SEPTEMBER  SAT PREP: Last Chance for Seniors, September 12, 2015 at Olympian High School. To qualify for admission to a four-year college, students must take an SAT or ACT. We strongly encourage students to participate in a Cal-SOAP preparation workshop. Items to be Covered: Reading, Math and Writing (including essay). Please register for this event at http://sandiegocalsoap.com/star/Events#431. Hurry!!! Space is limited.  If applying to a CSU school, register for the October ACT or SAT Reasoning in early September. NOTE: SDSU will accept scores through the November session, NOT later. If applying to a UC school, you will need to take the SAT Reasoning or ACT (with Writing). SAT Subject Tests are not required, but are recommended by some majors on some campuses.  The SAT and ACT registration fee includes 4 score reports. Don’t forget to list your choices of schools at the time you register. Select the CSUMENTOR code, 3594, as one of the SAT score report choices to send your scores to ALL CSU campuses.  The December test (SAT/ACT) is the latest date to have your scores considered by most colleges.  If applying to a CSU, plan to register for the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry-Level Mathematics Test (ELM), if you are not exempt. *You can only take the English Placement Test (EPT) once. Review study guides on-line (search “SDSU ELM EPT testing”).  There will be a ELM and EPT Fall test date on November, 14th. Register at www.ets.org/csu the test will be administered at SDSU.  Meet with Admission Representatives from CSU’s,UC’s and out of state Colleges who are visiting OHS. Jupiter grade messages will be sent to you and sign-ups will be in the counseling center.  Certain colleges or scholarships will require letters of recommendation; check requirements carefully. You may obtain the Letter of Recommendation Request form from the Counseling Center. Provide a resume with the request form. Give at least two weeks advanced notice.  Start checking scholarship information on a regular basis in the Counseling Center. Apply for EVERYTHING for which you qualify. Use online scholarship searches (www.fastweb.com).  Keep a current copies of your transcript. You will need this information for your college applications.  Private schools may request official transcripts and may have lengthier applications.  If planning to play Div. I or Div. II sports, register at: www.eligibilitycenter.org. Request the registrar, Ms. Garcia, to send an official copy of your transcript to the NCAA. See Ms. Foust for assistance. OCTOBER  Visit and tour campuses for your top school choices. A “virtual tour” might also be available on-line.  Visit the CSU and UC websites to prepare for the fall application process: www.csumentor.com and www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply  Work on college applications and essays.  Study for the ACT and/or SAT.  If planning to apply to a private or out-of-state university,research the school’s website carefully for admissions and application requirements.  Submit CSU applications between October 1 – November 30 (on-line).  Attend the Cal-SOAP College Fair on October 28, 2015 at the Scottish Rite Center. Over 100 Colleges Represented and Various College Readiness Workshops. Parking and Admissions are FREE!!! No registration for students and parents needed.  Make a final choice of colleges and major (undeclared is fine if you are not sure). Make sure your major is offered at the schools to which you apply. NOVEMBER  Take ACT, SAT and/or SAT subject exams. Send scores to the colleges where you are applying.  Submit UC college applications between Nov. 1 – Nov. 30 (on-line). Keep copies of everything! NOTE: Most colleges require on-line applications. Provide a valid e-mail address!  Check on scholarships.  Apply to Southwestern College on-line for early admission www.swccd.edu. See the SWC advisor in the counseling center for assistance.  Community Colleges www.cccapply.org

DECEMBER  Prepare tax information for January’s financial aid night. You can use last year’s (2014) tax information for preliminary filing, then update the Student Aid Report (SAR) when taxes are finished in April (2015 taxes).  Last chance to take the ACT, SAT and/or SAT subject exams.  Check scholarship information and finish applications over vacation.  December 10 - Deadline to request private school/scholarship recommendations from counselors. No recommendations will be written over school vacations. Plan accordingly! JANUARY  With your parents, attend Olympian’s Financial Aid Night on Thursday, January 28th @ 6:30pm in the MPR You will receive guidance on how to complete the required FAFSA form.  You should apply for the FAFSA on-line: www.fafsa.ed.gov Complete your financial aid form between January 1 and March 1, 2016. Note: The sooner you turn in your financial aid application, the more likely you will be considered for initial rewards. This is a free form. Beware of scams which ask for payment.  Submit completed financial aid forms as soon as possible.  Make sure your Social Security Number is recorded with the Counseling Center by January; the information is necessary if you plan to apply for a CAL GRANT. FEBRUARY  After first semester grades are on the transcript, see the registrar to have your record sent to any colleges that request an updated transcript.  You must report any changes in your Spring schedule to four year colleges/universities in writing so that your application can be updated.  ELM and EPT requirements must be met by February 2016 for Compact for Success candidates. MARCH  Make sure that your current “A-G” CSU/UC required classes have grades with a “C” or better.  Keep in touch with the college financial aid office regarding your applications.  Continue to check on scholarships; the majority of the scholarships are in NOW!  Check your e-mail account daily. Watch the mail for important college announcements/dates.  Start looking for a summer job. Consider upcoming college expenses.  Check with your counselor for Southwestern College information regarding assessment testing, registration, etc. APRIL     MAY    JUNE  

Check e-mail and first class mail daily. Compare financial aid offers between colleges. If you haven’t applied to Southwestern College, do it now. Check those scholarships; the last of the bunch will be in now. April 12th - Community Service deadline! Turn in your hours to your Government/Economics teacher. Notification of Cal Grant recipients will be received at school and your home. Send your “Intent to Register”, and any fees to the college you plan to attend by May 1st. Notify the other colleges that you are attending another school. Senior Showcase (required of all seniors). Request an official final transcript !!! Students will need to send it directly to the college of choice. Write thank you notes to any groups from which you received scholarship money as well as for those who wrote you letters of recommendation. CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through your senior year. Your Counselors wish you the best, CLASS OF 2016!!!

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Senior Plant Pathologist - IITA
IITA is an international non-profit agricultural research-for-development (R4D) ... Provide leadership for interdisciplinary research leading to management of ... The application should be addressed to the Head, Human Resources Service.

senior paper
veteran comes back as a mysterious millionaire in order to win back a previous lover. In Victor Fleming's The Wizard of Oz a girl tries to regain her family that.

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Page 1 of 4. So, what are YOUR plans after high school? E L D O R A D O. H I G H S C H O O L The Senior Scoop. F A L L 2 0 1 6. Websites worth your time... College: californiacolleges.edu. California college options. csumentor.edu. California State U

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Page 1 of 7. one in the class of 2017 worked hard to. get accepted into the colleges of their. choice and many even received scholar- ship and grant money!

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You can also email Dan Peters at [email protected] If you. have financial considerations, please contact Mr. Healy at 503-356-2890. YEARBOOKS.

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BUS3005*Business Law. BUS3000*Advertising. BUS3017*Finance. BUS3002 Marketing. BUS3020 Virtual Enterprise International. BUS1030*Essential Technology. BUS1032*Marketing Technology. BUS1033*Visual Media. BUS1034*Emerging Technologies. BUS1035*Interact

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YEAR 11 - Ormiston Senior College
The Financial Donation is tax deductible for parents. This donation is important to the school as it enables the school to make learning enjoyable and relevant.

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