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To The General Secretary, SNATTA CHQ, New Delhi. Sub: Co-ordination meeting of TN Circle – reg. The SNATTA TN Circle co-ordination meeting held on 18-11-2016 , 6 PM at Auditorium RGMTTC Chennai. Asst. Circle secretary Sri. S.C.Rajeswaran presided over the meeting.Several District secretaries and Circle office bearers attended the meeting. Around 72 delegates attended the meeting. All the members and office bearers unanimously congratulates SNATTA CHQ for their persistent effort on conducting 3 JTO LICEs successfully. Sri.S.Prabhakaran Vice president Thanjavur SSA narrates the agenda of meeting. SNATTA CHQ Vice President Sri.A.Nithya Jerald narrates many valuable points. The following agendas were unanimously agreed in the meeting. 1. Forming of core committee 2. Pursuing management to declare the vacancy position SSA wise at par ith declared to JAO’s 3. Pursuing management to carry forward the vacancy of the year 2000-01 for the forth coming JTO LICE, If it is not possible before the exam the merit list should be maintained until the legal proceedings over. 4. Implementation of E2 scale as earlier as possible. 5. I ple e tatio of NEPP ot do e i se eral SSA’s 6. Constituting new circle body on or before 24th December 2016.

The core committee has been formed with Sri.A.Nithya Jerald as Chairman and Sri.S.C.Rajeswaran as Vice chairman. The Committee members are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Trichy Viruthunagar Coimbatore Dharmapuri Salem Connoor Tuticorin Pondy Cuddalore Karaikkudi Kumbakonam Nagerkoil Madurai Thirunelveli Vellore


K.R.Saravanan M.Muthukrishnan S.Vinoth Kumar M.Rajesh Kumar S.Shobana Devi S.Joseph Antony C.Ramesh corera R.Asokan P.Arul N.Kalimuthu K.Raja kumar S.Sujin Roshan A.Pagalavan Sundar Selvan V.Devendiran

16. Thanjavur 17. Erode


S.C.Rajeswaran (Vice Chairman) A.Nithya Jerald (Chairman)

SNATTA TN Circle request CHQ to approve the core committee. And request CHQ to pursue management on the said agendas.

S.C.Rajeswaran Asst. Circle Secretary SNATTA TN Circle.

SNATTA TN 19_11_2016.pdf

10. Karaikkudi - N.Kalimuthu. 11. Kumbakonam - K.Raja kumar. 12. Nagerkoil - S.Sujin Roshan. 13. Madurai - A.Pagalavan. 14. Thirunelveli - Sundar Selvan.

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