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AUTUMN IN KREMS The semester is progressing fast and we from ESN SfS Krems hope you've enjoyed your time so far. We are here to maximise your international experience in Austria. In order to always keep you up-to date on our activities and events we are proud to present you the first issue of our newsletter

Recent Events We visited the Wachau valley during the INDUCTION WEEK

Like always the SFS SPEED FRIENDING was a full success and new friendships were established.


ACTIVE ERASMUS: After a hike through the vineyards we enjoyed a small picnic and the view from the Donauwarte. Copyright ESN SfS Krems

SFS OPENING CLUBBING @ MÜLLNER: Our Erasmus students are motivated day and NIGHT!


Upcoming Trips Styrian Fall Experience Salzburg Trip - visit the city of Mozart Go skiing and join the ESN Ski Trip with Erasmus students from all over Austria Celebrate New Year with us in Prague! Winter Cottage & Ski Trip Celebrate the end of the winter term in BUDAPEST

Find more Infos about the Trips and the registration forms on Facebook!

Your Erasmus Happy Birthday! 25 years ESN on 16th of October the Erasmus Student Network celebrated its 25th birthday - 25 years of Mobility, Internationality and Exchange Travel tip: when you're travelling meet up with members from other sections! Maybe you can find accommodation with them in Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vienna, Graz... because ERASMUS NEVER ENDS

ERASMUS ALUMNI: "The time I spent represented more than attending lectures in a different language and learning from my colleagues. It was the chance to live the Austrian culture, the time to forget about stereotypes and being with my mind and heart open. The hardest part was to say “goodbye” to my new family. It has been so far the best time of my life." Fabiola Gasa (Exchange 2012; Mexico) Copyright ESN SfS Krems


To-Do-Tips What to do in November in Krems? Learn how to cook Kaiserschmarrn ("Emperor's Nonsense")

Drink Glühwein in Landstraße or try out the recipe below Go to the cinema in Krems, watch a musical in Vienna or go to the Opera

Watch the Sound of Music together with your Austrian Buddy and find out why virtually none of us knows this world-famous movie

Glühwein Have you tried Glühwein? This Austrian "Hot Wine" is a tradition you must not miss and an antidote to cold, dark winter days. Normally, it is a mixture of red wine, oranges, cinnamon, sugar and cloves. You can drink Glühwein on Christmas markets or little stalls in the streets (also Landstraße) OR you simply make it yourself. Try this recipe! • 2 bottles of good red wine • 2 cups of water • 2 oranges ( just the juice) • 6 cloves • cinnamon • 2 spoons of sugar Directions: Just heat all the ingrediends in a pot and let it simmer for around 5 minutes. Remove the cloves before serving and ENJOY.


Copyright ESN SfS Krems

Find us on Facebook We're a member section of ESN Austria Wishes, recommendations, suggestions? We care about your opinon! Send us your feedback to [email protected] Your Team from ESN SfS Krems!

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