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September 2nd Week

1. Which operation has started by India to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh? [1] Operation Insaniyat

5. The National Hindi Day (NHD) is celebrated on which day in India? [3] 14 [1] 13

[2] Operation Rohingya

[2] 16

[3] Operation Manavta

[4] 15

[4] Operation Refugee

6. Which of the following actress has become the ambassador for Australia Tourism?

2. Which city hosted the Indo-Sri Lanka Hindi conference? [1] New Delhi

[1] Parineeti Chopra

[2] Colombo

[2] Anushka Sharma

[3] Ahmedabad

[3] Priyanka Chopra

[4] Jaffna

[4] Madhuri Dixit

3. Who has been appointed as the new President of All India Mahila Congress?

7. Which union minister has launched North East Festival ‘North-East Calling’ in New Delhi?

[1] Sushmita Dev

[1] Jitendra Singh

[2] Rajkumari Ghosh

[2] Smriti Irani

[3] Shobha Oza

[3] Uma Bharati

[4] Mrinali Gupta

[4] Ravi Shankar Prasad

4. Which state hosted the 12th edition of the India-Japan annual summit-?

8. The traditional Bonderam festival has started in which state?

[1] Tamil Nadu

[1] Kerala

[2] Gujarat

[2] Karnataka

[3] Kerala

[3] Mizoram

[4] Uttar Pradesh

[4] Goa

Study of Banking

Study of Banking



9. Which country to host the Across Barriers-International Business Women’s Summit (ABIBWS)?

17.Airtel launched ‘Office-in-a-Box’ connectivity solutions for which state start-ups?

[1] Nepal

[1] Karnataka

[2] India

[2] Tamil Nadu

[3] Sri Lanka

[3] Andhra Pradesh

[4] Bhutan

[4] Maharashtra

10.Which state has topped in manufacturing excellence according to recent study by ASSOCHAM?

18.Who has been elected as the new president of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) for -18?

[1] Karnataka

[1] Kenichi Ayukawa

[2] Assam

[2] Manoj Siyaram

[3] Kerala

[3] Rajan Wadhera

[4] Gujarat

[4] Abhay Firodia

11.Which of the following state has launched “Seven Star Formula”?

19.Which city has topped the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI)?

[1] Telangana

[1] Singapore

[2] Odisha

[2] Tokyo

[3] Andhra Pradesh

[3] London

[4] Bihar

[4] Shanghai

12.Who has been given the additional charge of the Chairman of Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN)? [1] PK Pradhan

20.International Literacy Day is celebrated on which of the following days? [1] 7 [2] 9

[2] RS Jain

[3] 8

[3] LN Das

[4] 10

[4] AB Pandey 21.India’s first Hyperloop project will come up in which state? 13.Who has been appointed as the working president of Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan?

[1] Kerala [2] Tamil Nadu

[1] Sadanand Gupta

[3] Karnataka

[2] Nirmal Desai

[4] Andhra Pradesh

[3] Ankit Arora [4] Himmat Singh

22.IIM-Lucknow has tied up with which of the following bank for ‘Climate Literacy”? 14.Which online facility has been launched by the Union government to resolve foreign trade issues?

[1] ICICI bank [2] DENA Bank

[1] [email protected]

[3] Airtel Payment Bank

[2] [email protected]

[4] YES Bank

[3] [email protected] [4] [email protected]

23.The Punjab National Bank (PNB) has signed an agreement with which telecom company to roll out open mobile wallet pay? 15.Which union minister has launched online registration portal for BSF Half Marathon in New Delhi?

[1] BSNL [2] Reliance Jio

[1] Kiren Rijiju

[3] Vodafone India

[2] Narendra Modi

[4] Idea Cellular

[3] Ravi Shankar Prasad [4] Rajesh Chaturvedi

24.Google has signed MoU with which state under “Digital India” movement? 16.Who is the newly elected chairman of Press Trust of India (PTI)? [1] M.P. Veerendra [2] Viveck Goenka [3] K K Mittal

[3] Gujarat [1] Rajasthan [2] Telangana [3] Gujarat

[4] Pritam Chaturvedi Study of Banking

Study of Banking



25.Which of the following institute has topped from India in world University Rankings 2018? [1] IISc

32.Govt has launched ‘___ Abhiyan’ to enrol 80 lakh kids? [3] School Chalo [1] School Aao

[2] IIM

[2] School Jao

[3] IIPH

[4] School Bhejo

[4] IITTM 33.Cabinet approves how much % of additional DA to central staff? 26.Which of the following state has launched subsidized food scheme for construction workers?

[1] 4% [2] 2%

[1] Gujarat

[3] 3%

[2] Bihar

[4] 1%

[3] Rajasthan [4] Haryana

34.‘100 things every professional cricketer must know’ is released by which of the following organization? 27.Indian army has finalised to induct how many women in the military police?


[1] 800

[3] ICC

[2] 700

[4] WHO

[3] 900 [4] 1000

35.Who of the following is the author of “How India Sees the World”? 28.Who was the chairman of Joint Committee on The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill?

[3] Shyam Saran [1] VS Naipaul

[1] Bhupender Yadav

[2] Amrita Pritam

[2] Manmohan Tiwari

[4] Sudha Murthy

[3] Shailender Singh 36.Who is the author of the book ‘Hit Refresh’?

[4] Divender Trivedi

[1] Rajeev Suri 29.Amazon India has opened its largest center at which of the following city? [1] Ahemdabad

[2] Shantanu Narayan [3] Sundar PIchai [4] Satya Nadella

[2] Bhubaneswar [3] Hyderabad

37.First bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai is going to be completed by ____

[4] Kolkata

[1] 2020 30.All the SIM cards have to be linked to Aadhaar before February __ to avoid deactivation of the phone numbers. [4] 2018

[2] 2021 [3] 2023 [4] 2022

[1] 2020 [2] 2019

38.RBI is going to introduce Rs. 100 coin to mark the birth centenary of which of the following leader?

[3] 2022

[2] MG Ramachandran 31.Bharat Financial signed merger talk deal with which of the following bank? [1] IndusInd Bank

[1] TG Subhash [3] OP Kohli [4] VK Laxminarayan

[2] Kotak Bank [3] Federal Bank [4] Karur Vyasya Bank

39.Rattihalli Nagendra Sudarshan, who passed away recently, was the noted personality of which field? [3] Film Industry [1] Politics [2] Science [4] Law

Study of Banking

Study of Banking



40.National Pension System entry age limit raised from 60 years to _______ by the central government?

48.Who has been appointed as new chief coach of the Indian Senior Men Hockey Team?

[1] 65

[3] Waltherus Marijne

[2] 72

[2] Stephen Constantine

[3] 63

[3] Phil Baty

[4] 75

[4] Johanna Maria Jacob

41.What is the rank of India in Global Human Capital Index? [1] 108 49.Who has been appointed as high-performance specialist coach for Indian Senior Women Hockey Team (ISWHT)?

[2] 107 [3] 102

[1] Gurpreet Singh

[4] 103

[2] Kuldeep Das 42.Harinder Paul Sandhu belongs to which of the following Sports?

[3] Harendra Singh [4] S P Kumar

[1] Squash [2] Cricket

50.Sathish Sivalingam, who recently qualified for 2018 Commonwealth Games, is associated with which sports?

[3] Tennis [4] Football

[1] Weightlifting [2] Wrestling

43.Which city to host the 2028 Summer Olympics?

[3] Boxing

[1] Tokyo

[4] Sprint

[2] Paris [3] Los Angeles

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[4] London

44.Which country’s team has won the U-16 South Asian Basketball (SABA) Championship? [2] India 2. Get all updates on Facebook, like us our Facebook page:

[1] Bhutan [3] Bangladesh

[4] Nepal

45.Who has won the women’s singles US Open Tennis tournament?

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[3] Sloane Stephens [1] Madison Keys [2] Angelique Kerber


[4] Garbine Muguruza Free Test 46.Who has won the Men’s singles US Open Tennis tournament? [1] Rafael Nadal [2] Stan Wawrinka [3] Kevin Anderson [4] Novak Djokovic

47.Which country to host 2018 Junior Asian Wrestling Championship (JAWC)? [1] India [2] Russia [3] China [4] South Africa

Study of Banking

Study of Banking

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telecom company to roll out open mobile wallet pay? [1] BSNL. [2] Reliance Jio. [3] Vodafone India. [4] Idea Cellular. 24.Google has signed MoU with which state ...

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