Small  Business  Opportunity  Showcase   Hosted  By:   Women  As  Veteran  Entrepreneurs  (WAVE)  

September  10Th,  2015  

The  Women's  Memorial  at  Arlington  National  Cemetery     Registration  Fees:  $75   On-­‐site  registration:  $95     Online  Registration  ends  September  9th,  2015.    

Participating  Host  Corporations    


CSC     Michelle  McKiver     Mentor  Protégé  Program     IBM     Raynard  Nowden     Small  Business  Liaison  Officer     HARRIS  CORPORATION   Etmara  Smith    Manager  Supplier  Diversity     GENERAL  DYNAMICS  IT   Ludmilla  Parnell   Small  Business  Partnerships    

 AT&T   Stephanie  Bates     Assoc.  Director,  AT&T  Global   Supplier  Diversity     BAE   Diane  Dempsey     Director  Socio  Economic   Business  Programs         KAISER  PERMANENTE   Wande  Diakite   Sr.  Sourcing  &  Supplier   Diversity  Consultant  

DELL  SERVICES  FED  GOV   Marie  Jatsko     Director  of  Subcontracts  &   Procurement/SBLO                    NORTHROP  GRUMMAN   John  Long  Manager   Global  Supplier  Diversity   Programs         FREDDIE  MAC   Miriam  Brown   Tomaneci  Waller     Supplier  Diversity

Event  Description:   The  event  is  designed  to:   Provide  all  small  businesses,  especially  Women  Veteran-­‐Owned  Small  Businesses  (WVOSBs),   the  chance  to  learn  how  to  increase  their  presence  in  the  corporate  marketplace.       Build  better-­‐  informed  relations  between  Government  and  Corporate  Industry  leaders   VA’s  overall  objective  is  to  increase  its  potential  to  provide  better  service  to  our  Veterans   The  conference  will  include:   Business  Opportunity  Sessions:  The  goal  of  a  business  opportunity  session  is  to  provide   insight  to  WVOSBs  on  current/upcoming  activities  and  opportunities  in  FYs  2015  –  2017.  The   presenters  will  address  where  they  see  small  businesses  adding  value  (either  in  a  prime  or   subcontractor  role).     Networking  Tables,  which  enable  WVOSBs  to  demonstrate  their  capabilities  to  Procurement   Decision  Makers  on  how  they  can  add  value  to  the  organization’s  mission.   To  register  go  to:        



Small Business Opportunity Showcase Hosted By -

Sep 10, 2015 - Small Business Opportunity Showcase. Hosted By: Women As ... Michelle McKiver. Mentor Protégé Program ... FREDDIE MAC. Miriam Brown.

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