Syllabus: 8,9,10 & 19, 20 units


TEST - 2, JANUARY - 2017 Class : X


(Marks – 25)

Section - I

Time: 1 Hr

B. Observe the map given and answer the questions.

Answer All (Three) questions. Each question carries 1 mark. 3x1=3 Marks 1. Write any two important reasons for the Migration. 2. Write about the Palestine Problem. 3. What are the aims of 73rd and 74th amendments? Section - II

Answer All (Three) questions. Each question carries 2 marks 3x2=6 Marks 4. What are the problems faced by the migrant workers in unorganized sector? 5. How can you support “Ownership transfer from private to government” (Nationalisation) ? 6. Write about NATO. Section - III

Answer the questions given below. These questions have internal choice only. Each question carries 4 marks. 3X4=12 Marks 7. Observe the graph and answer the given questions.

A. Which country is ahead in the nuclear stockpiles in 1985? B. Which countries were participated in the arms race? C. The Nuclear stockpiles is indicating which war? D. Give a suggestion to control Nuclear weapons. (OR)

B. “The effects of the Globalisation are not even.” Explain.

8. A. “ Women in the unorganized sector are facing Gender discrimination in the wages.” Comment in your own words. Write your argument based on the Rampur Labor. (OR) B. Is international migration Improve the economic conditions of a country? Or not? Comment with examples. 9. Locate the following places on the World map. A. Locate any four countries which are permanent members in the Security Council. (OR)

Note: Write the answers in the separate answer sheet, take away the question paper.

1. Identify any one island country? 2. Which is biggest country? 3. In which ocean, Italy is located? 4. Which is the capital city of France? Part - B

Write the CAPITALS LETTER showing the correct answer for the following questions in the brackets provided against each question. 8X½ =4 Marks 10. Identify true statement. i. A party which was formed for Indian farmers is Bharatiya Lok Dal. ii. The standard unit of measuring land is hectare. A. Only 1 is true B. Only 2 is true. C. Both 1 & 2 are true D. Both 1 & 2 are false. 11. Match the following i. Cold War a. 1945-1991 ii. Congo Independence b. 1960. iii. NATO formation c. 1949. A. i-c, 2-a, 3-b B. i-a, 2-b, 3-c C. i-c, 2-b, 3-a D. i-a, 2-c, 3-b 12. Army intervene on the golden temple A. Operation Bhindranwale B. Operation Khalistan C. Operation Gold D. Operation Blue Star. 13. Which among the following statement about the Cold War is wrong? a) Rivalry between US and USSR, b) USA and USSR engaged in direct war. c) Triggering off an arms race d) An ideological war between the two super powers. 14. What is the flow in the globalization A. Goods, services, B. Labor C. Capital D. All the above 15. To grow more than one crop on the same piece of land during the year is known as_____ . A. Multiple cropping B. Green Revolution C. Mixed Cropping D. Organic farming. 16. What we call the expenditure of a farmer buy seeds? A. Working capital B. Physical capital C. Expenditure D. Profit 17. Which is not an Economic Organisation. A. WB B. IMF C. IBRD D. Green Peace

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