unbreakable uncertain

Spelling List D28

Spelling List D29

Spelling List D30

uncomfortable unconscious undisturbed ungrateful uninterested unmistakable unofficial unpleasant unpopular unusual

circumference circumnavigate circumspect circumstances circumstantial hypochondriac hypocrite dehydrated audible

audience audition auditorium auditory anniversary centenary dictionary estuary necessary ordinary

Spelling List D1.pdf

Spelling List D19. assistance. business. camera. chocolate. consonant. definite. diamond. interesting. jewellery. Spelling List D20. journalist. listening. mathematics. miniature. mystery. parliament. prisoner. separate. signature. temperature. Spelling List D21. imbalance. immature. immortal. immovable. impartial. impatient.

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