WE ARE HIRING Awesome people for a special mission

iO mission

There are plenty of analytical tools on the market, but they are built by analysts for analysts. Thus making it really expensive and hard to use.


iO mission

.io team is working to make analytics accessible for businesses and teams.

With our innovative technology approach and awesome product we're working to provide ready to use answers on typical business questions.

Our role-based dashboards help editorial departments manage and enhance their content performance.


Summer 2017

400 paying clients from 60 countries

Our track record

Winter 2017

250 paying clients

Autumn 2016

3b requests per day 40 people in team

Summer 2016

First 100 clients Winter 2016

Summer 2015 Spring 2015

Company foundation 2 people in team

The first paying customer 5 people in team

The first customer from the USA

Our clients

Our clients about us ZLATKO GANIĆ Media Planner & Media Research at radiosarajevo.ba, 3 000 000 total visits, 10 people in editorial team

Only thing I have to say for .io, that it is awesome, it really helps us a lot. Everything that might be interesting to one analyst is there. I have to say that we improved our work, we managed to show our journalists what is and how much exactly read. There is nothing that I would like to change in .io. Thank you very much for cooperation, I believe that we will work for a long time.


Daily we measure more people than the entire population of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan altogether.


Engineering team


3,5 b


Requests per day

Product team

1200+ people




use our product every day

Commercial team

2016 year

20x growth

(from 15 to 300 clients)

Core team

DEN GOLOTYUK High loads expert, the author for ruhighload.com.

Core team

SERGEY KORKIN Entrepreneur, built connect.ua.

Core team

ANNA KOZINETS The best analyst in Ukraine.

Core team

ALEKSANDR KRUTKO Managed the product of one of the world's largest online dating sites.

Our partners



The largest international IT company in Ukraine.

The largest IT investment fund



WORKING .io offers:

Working with well-known foreign customers from Europe and the US. Working with one of the strongest teams in Ukraine.

LEARNING .io offers:

Mentorship for junior employees. Free books (from Amazon and local stores). Free conferences. Free English courses with native speakers.

CAREER GROWTH .io offers:

Focus on results rather than processes. Review salaries based on your personal achievements, rather than calendar dates. The ability to select the direction of career growth.

Career stories

NIKITA DELYUKIN Joined the company as a web-designer and after 18 months was promoted to Head of product development

Career stories

DMITRY KHORUNZHYI After 18 months of working as a pre-sale specialist, was promoted to E-commerce Sales-executive position

Senior PHP Engineer

General requirements: • • •

Bachelor or Masters degree, preferably in engineering.

Intermediate spoken and written English.

Available recommendations from former colleagues.

Position requirements: •

3 years experience in PHP: structural and object development, secure development, fault tolerant development.

Strong database experience: Innodb & memory engines in Mysql, queries efficiency and optimization, efficient database architectures.

Strong experience in building web applications across multiple servers and microservices architectures.

Experience with Amazon Web Services.

Practical knowledge in using job queues (Gearman) and asynchronous communication between servers.

Vertica or any other columnar storage experience would be a great plus.

Ubuntu console skills: getting system metrics, installing and configuring software.

Experience with Redis, Elastic, Python or Nodejs would be a great plus.

Position details: •

Extend our 300+ servers hybrid cloud platform in terms of scalability and performance.

Provide security and availability improvements.

Manage younger professionals.

.io Senior PHP Engineer

More about us:

Our case on vc.ru Presentation on Iforum LINK

Case on DigitalOcean LINK


journalism.co.uk LINK

wwwhatsnew.com LINK


.io values

Work for a cause, not for applause,
 Live life to express, not to impress,
 Don’t strive to make your presence noticed,
 Just try to make your absence felt.

For any questions contact us:


[email protected]





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