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OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent ■jj.' & Chief, CID and SGOD rJfi SCHOOLS DIVISION OF DASNARIi1A EPS / Division Coordinator Public Schools District Supervisors i Head, Public Secondary Schools .. 4.1 1. -1 iN. TLE Head Teachers and TLE Coordinators .. ,..A All Others Concerned —

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MAN LA S. TOLENTINO, Ed. D. Officer-In-Charge Office of the Schools Division Superintendent




November 27. 2015

DATE & TIM Control No.:


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Pursuant to section 2 of RA 10533 also known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 and anchored in the result of the benchmarking activity of TLE head teachers and coordinators; this office is very pleased to inform the field about the best practices captured by the participants during a round table discussion, observation, and interviews with school officials, teachers and learners. Relevant to this, the following are the new policies in TLE to be implemented in all public high schools in this Division. I Student Development -

Conduct a school-based culminating activity to a. Culminating Activity showcase learner's quality and marketable products and services: this culminating activity will not only provide an alley for the learners to display their skills but this will also provide them an opportunity to strengthen their entrepreneurial competencies. -

b. TWG for Institutional Assessment Create a Technical Working Group (TWG) that will plan and oversee the conduct of an institutional assessment. It is strongly advised that an institutional assessment be conducted towards the end of grades 7 and 8 (exploratory) to assess the common and basic competencies; and grades 9 and 10 (specialization) to assess the core competencies. The intuitional assessment shall ensure high passing rate during the actual TESDA National Certificate assessment. -

It is strongly advised that a school based Technolympics c. Technolympics be conducted, this will allow a competitive selection of learner's that will participate to higher level of TLE competition. —


d. Career Pathing Guidance counselors should plan and implement a career pathing activity for the learners in order to assist them in selecting their specialization in TLE: this will be possible by conducting an interview and an aptitude test towards the end of grade 8. -



Teachers Training and Development a. Training on Trainers Methodology School heads are encouraged to offer and provide support to TLE teachers who are qualified to upgrade their TESDA National Certificate to TESDA Training Methodology. Funds may be charged against MOOE and/or Canteen funds subject to usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. -

b. Action Research Head teachers, master teachers as well as teachers are highly encouraged to conduct an action research to address current and pressing issues and concerns in TLE to improve the teaching and learning process. -

c. Alignment of Teachers Qualifications School heads are hereby ordered to align teacher's class schedule to their NC qualification. e.g. If a teacher holds a National Certificate in Cookery, he/she should be teaching cookery NOT any other courses where he/she has NO TESDA Qualification. -

d. Skills Enhancement Training School based skills enhancement training during summer and semestral break is strongly suggested. -



TLE Shops Improvement a. Shop Evaluation Plan and implement a quarterly school base evaluation of TLE shops following the criteria prescribed in the Division Memorandum no 81 s. 2015. This will provide the school heads with timely information as to the needs of the learners in terms of hand tools, power tools, equipment, learning resource materials, and among others. -

b. Competency Checklist Placing of competency checklist in every TLE shops and classrooms. The competency checklist will provide both the learners and the teachers with appropriate information on what competencies are already mastered and what is not. -

c. Shop Lay out Shops should be carefully lay-outed according to the TESDA standards which contains lecture area, work area, storage areas and among others. -


d. Advocacy Campaign A very effective advocacy campaign should be implemented to solicit the support of both the internal and external stakeholders as to the improvement of TLE shops and preparation of TLE learners in securing TESDA National Certificate. -

For your strict compliance.

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OIC — Assistant Schools Division Superintendent sjj. ' &. Chief, CID and ... teachers and coordinators; this office is very pleased to inform the field about the best practices captured by ... Create a Technical Working Group. (TWG) that will plan ...

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