General Knowledge Land of Rising Sun Japan (Asia) Land of Midnight Sun Norway (Europe) Land of White Elephants Thailand (Asia) Land of thousand Lakes Finland (Europe) Land of Golden Fibre Bangladesh (Asia) Land of Five Rivers Punjab (Pakistan, Asia) Land of Many Races Colombia (South America) City of Dead Moenjodaro (Pakistan) City of Palaces Calcutta (India, Asia) City of Bazars Cairo (Egypt, Africa) City of Roses and Nightingales Shiraz (Iran, Asia) City of Popes Rome (Italy, Europe) City of lights Paris (France, Europe) City of Eagles Sargodha (Pakistan, Asia) City of Mosques Dhaka (Bangladesh, Asia) City of Graveyards Multan (Pakistan, Asia) City of Parks Kiev (Ukraine, Europe) City of Canals Osaka (Japan, Asia) City of Angels Bangkok (Thailand, Asia) Dark ContinentAfrica Father of Waters Mississipi River (USA) Holy Land Palestine Isle of Pearls Bahrain (Asia) Isle of Death Kahoulawe (Hawai, USA) Island Continent Australia Key to Mediterranean Gibraltar (Europe) Manchester of the Orient Osaka (Japan, Asia) Manchester of Pakistan Faisalabad (Pakistan, Asia) Paradise on Earth Kashmir Valley (Asia) Pearl of East Penang (China, Asia) Queen of the South Sydney (Australia) Gift of Nyle Egypt Land of morning calm Korea Land of Kangroos Australia Land of perpetual greenness Denmark Land of maple Canada Land of contrasts Columbia Land of Queen Sheba Ethiopia Land of Silver fibre Pakistan Land mighty rivers Nigeria Land of golden place Australia Land of million elephants Laos Land of deserts Africa Land of free people Thailand Land of milk and honey Lebanon Land of thunder holt Bhutan Land of south slaves Yugoslavia City of seven hills Rome (Italy) City of space flights Cape kennedy (USA)

City of skyscrapers New York (USA) City of colleges Lahore (Pakistan) City of ghosts and temples Benaras (India) City of water Stockhulm (Sweden) Amsterdam City of Romance Uenice (Italy) City of Magnificent distances Washington (USA) City of stars The cosmonant space centre (Moscow) A city of solution Brasilia (Brazil) Bengal’s sorrow Damodar River Blue River The Yangstsekiang (China) Blue Mountain The Nilgiri Hills (India) Capital of cooperation Brussels (Belgium) China’s sorrow Hwang-Ho-River Cockpit of Europe Belgium Emerald Island Ireland Empire City New York (USA) Farbidden city lhasa (Tibet) Flower garden of Europe Netherland Free and Hanseatic city Hamberg (Germany) Gate way of tears Strait of belel mandab (Jerusalem) Gate way of India Bombay Gate way of East Beirut (Lebanon) Gate way of Pakistan Sindh (Karachi) Gate way of Gulf Abu Dhabi Garden of South India Tanjore (India) Gibraltar of the West Quebec Gibraltar of the Indian ocean Aden Garanite City Abereen Scotland George Cross IslandMalta Homeland of Gaucbas Argentina Hospital City Chicago (USA) Human Equator of the Earth The Himalayas Hermit Kingdom Korea Isle of death Kahoulawe (Hawai USA) Isle of June Bahaman Land of Cakes Scotland Meeting place of world Vienna (Austria) Most serene republic San Marino Never Never land Vast prairies of Northern Australia Pearls of East Penany (China) Pearl of Antilles Cuba Pearl of Srinea’s Southern Coast Yalta (USSR) Queen of Adriatic Venice (Italy) River in the sea The gulf stream Rome of India Delhi Rose pink city Jaipur (India) Star and key of Indian Ocean Mauritius

Sickman of Europe Turkey Silver City Algier Venice of the North Stockholm (Sweden) Venice of the East Bangkok (Thailand) White City Merida (Mexico) Windy City Chicago (USA) Whitman’s Grave Guinea coast of Wilderness of Bamboo and Paper Tokyo (Japan) World’s loveliest Island Tristan de Cunna (Mid Atlantic)

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Gate way of tears Strait of belel mandab. (Jerusalem). Gate way of India Bombay. Gate way of East Beirut (Lebanon). Gate way of Pakistan Sindh (Karachi). Gate way of Gulf Abu Dhabi. Garden of South India Tanjore (India). Gibraltar of the West Quebec. Gibraltar of the Indian ocean Aden. Garanite City Abereen Scotland.

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