Senior  DevOps        

The  Company     Next  Commerce  builds  businesses  that  make  online  shopping  better.  We  are  a  fully  independent   business  with  offices  in  Sydney,  Melbourne,  Munich  and  Tel  Aviv.  Our  mission  is  to  connect  shoppers   with  products,  brands  and  stores  they’ll  love.    We  are  a  team  of  passionate,  inquisitive  individuals   pushing  boundaries  and  always  innovating.    Next  Commerce  ventures  include:     • Getprice  –  Australia’s  leading  comparison  shopping  engine     • TROVA  –  a  style  &  fashion  discovery  engine   • Hynt  –  personalised  product  recommendations  for  e-­‐commerce  websites     • The  Next  Commerce  Media  Network        

The  Opportunity       We  are  building  and  scaling  platforms  across  a  number  of  new  businesses.  As  a  key  member  of  the   Delivery  team,  you  will  be  responsible  for  creating,  deploying,  and  supporting  high-­‐traffic  mission-­‐ critical  web  and  mobile  applications  in  the  cloud.  Your  main  focus  will  be  on     Reporting  to  the  Group  Technical  Director,  you  will  have  a  strong  technical  background  and  work   under  limited  supervision  in  a  dynamic  Agile  environment.  You  will  be  a  senior  application   programmer  in  python  and  use  your  knowledge  of  cloud,  enterprise  environments,  automation,  and   continuous  integration  to  help  architect  new  systems  and  enhance  existing  systems.  You  will  help   analyse,  create,  and  estimate  stories  with  a  high-­‐focus  on  code  quality  and  scalability.      

The  Person     • • • • • • • • • • •

  Degree  qualified  –  Information  Systems  /  Computer  Science.  Masters  preferred.     Minimum  7  years  experience  in  IT  Industry   Excellent  understanding  of  web  technologies  and  enterprise-­‐grade  architectures   Demonstrated  experience  in  building  high-­‐traffic  web  and  mobile  sites     Mandatory  experience  in  Python,  AWS,  Continuous  Delivery/Integration,  and  Linux     Prefer  experience  in  Django,  Mongo,  System/Database  Administration,  CDNs,  and  front-­‐end   development   Experience  in  Oryx,  Angular  JS,  Security,  automated  test  frameworks,  TDD,  profiling  tools  (e.g.   NewRelic)  would  be  highly  regarded     Experience  in  Agile  (Scrum  or  variation)  including  working  in  sprints,  creating  lightweight   documentation,  story  definition/estimation,  and  release  processes     Strong,  confident  communicator.  Experience  managing  other  DevOps  would  be  highly  regarded.   Ability  to  work  under  pressure  in  a  fast-­‐paced  environment  and  meet  agreed  deadlines   Experience  in  value  comparison  shopping  is  an  advantage  

Senior DevOps -

Excellent understanding of web technologies and enterprise-‐grade architectures. • Demonstrated experience in building high-‐traffic web and mobile sites. • Mandatory experience in Python, AWS, Continuous Delivery/Integration, and Linux. • Prefer experience in Django, Mongo, System/Database Administration, CDNs, ...

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