ART1020*Studio Art Techniques ART1022*3D Printing & Design ART1024*Sculpture ART2002*Comp. Graphics 1 ART2015*Comp. Graphics 2 ART2020D*Animation (DC) ART1021*Drawing 1 ART2021*Drawing 2 ART2005*Advanced Drawing/Painting ART2007*Painting 1 ART2009*Painting 2 ART1017*Ceramics 1 ART2010*Ceramics 2 ART2012*Advanced Sculpture/Ceramics ART3000I *Independent Portfolio** ART3002A AP Studio Art** ART3003A AP Art History ART4000D*Digital Photography 1 (DC) ART4100D*Digital Photography 2 (DC)


BUS1000*Business Orientation BUS1003*Notetaking & Study Skills BUS3004*College Test Prep BUS2000*Business Mathematics BUS4001*Consumer Economics BUS4003A*AP Macroeconomics BUS4002A*AP Microeconomics BUS2001 Accounting 1 BUS3016H Honors Accounting 2 BUS1002*Management BUS3005*Business Law BUS3000*Advertising BUS3017*Finance BUS3002 Marketing BUS3020 Virtual Enterprise International BUS1030*Essential Technology BUS1032*Marketing Technology BUS1033*Visual Media BUS1034*Emerging Technologies BUS1035*Interactive Media BUS1036*Web Design BUS1037*Coding BUS3007 Business Internship BUS3012 Job-Work Station BUS1040D *Intro to Education (DC) BUS1041D*Education 2 (DC)

DRIVER'S EDUCATION DRVR2000*Driver's Ed (S1) or DRVR2001*Driver's Ed (S2)

ELL (Placement Only)

ELL1101B Intensive ELL English 1** ELL2001B Intensive ELL English 2** ELL1002 ELL English 1** ELL2000 ELL English 2** ELL1000 ELL Resource**


(CORE-REQUIRED) 9 ENGL4003A AP English IV**9 ENGL4001*Composition and Media9 ENGL4002*20th Century Literature 9 ENGL4004*Poetry & Composition9 ENGL4012*World Literature 1& Comp.9 ENGL4007*Philosophy thru Lit. & Com9 ENGL4008*Communication & Comp. 9 ENGL4000 English IV-(Regular)**9 ENGLISH ELECTIVES ENGL2012*Public Speaking ENGL2013*Theatre Arts 1 ENGL2014*Theatre Arts 2 ENGL2015*Creative Writing 1 ENGL2016*Creative Writing 2 ENGL2017 Newspaper Journalism** ENGL2018 Yearbook Journalism**

FAMILY & CONSUMER SCI. FACS1000D Apparel Const. 1 (DC) FACS2000D Apparel Const. 2 (DC) FACS2001*Fashion Merch. & Mark. FACS4000D*Senior Foods (DC) FACS1020*Culinary Arts 1 FACS1021*Culinary Arts 2 FACS3002*Catering and Hospitality FACS2002*Intl. and Reg. Foods FACS2004*Interior Design FACS3010*Ind & Family Relationship FACS2003*Child Development FACS3006*Early Teach Lab** (S1) FACS3016*Early Teach Lab** (S2) FACS3011*Parenting FACS # * Independent Study **


MATH3006 Algebra 2 Essentials MATH1004 Algebra 2/Trig & Stats MATH3007*Trigonometry MATH3002*Probability & Statistics MATH2006 Pre-Calculus MATH2006H Honors Pre-Calculus** MATH3008 Calculus MATH3009A AP Calculus BC** MATH3010A AP Calculus AB** MATH4000D Calculus 3** MATH1006A AP Computer Science 1** MATH2002A AP Statistics**


PE3100 P.E. (1st Sem) and PE3102 P.E. (2nd Sem) PE1046 Peer Partners (S1)** PE1047 Peer Partners (S2)** PE1007 Advanced Dance** PE1052D*Lifeguarding (DC) PE1029 Sr. PE Leader (S1)** PE1028 Sr. PE Leader (S2)** PE3101*Advanced Health**


MUSC2000*Music Theory MUSC2001A AP Music Theory** MUSC2009 Band Symphonic Band ** w/lunch Symphonic Winds** w/lunch Wind Ensemble** w/lunch Hon Wind Ens.** w/lunch Wind Symphony** w/lunch MUSC2004 Choir Concert Choir/Bass Chorus w/lunch Treble Choir I** Varsity Singers** w/lunch Varsity Chamber** w/lunch Hon Varsity Chambers** w/lunch MUSC2008 Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra** w/lunch Symphonic Strings** Chamber Strings** w/lunch Hon Chamber Strings** w/lunch Chamber Orchestra** w/lunch For MUSIC - select general course code (bolded number ONLY)

SCIENCE SCI2021 Earth&Space Science SCI2011 Environmental Earth Science SCI2016D Horticulture (DC) SCI2017 Chemistry/Physics SCI2018 Chemistry** SCI2018A AP Chemistry**w/lunch SCI1005A AP Biology** SCI2019 Physics** SCI2019H Honors Physics** SCI2019A AP Physics** SCI2003D Genetics (DC) SCI2004D Anatomy and Phys. (DC) SCI2014A AP Environmental Sci**


SOCS2019 American History SOCS3011A AP U.S. History SOCS4000*Government^^ SOCS3014A AP Gov. & Politics SOCS3016*Sociology SOCS3012*Psychology SOCS3017A AP Psychology SOCS2009*U.S. Geography SOCS2010*Military History SOCS3015A AP European History SOCS1006A AP World History SOCS1007A AP Human Geography SOCS3003 Senior Advisor


TEE1003 Woods Fabrication 1 TEE2001 Woods Fabrication 2 TEE2002 *Intro to Construction PLTW2000 Intro to Engineering Design (PLTW) PLTW2001 Principles of Engineering (PLTW) PLTW2002D Digital Electronics (PLTW) (DC) PLTW2003 Civil Eng. & Arch. (PLTW) PLTW2004 Eng Des & Dev (PLTW) TEE2003 Drafting & Design TEE3001D Architect. Draft. (DC) TEE3002 Comp Aid. Draft TEE2005*Automotive Maintenance TEE3003 Automotive Mechanics TEE4001B Automotive Servicing** TEE# Tech and Eng. Ind. Study** TEE1014D Media Communication & Prod 1 (DC) TEE2007D Broadcast Jour. & Prod 2 (DC) TEE3013 Broadcast Jour.& Prod 3

WORLD LANGUAGE WLAN4001 Chinese 1 WLAN4002 Chinese 2 WLAN4003 Chinese 3 WLAN4004H Chinese 4-Honors WLAN1001 French 1 WLAN1002 French 2 WLAN1003 French 3 WLAN1004H French 4-Honors WLAN1004A French AP WLAN2001 German 1 WLAN2002 German 2 WLAN2003 German 3 WLAN2004A German AP WLAN3001 Spanish 1 WLAN3002 Spanish 2 WLAN3003 Spanish 3 WLAN3004H Spanish 4-Honors WLAN3004A Spanish AP WLAN5001 American Sign Lang 1 WLAN5002 American Sign Lang 2

ELO (Online Courses)

BUS1038C *Video Game Design BUS1036C *Web Design BUS3005C *Business Law BUS4001C *Consumer Economics ENGL2034C *African-American Lit MATH1004C Algebra 2/Trig MATH1003C Geometry MUSC2000C *Intro to Music Theory SCI2020C *Sustainable Energy SOCS1007AC AP Human Geography SOCS3012C *Psychology SOCS2008C US History SOCS4000C *Government

EXTENDED CAMPUS TCD# Tech. Center of DuPage (5 Period AM Block) (3.0 credits) OTHER LATE3000 Late Arrival### ERLY3000 Early Dismissal (S1) ERLY3001 Early Dismissal (S2) ### JANG3000 January grad. request


LEGEND OF SYMBOLS ###Schedule options MUST be requested at time of enrollment. Schedules will NOT be changed to accommodate these requests at a later date.  Application required  Indicates 2 period block (music combined with lunch/option) ^^Blended version available * Indicates a semester course (.5 credit). There is no guarantee which semester a .5 credit will be assigned. **Instructor recommendation or audition requested (DC) May be Dual Credit with COD for those meeting the qualifications 9Meets English Core graduation requirement

Senior Courses, NV.pdf

BUS3005*Business Law. BUS3000*Advertising. BUS3017*Finance. BUS3002 Marketing. BUS3020 Virtual Enterprise International. BUS1030*Essential Technology. BUS1032*Marketing Technology. BUS1033*Visual Media. BUS1034*Emerging Technologies. BUS1035*Interactive Media. BUS1036*Web Design.

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